Four MORE Years!

by Firepower

Your Future America

The next time some pundit pontificates about The Outrage!©, decrying “you can’t buy an American election!” – don’t be stupid:  Remember Socialist America’s exchanging UAW Ohio for fat auto company and union worker bailouts.  It was money well spent.   You can buy an American election, in fact, it’s now standard practice.

When you saw Obama win in ’08, you saw a dying America.  His re-election in ’12 signifies its death.  A birth of a socialist, colored, highly liberal a’merexiqa.

This is a tragedy in the purest sense of the traditional Greek meaning:  A loss of direction, of morals, leading to an immutable fate – a concept they called Hamartia…  Not that tradition means a hill of lint anymore.

As america inexorably browns. you’ll see Texas turn blue as illegal mexicans take over the state.  Other states will follow.  With that, you’ll not likely see a white man as President again, unless he’s…

… cast in the mold of Joe Biden or Jerry Brown.   All it takes is a few percentage points of white liberals to join in with the unanimous support of coloreds.

It can all truly be summed up with a few simple excerpts.

All it takes is a few colored counties – and any liberal will win.  According to the hyper-elite Economist:

Pew’s Hispanic Centre has dissected the changing face of the electorate. In 1988, whites made up 84.9% of voters; by 2008 that share had dropped to 76.3%. The share of black voters, meanwhile, rose from 9.8% to 12.1%, Hispanics from 3.6% to 7.4% and Asians from unlisted to 2.5%.

The broader trend in population is quite similar: the share of whites is declining as the percentage of blacks, Hispanics and Asians has been rising (see here and here).  Here’s a paper from Pew forecasting that by 2050 Hispanics will comprise nearly one-third of the populace, Asians nearly one-tenth and whites less than half.

From CNN

President Barack Obama rode a wave of broad support from minorities, women and moderates to win re-election…

Obama received strong support, as expected, from women voters as well as overwhelming support from African-Americans and strong backing from Hispanic voters…

Romney had an advantage among white men while Obama had the edge with white women, and Obama receiving overwhelming support among minorities.

And the topper – Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Reelection From Mayo Clinic

Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election to Illinois’ 2nd Congressional district by a landslide Tuesday

Jackson Jr. disappeared from the public before the primary,  in early June when he left for a treatment center in Arizona. He later moved on to Mayo where he was diagnosed with bipolar depression and gastrointestinal issues.

Between June and November, nary a constituent saw their Congressman — not working, not campaigning, not fundraising —  because he avoided press and voter alike.  Jackson, the junior, won.

Obama will make it hard on America.  He will punish us.  He will seek that most twisted end of what passes for black male honor:  Payback.

This sinks in hard as I write this…my TV droning out the Liberal Fascist cheers rising up to their non-heaven, at the celebratory rally for their demagogue…


35 Comments to “Four MORE Years!”

  1. That’s the way America ends: not with a bang but with a nigger.

  2. It’s fine. Nothing in the blogosphere but this junk today.

    From now on, I don’t want to hear any begging, crying or whimpering for whites who get beaten down, shot, raped or whatever in the United States. The whites who really want to live must harden up, or they can get in the multicultural mosh pit with the niggers.

    I’m kicking all traitors out of the white race. Maybe WNs have been thinking wrong the whole time. We need to be for the extermination of whites. Anyone who is weak enough to submit deserves their fate. I’m definitely done compromising with people who won’t even PT, study or train.

    • Realize it was a 50/50 election. It’s not as though we were vastly outnumbered and defeated.

      The identity and ideology is still strong. Maybe stronger: Obama got less percentage than ’08. The Enemy lives not in entire States – but those tiny blue counties on the election map. It’s a bullseye on the target of a once hidden pillbox – a strongpoint.

      If you look at liberal California, you see even there, outlying counties not addicted to Frisco Faggotry went Romney.

      All that blogosphere rage you see is futile howling – but necessary. Like extracting a bullet.

      • I didn’t hear how close it was till after I posted this morning. I feel bolstered by the fact that the numbers gave a good showing.

  3. Oh, what a shame.

    Mitt “the man with a typically stupid Yank name” Romney, the man who made his wealth outsourcing White American jobs overseas, collapsing White American companies, who wanted to start yet another Mid-East war, this time with Iran, who was going to do nothing whatsoever about immigration, was probably even going to propose amnesty, was beaten by a half-coon Muslim promising free gifts to all.

    Again, oh, what a shame.

    Nothing’s changed, and nothing would have changed.

    It’s not “Liberal Fascists” causing you problems, it’s your own inability to be a fascist that is giving you constant grief.

    The solution: dig in for the long haul, train up our young White children to form a hardened core of true fascists. You don’t need the majority, the majority will come with you, once they learn to fear, respect and appreciate what the tougher minority brings them.

    • *sigh…*

      If you presume celebrating Mitt’s defeat as fitting because he’s 100% Pure Boho Grove A-hole…you’re biting off your nose to spite your face.

      Let go of the final NSOD my brother. Already beat ya to the punch yesterday before The Election on “Romney Problems

      Must I explain the diff between Liberal Fascism and your happy-hopey-changey fascism? OK: it’s like the diff between Russian Communism and Chinese Communsism. Or, Italian Fascism and German Fascism.

      I will write a piece explaining it for das goos-schteppen, to make you Love Me Once Again.

    • Hey! Pat gets it. The democratic approach is over with. The Amuricans voted themselves into this mess. Educate them? That might have worked decades ago. Time runs short. It takes 2-3 years to become a WN in my experience, with those willing to learn. Those unwilling almost never learn.

      Whites will learn that they have no protection, except for the from WNs and what we can do for them. In a way, its like prison, where whites either join up or die. WNs will be the gang leaders. IWN is going to be like a sacred priesthood. Fire consumes weaker elements but hardens the pure element.

  4. This is ALL SO TOTALLY WRONG and messed up I just WANT TO SCREAM…..I have screamed about it. all that mess obama made – the unemployment the defecit clock. UNREAL!

  5. “Remember Socialist America’s exchanging UAW Ohio for fat auto company and union worker bailouts. It was money well spent. You can buy an American election, in fact, it’s now standard practice.”

    Exactly, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Whites, of all classes, will unite with sub-caucasians against their fellow Whites if you offer them a handout. It is the lesson of this election. Of course the Left will try and turn this into a ‘teaching moment’ about how the Republican party needs to ‘appeal to minorities’ by turning themselves into the Democrats B Team (a process which already is happening) but your point is the real lesson I took from it all.

    Whites will now get exactly what they fucking deserve. There is no point fighting for these people. They are fucking scum. All of them.

    [ednote: i agree. no sarc – I have reached enlightenment via an epiphany regarding an old maxim: People get the government they deserve. Here’s an interesting take on it a day later, from the Washington Times – a site I have in my links: Obama victory means four more years with no hope of change]

    • Well, there is little point fighting for most of them – especially since they will not fight for themselves. But my intention is not to save the entire race, just the worthy. As long as we can find a piece of land of our, on this planet or another, and a few million real whites, I’ll be happy.

  6. I saw something that would interest you Firepower on ABC TV yesterday. An Australian journo was attending a Union meeting in one of those auto bail-out states.

    A Democrat candidate gets up to speak to the audience who seemed to consist of lower-middle class whites. He goes “we need to protect our industries” crowd cheers, fair enough I thought. “We need to support the president” same again. Then he (a white guy) starts getting into “we need to support women rights” i’m thinking good luck with that witht his crowd, but no, crowd cheers even louder. “We need to support minorities” another cheer ,and on and on it went.

    So you had all these whites cheering for items that were basically check points off the cultural marxist grievance list. Really the only thing in their interest was The Bribe.

    • Once, lower class/working class Whites struggled against negroes in the era of Race Riots. This was due to economic competition for working class jobs. Whites feared negroes would undercut their wages.

      One of Liberalism’s greatest triumphs (in a battery of many) was changing that white union idiot to speak, think – and believe – the words you recalled.

      Much of the justifiable anger we feel is blunted by the discord of confusion we bring to battle against our One True Enemy who is totally unified. While we, splinter ourselves into groups that wear blinders of exclusivity of pro-White, pro-male or anti-black, anti-jew and anti-femenist etc.

      When the truth is, ALL Liberalism is our enemy.

      • Well, maybe we can use that.

        There’s only so much slop in the trough. Today we sometimes see the negros fighting the gays and the femininists for particular goodies. This will increase as everyone learns that the depression is permenant.

        Their enemy is gone. The white man’s age is over with. Who will be their enemy now? There is no meaningful resistance to leftism.

      • After the fall, connected whites will flee to high-rise luxury fortresses, leaving the black and mexican to fight over “turf” to keep them occupied instead of harassing elites. Lower class whites will flee to rural areas and produce the supply of food. For without food, the coloreds will truly revolt en masse.

        Whites left stranded in No Man’s Land die – and no group will care – just like in today’s black on white meh flashmob beatdown era.

        The prison comparison is good. The black and mexican control the prime economies inside, with whites relegated to second-tier products. It’s actually safer to be white and in prison than walk the streets of any urban city controlled by a colored gang. How many “dead AN members” do you hear celebrated in the msm. “Prison Justice” makes for great TV, but fabricating a gory death just for the news is unlikely, thus making fantasies easily detected. They are, in reality, infrequent.

        Outside it will compare to prison: It will be racial gang warfare between coloreds fighting over the pie, with outnumbered whites segregated in protective custodies – if their skills warrant so.

        The guards/prison staff will be played by US military/police and government bureaucrats.

        …unless we could co-opt and organize our own Golden Dawn-type structure.

      • Greg Johnson:

        “There are votes to be had by appealing to white working class voters, and Sailer is right that the Republicans would have a secure lock on power if they would just appeal to that constituency. But they will not, because they are internally policed by people who would rather see the party destroyed and the country ruined than see white interests legitimated as a political issue.”

        You see with these alt-Right types that it is always ‘TEH ELITES!’ fault. No mention of lower to lower-middle class white scum joining the coloured hordes to help rob their fellow white man, which is the only way to ‘appeal’ to them.

        41% of whites voted for Obama. An unholy alliance of the chattering classes and the scum squeezing the shit out of the middle class.

        Let the manufacturing jobs die out so these fuckers can either find a real job in a modern economy or starve to death. See if I fucking care.

      • Had I not seen the name, I would yet disagree with the Johnson statement – in totality. Since I view sailer as a intelligent, but burdened by that eternal curse of the intelligent: Unoriginal thought and reflexive adherence to standard concepts. His innovative days are behind him, so he relies solely upon the innovative ideas that once made him original.

        I have my Anti-NOSD Shield on here to keep me sincere. Not to make me look grand (which, I am) but to provide a true lesson for insight that I hope helps us.

        Sailer is like a renowned swordmaker famous for his superb steel as well as his craft. However, the swordmaker finds himself now in the strange, new emergence of gunpowder and truly believes crafting superior swords effectively combats an arquebus – or wheel lock. He is correct in his knowledge of steel, but not in its application; instead of swords, the ore should be applied to barrels. The master is right on one half of the matter, but woefully misguided on the other.

        Thus, while it is correct that “there are votes to be had by appealing to white working class voters.” It is only half-correct that “Republicans would have a secure lock on power if they would just appeal to that constituency.” This is half-foolishness: Many of those “working class” votes are union votes.

        The fully incorrect culminates in the dangerously misleading belief that “Republicans are internally policed by people who would rather see the country ruined than see white interests legitimated.” That’s crazy paranoid speculation on par with the black believing “The Man” created crack and AIDS to destroy The Brothers.

        To be right on the premise/thesis, half-right on the synthesis and all wrong on the conclusion is to be a swordmaker shot in the head by a musketball.

        There is no RepuliPolezei preferring to see their own destruction. No one operates in political life to seek their own destruction and to believe so is nonsense. I like that Sailer attracts new recruits, but viewing every current situation through the lens of “Ronald Reagan vs. The Infernal Sabouteurs!©” is pure comic book logic and discouraging to prospects once they think through the questionable logic.

        Easy conspiracists want easy answers. There is no anti-white cadre. There doesn’t have to be – tons of whites are liberals who happily elected Obama as evidenced by Pat’s chart.

      • What do you think of the ‘Sailer Strategy’:

        a) path to reestablishing national glory
        b) steaming illogical piece of shit


        He seems to want to go after working class whites for the republican vote. The union types who took the auto bribe. My bet is those idiots stick with the bribe. They’d sonner take that over an argument that mass-immigration is not in their best interests.

      • I don’t read Sailer, but once did intermittently, so I understand your point.

        He isn’t a POS because he is on our side. I want to internalize (and utilize to our advantage) the NOSD concept. A major symptom of what I described earlier to you is Sailer’s repetitiveness; the “every problem looks like a nail when all you have is a hammer” type intellectualism. Ryu describes SBPDL similarly on a concurrent thread.

        In Sailer’s case, this transpired because he has said the same things over and over. When people don’t listen to you, that’s what happens. It’s not just deafness – but the ACTUAL problem is people don’t do anything. So, Sailer feels compelled to repeat the lesson – then shout it – like a frustrated Inner City schoolteacher trying to “reach” his disinterested students.

        A problem I do have with him is his refusal to acknowledge this inaction. He does not wish to “offend” his readership and alienate them. He keeps shouting from his soapbox hoping he will find that Perfect Open Sesame Phrase to awaken the Sleeping Princesses. He continually plugs away…strictly because I believe he loves his renown. If people won’t listen, it’s not the messengers fault, but if the messenger keeps disseminating to idiots, he obviously values the idiots’ attention.

        This is the true reason I ridicule piggy, ferdi and mangy. I’ve been harsh (and humorous) in my attacks. They are all Frustrated Krauthammers because they don’t get paid nor get fame. They are good writers who deserved it – but it ain’t gonna happen in Blog Era. If you can’t be a famous millionaire writer because there are suddenly millions of writers you have to advance the species you are. Famous writers can’t discuss Jews or coloreds or tell The Real Truth; they are hamstrung and muzzled by their addiction to fame and wealth. If a blogger can’t call a Spade a Colored – why bother? That is our true weapon. I want them all to name The Beast. Those who don’t are cowards and thus, useless to our cause. When we all get together and shout to Our Side the manifest truths I founded Eradica upon – that will be a transformation to our next step. That will be an advance.

        This has gone on too long – I’ll consolidate this into an article, as I always intended.

        In summation, Sailer and the others are worn out from repeating the same message. Their fault lies in not recognizing that.

        In viewing the white workers as a path to reestablishing national glory, that is difficult now. The Establishment learned its lesson from pre-nazi Germany and pre-revolution Russia. Instead of beating those workers, they bribe them with auto worker bailouts. As long as that maintains, there is no chance for change. When the money runs out – there’s the opportunity.

      • ‘They are all Frustrated Krauthammers because they don’t get paid nor get fame.’

        That about sums them up, and of course the reason their genius isn’t recognised is ‘the system’.

        I know that you are a broad church coalition against the Left type. Laguna Beach Fogey too has lamented the inability of the alt-Right factions to unite. Yet I cant help but notice that, well, the rest of them don’t really like us chaps who want to get our finger nails dirty. Ultra-Nationalists really seem to be reviled by the other factions.

        I’m not sure if this is status building bs, ‘chuck ’em under the bus so we don’t seem so crazy’. I am reasonably sure that if the Nationalists took power they would quickly change their tune. But I can’t help but notice their disgust. Fuck them.

  7. You think JJ jr is bad, check out
    Detroiters Elect 8 TIME Ex-Con Brian Banks As State Rep

    I dont know WHICH is worse,but both together are insane.

  8. Taylor really nails it with this video:

  9. We have two major parties. Both are led by a particular type of white male LIBERAL. But only one party has at least a superficial division of power amongst whites and non-whites. This is a party where white male liberals can really lose out and be relegated to the margins of the party. The other party only has division amongst “live” corporate entities. The battle within the party is entirely amongst white men wielding abstract creations called corporations within the “market.” Whereas the whites in the Democratic party utilize the “liberation” of their minority members to maximize their own autonomy, the whites in the Republican party use the “liberated” corporate entity to maximize their own autonomy. Checkers. Chess. Obviously, young white males have these two paths at their disposal and the choice is largely a function of intelligence and the fear or no fear of God.

    For the white Supremacist, neither path is complete. In one party, we see an expediency bound to disintegrate over time and in the other we see a manipulation of reality that seems to make value out of nothing.

    Nonetheless, the direction of America is still firmly in the many hands of the sharply divided “white man.”

  10. Exit poll results:

    White 59% Romney
    Black 93% Obama
    Asian 73% Obama
    Latino 71% Obama
    Jews 69% Obama

    (New York Times and Washington Post:

  11. the problem of america is
    you still believe you have the choice outside of blowing up pentagon (heloo cya!)
    romney = obama there’s nop difference
    2 statists etatists, socialists/communists/fascists,
    u think i’m kidding?
    study political doctrines, THEY’RE THE SAME

    of course coloreds hail obama, the bananas are on the freefall, free for all, that’s how they roll,
    pay the toll or growl, dis ain’t a troll, i’m on the prowl
    cuz I READ BOOKZ, to let’ya all frowl

  12. Yes M… All things being equal. BO, a radical “black” autonomist through identity crisis. Romney, a radical “white” autonomist through Mormonism and corporatism. All things being equal, the deracinated, effeminate, dispirited and homosexualized “white” liberal male will choose radical “black” autonomist via identity crisis and have his revenge on those “white boys” that can self-actualize AND stay there.

    BO won and Romney lost because the former’s TOTAL alienation speaks to the “white” male liberal and the latter’s real, tangible and unabashed “freedom” to live wealthy and powerful reeks of “white supremacy.”

    “White” male liberals hate “white Supremacy” with a greater intensity than is to be found in any colored folk.

  13. This is the fitting weblog for anybody who desires to find out about this stuff. You notice so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would need…HaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a topic thats been *greasecycled* for years. Great stuff, fp,simply great!

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