Hidden Leaves.com HATES Eradicans!!!

by Firepower

Hidden Leaves.com
Giving Eradicans a bash,
Bravely on its site:
“For those familiar with Firepower, he’s upset with some of us for our lack of racism. Elitism is still an ism.” po.st/B4wexc 17 hours ago

10 Responses to “Hidden Leaves.com HATES Eradicans!!!”

  1. Gentle
    Hidden Leaves
    Isms, are no issue
    Isms, College 101 tiffs
    Tenderly, argued with PC Profs
    Gently –
    Gently sway we arm in arm, humming
    Our Sweet Kumbayas
    Free to defend
    Our workplace

  2. Yes, I know who they are. They practice church-ianity, the new universal christianity. They love the niggers, spics, the butt boys, the feminists. Oh, but not the muslims and they love the jews.

    Whatever. Let the beatings continue until they learn.

    • It’s Spearhead Var. 3.4.b: Blinders fixated solely on ONE Enemy!™ – in this case, wimmin…again.

      While ignoring the Black Mold and colored mobs despoiling That Cool Urban City™ they all live safely 30 miles away from in their suburby shack McMansions. Only venturing out on weekends, to take that surreptitious work date hottie out – for their first KEWL pre-sexual harassment suit nosh at some Urban Hipster Ethiopian restaurant in a dying ‘hood.

      I give Ulysses credit: at least he had the balls to fire a few shots…before he split.

      • I’m a bit confused FP.

        Your NOSD would suggest that they are our allies b/c they are against feminism and other liberal women. Shouldn’t we iunite with them to make a 5 fingered fist of conservatism or something?

        Maybe I’ve misunderstood.

        [ed note: it is more the other way around – and they who should be our allies. for once they Conquer All Women!™ they’ll forget that noisy flanking force of some other Liberal Ally of the Feminists sneaking up behind them from the rear. they’ll need somebody (like The Cavalry) to come to their rescue… it’s just too bad all those other wings/fingers of The United Liberal Party will suppress them long before Their Victory or they ever get their conciliatory guest shot on The View]

      • The Right is (sometimes) united by values. The Left by hatred. Hatred seems to be winning.

        [ednote: this is the lesson History has taught us. If the Liberals are winning – take their strategy and use it to our advantage. I told you the Left was united by Hatred – hatred of white men. It’s why a black activist can find common ground with a feminist who, in turn, marches with the fag – who marches with the illegal mexican and all are given Holy Treatment by their MSM. Look at Obama’s victory rallies; a picture speaks a thousand words]

  3. It’s simply a matter of who sings kumbaya. It’s a diverse chorus and there are many white people who really believe it. The challenges society are facing are a result of beliefs. We cannot purge the beliefs by purging groups based solely on race. The battle is ideological.

    The shot, as you perceived it, was actually a tweet directed at those who may have missed the original post or the link at Mojo’s.

    • Hey, I love a good shot.

      Dr. Eric Stratton said:
      We cannot purge the beliefs by purging groups based solely on race.

      Sure you can: It was done during the US Civil War. That’s how you end dissent. It’s how Emperor worship was eliminated in WW2 Japan; now they worship anime porn. It’s how this land was cleansed of a bunch of Sun-worshiping, Earth Mother clans who now run casinos. It’s how Mullah Mukhtar Omar’s ancestors got rid of all those pesky Byzantine Christians in the entire Holy Land.

      Ideology is not a battle, it is simply the mere Politics of talk. That always comes before bloodshed: Battles are battles.

      Always remember you face more than just one enemy besides the feminists. You can see even now, how the MSM rushes to their aid. Others will spring to life the closer you get to striking. Most MRAs are white males. Even more Liberal Allies hate white males. Guess who they all are? To neglect their existence is dangerous.

    • Damn, dude – don’t disappear. You have a free mic – and a way to promo your site.

      So, answer me this: What makes coloreds so great – what have they done? Why are they touted-up in the MSM?

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