A New Fake Hate Crime

by Ryu

NOT a hoax! Honest!!!

Well, some more excitement from yahoo.  I read this story and immediately knew it was false.


So this negress in Louisiana claims that some racists wrote KKK and nigger on her car, then set her on fire, LOL.  I think they sacrificed a baby afterward.

It would be quite a different signal if whites actually were attacking blacks.  Being a WN, I can say with confidence that now is not the time and I don’t see anyone doing……….. such a thing right now.  This story is way over the top and borders on the insane.

The KKK?  That has always been the go-to organization for blacks making accusations.  Press the KKK button and automatically, whites fall to their knees with apologies on their lips.  Yet it has gone into the shadows and to me at least, does not seem very relevent today, enjoying a reputation actually worse that the skins.  Someone needs to update their racist playbook.

We are seeing more and more of these hoaxes.  The lesbian who carved dyke into her own skin was one of them.  I think the vibrants will find that white guilt is a perishable commodity.  A few more really big hoaxes like the Duke Lacrosse “Rape” should help our cause immensely.


3 Comments to “A New Fake Hate Crime”

  1. Never cry white?

  2. The msm is eager to find white villains, so they prematurely latch on to sensational stories – but only if a white can be accused.

    It concerns me that most whites are ignorant of this. Yet, it is usually they who pay the price of violence.

    There was a story of a 50-ish guy getting Molotov Cocktailed at a mall in Long Beach, CA – a mall that’s been featured on WorldStar HipHop showing black gangs playing The Knockout Game on whites. It appears to be a mex that did the burning, so I presume it was a white victim by the media’s silence.

    Here’s a REAL Hate Crime made more topical/controversial for its commission on or about the same date: that will as a matter of msm fascist liberal procedure, remain suppressed.

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