Situation Critical: Al Qaeda Ambush

by Ryu

A Hit With The Ladies

A big thank you to Cameron for making us aware of this.  This is really a stellar program.  I learned so much.  My admiration for the Arabs keeps rising.   You will NEVER hear me use that phrase “the bad guys.”  That is sophistry, a mental crutch that the weak use.  Take note when you……. hear that phrase “the bad men…” because that is a huge tell.

Here is the show.  It’s 50 minutes in 5 parts.

The original op was a 7 man SEAL team taking a mountaintop and setting up an OP, an observation post.  On the way in, they rely on all their technological goodies, night vision, IR.  They were walking into an area of 400 enemies but they couldn’t see the enemy.  The helo is RPGed and and a man falls from a great height.  And so, the story is about  ZOG sending in rescue team after rescue team to retrieve the one downed man.  Each team is viciously attacked.

It was America’s air superiority that saved those soldiers. That is literally it. The conflict is ended by a night helo rescue. A US soldier says “our ability to move and shoot better than the enemy…” won the day.  Bullshit. It was the air support.  When air support is called, the planes come in pairs.  There is a first pass dry run.  Machines guns if the friendlies are close to the enemy, 500 lb bombs if there is enough distance.  Predator drones are mostly UAV or unmanned aerial vehicles.  They carry 2 hellfire missiles at 100 lbs each; killing radius on a hellfire seems to be rather small.

Some interesting quotes:

“As Americans, we don’t train defense.  We’re used to always being on the offensive…”

“I was frustrated by lack of medivac…”

“No man left behind.”  That works when your side has the resources necessary to perform costly rescue missions.  Many organizations do not have that ability.   War is a game of chess and in chess, all pieces might be sacrificed except for the king.  Nearly everyone is expendable, including me.  The message this gives is clear: victory or death.  No second chances.  No helicopter rescue.  No air support.  That’s called commitment.  If there are any “elite” units anywhere in the whole world who fight that way, let me know.

I cannot promise no man left behind.  What I can offer is a quick death, a death standing up.  Perhaps a cyanide pill might be issued.  This is much preferable to ending up in one of ZOG’s torture chambers, where one would be killed after the questioning anyway.  In a future article, perhaps we will cover their interrogation techniques and also show you.

This was the battle of Takur Ghar in 2002, SE Afghanistan.  Very early in the conflict.  One of our highest priorities must be the elimination of the invincible ZOG army myth.  They are men, not gods, not ninjas, not machines.   I love the MSM. The Discovery Channel is run by multicultualists. A negro ranger, probably the only one there, is the hero of the show. They can’t resist showing his grinning mug all over the place.

Take a watch if you’re interested.  I guarantee that you will learn something new.

3 Responses to “Situation Critical: Al Qaeda Ambush”

  1. The US Military is great at spending billions of dollars (and gallons of blood) to take useless land
    that they lose in the night
    and eventually scurry away from completely
    when some non-veteran Presidential candidate needs a “Peace Vote” to win an election.

    It was done in Vietnam and Baghdad.
    The main problem is: Americans are still too stupid to acknowledge that fact.

    All Hail the Pat Tillman floral bouquet.


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