How Blogging Will Fail: Part I

by Firepower

[ed note:  I must complete this article.  It’s been sitting in my draft file since the first month Eradica began.  Fellow bloggers are dropping like flies this week.  meh.  This week was the long-expected Lord’s Winnowing of the Chaff. Obama got reelected – folks got dejected.  Pure Obamanxiety…FemmyMen distraught by His re-ascension to His Throne on Earth – the same old raspy gripe as Why the Men’s Rights Movement WILL Fail and the Hierarchy of Blogging, linked below.]

I can think of no fitter (or amusing) punishment than to write a thousand posts – for free – then see nothing productive actually come out of them:  Fantastical Delusions of your “personal influence” most certainly do not count.  et tu, roissy?  rooshie?  Firepower.

Piggy – endlessly ‘grecycling, repackaging Tucker Carlson‘s words into his own to impress The Taki and get that great $14,000 a year gig blowing Rich Lowry.  Hey, just don’t say…

…”negro” when writing about the rascally gang o’ guys (racial descriptors not provided) who raped your girl, mother  (and you) in The Sophisticated Urban City you cling to. That’s a Firing Offense – boy!

Tuck n ‘ Rich serve up the recycled crap, while Piggi daydreams of ‘grecycling it, escaping That Deadend Job…while serving Rich his Garden Salad at Table #5:

Masturbating To
Images of Tucker
Masturbating To
Images of Buchanan
Is Ignoble

Another Gem All Too Quickly Forgotten…

SPED-Shell Snowflakes

Ten years ago Americans were warned about allowing their kids to breast feed until 13.   I showed this image (at left) to an 80-ish granny.  No wonder kids are such wimps – they don’t ever get off the tit, said she.  Out of the mouths of babes…

You saw warnings 30 years ago.  That went unheeded all the way to Bill Xlinton’s Oval Office Cum Shots and The Little Darlings took note:  Now, those kids are the bloggers.

So are Gen/ADD kids.  The proud 21st place T-Ball Generation.  They’re also the audience.  Each a Special Snowflake grating at not being Special among NINE HUNDRED MILLION USA bloggers.  The kids that wrote papers with online cut n’ paste – that was branded “cheating” once.  Now, they utilize their classroom tricks to appear vital to their hitcounter.  Imagine The Tit Kid’s blog when he gets off his ass to write one.

Kids that were 9 when Mystery first published Mystery Method copy his stuff like it’s new, regurgitate it on a website and the dimmed yokels go “wow-trulyamazing awesome!”  Readers are re-astounded at the same shit amazing them in 2004.  One day, flashlights will equally dazzle those natives.

Grow up:  ‘gecyclers aren’t limited to political copycatting, – it’s dominant in the illiterate PUA and MOS blogs that Jenibear used to trash.  “Oooh!  Cat String Theory!  Whatta Bold NEW Concept!”  Repackaging old ideas to lure a new audience is the quickest way to crumble your existing, stultified audience.  Especially among the limited topics purloined by this week’s latest blogging casualties.  You never heard of 300 copycat Pawn Shop Shows?  No?  How about 3000 Reality Show Retreads.  Same applies to BlogWorld 2000…

Blogging is just expanded commentary that really belongs AS A TINY COMMENT on a news article.  A short letter to the editor.  Most folks can’t keep it up.  It’s like cum:  You’re only born with a quart.

All the warnings of “Americans ARE Selfish” is seen daily in blogs. Endlessly repeating stuff they copied off someone else’s blog. passing it off as their own. Basking in sweet sweet 15 Minute Fame.  It’s putting lipstick on a pig – lipstick, on a corpse.

Piggi, Age 35, Still Prefers His Pre-homogenized

Most foist opinion-bloggery as useful as…the 40,000,000th review on Jack Daniels. Who truly cares what you think about Jack Daniels – or The Latest Outrage! – just drink Jack or read about it FOR YOURSELF instead of being spoonfed ideas from ‘grecycling morons.   The Greatest Country In The World!® already knows Jack.  Pun intended or not.

It’s not that what bloggers write that is wrong – I agree with most of it.   I agreed with it anyway – when Ann Coulter wrote about it before.  It’s how they proceed with “motivating” people that is the utter failure.  They do not understand nor wish to comprehend that motivating people is not the same as cultivating an audience mainly for the selfish motive of popularity –  their real motivator.  Blogging should* be like politics was once envisioned:  A part-time application of community service.  Not a lifetime career.

Besides, bloggery can no longer be a career when people refuse motivation.   More on that, in Part II

When good bloggers leave, they inadvertently leave the field to the ‘grecyclers.   Like dysentery diarrhea, the turds push out and displace the nutrients.  Truly original writers are to be cherished, but in a rapidly stupefying west, they are scribes in post-collapse Rome on the verge of likewise, rapidly departing for mountain monasteries.

*Men’s Rights “Activists” – note proper usage of word “should”

15 Comments to “How Blogging Will Fail: Part I”

  1. I’ve found blogging very rewarding. I have met the best of the white race and its happening faster and faster. The only place they can go is the internetz. I do it to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Some things cannot be written in the MSM. It’s maybe like pamphletting or something. I have no interest in hits, and I just want my people to get off their asses.

    Ah, the draft pile is where I poop out new ideas. I sit on them and see if they are worth anything. Sometimes a beautiful flower can grow from the pile of manure.

  2. Aw, gimme a break. I’m a double agent. I work on the inside, ‘member? Plus, I believe I did try to resign, but *someone* wouldn’t release me from my devil’s bargain. 🙂

    [c’mone girly – u gots it ez. just post legshotz n’ stuff. Where’s your PROMISED essay on The Hegelian Dialectic Transposed by Faulknerian Observations of Early 20th Century Deep-South Rural Life?

  3. What?!?!?! LOL As I Lay Blogging? Alright…there. Happy?

    [your literary references will take us far, far into Yoknapatawpha]

  4. I see old Derailed Mangina is back blogging again:

    ….about Christmas Trees in Brussels. So we can all sleep easy.

    No doubt Hannagain will be round there licking his boots. Until he knocks offf a Carton of Coopers Red and they have a lovers tiff that is. Then Hangoveragain will swear off Mangina’s forever or at least until he sobers up/builds up enough Dutch courage.

    Unscrew, sip, repeat as they say in the classics.

    • He’s been back for a few weeks. More conservativism and moderation. What a joy.

      [ed note: Summer Break or Something More Nefarious? ]

      • Wow, I’ve written so many articles, I can’t recall if I said this before; I do know I planned on elaborating this concept in this article’s Part II: Bloggery is scant reward when the readership refuses motivation. Operating in said state of reader apathy, “The Great Writer” repeats himself repeatedly as if modifying his message is the inherent problem.

        [I wrote of this earlier; the links are now at the end of the article above]

        Good, exceptional minds will simplify concepts for a perceived “dumbed-down” audience. This, is roissy’s strategy. (fwiw, “dumbed-down” is even a dumbed-down, ersatz word for “diminished” or “diminution”).

        Progressively superior minds (and great writers) like Mangan simply become pedantic. Often operating in frustration, they concoct odd concepts like “Belgian Xmas Trees.”

        Crap writers like Piggy simply plod on copying Coulter.

        ALL these writers then keep writing in circles upon discovering their readers remain apathetic and their long efforts failed to achieve their goal.

  5. I’ve done several searches but cannot find the article referenced in Time “God of cricket”. Any ideas as to who it’s about?

    [your relevancy and cogent commentary improves with each post]

    • [your relevancy and cogent commentary improves with each post]

      Was just getting into the spirit of your post, that is, blogging about the irrelevancy of blogging, so I thought I’d chime in with an irrelevant comment. That was your point, wasn’t it? Obviously, you mustn’t have meant it.

      Looks like what really irks you is how irrelevant *you* are, FP.

      I mean, you sure go on about how much you hate other bloggers for not recognising your genius. You even edit and moderate my comments praising your co-bloggers, that’s how deep your narcissism runs.

      [ed note: your NOSD blinds you. it gets worse with you instead of improving: that pattern is troubling and you must solve it to progress.
      Do I hate other bloggers? Yes: Those having influence over large audiences… that they use to sell their latest book, hold Erudite Manganian Discussions on Belgian Xmas Trees and write about how (a shocker!) mad they are as Piggyites at Obama Economic Failure #532. Or, how a divorcee “stole” child custody from Angry Dad with the help of a lady feminist judge – gee whiz. Yes. I HATE bloggers that abuse their opportunity to finally tell truths they complain about being long-suppressed in their daily lives at work etc.]

      Just let Ryu enjoy the popularity he deserves, and let your ego rest for a bit, mate.

      [ed note: ryu is free, as is any writing for Eradica, to mod their own threads.
      the only license i take with your posting is when you go overboard and bombarded Eradica with twenty self-indulgent 70’s Ska/Disco songs from YouTube; I do not need that lengthening threads and making Eradica look silly to readers scrolling for an hour to get to a pertinent comment. Besides, I can only take so many of your Bee Gees vids. I MUCH prefer Kylie Minogue. Although her ass is far tinier than Robin Gibb’s, it has the shape I prefer. But, if you are insinuating I limit praises to my most worthy and loyal writer you are wrong – or drunk. Such blather is best settled over stacks of empties in a free-wheeling pub that welcomes such teasing jests said with a smile, or, if meant as serious insult, would turn a blind-eye as I kick-fucked you in your cunt.
      You fail to grasp I welcome your newfound crushing on ryu’s articles: they’re the only place you make sense anymore. perhaps you see, what I see…and we can work it out from there…]

  6. But wanna comment on few general things, FP is perfect, the articles great and pat hannaggan is a fetid carbunckle on the ass of eradica : D.

    • Looks like what really irks you is how irrelevant *you* are, FP.

      I am as irrelevant as John the Baptist.
      One-hundred Times Square Ball Drops from now…
      Bedraggled survivors will sift through the dusty rubble
      Searching for answers amidst piles of Silica Memory Bubbles
      They will note CRUDD and Spearheadist daily running commentary of Lamenting What Happened and fling these words – and memory – on the fire after reading TWO pages. The first – and the second one repeating the first.

      When they find my words, they will know how and why and carve them on the pyramid walls.

  7. I think we can all agree that the final solution to all this is to ban, indeed to ERADICAte, Hannagan.

  8. “Fellow bloggers are dropping like flies this week!”

    Well hopefully a post about how a man has to kill his dogs and use their legs to make a flagpole cheers you up. Check the drafts, finally finished it. Working on a post about the Devastation of the Indies too. Don’t know when I will have that up. Things were way too busy this week.

    • Looks good DF, keep up the good work.
      You’ve got a way to go to beat pcl and ryu’s draft log.

      CRUDD has an insurmountable way to go before he ever conceives of such anti Daily Outrage!® ideas. The mentality that prevents the rigor mortis forming in “Why Blogging Will Fail” has more to do with cognizance and awareness (wits), than it does wit.

      “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

  9. Sure the manosphere type stuff will fail, it is mainly stupid now.

    [ed note: it is not only the mos. see the SAME principles at work here: search for “why mrm will fail” to put in context. i will write more of it in Part2]

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