Why I Am NOT an “MRA*”

by Firepower

To Fireypower, Luv, Grizz!

All this mincing venom (from an MRM* thread bashing PUAs, no less) about:

“There Is No Subsitute [sic] For Results!”

Bad Nooz MurM: When you inadvertently write your own epitaph, you are cliche. 

NO ONE has whined more, screamed more and shook their collective fists MORE than mras and not only produced less results – but NO results.

If that alone wasn’t so sad, I’d think omega’s site a somber parody.  Well, just look who’s talking about results:  The MRM.  Even Pussy Riot got more results in 10 months than in an MRM Decade.  (In dog’s years, isn’t that like a millenia?  In MRA¹ years, it’s like yesterday, bro.)

When you are challenged with allegations, you win by countering the allegations with…… fact.

“This is what we have done.  We have done A, B, C and are working on D.  That’s why you are wrong.  Come, join us and help on D.”

Not “your teeny spermshooter ain’t hard enough to fuck babies into a girlwomby!!!”

It’s why MRM has lost and will continue to lose.

Grizzly Says:

BlackPill, Firepower is a troll who seems to be racked with self-hate and impotence issues in his real life.

Thanks for the erectile analysis and concern over my tumescence.  Coming from a guy whose name is queerly reminiscent of that Village People Leather Daddy Guy, I’m surprised you had time in between nipple stretching workouts.  Yikes. See if Jack Donovan will take your call.  Again, thanks for involving yourself in my sperm count –

So he creates this super sarcastic annoying troll persona where all he does is project his own feelings of impotence on others in order to keep from feeling his own self-hate.

– oh, and repetition of same always helps get my sack-wrigglers out the gate…

So he just goes from blog to blog pointing out how useless they are in the struggle, even though he doesn’t do anything better himself. Check his blog, it’s pure garbage. Roissy sphere blogs are useless but Firepower is even more useless.

erm…you are useless.  Your “movement” is the epitome of uselessness:  A movement that doesn’t move.  That’s just obvious fact.  My turdcutter shoots out more movements.  Male potency is not determined how hard you trick yourself into banging your nagging, fat wife who makes you do the cooking.

Proving it wrong is logically simple, if you can list mrm accomplishments.  But talking about weeners & psychobabble is manboobz-territory dreck hypocritically used by an ostensible manboobz-hater.  Damn.  I must’ve publicly stomped on Grizzly pretty hard at roissyville.  I honestly cannot remember his specific name; I stomped on so many there.

Simply fix your problem and advance.  It’s always amused me why people get more angry at The Truth in public than they do with their nightly box of Kleenex and hand lotion.  Truth is, after all – Fact.   It doesn’t change because 1,000,000x more people witness it.  If a tree falls in a forest and nobody…”

I never knew I was part of The Sphere.  I’m kind of proud of being in a Sci-Fi non-entity kinda nebulous thingy.  Roissy ain’t even on my blogroll.  A Tempest in a Teapot… Because, for all that “popularity” he’s impotent; he nobly plods on writing the same old repetitive stuff – now, for new readers replacing people like me who’ve left and those that went yet before.   It’s not roissy’s fault that nothing gets through the thick skulls of “activists” just as it’s not Price’s fault at The Spearhead.  Think of them as professors still handing out the same PHI 100 syllabus to different students 100 years after you’ve graduated.  Get it?

Roosh n’ Roissy weren’t useless.  They were/are in reality, the most useful of their type, so therein proves the lie of mopey grizz-screeches about uselessness.  In Online World, the screeds of the fat and lonely haters are falsely given the same credence as the orphan’s.   This is another Fatal Flaw of the internet:  Give fat feminists a hanky and they blubber more.  Give homos a soapbox and you soon get San Francisco naked weener-sex parades.  Give a shut-in fatty-fat-fattie an internet and he’s Stalin – because Game doesn’t work for fattys.  Jeezus, go fuck Kelly Clarkston, hell, I’d do her wtf.

It boils it all down to why I’m not an mra:

  • I’m not married so,
  • I don’t have kids so…
  • I don’t pay alimony or child support so,
  • mras that do the above disgust me so…
  • MURMZ hate me for not suffering like they do.

Misery Loves Company is Chick Game and thus, repulsive when displayed by a male.  Not a Man, mind you – but a mere male.  It’s The Narcissism of Small Differences writ small for PUA and mrm.  Reddit Wars!  Twitter…warz. FartWARS.

Echo Chamber of Faggots:

I can’t and won’t ally myself with cowards.  A man who jumps in a foxhole with a coward is a fool.

The Sissy Factor is just so… icky.  I can’t imagine Steve McQueen doing such a thing – and he even had a sissy last name.  If Steve wouldn’t do it, by golly I won’t!  WWSMD?  And that omegainrevolt name is self-deprecating to the point of abasement.  Would YOU Storm the Bastille or Omaha Beach with some guy having the equivalent name of sissyrevolutionary?  Bleah.

It’s a Faggot Echo Chamber.  There’s no effort to show their cause, spread theor gospel or win converts, it simply exists to giggle at roisshy’s carrot.  They don’t even have balls to state their case outside of their ECoF.  There’s your proofs.

MRM will Fail.  Yes, Firepower did “point out how useless mras are in the struggle, even though he doesn’t do anything better himselfbecause I don’t suffer those maladies and hence don’t give a shit.  I don’t give a shit about Fat Acceptance, Colored Civil Rights or Gay Rights, either.  “Activists” who take no action are ridiculous.  Ostrich Activists who then flame me for pointing out their impotence are despicable – especially after I instructed them how to instill respect in their enemies.

If child custody of Myyy-ee Preshuss Children!© and all those lost Alimony-ALIBUCKS can’t get you off your own ass…

Better to die on your feet than on your knees, like a slave.

They’ll be whining about the same issues in 2022. 😥

*men’s rights movement
¹men’s rights activist
²read the fucking glossary you lazy lump of shit

20 Responses to “Why I Am NOT an “MRA*””

  1. LOL stop picking on them they’re fags

    [so, all of your male bffs are fags]

  2. LOL. What were you doing at Roissy’s, did you forget your coat or something?

    Once you’ve heard and understood the message, move on! That’s why I refuse to churn out news and jew articles endlessly. I can understand sites where the owner makes some cashola by writing PUA books like Rooshy, how he can’t change his tune. But it makes me very unhappy to see in non-monetized sites.

    [haven’t been to rosy’s since my absence, neither The FearHead, nor roooosh’s. a little birdy told me there was another Sleeper Whining Cell to be mopped-up so I figured they wouldn’t come out and fight…like men. I was right. it is the duty of a Man to confront the sickening infectiousness of male group weakness. it is a Man’s duty to shoot a lame horse.]

  3. The end realisation to all this is that there are very few White’s left who are worth saving.

    However as Houellebecq notes in Platform, vengeance can be a form of sustenance.

    • It matters not to whom we attribute general concepts – for that’s all been said before. I want you to understand that.
      The character of Quintus Arrius actually said it long before in Ben-Hur, so the Civil War General who authored the novel (predating the 1959 movie by 80 years) likely took that idea from someone else – perhaps even, the Old Testament.

      Copying specific concepts such as a huckster naming a new P90x rowing workout (or snooty blogbook) the “Quintus Arrius Rowing Party!” is cheaply easy – and dishonest.

      What IS important is the concept you contributed. You are correct: Hate can keep one sustained. It appears that alone must solely nourish the falling White Western World. It’s done little else.

      “Hate Keeps A Man Alive, Number 41”

  4. I wouldn’t consider anybody useless except the whiners. The MRM needs women too, but they foolishly reject them on principle. There are different levels to this sphere and some just don’t take the step to the next or the next level. They are so grateful to have arrived, so to speak, they feel no need to progress. Its not enough to be “in the know.” It only truly affects one’s life to act on that knowledge and use it to one’s betterment as an individual and, on a larger scale, as a society. Complaining and anger are low rungs on the ladder. I’d like to see people keep climing: I, for one, want to know what’s up there.

  5. Return of Kings is really good at throttling their articles to give us just a frisson of subversion without crossing any lines.

    • Food for thought:
      Why PUA Has Failed: Fallen Idols http://wp.me/p2kmGE-23T
      Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging http://wp.me/p2kmGE-iu

    • They think they’re playing it safe. They aren’t.

      The stakes are always going up. There is no going back to earlier ideas or earlier times. Either one grows or dies.

      ROK doesn’t push the envelope. A writer needs balls too. Any racist could go on ROK and set that place on fire without even trying. They will ALWAYS be behind us. Just as the MRM and PUAs are.

      • Ryu said;
        Any racist could go on ROK and set that place on fire without even trying. They will ALWAYS be behind us. Just as the MRM and PUAs are.

        He who has a brain “should*” be able to figure out WHY we are on Eradica – after a mere TWO of us were censored by Grecyclers – while One Thousand ROKeez are fully allowed to post here and try to bash us. One thousand mewling PUAginas are no match for two Eradicans.

        It’s the same reason why Manboobians self-terminated themselves here on Eradica.

        ROKians are purely interested in hearing themselves talk/write-talk-scribble-talkX2 ad nauseum until they grow gray and impotent. Grecyclers are not interested in growth; only whining.

        Same with Spoor-Head.

      • I think Lenin or Hitler said “We have four dedicated members? Well! We are ready to begin the revolution!”

        The Americans built up their system without having any resistence, so the structure is weak. A strong breeze might bring the whole thing down.

        One has to know what he wants, and to be clear about it. I don’t think the Americans are clear about who they are and what they actually want. I feel alot of fear and hesitation from them.

      • Murkans are the living proof that dumb and fat does not a revolution make.
        Only suffering and hunger bring change to a stupid and degraded folk.

        THAT IS WHY the LN keep the MurkanMoron Class sated with pizza and niggaball.

      • These various movements are ephemeral distractions meant to fill the void of identity crisis.

        WHY call one’s self a “racist” WHEN it merely defines one’s self in the submissively liberal manner of likes and hates. “Racist” is a label of preferences while white Supremacist is your way of being. The enemy IS ATTACKING YOUR WAY OF BEING while using the passive language of “racist” versus the more aggressive and EXACTING language of white Supremacist.

        In short, the subtle acquiescing in your language IS a submission to the enemy.

        So the thread that runs through all these new “right” movements is to ACCEPT the passive assault while covertly acquiescing in collusion with liberals TO REMAIN anti-white Supremacists.

        “White” race-real anti-white Supremacists = Radical autonomy.

        [ed note: simpler put: “racist” is a negative statement, while Supremacist is positive. For instance:instead of saying/writing “don’t be stupid” shitcan the don’t and just say: BE Intelligent.]

      • FP: Or in NYC, where upper middle class Whites, with no meaningful goals in life, other than to eat, sleep and fuck in the name of status.

      • If you think deeper, Murka is just one big amusement junk park.

      • Dear Editor,

        Yes… That is as well… But, “we” are speaking of a passive liberal attack that is met with indifference and/or mocking acceptance NEITHER OF WHICH is ACTUALLY an advantageous response when the GOAL is to ensure that one remains anti-white Supremacy. “Indifference” is merely radical autonomy meeting radical autonomy. And mocking acceptance IS JUST PASSIVE ACQUIESCING to an ambiguous, highly fluid and forever contorting and LIBERATED charge of irrational hate.

        AND one doesn’t even the courtesy of separating this passive acceptance (understood as tolerance) from GENUINE white Supremacy from whence the charge even gives rise.

        In other words, there is race realism within an all encompassing anti-white Supremacist paradigm. Ergo, “race-realism” is a fraudulent illusion amongst its most vocal advocates.


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