What If? Romney Problems

by Firepower

We  Liberals!

The leftist media – as exposed in 2008’s Obamalections – are vicious partisans and unrepentant propagandists clearly, repeatedly abrogating their 1st Amendment duties.  They love Him.  He… is their First Love.  They will always love Him: Will ∞ ♥  HIM! TLA!!!

If they loved Him as a candidate, love and revere Him as President – they will avenge Him daily in defeat.  He is the one thing superior to even a Sacred Cow:  He is a Sacred Black Cow with all that entails.  The msm will not stop for one second during Romney’s term to nitpick every fault – even the small.  Remember the days when the msm rabidly mocked Bushie’s bungled speeches, vacant glassy stare and mangled phraseology.

Obama is The Messiah.  If buried, he will be The Christ.  Celebrated first by Organized Religion, then by Crusade.  The msm has equal forces (thus many allies) in an electorate split nearly 50/50.  The Daily Show! gains new, dimmer audiences of Outraged Brandons ‘N Britnees seeking revenge.  ACORN-type colored militant groups get fresh troops eager for a fight.   All liberal groups – and especially, nutty militant ones – get more recruits.  A Romney Presidency will unite the Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism like no previous ……election event; Bushie’s succession after St. Xlinton and the resulting liberal msm attacks on Junior give you an inkling how those former days foretell the opening shots of a greater, more terrible battle yet to come.

This is great fodder for MSNBC and FOX – who’ll defend Romney and bash CNN daily; they get paid for that.  The Daily Outrage!® will flourish.  Bloggers everywhere will rejoice over new grist for the new mill, except one:  Me.  Such rancor between two equally numerous, opposing camps foretells major problems for the national separation it highlights and exacerbates daily.   That daily war will take a great toll on a nation already split and weakened by coloreds, welfare and Pelosian Craziness.  Such destructive antics play out in Congress; nothing is repaired (amidst the squabbling) or fixes dire problems of deficit, funding Social Security and battling Red China.

Not Quite South Park

In short:  Things Remain the Same.  That means no improvement – and in a nation in such trouble, “no improvement” is almost as dire as actual harm.  But, that stalemate is a massive problem for Romneyites promising jobs Jobs JOBS!  Obama conjured the same empty promises – but when it’s a wealthy, pearl-toothed Fortunate Son, the msm smells fresh blood.   It’s not a fragmenting of America – that happened long ago.  This, is a split that unites separate camps, but this time it is unification of The Left in the way The Right was unified by Obama.

13 Comments to “What If? Romney Problems”

  1. Ballot cast! What’s the prognosis? Co-worker made a funny quip this afternoon. Said if the Democrats had an early lead that might start to change when the Republicans get off of work. lol

    [ednote: no matter who wins, it’s a toss-up. we know the Obamabad. if romney, he may get a pick for the SC…while disappointing conservatives in every other action]

  2. That is an interesting prophesy. I believe you are right, and Obama will be lionized if he is beaten. I’m sure he’ll command quite a price on the college talk circuit.

  3. Maybe Obama will be relieved if he is beaten.

    @Cam: Should be! For those of us alone on election night grading essays into the wee hours, or is that only me? lol

  4. Obama’s already won his victory.
    He will forever say he was “The First Oppressed-Kenyan/African-Multi-Hyphenated-ameriquan President in da hizzay.”

    Analogy: No matter how dearly a husband loves his wife – she could even be Candace Bailey or Olivia Wilde – nothing undoes or unfucks the memory if she’s given it up to a buck.

    The best My Minions could do would be to deface each sacred image of His, like Egyptians did to fungible pharaohs.

    • I do like an election. It reduces things to simple red team vs. blue team and brings out the tribalist in me. Plenty of time to shit can conservatives later. Still, ‘our’ side looks like it will lose.

  5. “in da hizzay”? LOL

    EW! Please tell me that’s Halloween makeup and not an actual person.

    Alright, the wee hour of nine approacheth. Must get my beauty rest. “After all… tomorrow is another day.”

    [ednote: that’s pat’s mother – and wife, Blanche]

  6. Why are your slaves so fat? You’d think with all that dancing they do they’d be quite slim. You lot need to cut their rations.

    • Those slaves…
      took over The Plantation long ago.
      THEY run it. In fact, it is they who are the masters and us/you the slaves.

      Modifying your perception of being the in-group in control – to that of the out-group – is important: The in-group in control perceives all it must do to reassert power is make an organized, formal show of power. The reality is you must become an insurgent who WINS against such an organization with the actual control.

      Our American Revolutionaries and Founding Fathers must have underwent a similarly conflicted response as they transformed their view of themselves from British to American.

      There is no power to reassert or reestablish. It must be totally created, now. Not recreated. Not reestablished – established.

  7. Damn. Too little too late. We can’t even elect our own president anymore. Hopefully Romney will be up for it again a third time. If nothing else, he at least spoke for us and maybe we’ll get our act together next time.

    [ednote: now you know how it feels to be a Confederate. YOU did all YOU could do, yet still lost; it’s none of our fault. It’s not that there’s too many coloreds – but white liberals who join and vote for them inside that plush cushion of safety… of NEVER having to live near them.]

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