TEA Party, Flee Party

by Firepower

The Big Boss of a hope movement is abandoning the Senate.

Jim Demint states he’ll have more impact as the head of a Think Tank/lobbying firm.  That’s like Sean Hannity quitting FOX to work for GL Piggy, except Demint will actually make a few bucks and avoid that icky buffalo wing-sauce on his apron.

Imagine the logic behind this; discounting the impression average people will perceive at such an abandonment.  This resignation is suspect because it does not encourage the common man – no matter the spin-BS spewed.  The TEA Party was ostensibly to have more backbone, more righteous legitimacy than callow, button-mashing OWS Kidz.  Leftists don’t resign unless there are fifty dicpics floating around online.

OWSers get infiltrated by FBI informants; they were plotting violence.  That’s why they vanished suddenly.  The New York Times is livid, while Sean Hannity applauds, yet…if it were the TEA Party being spied-upon with mere e-mail surveillance, Hannity’d be frothing at the mouth.  Perversely:  If it was the TEA Party being taken-down by Government Secret State Police, the NYT would jizz it’s red lace undies.

Bold revolutionaries on either side, seeking an end to the Degenerate Status Quo are paralyzed.  America waffles in simpering paralysis the way Norway and France did before, during and after the Germans skipped into their countries and, in five minutes, conquered them   These Faggot States are still paralyzed today.  Germany, destroyed in World War Two, thrives, yet oddly, as a Socialist State.

Government of The Elite, by The Elite and for The Elite hates OWS as much as TEA.  They want coloreds checked by white gun owners.  They want white gun owners checked by coloreds.

The issue is: Big Government Jackboots on the neck of revolutionaries…all revolutionaries.  If it were 1776, those drafting The Declaration of Independence would’ve been arrested by Redcoat Spies and today we’d be living in a current British-model Socialist Welfare State with coloreds and illegal immigrants running amok, burning, looting and raping our major cities…  Hey

Jim Demint stood boldly in the face of opposition.  Backed with the firm knowledge of Traditional America he proclaimed: “Obamacare will be Barrack O’s Waterloo!”  When he turned-back around to see the cheers of that expected crowd behind him, he saw ten people button-mashing PlayStation – two of which had the deep wisdom to ask, “what the fuck is Waterloo – lol what the fuck dude!”

He was surprised.  He is disappointed.  That old America is lost.  FOX & Neil Cavuto will run a special praising (purely nostalgically – always a dangerous thing) America’s space program.  The last man on the moon was in 1972.

Neil asks mournfully: “Wha hoppen’d? Why we no can do same thingy today???”  Simple:  That era was run by White Males.  There wasn’t an Affirmative Action Hiring Quota for government designed to turn an already wobbly bureaucracy into a guaranteed failure bureaucracy staffed by FAT white broads, In Yo Face black mammas and ESL mexes.  We did not put a man on the moon.  White Men did.  There’s your problem all wrapped-up in a non-denominational-all-religiosity-inclusiveness holiday bow.  Neil, I know you can’t say that (that’s another BIG problem) but bloggers can.   I can also state that with an america the way it is now (small “a”) you’ll never see the likes of a moon landing ever again.

You’ll never see a White Man as President again, unless he’s in the mold of Jerry Brown D-CA or a gay guy.

15 Responses to “TEA Party, Flee Party”

  1. It is a bit comical how white pundits on the right never paid attention to the rising tide of vibrancy until an obviously ‘meh’ president was re-elected with little change in his minority turnout or results. They are not swing voters. They do not swing. The GOP pundit class was delusional to ever think they would swing. Reagan was far more conservative than Romney ever could be, yet he won 49 states. The days when Massachusetts and New York would vote for a Republican for POTUS are gone. This is partly due to minority growth, partly due to the rising number of single moms, but also due to shifts in white culture with the split between NASCAR whites and SWPL whites. The start of that split was a generation ago with the college attending white kids in the 60s/70s protested everything or anything vs. the white kids who fought in Vietnam and worked blue and gray collar jobs.

    • This is very true. Now, with both Repub-lo-crats seeking continuance of power based on colored votes, you’ll unlikely see a White Man as President – unless he’s openly queer – or of Jerry Brown’s ilk.

      Once Texas’ electoral votes go brown, game over.

      That being said, “game over” means total collapse and you/we can start dusting off all those piles and piles of dusty rusty AK’s.

  2. Very nice comment SOB. I’ll take the nascar whites and skinheads over the SWPLs and conservatives anyday. I’d never heard of the tea party guy. I think that movement is dead now. They’ve lost momentum and have left the collecitve consciousness.

  3. “If it were 1776, those drafting The Declaration of Independence would’ve been arrested by Redcoat Spies”

    Yes, and it’s bizarre that serfs constantly align themselves with the elites as if the elites won’t betray them. Not even Benghazi will convince people that Leviathan is a crazy cannibal.

    “We did not put a man on the moon. White Men did.”

    The Afronauts did their best.

    [ed note: neither owsers or teas are now capable of saving a diminished, decayed citizenry. the answer lies somewhere in between these two ideologies – this is where I fit in: not in between, but on the outer extremities of both]

  4. do you REALLY THINK the tea party is doomed and nothing will replace it?

  5. yes white men put the man on the moon
    but also ruined the enviroment and killed most animals or made em endangered
    crazyest race aorund

    • Coloreds have done so much with both their African cities and wildlife – over here, they beautified Detroit, too.
      All without that nasty distraction of inventing NASA.

      • afro american just black ..nothini african about them they dont nokw the acieant culutre of language …they white washed to a degree…detroit is the government s problem
        poor countrys are just pickin up the piesces of colonialism
        either way u guys are dyin out …hahaha…shouldnt let feminism get in the way…white women are killing the white race

      • You exhibit great concern for animals and the “environment,”
        Yet when asked twice to explain the destructive Environmental Impact of coloreds
        Rotting cities into concrete rubble & glass strewn shards –
        You revert to childlike Great Books for Men (GBFM)gibberish
        But with a drunk on…

        Then, you expect that DUI handicap to distract –
        then excuse you from explaining why the black (and all coloreds) destroy “their” cities
        And those poor animals
        (not including the dog fighting rings)
        …And why any White would want to continue paying for The Colored Breeding Program
        Or live near them.

        Why does Baltimore look like Lagos, Nigeria?
        Judging from the Lily White Safe Suburbie Location you live in
        It’s no wonder
        YOU are A Leftist LIBERAL
        With the typical 3rd Grade namecalling act
        And NO actual answer(s)

      • well traditional hunting shouldnt change despite europeans reducin the numbers
        baltimore looks nice but lagos is crap typically devolping nation…..infrasture is the state and governments problem not the civilian no like they can do anything about it
        letist liberal is an oxymoron

        [ed note: you have blacks, you get Somalia. you have blacks in america – you get St. Louis & Detroit. White people get you Switzerland, and in America, Pasadena, Taos or Montana]

      • blackula my comrade, don’t let firepower scare you!
        He IS mean, using facts, logic and history to Hate Diversity Wonderments!!
        We Liberals KNOW all we need do is tax Evil White Men until they’re extinct
        THEN, bask in The Rich Tapestry of Diversity
        When the rest of Michigan and amerikka LOOKS LIKE DETROIT!!!

  6. Tea Party, just more racially neutral (that is to say, anti-white) patriotard group. They’ll fail for the same reason Republicans/Conservatives failed: they think the proper response to an extermination policy is tweaking the tax code (and wars for Israel). Actually that’s a lie: Republicans/Conservatives never gave a damn about the extermination policy or its victims except to the degree they could make a buck off it. Poor, hapless, Tea Partiers don’t even do that. Suckers.


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