Armed White Rural Vigilantes

by Firepower

UPDATE 12/8/2012: USDA chief: Rural America becoming less relevant (Associated Press)
UPDATE 12/12/2012: US Bureau of Labor Statistics Farmers Are Career Roadkill

The massive number of links on this subject from vastly diverse news sources prove its luscious titillation factor.  Fox-ites want to strap on guns for rahowa, whilst SFGate Frisco-Fags want to protest and steal those Colt .45s before “klansmen” start a-killin’ peacabale roamin’ nigras.  This Latest Outrage®! is aimed squarely at inspiring liberals to fear/hate the NRA and thus, Vœt-0-Bama 2.0.  Local municipalities are poor because Big Fed wants them poor and there’s also no reason to buy votes from giving free welfare to pockets of coloreds…  who don’t live there.

Coming Soon: Winter 2055!

It’s one thing to strap it on and scare away teenage white hoodlums looking to support their rural Meth habit.  Quite another to repel a Colored Mob bent on Apache-izing your womenfolk, larder and everything.  Aggressive Indians must be totally eradicated from The Plains before you can build a TGIFriday’s and snuggle in a Nebraska parking lot to twinkling, romantic yuppie-fied stars.

Farming is grueling hard work.  Lots of land to be patrolled after 18-hour work days to keep DeVontae and Juanito from plundering. Try feeding communities of 2000 their daily bread without tractors, combines or harvesters able to gulp unlimited fuel.

If you think Future Caucasian Pastorals of verdant meadows and fucking Nordic Helga Vön Stürmmfünks are your Destiny, it’s not:  It will be wearing kilts and woolen leggings to keep frostbite at bay while you work in sodden muck 18 hours a day.   No matter how much ammunition for M4’s you stockpile, waves of Colored Hordes will perpetually seek your treasures because those waves will be hungry – and hate you.  That’s like the Fall of Rome.  Hungry people are never bargained with.  Food?  Timber for fuel will be targeted – everything will be targeted.  Rhodesia.  Zimbabwe:  GIFY

Blather-Fapping on survivo-websites about “bring it on!” because “them coloreds should die-eee!!” is no different than Deluded MRAs Spear-venting how “all women should be enslaved and killed!” because of That Latest Outrage®! Welmer 2.0 wrote about regarding the most recent succession of Supreme Court alimony decisions granting anyone possessing a vagina a $50,000 yearly welfare increase for outlawing testicles.

Historically, most farmers fell to armed raiding hordes; not much historic record of Brave Lombardy Farmfolk fending off Huns.  Why?  Because the Huns killed, enslaved, raped – or ate them.

Fittingly, one decent period of success was when farmers in the American West kicked cowboys’ asses for trying to use their plowed fields for cattle drive right-of-ways.   It wasn’t like the movies.  The farmers were the ones to shoot first and ask later.

But, that’s the past and sets no real precedent for today, just as wearing a Colt revolver doesn’t mean they’re still adequate.  All it provides is a lesson that may, or may not, be applicable to Future Posse.   These dire days will not arrive until you are 80 years old, surrounded by your mumbling, white Eloi grandkids.

If you think you’ll live to sling lead, you’re deluding yourself from doing the dreary work of today.  It’s safer that way, too!  America should* have burned 30 years ago.  Because we/they did not do it, the Politician Elite Class realized weakness and continued the unabated ass-raping.   If illegal-mexican loving lawmaking filth were hung then, you’d NOT have 40 Million Foreign National occupying your territory, devouring your resources today.  Farmers are roadkill¹:

Between 2010 and 2020, some 96,100 farmers and ranchers will go out of business, the BLS says. “As land, machinery, seed, and chemicals become more expensive, only well-capitalized farmers and corporations will be able to buy many of the farms that become available,” the BLS predicts.

That extenuation of degradation guarantees collapse – not revolution, civil war or any other safe political means of salvation.  The path is set.  Ensure you – and especially your kids – are prepared beyond myths perpetuated by Hollywood movies.   It’s not just the final fall that is dangerous, it’s the slow descent tumbling down to it that can erode will.  I’m reminded of a play and film called The Admirable Crichton: Many people who rise to the top of society are failures during harsh times.  Many people are no good at the everyday drag but can excel in catastrophe.

Entropy is a bitch.  Remember – dogs are protein.

*mra’s – note proper usage of word “should”


8 Comments to “Armed White Rural Vigilantes”

  1. firpower you hottie, do you remember me??

    [ed note: i am not a hottie]

  2. Should be interesting. I’m more concerned with the next 20 years than after that. I am especially interested in watchin South Africa, which is our canary in the coalmine.

    [ed note: we know how it ends in SA. It’s easy: imagine what happens in the future when a black/hispanic government, elected by their majority, fears losing unlimited power in the USA and there’s your answer and image]

  3. I wonder if there will be some places that aren’t much changed. I remember my great-aunt telling me that the Depression didn’t affect our family that much because they were farmers already living off the land.

  4. While I am sympathetic to collapse or slow decline model, it downplays effect of input variable.

  5. “Historically, most farmers fell to armed raiding hordes”

    I’m one of the few people who fully expects to die. I hear people talking about others in the area, and I suspect what will happen if life becomes difficult. There is someone nearby who lives off the grid, and people talk about his wind turbine. I already know people would show up there. It is human nature.

    This is why I think it is so important that people build communities rather than prep in secret. I understand there is a lot of scum out there, but people need to find or make allies. This is something I am trying to work on.

    [ed note: there is plenty of white scum (actually more in numbers than colored scum) who I’d unconscionably blow away and boil for larder. Beware your allies: Valued Brother Farmer, YOU are not permitted to die without permission]

  6. “Farming is grueling hard work.”

    Depending on what kind of Apocalypse we’re considering, just existing would be hard work for a lot of people. I have had to get my own water due to contamination. For nearly 4 years I have filled up water in bottles like a turd worlder. Just getting fire wood every year is difficult. My brother and I have had to use children sleds to transport wood during one winter. Logs 2-3′ long, usually more than 1′ in diameter. And working in the field… I bought a mosquito net from an army surplus store and it did not help at all. People are used to shirking 8 hours day. It will be quite a culture shock to work outside for nearly 12 hours.

    [ed note: The Elite WANT you to work that hard; it keeps idle hands too chafed and tired to revolt. watch BBC’s World Without End to see how Feudal Society kept a handful of elites dominating 200x the peasants]

  7. “That extenuation of degradation guarantees collapse – not revolution, civil war or any other safe political means of salvation.”

    But what do you think would happen if certain people of culture riot if Romney wins? The Zimmerman debacle made me as close to a WN as I could be without being one; perhaps the riots would convince others. I doubt the majority would be convinced, but it might be enough.

    [ed note: Such a riot would benefit us. It forces the immediacy of this real underlying conflict, directly on to Whites In Denial. Pain and privation are what motivate a Fat People. personally, such an event will entertain me]

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