Why Blogging Will Fail 3

by Firepower

Generation of Lost Bloggers, Lost Generation As Bloggers

Deny it all you want – stick your head in the sand – call me a “buzzkill,” I care not.  It’s true and you will see it come to pass no matter how much you deny.  Americans are kiddies always wanting moar candy and a bigger tit.  Nixon was right – problem is, ain’t nobody left to remember who Nixon was to kick around…

“He who forgets history is doomed to…”  Damn, what was that funny saying again?

Piggy & mangan et al,  present nothing distinguishing themselves from their ‘grecyclers.  More importantly, they do not distinguish themselves from other writersPat Buchanan, Sowell, Rush or Krauthammer.  Having “a blog” is all about saying the harsh, inflammatory words restricting Elite Millionaire Pundits.  They’ll never call A Spade A Spade if it costs them a FAT book deal or gig on O’Reilly Factor.  Blogs such as these are failures (and shall fail) because they are …

…about popularity.  They don’t want to offend their “mass” audience and so, attract that famous Lowest Common Denominator.  They constantly pull out the same old toys and do the same old tricks for their 21st Century “Super-Tender Sensitive American Audience” and thus, get what they attract:  A smarmy lot of moderate do-nothings.

Blogging Will Fail Because:

  1. No leadership – especially in the Wimp-0-Sphere – becuzz…
  2. Purported leaders recycle one another’s topics, that creates an…
  3. Apathetic rank and file “membership” – aka,  “Activists”with NO action who subconsciously suspect..
  4. Blogging has already failed.  People see it – don’t wanna be it

We inhabit a plagiarized media stealing all ostensibly “new” thought from books not (yet) online.   Book learning has deteriorated into an actual esoteric skill that Amazes N’ Astounds the simple native e-savages – as a flashlight represents Godly presence to pygmies.  Today, transcribed shamelessly copied to a blog – bingo – deep thought.

mangans is college, whiskey, 12th grade, piggy 10th – awwww thissy-wissy isn’t meant as insulting, most americans are below that level – and beloved ferdi was 6th grade.  When he suicidally turned over his microphone to his Kiddie Koterie, IMFants degenerated the crumbling Train Wreck into 3rd grade.  That is the recipe for irrelevancy.  btw: Do any of you get “italics?”

Blog ‘recyclers say: “Look at this LATEST OUTRAGE isn’t it shocking!”  They do that because they want people to act…but they DON’T act.  Something is wrong with the Message if 249,000,000 sites fail to create any activity except MORE Fucking WEBSITES.  It gets top-heavy and overburdened like a Roman Bureaucracy and falls.

Several Arab countries blogged with far fewer computers than the USA, yet they took down entire regimes that forcibly demonstrated they would kill them. Take Egypt:  88 million people actually, truly, really, actually RLY did something.  USA folks & blogs are as useless as their core muscles.

drudgie HITZ

“The Situation” of Jersey Shore fame has 1,400,000 followers on muthafuckin’ twitter:  Now there’s real power.  Even Roissy faps at the thought.

Welmer/Price claims 15,000 weekly hits.  ferdi claimed 50,000 monthly (in reality, 500) in his farewell suicide note.  Toss in Drudge’s 1 Billion – has all that Super Blog Power 2000 gotten you any less Obama?  All of them (plus Rush) only got you Obama II.  Some movement.  That’s because of what I wrote about in the previous article.

Shuffling Towards Gomorrah

It’s an Oprah, Jerry Springer & Maury Show where the drooling audience repeatedly shows up for the same showing of a Shit Sandwich.  They all groan – but take a bite – and say “holy shit, that shit sandwich – it tasted like shit!”

It’s a great big online local phone-in radio show where the callers gripe about “increased property taxes” and the same issues in the same way their dad and grandad bitched…while their property taxes go up.  Hey, at least those HeroFireMEN!© get a dozen mission critical Lay-Z-Boys out of that 34th Taxpayer Millage for the station.

I learned something new – a true revelation and “e-piphany”; free speech was never a threat to Hitler, Stalin or Saddam – they worried for nothing.  Had they let their herd bleat and carp – they’d still be cracking the whip.  Bleating, venting and griping is the same as mentally jacking-off your anger into kleenex.

Americans, now only want to vent.  Venting is safer than acting.  If only the redcoats had blogging – game over.  It’s the ultimate follow-up advancement to bread and circuses:  Bread, circuses – and venting.  Actually, Online World is a Game, it is The Circus.

For a country founded on Free Speech and Liberty, the massive communicative power of the internet to be abused and relegated as Therapy Sessions for Wussys is ignominious for The Once America – and repellant to those of us still Men.

Like a child all cried-out from a crying jag, once readers internalize futility, they quit – along with the writers – to join Twitter.   Studies show bloggers are leaving “lengthy” articles for the brief stupidity of twitter.  Thus, twitter is the perfect evolution of blogging for modern americans.  A synopsis of Cliff’s Notes.  Sound Bites of Sound Bites.  Minimal thought chopped further into Baby Food Bits easily digestible by the cohort of Future Morlock Breeders – until even that devolves into texted grunts.  Invest in the Coming Age of”grunter”

If blogging were effective, it would have achieved some tangible result by now, instead of Occupy Wallstreet’s tame one hit wonder and the TEA Party Vanishing Act on the other side.  If blogging were effective, you would have seen leaders emerge, but the “leaders” just echo Rush Limbaugh, who, for even all his superior “audience and influence” got nothing but a huge loss in Obama 2.0

Results now require ugliness.  There’s no one left to do it.  But nevermind:  Takimag has an article revealing “guess who blacks voted for!” you simply gotta read…

12 Responses to “Why Blogging Will Fail 3”

  1. The Golden Girls of Greece:


    [ednote: Golden Dawn takes second place: They, at least DO something. While all blogging does in amerexiqa is produce Occupy Wall Street and TEA Party. That, being a giant failure on BOTH fronts, proves the problem as structural.

    Muzz Brotherhood takes the prize. They blogged. Then scared people, shed blood and Broke stuff.]

    • Great pictures, LBF. I didn’t know they have blonde Greeks anymore. I wish them luck.

    • @ Laguna Beach Fogey

      Those babes may look good and act tough but a few centuries ago Islam overran south eastern Europe.

      Soon Islam will do the same again and Miss blond bombshell will part of a harem like her ancestors before.

  2. I blog for one reason. I find and support men and women like me. The day is coming when we will abandon this medium and move on.

    • Precisely, my compatriot.
      And what you describe, is the only true reason to blog anymore.

      All that remains are the shambling masses of cretins drawn like zombies to a flame. Once they get there, they now don’t know wtf to do, except flit around the aura.
      The problem is not the virtuous writer – but the reader. The ‘grecycling shitheel blogger should, by now, be assumed as problem #2. Problem #1 is the Stupefied Brandon.

      ANY audience so diminished is inherently useless and shall remain so for decades.

  3. I see lots of people I know on twitter only now. they don’t ‘blog’ anymore and just blab out dumb stuff in 1 sentence. It’s too much work and twitter is easy.

    [ed note: that’s why they twit what they twit. why think? it’s easier NOT to. for a hot chick, your kind of smart but that’s not the norm cookie]

  4. Without the various clans that compose the “alt-right” I wouldn’t be who I am today. Blogging might have failed bit did not fail spectacularly. I always viewed blogging as an insurgency while others seem fixated on conventional victories.

    • There is hope that our side could still dig itself out of the blograve, provided we rectify the problems I described. It shouldn’t be difficult: Just do the opposite.

      The problem is the quality of The Reader. Had Pearl Harbor happened not on The Day of Infamy, but 70 years later on December 7th, 2011, you’d not see lines at the recruiting offices, but at Walmart – to get CoD: Arizona Mecha-Bot Avenger!… in time for Xmas.

      The majority of readers comprised of that type are satisfied with the recycled pap they inspire their monotonous writers to create.
      The success of HuffingtonPost and other leftist blogs I attribute to Arianna once being a rabid conservative: She knows her enemy. The Others’ success is that allure of the solitary piece of flotsam after a shipwreck: The survivors have nothing left to cling to. The fewer the restaurants, the more customers.

  5. “If blogging were effective, you would have seen leaders emerge”

    You underestimate the effectiveness of The Narrative in keeping whites from acting. That, and the still-present high comfort-to-pressure ratio in the life of an average white.
    [ed note: So, where are the leaders? If a nebulous ideal like “the narrative” is so powerful in preventing whites from acting, it says whites are weak and foolish. And leaderless.]

    You also underestimate the value blogs provide in dismantling this Narrative in the mind if an average white.
    [blogs had little impact, as evidenced by the Presidential election. When blogs Devolve into twitter, even less. The ONLY benefit is: Dimwits are easier turned into pillaging destroyers. The major problem is they then turn on Our/Your Revolution.]

    A leader always emerges.
    [Perhaps – so at this pace, you will be 80 before you see tangible change. By then, it will be too late for YOU]

    Right Narrative + Loss of Comfort + Hope (equals) Revolution.
    [here, I agree with you 100%. Che Guevara said Americans won’t, because they still have fridges or w/e. But again, you will not want to be living in an America in your 80s; it will be comprised of people you don’t recognize, nor recognize YOU]

  6. thanks for sharing this. it was really an interesting time checkng out your old stuff on heartiste so I came here. I have to agree with most of what you wrote.


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