How Liberals Seize Powers

by Firepower

Let’s focus on this particular current event, because while it unfolds in real-time, you need apply it understanding how past liberal coups brought us low – down here in the nadir of america – and more importantly, prepare for their future seizures of power.

Knowledge is no longer the only power – Government Power is.  Knowledge, is now, sadly second.   This is why Big Gov does not fear the internet, Rushannity, FOX or blogs.  The Federal Government was not always so tyrannical.  Their eyes opened when Obama won:  Gosh! The american people really are that dumb.  It’s like taking abuse from an overgrown teenager, then finally yelling “boo!” and dismissing it running crying home to Mommy.  The bubble burst.

Liberals purposely focus on guns and ignore the nut(s).  Today, this is precisely what advances their plan – the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul.  For example: To wildly feel passion for only one aspect of…… a Hot Guy – while ignoring all the glaring rest – explains why women develop deep, profound, abiding Real Love…for death row convicts.

This meshes perfectly (for herds) provided you remember Liberals were the ones to focus on Asylum “abuse” and get Americans to shut them all down.  Those poor, misunderstood, lovable scamps were really-really just like the rest of us; all they needed was Luv, Therapy and Compash – and let loose on society.

Find more if you wish, but all those Hollywood movies did it:

Bet you $1 million Jack Nicholson doesn’t live within 34 miles of a homeless nut.  Nor Michael Douglas, the producer.  Ken Kesey, the liberal acid-hippy who wrote it is safe from cages he opened.   The liberals closed the asylums.  Now the nuts run free in Mommy’s basement: BLAME GUNS.

It is only emotion now singularly ruling the senses, pure feminizing of an action once best left to logic.  Today’s Feminized America is the culmination of United Liberal Policies under The Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism.  Feminized people say “yes” to everything they deem as Adorable Victim #408 because they require an Ogre-Boogeyman to work.  Feminized people say yes to gun-grabbing, Free Welfare Money, Affirmative Action, The Dream Act, The Children!® and Illegal Immigrants…getting FREE driver’s licenses.  For these reactionaries, guns, White Racist Oppression and Men are always the Bad Guy and thus, they can create Propaganda Posters of The Mind.  Drawings don’t require reading comprehension.  Stockholm Syndrome Liberals need “racist-oppression-laws” as boogeymen – so they can transform their Death Row Husband into Victim. 

The same Dianne Feinstein D-CA, who wants your guns chafes at the idea of roughing-up Gitmo prisoners for intelligence.  Very nice, but such ignorant stupidity would’ve lost World War Two.  Prohibition even started when The Girls were kept at home.  Today, you see msm trumpet the “victory” of Record Number of Broads in Power – the House & Senate.  Now, you see Pelosian Turkey-Necks cackling against guns in photo-op msm press conferences disseminating The Party Propaganda.  Imagine what Grrlz In Da Senate will do…over & above those Prohibition Era good old boy networks.

It is the California-Hollywood Axis of IllogicIt explains why Hollywood operates powerfully in American politics.  They know how to create effective, emotion-grabbing fantasy for the screen and Government rulers.  Feminized Women are an age-old, longstanding threat to America.  These gullible, ignorant harpies practically destroyed it with Prohibition.  Read the history:  It was a women’s movement based on weepy emotion.  And, emotionally, those subsequent dainty tears passed – along with forgetting the blood from millions of victims of organized mafia crime.  Then, it was Demon Rum!  Now, Demon Guns!  Cue the crying Greek Chorus.

Conservatives also use emotion to gain more Elite Power.  Reagan did it with The War on Drugs.  How’d that work out ladies – and ladyboys?  In the end, what really matters is the elite’s ever-growing Arsenal of Power and your diminishing prospects.   This time, it’s Liberal Socialists on top, giving it to you in the end…

The (latest) Liberal Gun Grab is an agenda based on emotion.  Whenever something incredible can’t be explained…that is precisely what explains it: Emotion.  It explains why women marry serial killers.  It explains why Bill Clinton whipped-out The Children!© every five-minutes.  It explains why Obama “can’t find the paperwork” for Operation Fast & Furious or answer questions about Dead Benghazi Ambassadors yet in two days jumps in front of MSM cameras to announce Gun Grab 9.0.


10 Responses to “How Liberals Seize Powers”

  1. Emotion is good and necessary. It’s just a question of the ultimate purpose. Man is not a logical being. He feels, he has wants and desires, many illogical. As the great one said, emotion for the many, logic for the few.

    The problem that ZOG has is that the mark gets used a certain high and needs a higher dose to get her fix. They have to pump up the volume or cook up something even more outrageous. Today there ar not many taboos left to break.

    • Picking up a liberal-globalist politician, media operative, or otherwise well-known representative of the Occupation Regime, mistreating said individual on film and posting it on the InterWebs, would probably be perceived as a ‘step over the line’. The propaganda value, though, would be enormous.

      It’s only a matter of time, I think, before some Nationalist freedom-fighters in Europe and North America resort to the tactics currently practised by oppressed peoples in Near East and Central Asia.

      Both sides need to name the enemy and get all of this into the open so we can have a proper civil war.

      Enough of this pussy-footing around.

  2. God, I need to get drunk tonight. Too much depressing me.

    • I recommend Jim Beam Black & Ezra Brooks.
      You fight the Good Fight, you deserve it.

      Being fully aware of the realities of what we face is virtuous. I never imply it is hopeless. I view it only with the solemnity a tiny band of American Patriots did when faced with the greatest military power the world had seen.

      It is the “anger denial bargaining depression” model – no more than that – in the Kubler-Ross Model:

      I truly believe there is a 6th Step: Expression/Action. Maybe a 7th – Victory. It is what I want Eradica to enlighten. I have achieved Post 6th Stage Awareness, it is time others follow; it is not hard.

      Perhaps in the Joy of Xmas Season it is time I share more with my beloved readers.
      I know Pat Gone-again always lurks, sulking in his Beery Shell, so it will undoubtedly perturb him I dare use Jew Modellen. Fie. The Australian Situation allows such conceits, with them only having 0000.2 YKW, while we Yanks suffer with the more pressing combatants of encroaching coloreds. There aren’t any Down Unda. So, whilst he can scare-off the likes of a Lesser Herskybol, Zeus remains Omnipotent. Truth is Truth. We, for example, dispense Truth to liberals, yet they blindly close their eyes and burrow craniums headfirst into the sands of lies.

      We, can never be like that; we haven’t the luxury of blithe ignorance.

      I’m surprised so few ask me questions, perhaps fearing “something.” Does Firepower believe all coloreds must be eradicated? No. The next question would be: So, what percentage are the salvageable? I’d say, when 99.6% are The Problem, one can make those the remaining .4% captains of the repatriation ships exporting them back to Mutha Africa, etc.

  3. A priceless 15 minutes. As a former pro-Western Easter European (though 15 years younger) I co-sign every word of this:

    • That’s an excellent talk. I’m not against communism, I’m pro-white. I will support any form of government that can get the job of WN done. I put race above freedom, which amuricans eternally harp upon.

      • I had a wonderful childhood in communist Poland. My parents, despite their differences and real problems with the regime, were very happy there.

  4. Noble firepower, why try to edjucate the masses by explaining “whys”? Just write them poems honoring thier successful visions of success!

  5. With all due respect I think 6th Step: Expression/Action should be split into two separate steps. 6th Step: Expression 7th Step : Action……..Most everyone is stuck in expression mode. News and Jews etc. ad nauseum.


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