Obama School Shootings

by Firepower

College Liberal

HRH Barrack Hussein Obama might get one nasty surprise.

He and his Evil Minions might be the ones hoist with their own petard on this one.

Save The Precious Children!!!! Was the rallying cry of one Sick Willie, Sir Bill Clinton.   muah-hah-ha! Steal rights, for the sake of The Children!  Then, all will be fine and we can go back to CBS’ Survivor: Urban Detroit.

However, this sick weaselly little mental fuck was one of them Bill’s Babies.  He was born when Bill was inaugurated – grew up on Clintionian/Liberal Perversions like Oval Office Cumshots.  OJ getting off. Blood-spewing videogames played all day.  Ice-T’s Cop Killa. Vile shit on TV – designer porn online.  Single Mommy World.  These are all perversions championed by liberal Democrats.

Obviously, Ms. Lanza Wasn’t

The One True Enemy now demands Swift Action on all its political demands because it no longer can sustain its evil arguments in the harsh scrutiny of The Internets.   They know americans are so stupid now, they have to pull the wool over their eyes fast – at fiber-optic speed – before their muddied brains have time to think and reason.

You’ve seen them fall before when they push too hard, too fast.  Even The Oprah can’t blithely make black racist statements anymore; she gets banned to B-List Cable. Those PC 1990’s died with OJ’s Glove and Bill’s Spectacular Money Shot.  Little Baby Lanza is their product and they can’t hide the guilt of association.  The Guilt of Creation.  Force the Liberals to claim rightful ownership of their warped, twisted Single-Mommy-Monster Gen.

Mighty Drudge simply lists articles…that spread to every corner.  The View Bitches get mocked.  Humor, is a vicious weapon – it’s why I use it as part of my arsenal.  The Stupid, however, are even swayed by NRA-types’ argument.  Too many got left behind since Bill Xlinton and now are forced to live near coloreds; not enough get paid like they used to, to afford that Suburban McMansion today.  Thank you Bill and Bar – economic oppression eventually makes…Revolutionaries.

Diane Fineswine, Liberal Democrat Senator from San Francisco never met a gun from Operation Fast & Furious she didn’t like, (providing it smelled like Her Master’s sweet, sweet nutsack) immediately yaps about guns.  The thousands of Beloved Méxicañs murdered by his guns never seemed to el registrado with her.   She wants a disarmed people subject to Socialist Tyranny who do The Elite’s bidding…like Mexicans who can’t own guns.
[do note, that liberal WordPress “somehow” doesn’t find it necessary to put in recommended quicklinks to Operation Fast & Furious – yet provides them by the thousands to such worthy, topical sources such as Vin Diesel movies, Al Gore, dog food and MLK.  Thank you, wp, for neglecting to put in links to Operation Fast & Furious.  Nobody will ever know about Operation Fast & Furious]

Now you’ll have schools evacuated because some wag phones in a threat to St. Martin Luther King of the Holy Balcony Middle Skool, or a Frito truck backfires.  Craziness will ensue.  Craziness no one can tolerate.  Liberals will make their only argument:  Wild Emotional Jeremiad.  It will make them look insane.  The greatest weapon to use against them is simply let them state their case then counter-attack with the well-honed arguments the NRA crafted by constant attack from Bill Clinton in the 1990’s.

UPDATE: Told Ya So: Authorities crack down on copycat threats after Newtown (yahoo news.com)

I may well be incorrect, for it is dangerous to underestimate the growing stupidity of the american people.  Small “a” america…

46 Responses to “Obama School Shootings”

  1. LOL- Survivor Detroit and the spoons got me 🙂 Yes, there will probably be a lot of “better safe than sorry” evacuations.
    [thanku sweety]

  2. Very nice. I like those cartoons. I take it there will be no gun control for the secret service, the FBI or SWAT.

    I think they’ll get their gun ban, FP. They won’t call it a gun ban. It’ll be the “Citizen Armament and Security Act” or some other doublethink title.

    Truly there is no america anymore. I remember in the Turner Diaries when this was realized. Then the organization devoted itself to making life in the US harder: emptying the kitchen shelves, turning off the power, making transportation impossible. They knew that ZOG could not make the country work any longer. The people would do any say anything just to have life get back to normal, even….become racists.

    • The FBI is the Geheime Staatspolizei of the usa, so their unresponsiveness to all OFAF-type criticism will increase in relation to the number of machine guns they require to secure safety for The Elite.

      Any Zogplan countering of the Elite is operable; the MARVY can’t even stop Obamaguns going to Zeta Cartels, nor win against Afghani Shepherds.

      Know that if his majesty wins, the dreadful future I envision gets closer to reality.

  3. I was brought to your site because you chose to link to my post, “My opinion on 6 bad opinions,” and you make your point very clear: it is dangerous to underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

    • Not quite as clear as your Prohibition Era II stance.

      Crying women/liberals weeping over the “Evils of The Latest ‘______!” always create such great policy and work well.

      • Because most great policy is born out of extremism, finger-pointing and fear?

      • Do you ban airplanes because of 9/11?

        Let’s be clear with each other and excise sarcasm in exchange for clear communication.
        This is a golden opportunity for you to get publicity for your site. Speak your mind.

        Obama suddenly prancing in front of cameras to “champion background checks” is hypocritical when he was invisible during OFAF, Benghazi and Hillary’s menstrual cramps testimony excuse.

        Background checks do not stop a Spergy Nut from getting a gun by murdering the legal purchaser.

      • The banning airplanes after 9/11 argument is moot. No one is trying to ban guns — we’re trying to increase their regulation, just like we did with airplanes after 9/11. There have been much tighter regulations put on flying since 9/11 and while they make flying more of an inconvenience, there has not been a similar attack since. You want to excise sarcasm and have a civil discourse? Knock off the sexist nonsense and exaggerated rhetoric and we’ll talk.

        I fail to understand how background checks for purchasing firearms relates to Benghazi. You make a valid argument with FAF, but muddle it up by trying to throw too many other events in there just because you dislike Obama. Stick to the argument.

        What’s so bad about a background check for someone trying to buy a lethal weapon? I’ve had to undergo a drug test and background check for almost every job I’ve ever had, including mowing lawns when I was 18. If you have a clean record, you have nothing to be afraid of. According to your logic that background checks won’t stop people from getting a gun, then we shouldn’t pass any laws that criminals won’t follow.

      • It’s not moot just because you wish it so. This is not msnbc or hufpo where you get away with witch-hunt words; you have to stand on your own facts.

        A background check on Adam Lanza? How would that work – when he killed his mother, the legal owner of the firearm.

      • “What’s so bad about a background check for someone trying to buy a lethal weapon?”

        Adam Lanza tried to purchase a rifle but was unable to because of background checks. That system worked.

        It amuses me that people are now discussing how to secure schools better when my high school did this ten years ago; it was called “force protection”. Various doors were locked so that intruders (theoretically) had to enter the school directly, openly.

        I lost a friend in a similar shooting, and as horrible as that was, I still believe Americans should have the right to bear arms.

      • chrsbakr is right!
        The Democrat Party knows
        Misunderstood Teen-Americans like Poor Adam
        Would be all better if ONLY they got enough
        Therapy, Counseling, Care and AfterCare Programs!!

        We need MORE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES to give us FREE Help!!!

      • Bueller…


        You’re not banned here. I want to hear how you explain Bill Clinton’s beejers and how the msm’s slavish defense of such antics had NO effect on poow widdle Adam.

      • dude, you are hot in those glasses

      • “Knock off the sexist nonsense and exaggerated rhetoric and we’ll talk” libtard alert libtard alert !

      • It’s alright. I understand FP now. Carry on, carry on.

      • Note that it’s no waste of time at all, for when confronted with accurate weapons, they rarely stick around to fight, much like colored gangs.

      • First off: I’m a conservative. You haven’t addressed any of my arguments, merely barraged me with another series of unrelated points (Bill Clinton BJs?) Your “prowess” is not Socratean logic, it’s Limbaughish logic: The loudest voice is the most correct.

        You want to talk logic: look at the nations that have enacted firearm bans and how many gun-related deaths they have every year. A similar event happened in England in 1996. Firearms were banned and they now have one of the lowest gun-related death rates in the world. That’s called causality.

        I don’t see you defending your 9/11 argument either. Apparently when you can’t defend a point you just move on with distractions about Bill Clinton, the Huffington Post and whatever other buzz-words you throw around to muddle the real issue here.

      • You may be a conservative…in Berkeley or NYC. Let’s be honest: If you’re a liberal, stand on your belief.

        As for our barb-exchange, I’ll relinquish Bill’s BJ’s if you drop 9/11; we’ll both stick to facts. My point was the legacy Bill Clinton left as an example to youth. Toss in Bushie if you want. If you believe Bill C set a good example for youth, fine. I believe he did not.

        So: It is not Evilguns that is the problem. It is not Evilguns that is the difference between say, 1960 when The Beaver actually had more access to guns. The problem is a culture of Singlemommies, Criminal Rap, Django Unchained, ADDHD-Asperger’s & Grand Theft Auto/CoD.

        Kids watching Gilligan’s Island didn’t massacre children. Hell, Lil’ Adam was 20. There were 100,000’s of returning 20-year-old WW2 vets who killed the hell out or real people for years – and they didn’t massacre grade schoolers.

      • “Mass shootings are actually down in this country compared to years past. There were a lot of them in the fifties. There were a lot of them in the twenties and thirties. But it doesn’t matter because this one happened and it was bad, and we were not alive in 1929 so who cares. A lot of people weren’t alive in the fifties, so who cares. It’s just bad now, and there’s an agenda to be advanced.”

        That’s a direct quote from your boy Rush. I’m a conservative who believes in gun control. Belonging to an ideology doesn’t mean you have to adhere blindly to all its tenets.

      • If you could source the quote, it’d be great: I don’t listen to Limbaugh. When you find it, define the terms of what “a lot” means.

        While seeking the nebulous lot, check out the Clear John Lott’s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/More_Guns,_Less_Crime
        for actual numbers. As a conservative concerned with Gun Control, I’m sure you’ve read it – or even have a copy.

        Remember: Even though Infallible Rush Spake, there were no Assault Rifles in the 1950’s.

        Do you find it suspicious, the President couldn’t find a TV camera for months on both Benghazi and Operation Fast & Furious, yet managed to get on TV immediately for 5 straight hours memorializing bunnyfences, then demanding gun confiscation?

        I do.

      • Find the quote here, on Rush’s site, about 2/3 of the way down the page: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2012/12/17/we_re_living_the_collapse_of_our_culture

        I don’t know how Limbaugh defines “a lot” other than to say that he may well be misinformed (as is often the case on his show).

        If this is, in fact, true, however, it means that the culture might not be the primary culprit. Mass murder is nothing new, but extreme media coverage of mass murder is. Maybe it’s just more in our face when it happens today.

      • Then perhaps it is the Extreme MSM Coverage of such massacres reflecting the degenerating nature of America that is to blame.

        The only explanation for why 4 Million WW2 combat vets Adam Lanza’s age did not perpetrate mass murders lies in the conservative explanation and not the liberal, reactive one of Evilguns!™

        That also explains why the President immediately waves Evilguns around like a flag in front of your nose…yet hides Adam Lanza’s Sperzerk ADD videogame fixation behind his back.

        Do not be duped as a tool by The Democrat Establishment the way OWS was used, then discarded. The 1% elite wants you disarmed just as they do me.

  4. Get this liberal out of here!

    Look here, FP. You’ve got someone who wants more government, 1000000 more laws. He doesn’t like sexists, so he’s a modern feminist. And he’s defending Obama who watches his own hitmen get ass-fucked, set on fire and dying in the streets.

    • No, my exuberant young friend, it is better for us – and America – to let them explain their positions.

      These positions are based purely on emotion and thus fail when the incredible illogic is exposed. The entire rushannity/FOX/internet alt-right empire is based on this theater of exposure. Give them enough rope to hang themselves. Watch and learn.

      Socratean logic is the ultimate mindweapon, not he who merely calls himself one: One must actually be a mw just as a law enforcer must actually enforce The Law…instead of merely saying how much he enforces the law by how many sheets of paper he writes… attesting to how much ‘law enforcing’ he does.

      Preaching to the congregation while safe in Your Church leads to GroupThink…and a proclivity to squash dissenters on a blog, to show how smart you are to that congregation. I display my prowess fighting when the reward is great, not jousting with blunted blades in my friend’s gym.

      Check your mail.

      • Hate to break it to you, FP, but you’re preaching to your congregation here. I happened to walk in and dissent. I’m in the lion’s den here, not you.

      • i can haz chrsbakr should read this SUPER book, he’s a conservative so he’s prolly read it twice!

      • I stated I would not ban you for speaking your opinion,
        but did not say others would welcome that opinion.

        They were mad because they thought you chickened-out.

      • More proof that this guy is a liberal. He doesn’t truly believe in freedom of speech. I’m supposed to fall on my knees and worship him for being so merciful and tolerant. So tolerant that any criticism of feminism, MC or faggotry is outlawed.

        Of course he is not so peace loving, as he fully supports our adventures in the Middle East, SWAT, and Obama’s army of protectors. None of that pity reaches Waco or Ruby Ridge. It’s fine with me because white liberals have no place in a diverse country. Don’t come running to my door when you discover that.

        I’ve seen the trick 100x. Oh! Poor me you guys are so mean! You are hurting my feelings….I want the cops!

        This is not a game, it’s a battle for civilization. Your children grow up in the world of whoever wins. They don’t take prisoners; they’ll happily take your kids, your house and your job for disagreeing with them.

        [ed note: If they are a liberal they should have the conviction to admit so. You describe an essential problem of Liberals. It is why they live (on avg) 25 miles safely away from “Urban Diversity” in their safe white Suburb Fall Out Zone]

      • I happened to walk in and dissent. I’m in the lion’s den here, not you.

        cheah! i gave you a compliment and you get all nrvous. you should accept compliments from girls they build up your self-esteem! 🙂

  5. Funny.

    They’re scared and shitting their trousers, knowing, as they must do, they are trudging into uncharted territory pregnant with rifle-wielding natives, some of whom, such as moi, carry daggers for the personal close shave (to be broadcast later on Vimeo).

    Does the term ‘Braddock’s March’ strike anyone’s fancy?

    How about ‘opportune time’?

    [ed note: it’s always a good time carrying a Gerber Mk I]

  6. Time, I suppose, for the obligatory musical interlude:

  7. A background check may not have stopped this tragedy, but it would’ve stopped Seung-Hui Cho, the senior shooter who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007. Prior to the shooting, he had been declared ‘mentally ill’ by a judge after he’d stalked two women in his freshman year. Lanza’s mother was just another lame gun owner who didn’t know how to store her own weapons. Most weapons used in massacres are not stolen and I think most people here know that and ignore it because does not align with your racist, right-wing, conspiracy theory laden worldviews.

    • I can tell you plenty of what’s wrong with white-hating, left-wing conspiracy theory laden worldviews – like Channon Christian, Free Mumia – and… Adam Lanza as the cause for GunBan Hysteria #6047. But, if you want to discuss why racism is bad, pop on over to an applicable thread.

      Today’s issue is not VT. It is Adam Lanza.

      So, you don’t want GunBan #6048 – all you want are laws demanding “proper guns storage.”

      What happens when a car is properly locked, stolen, then used in a crime?

      How about the Struggling-Minority-American-Single-Mom of nine in the ghetto/barrio working those three jobs who needs protection from gangsta-rape home-invasions, but can’t afford a fancy gunsafe because the 1% oppresses her wages?

    • Mike uttered:
      Prior to the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, Seung-Hui Cho had been declared ‘mentally ill’ by a judge after he’d stalked two women

      Loyal Party Member Michael, the Committee cheerfully requests you explain if you harbor Latent White Male Racist Tendencies by your apparent Hate Speech against Struggling-Asian-Immigrant-Americans – and their RIGHT to FREE Mental Health Care Programs as Immigrants!

      Because it looks like you HateThink it is “ok to Sexual-Stalk” Innocent Female-Americans!!!

    • Firepower, your post is an incoherent rant that rambles but doesn’t actually say a damn thing other than a weak attempt at blaming the Newtown school shootings on the “liberal Democrats,” with you claiming, “Little Baby Lanza is their product.” When combined with the comments section, the senseless dribble that you’re attempting to pass off as debate leaves much to be desired. You make all kinds of extraordinary claims, but then fail to deliver on any sort of substantive evidence to back those claims up. What frightens me more than you thinking that you’re somehow being clever or witty with this vitriol, is that there are people reading this that can take you seriously.
      [I need no rehashing of empirical evidence here, when John Lott did it all in More Guns, Less Crime http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/More_Guns,_Less_Crime. I will not re-type 200 pp. – and reinvent the wheel – to combat your drivel.]

      Chris, you tried. I commend you for trying to engage with these people hiding behind anonymous monikers, that probably read “A Patriot’s History of the United States,” and thought to themselves that it was well researched and written history. (On that note, I don’t feel Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” was particularly well written either, however, it did have a fair amount of historical and systemic bias that it challenged simply by being written.)
      [isn’t “you people” a liberal Dog Whistle for “racism?” Shame on you.
      All Chris really did was only try – weakly. He has the endurance of a Hipster at a marathon.
      There is NO Liberalism when it’s confronted by FACT. Just as there is no Mildew in sunlight.
      It is you people who’ve perverted America with your queer-luv, Hollywood Perversion, immigrants, feminism and colored people.]

      Also, what is with the title of this post? “Obama School Shootings” Please, enlighten me as to what exactly President Obama had to do with the tragedy in Newtown.
      [its like you people tarring the NRA – as if it had to do with Your Child of Liberalism, Adam Lanza, massacring of children. You don’t like Saul Alinsky’s tactics when they’re used against you – do you.]

      I do not want to outlaw guns all together, however, I think clips larger than 5-6 rounds should be banned, and there need to be more restrictions placed on gun licensing and ownership. If you’re a hunter and you cannot take down a deer (or moose, elk, etc.) in 5 shots, it deserves to be alive, and you should probably get yourself to the range and work on your aim.

      [how white of you to not want guns banned. i suggest you limit your diatribes to fact, instead of wild, childish tantrums – like Adam Lanza’s]

    • Beulah……….


      You get the Golden Chance to rilly slam “our kind” then run away.
      You, are the Fat Roman Senator sneering at the Gladiator.
      You, are the Fat Drooler pounding on the Hockey Glass, spouting how you’d kick The Enforcer’s ass…from the safety of Your Liberal Welfare State Gated Suburban Subdivision.

      You, are a Wrestling Fan.
      We, Will Win…

  8. I think amuricans are voting with their feet. Gun sales are throught the roof! Record setting. Maybe they don’t want that gun ban after all.


  9. chrsbakr, you seem to be trying to deceive people about what you really believe. You say that you do not want to ban guns, you just want stricter regulations. The regulations we already have stopped Lanza from legally acquiring weapons. Obviously this means there are only a few real reactions to this: ban all guns, provide real protection for children, not law-magic, instill values, etc. Look at this list closely. There are a lot of, as you say, “lethal weapons” on it. But there are also primitive weapons used, which resulted in a similar body count as Lanza’s spree. You can use vehicles as weapons; in fact, that was mentioned in one of Inspire Magazine’s articles (a terrorist magazine). How many “lethal weapons” were used in the 9/11 operation?

    If you really do care about the children then you would focus on actually securing the schools. You find the idea of having guns “in a place of learning” absurd, but there were guards at my high school. Yes, it was an American high school. We had to deal with the threat of terrorists who had access to “lethal weapons” in a country in which “lethal weapons” were banned.

    The fact that educators in America are only now seriously thinking about protecting the premises now suggests political shenanigans and incompetence. It is like the news media talking about how talking about the shootings may cause copy cat incidents.

  10. SWPL transcends party and ideological labels. Just look at elite GOPers in Manhattan and DC. Nearly all chrsbakrs.

    • Indeed. Everyone who lives in such high rent districts are almost automatically included in the ranks of the elite. No nasty “criminal element” can get within 30 miles because of the real estate prices. It must be nice to price your threats out of business, then demand EVERYONE ELSE live unarmed among them.

  11. You might of heard of someone named Dan Quayle. He was vice president of Japan or something. He warned about the dangers of single motherhood glorified in the show “Murphy Brown”. He was mercilessly excoriated in the press for this. Well 20 years later even the WashingtonPost admits he was right.



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