The Most Valuable WN Ability

by Ryu

This is going to be a short article.  I am losing my taste for both reading and writing long articles.  What do you suppose the most valuable ability is?  Making money?  Shooting?  Inside information?

The most valuable WN skill, the one that would change everything, is the ability to know a man’s mind.  To spot infiltrators with accuracy.

There was a recent article in the SP community on the 20 million American hunters.  The point was, they are impotent because they are unorganized.    Our current lack of organization is our greatest stumbling point.  Leaderless resistance turns into excuses to not train and not act.

It is possible to do and all the tools are online, free for the taking.  In particular, PU and its emphasis on body language would be very useful for us.   Women would be especially good at this, as they have been trained nearly from birth in the art of people reading.

If only a few were able to master this ability, the remainder could get on with the real business of WN.  If you’re wondering what you can do, this is it and the need is pressing.


4 Comments to “The Most Valuable WN Ability”

  1. Clubbability. (Or, sociability). And by extension, networking.

    The lack of which explains the relative cultural and political impotence of North American European populations as a group.

    When I am asked to meet (i.e., vet) a potential recruit the most important consideration I give thought to is: “Is he or she *clubbable*?”

    These are, IMO, the most valuable Alt-Right-Nationalist abilities to be developed.

    Most thinkers and activists we’re aware of are stuck in their own specialised niche. They are hedgehogs (to use Isaiah Berlin’s terms), not foxes. We need more foxes.

    But there is failure.There is an absolute inability on our part to synthesise these various InterWebz elements (e.g. Manosphere, Alt-Right, HBDers, survivalists, Style/Lifestyle blogosphere, paleocons, Christian cons, PUAs, Traditionalists, MRAs, neo-fascists, etc.) into a coherent One palatable to the sort of people that should comprise a new elite.

    • Laguna said” There is an absolute inability on our part to synthesise these various InterWebz elements (e.g. Manosphere, Alt-Right, HBDers, survivalists, Style/Lifestyle blogosphere, paleocons, Christian cons, PUAs, Traditionalists, MRAs, neo-fascists, etc.) into a coherent One palatable to the sort of people that should comprise a new elite.”

      I’m beginning to think that it is the race long and driven idea of white society. The inability of the white race to conform and protect their own existence as a race is the entire history of the white race. We always fight each other, whether it is tribal based, or nation-state based, religion based, or political ideology based. White people find ways to divide their people. And after that, we are amazingly good at killing each other. The 20th Century may be the death of the white race. Across the nations and wars, we killed millions of our own people over petty differences. Imagine a world where there were 200 million more white people (and probably more, if we were not so intent on killing ourselves). Sure, other races kill themselves – but, they do not hold themselves to the same standards. China has a forced abortion and one-child policy, Africa (as a continent) just rapes and kills those that are poor and un-powerful, but they have no problem procreating.

      White people decide to kill themselves! It is the most savage and ridiculous notion for a race. White people celebrate the right of abortion. Let’s murder our progeny! That won’t affect anything! While it is not as abundant right now, whites choose to war with each other – Cold War, WW2, WW1, and every single conflict in European history. The American Civil War may be the greatest tragedy. How many freedom loving whites died in a war that was all about politics? I know coloreds rape and kill, but white people kill themselves far too easily. Why do we do this? For all the HBD talk, and the WN talk, white people have killed more white people than any other race. It is what we are best at!

      That is a huge problem! We are the minority in the world. And our answer is to kill ourselves. Some segments of white society think it would be better if we did not exist. The openly call for our destruction. Looking at history, they are more right than wrong. We kill each other, and the other races wait patiently.

  2. If you’re wondering: don’t I also recognize that the Obama forces have used deceptive, depraved and untrue claims in their attempt to stain Romney before his own message gets through? Yes. I do. These stand out: Romney didn’t say he likes firing people in the way some Democrats and TV personalities have suggested, so that counts as a kind of extended lie. The Priorities USA ad that suggested (without quite saying it) that Bain Capital was somehow responsible for the death of a steelworker’s wife: that goes in the depraved category, I think. When the White House claimed it knew nothing about the case that was clearly untrue– pathetic, really. The refusal to condemn the ad was a black mark, as well. Obama ads calling Romney “outsourcer in chief” were over the top and relied on false or overblown claims .

  3. There will be no success of synthesizing various InterWebz elements such as the manosphere or mrm et al. Not for decades and likely, not even then.

    Those various groups actually depend upon avoiding harsh actions. That is the New American Way. The Way of The Etruscan. That explains why millions of americans on a Mountain of Guns with terrabytes of internet power can’t change policy as well as a few illiterate muzz pin-pullers.

    Not only are loyalty checks invaluable, it is equally desirous to also eliminate cannibalization of the virtuous with the NOSD Circular Firing Squad.

    Liberals unite their fingers of Feminism, Colored Civil Rights and the media based on ONE principle: Whom they HATE. They are united by their hatred of one common enemy – white males.

    The efficient way for us to emulate that strategic genius is to simply unite our disparate grievance forces the way Liberals do – by defining OUR Common Enemy. MRAs hate feminists. WN’s hate blacks and jews, etc. The common hatred is Liberals. The liberals who champion pro-black, pro-mex, pro-gay agendas.

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