Underemployed Hot Teens

by Firepower

DON’T Hate: THEY’RE Working

Who remembers MTV’s 2011 Skins – all that controversy.  All that delectable teen smut.  Nobody.

Nobody remembers anything, which is why politicians find it so easy to dupe Americans – Americans who think they are sharp.  Duping idiots is easier when the idiots know not they are idiots.  Government School (GS) with its Institutionalized Propaganda Program makes it still easier.  Hell, even Skins was a re-re-tread of yet another tawdry British series.  ‘grecycling – fer growin’ groins.

If one is actually underemployed, it is a ….….twisted point of honor to have MTV select a “socially relevant” TV series documenting your travails.  TV shows provide valuable robot scripts and a roadmap on how to get your generational story straight and what to complain about.  Yet…it would be better to shake the snails out of your head and demand an answer to why your Government School “education” promising facile Jobs Jobs Jobs failed to qualify you for even lowly French Fry Love and burgerfuckery.  Just because your Great-Grandparents take those McJobs away from you (to pay for their chemo) and still outwork you doesn’t cut it, Young Jared.

I’ve never seen a Hot Babe go hungry.  Forget TGIFriday’s – that’s Piggi-Work: These could be strippers – especially a chubby AZN.  One area of high-paying jobskillz is any of financial network giant CNBC’s documentaries on hot co-ed call girls or fit Zumba prostitutes – fit for 21 Client Number Nines.

Single Moms (and Deadbeat Dads), stand proud, don’t despair.  Sis is probably a greedy snot, but she’s dumb, so she might be tricked into paying Her Ubiquitous Unemployable Brother’s Xfinity online gaming bills before she marries the Buffalo Bills.  Brother ain’t gettin’ no job no time soon – unless he volunteers as an expendable Military Meatbag.  Afghanistan’s calling and it’s pissed you messed up their soil with your bloody stumps.

The Payoff

All public universities are Government Schools.  Staffed by Government Union Employees, all that FAT tuition goes to – taada! – GOVERNMENT.  It’s an endless cycle of Uncle Sam and Big Brother Illinois/Califas et al recouping that tax money they spent on Shaniquelle’s fourteen baby – and her ten inseminators’ multiple incarcerations and health care.  Professors ARE Government Employees spouting The Government Line.  Every useless Sociology and Psych Major is a hopeful EEOC clerk.  When these surplus doofii can’t find work – Big Gov don’t Give A Shit:  They got their money.  Next batter up.

Today’s America and today’s schooling is telemarketing:  Merely telling you how much you are valued is easier than actually delivering that value to a population too stupid to know the difference.

It should* be clear (esp. to the intelligent readership of Eradica) how extremely difficult it will be to start productive American change in such a climate filled with mis-educated Kidiots™ breeding yet more, future Kidiots ad infinitum.   The only hope you have is if they morph into a mindless mob manipulated by a demagogue.  Your demagogue.

When Today’s Brandons N’ Britnees®! hit 40, and hobble back to their hi-skool reunion, they shall ignore the Glaring Reality that their once safe school neighborhood miraculously turned into a squalid colored occupied war zone.  Their past GS indoctrination will surely tell them it was White Man’s fault, because All Colored People are really Martin Luther King & Beyoñce.  Tell them it’s the set for The Real World, Detroit – a bangin’ new reality show.

Michelle Ang is the perfect metaphor for American Teen Unemployment:  She’s from Australia and she’s 29 years old.  It reinforces Truths that AZN Chix look eternally youthful and secondly, that there’s no White People in OZ anymore.  No wonder our kids can’t find work.

*MRA’s, note proper usage of the word “should”

11 Responses to “Underemployed Hot Teens”

  1. It’s crazy. 2008 seems like a long time ago. If a news story can live for 2 weeks, its a miracle. Trayvon managed it. I am forced to watch the TVs at the front of my gym when doing cardio – they cover each story at least 3-4 times in a 15 minute period. Ugh. I’m burned out of any news story very quickly.

    Who’s to blame? I remember long ago the internet would lead to so much productivity gain, the paperless office. Didn’t happen. All that productivity gain went into someone’s back pocket; not mine.

  2. Did you watch the previous debate in which an “undecided” New Yorker asked what the politicians would do to create jobs for retards with worthless degrees? People have no interest in trying to be responsible at all. I was fooled by the lies like a lot of other people but I do not expect politicians to “create jobs” for me.

    [ed note: create jobs for retards with worthless degrees? I know how: Hire more government workers…to BLOG]

  3. She’s from New Zealand actually. Not that it matters to the man who wrote a post on the Shia and Sunni confusing their respective nations.

    Awesome post FP. You’re changing the world.

    [ed note: thanks – I owe it all to the stalwart nature of Today’s Man, whose dedication to Liberty never takes a back seat to comfort and safety. except for shia laboof movies.]

  4. Pat,don’t you get it. Its about how government easily programs kids already ripe for it cause their parents are too. Are you fp’s gf or something?

    • Well knock me down with a feather, then, Amedalk.

      Judeo-America has been programming the White West ever since your Jew suckholing nation won the war, all via your Jewish led programming machine in Hollywood.

      It’s not news mate. What is news, it seems, is that this propaganda industry of White capitulation is thoroughly owned by another nation (Jews) who hate us with ever fibre of their being. A fact that Firepower! Shazam! hates hates hates to be exposed (all part of his Illuminati series of dissembling dissemination).

      Blogs with White interests, and White interests only, in mind have been writing about it: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/10/neal-gabler-on-creating-the-perception-of-value/

      One might even say that America has been remade in Hollywood’s image, not so much because it emulates movie glamour or behavior or language but because it emulates Hollywood’s way of measuring the worth of things and teaches us to place the perception of value over value itself. Hollywood success is the new American paradigm.

      See, there’s a pertinent point: that the images we have been suckled on since birth, have been at the teat of an alien who despises us. Government schools have nothing on the engorging mammaries of Judeo-American learning, from birth to death, via the jew-tube.

      [ed note: ha. Impressive. In between every other breath pretending imajew, you wax ecstatic about a guy named Gablerbergstein (quick, check his papers) revealing **tada!** Hollywood is run by Jews. All that, I might add, from a book written in 1989. The Gods of Eradica are pleased. We thanks yoo fer alerting Us to hard-hitting webbiverse sites rife with New Information]

      • It’s territory you don’t dare traverse.

        Now when you can call anyone who points it out an Illuminati Specialist.
        [Sly minx. I know you: When you start using the Big Words, your belly is full of lager. When you hit me with 18 Bowie vids – it’s the hard stuff.]

      • Lol, very true.

        But, I was in a rush at work when I wrote that.

        Now, I’m drinking beer. Stand by for Bowie vids!

  5. ugh is that turd pat hannagan still post here?? i thought he had a nazi infarction.


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