1984: The Movie

by Ryu

This book is one of my favorites and the movie does not disappoint.

What more can I add?  It’s coming true and we ……. all know it.  Here it is, it’ll cost you 110 minutes.  Highly recommended:

George Orwell‘s last words arepretty eerie:

18 Responses to “1984: The Movie”

  1. This movie adopts a reverent tone toward Orwell’s book – a kid could use it as Cliff’s Notes it follows so closely. I had to look for discrepancies. It also made me as depressed as the book, just quicker; I read this in friggin’ Grade School. It became a core part of my value system enduring to this day.

    • Yes, the translation is excellent. I find a great deal of meaning in their Room 101 discussions.

      Also, there is the thought police. I recently understood a new level of meaning. It’s the logical thing for an antique dealer to be a TP.* The state would know that thought criminals would go there. Also how he just offers us the room.

      [ednote: *very interesting…i bet today’s Liberal Party has an entire list of other suitable TP careers]

      Then, there is the outer party, our middle classes. See how their minds are used against them? Just like our own middle classes who build drones, surviellance cameras, work as cops or at the NSA. They figure as long as they are working a job, everything’s fine. In 1984, the middle class runs the memory hole, rewrites history, eliminates words.

  2. Yes it is. Firepower’s vision of the future disgusts me, but it is factual. Every new crop of students gets stupider. Thus we can predict that in 20 years when things really get bad, the white race will probably be worse off. These “schools” will become prisons, not that prisons are without drugs or violence.

    But its not about reason or logic. ZOG doesn’t use those things. How impotent they are.

    I have come to recognize the brilliance of FP’s POV. There is a small window of opportunity up to about 2016. After that, the security net closes and total information awareness becomes a reality. If nothing happens, then we have to wait 20 years more for alot of whites to disappear and society to feel it in their technology.

    They can simply rewrite history so that it’s anything they want it to be. It’s been done before, WW2 is a shining example.

    We may have to consider leaving the US. I don’t like it. I see a new dark ages as the world loses an ideal, the great US. And I don’t worship China, who have tremendous issues.

  3. Ha! Good find Cameron.

  4. TDO = Two Minutes Hate ?

    • kate go to the ‘firepowersms’ glossary pages in the tabs on the top of the homepage. theere’s a few ryuisms fp put in ther too LOL

  5. TDO – the daily outrage. FP pioneered it.

  6. Oh, thanks, you two. I was questioning if the daily outrage isn’t our version of the two minutes hate. We get angry, briefly, use up our energy, and then continue to toe the line.

  7. LOL. I like that we need a glossery now. In a few year, we’ll be able to talk WN around the minos and YKWs and they won’t even know it.

  8. The ‘crime’ of Brievik’s aktion was that it was wasted on the (current) crop of Whites.

    Still, the future is unwritten.

    • I like Brevik. It’s not about “the innocent children.” I laugh at that. Those kids at Waco weren’t mourned like this. The kids in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t mourned like this.

  9. 1984 is one of my favorite novels. Orwell’s widow said she’d only allow the book to be adapted to film if they did not use special effects. Great decision.

    Keep in mind that the appendix to 1984 reveals that Oceania fell. It was defeated. It didnt last even to 2050. This reign of liberal tyranny will fall too.

  10. I don’t see how that’s possible, SBPDL. Did the proles rise up? I can’t see the regime collapsing. They did in fact create reality. There are actually 3 different 1984 movies out there, I just chose the best.

    • didn’t notice?
      those proles
      already spoke:
      …and Obama won

    • The 1984 clips you posted are that version. Orwell’s widow only agreed if they wouldnt use spcial effects. Brilliant

      It’s a theory just from reading the appendix. Some support it, some don’t. If the regime couldnt keep the proles fed, it would have been destroyed. The key was that the inner party could keep the outer party forever on guard and going after one another while the proles just ate, drank and fucked.


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