Why Blogging Will Fail: Part II

by Firepower

In the Game of “Gotcha” I always win.

The latest pandemic of blubbering fixates on The Horrible-Ugly Deadly Death of The Manosphere!®.

feh:  I wrote about that months ago in Why MRM Will Fail.  It’s also Why I Am Not an MRA.  You can’t win a war with an army of Fight Club Faggots – oops, I wrote that too; it’s actually the most important one.  You can be ahead of the game, or ‘grecycling it.  I bet Piggy has an article on Man-0-Sickness, explaining what roissy said about what mangan said.  Brave New Stuff

The problem is NOT that he (and his ilk) are fucking idiots:  The problem is they lull the other fucking idiots to sleep with their repetitive bullshit.

Newsflash:  You can’t win in a “movement” (or even have one) without leadership.  Fight Club Faggots also make poor patriots.  No Brandon ever risked his skin for something noble.  You can’t make soldiers out of spoiled, diminished kids.  That’s why you have Manfailure:  A leaderless gyration of copycat “thinkers” failing to motivate a mass of dimwit cowards.  Plain & Simple.  Don’t like the harsh tone?  Do something about it.  Take action – instead of shooting the messenger like Spearhead Sissies simpering about The Latest Outrage!™ 

Lies of BIG BLOGGING, Inc.

Mega-Bloggerz get 100,000 hits a day? One Million Hits a Week?? Nope.  Despite what Establishment Bloggers claim, it’s a myth – or an outright lie.  I’ll tell you a secret I’ve learned since the inception of Eradica:  Most hits are spam.  Here, it’s 55%.  On bigshotblogs attracting mass amounts of vulture hucksters, it’s easily <65%.  My spamcount is ever-growing as Eradica gains popularity.

Let’s stick with round numbers:  65% of 100,000 leaves  35,000 readers a day, but 10% (of that original 100,000 “readership”) are enemies looking for dirt with which to destroy you – probably <15% at big spearheadian/roissyite-type blogs.  After subtraction you’re left with 20,000.  Thank you, Manboobz/SPLC Inc.

Then, 5% land at your site in pure error.  The granny looking for that cute “pearl-necklace” who gets a shock, etc.  Now you got 15,000.

Another segment are monitors like benign web-traffic/googlebots or search engines and downright threatening entities from governments both foreign and domestic.  Let’s say another 5%, leaving you with 10,000.  That’s 10% of those original big Big BIG NUMBERS!

Then, you have leg-humpers returning 300 times a day, egotistically checking for responses to their clever post commentary: The pure idiots who annoyingly drool-post “first!!” on roissy, etc.  Let’s be generous and say they return twice a day.  10,000 divided by 2.5 is…Uh-oh, down to around 4,000 daily readers!

Use the bell curve from Intelligence Quotient.  Half of all humans have IQ’s below 100.  2,000 or your readers are clueless morons you wouldn’t trust with a toothpick.  Watch hee-larry-ous “man on the street” quizzes like Jay Leno‘s “Jaywalking” skits if you’re skeptical.

Spread those loyal 2,000 readers all over America, a land of 330 Million people.  Spread that over the entire globe.  Remember!  Some of those are kids and seniors!

Congrats, Groovy Blogger!  Your effective readership is that of Turdclump, Iowa’s weekly farm coupon circular – or the ever-scintillating Croatian Stamp Collecting Enthusiast.

And you wonder why Nothing Gets Done and Obama gets re-elected…

Nobody survives on mental jacking-off 23 hours a day.  If “men” can’t out-write, out-blog women and create social change, then who can?  If so, they’re all fucked.

You can remedy this, but only if you act.

9 Comments to “Why Blogging Will Fail: Part II”

  1. Ha ha! Good job on blog stats. It’s crazy how much spam there is. I really look at the number of commenters, not the number of hits. Surely a reader must disagree with something I’ve written, or are able to add something.

    [ed note: We all make enemie3s online: Enemies who threaten(ed) to disrupt Eradica from the start. None dare. It’s amazing. I get more cowardly, anonymous, insipid “hate mail” than intelligent public discussion/refutation of our factual arguments – there is no refuting our facts. It appears those who tangled with me at roissytype blogs did it just for show… in front of an audience of 12. The problem is we criticize ourselves for the lack of Social Activism, but fail to realize it’s not The Message – or, The Messenger – but the audience: generally they’re idiots of the type SATISFIED WITH WHINING eternally at Spearhead, OneSTDV, SBPDL and Piggy. You can’t create a potent movement out of impotent Spearheadettes. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear]

  2. I really do believe you must be right about why all this online *ejournalism* that supposedly ended print media has had NO AFFECT IRL. For all that talktalk look WHO is president.

    • I think the end of newspapers is more due to generational changes. No one who grew up with the internet is going to be happy with a jewpaper. It’s kind of an indirect effect.

  3. What do you attribute to the success of HuffingtonPost and other leftist blogs that are fairly mainstream now?

    • To the foolishness of the average Amurican. Sounds like a blog that pushes negro worship, slut worship, football!, basketball, our savior Obama.

      It is not hard to make a popular blog. Just post pictures of girls. Whoa! Hits. Wow, I must be a genus!

    • First, research huffpo’s actual hits to verify if they are indeed popular – send in the results.
      They aren’t nearly as big as conservative sites.

      Whatever popularity they do have is owed to constant pumping on CNN and MSNBC and the recent MSM Obam-A-Thon.

  4. firepower you are the biggest piece of shit online with your fuckball anticks and gang of nazi racists. You are just jealous of Chuck Rudd [gucci little piggy] success. Ferdinand Bardamu’s too.

    • yawn…

      I suppose I could use the ad hominem Liberal’s Version of “nazi racists”
      by branding you “Colored Cock-Sucker Queens”
      That wouldn’t convey the strong level of astounding success
      you attribute to Piggi’s 62nd re-re-write
      of that Great Idea he stole from Rush Limbaugh
      ferdi’s continued flourishing as Sofia’s foot massage boy
      Nor would it change the course of Your Bois’ directing Bloggery
      To the shoals
      of fail

  5. lol firepower your really kicking up some shit lately. good to see you keeping the faith, rockon bro!!

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