Narcissism of Small Differences

by Firepower
A difficult stumbling block thrown in our face is the “but what about this mino-group that woulda/coulda loved you if you only modify this one tiny (fill-in-the-blank) policy?”  Call this tactic whatever formal Logical Fallacy you want.
The Lure is: Every cause needs as many allies as it can get.  Argument is not fighting; it is a proponent versus an opponent.  It is the crux of legal language.  Arguing with those engaged in the Narcissism of Small Differences (NOSD) is easy when you are aware of NOSD.  The goal is to…… win new converts while weeding out pure antagonists, agitators and pure enemies – or what The Kidz call “trolls.”  I’m not implying kitty is/was a troll.

You guys seem to also forget that there are white people of European descent not living in Europe. A fairly decent percentage of those that are culturally Hispanic are racially/genetically Caucasian. Part of the reason it’s so hard for a lot of White Hispanics to identify with any racial group is you get American whites of Anglo descent treating them like shit and you get nonwhite Hispanics giving them shit for being white¹ (and most likely rich/educated, because of the racial/socioeconomic hierarchy that occurs in so many Hispanic countries). I’ve had spheretards give me shit for being “brown.” Because you can tell someone’s skin color over the internet. Idiots). If you’re going to “recruit whites” for whatever you want to do, you’re going to have to get them from everywhere you can. ²Because you guys are doing a GREAT job at alienating the shit out of white immigrants from third world countries.

Vulgarity as an opening volley is suspect.  kitty starts fine, making good points amidst the emotionally charged (totally needless) vulgarity.

¹But then devolves into accusations suspiciously targeting only Whites – instead of hispanics who also are accused shit-treaters.

It’s the same old “fix it, whitey!” charge that places the burden of improvement solely on Whites while “innocent” minos escape scot-free.  He who is forced to change is the one determined wrong – it’s why they have to change.  This tactic is easily defeated – hit them with actual facts:  Whites didn’t destroy Los Angeles.  Blacks and hispanics did.  Even when hispanics took over from the black – they still destroyed LA.  Whites do not make up the 300 Criminal Gangs infesting that shithole.   Remind them.

²Again, if white immigrants from third world countries want to “be Whites” yet are so easily offended by Legitimate White Anger, they are less allies than you think and more like Barney Frank.  Most of your fiercest enemies are white (small cap).  Let them build Habitat Fo Humanity Crib.

An effective defense technique against such foolishness of kitty’s is displayed by Laguna Beach Fogey.  It is the Bemused Mastery of the AMOG that is the essence of Game.  The smiley is the cherry on top.

But of course, you might say, my comments may be entirely self-serving, as I’d dearly want to fuck every pretty White Hispanic chica I can get my claws on. ;-)

It’s difficult writing out the intentions of others, but some tactics are clear.  ryu does the all-imporant maneuver of shifting the legitimate onus onto a foolishly over-simple and cliche argument.

Ugh. Okay we will change everything to accomodate the white hispanics, who live in 3rd world dumps because they mixed themselves into oblivion. Hey, there are whites in Iran too. Hey, and Chechnya too. Anyone else want in?


Cliches are easy to defeat because you’ve seen them 20,000 times before.  The demand for the accuser to choose is legitimate because…you force your opponent to Define Their Terms – the all-important device.  Never force them to define your terms, a common error.  A hispanic with “dual ethnicities” claiming discrimination from Whites – still claiming to be hispanic – is a softball to be hit out of the park:  And was.

¹kitty, you make many good points.

There are also many good blacks, jews, etc. The problem is, a 99% majority are the primary causes of most American problems. You can’t keep such a problem around.

You must make a decision with whom you stand with. You must disavow all Federal Box-Checking Affirmative Action Freebies and the special edge that race gives.

For example: ²How many white-hispanics actively disavow and repudiate hispanic gang crime? Or, go on TV to condemn illegal mexicans crossing the border for free hospital care? None, if at all. It’s what I call “The Good Muslim” Theory. We hear about them a lot – but never see them.

If you want to state your case, it’s better to leave your race out of it and just condemn the corrosive behaviors I listed instead of attacking whites like a typical La Raza Racist/Al Sharpton huckster would. As the founder of Eradica, I guarantee you will not be censored or silenced.

What I need to know is: How do you, as a white-hispanic, plan on eliminating divisive, destructive behavior patterns of a race you closely align with?

¹Many opponents do make good points, so if they do – acknowledge it.  It is the truth, plus it shows your confidence.  If a gazelle winks at a lion, it doesn’t mean the lion isn’t going to eat the gazelle for dinner.

US Soldier: Iphones & cams show why we’ll win

²Your confidence is determined by your level of desire to use your opponent’s attack to expand upon your well-reasoned points.  They, are literally “asking for it.”

It is easier to explain my own response to kitty than to interpret other replies.  In all honesty, I was anticipating a productive exchange, but hard questions that go unanswered with the universal escape hatch “fuck you” are a dead giveaway that your opponent still suffers from Western Dogma and reactionary PC Propaganda.

Reactionaries are easy:  They react.  That’s all they do.   Expose them with questions they cannot answer and use the opportunity to expand your position to recruit others.  It is a simple outflanking and counter-attack tactic.

4 Comments to “Narcissism of Small Differences”

  1. Wow. I didn’t think that much about it.

    The PUAs used to have a hierarchy: unconscous incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and finally unconsciuos competence.

    I’m not saying that I’m an invinsible god. I’m a narcissit too

    • (continued)

      I’m also a narcissist. But I never leave the street and after a time one learns how to categorize people.

      My method varies. Like with HBD Policy. I flamed him a little bit to see if he was capable of anger. I already knew he was on our side. He passed the test. (Sorry HBDP!) It’s like that phrase of Hitlers – use emotion for the many and logic for the few. Logic is good but emotion is what moves men.

      Discussion doesn’t change much. Maybe it changes 0-5%. If the people arguing are too far apart, it is pointless. So the only time to discuss things is when you pretty much see eye to eye.

      • You used similar good strategy when arguing against Spearhead’s idiotic commentariat. We both wasted our keyboards.

        I’m not banned there, but haven’t visited since my leave; I firmly believe they are still grumbling impotently about the same old shit. For them, it’s the glaring applicability of that old saying about the definition of insanity being the repetition of the same action yet expecting different results.

  2. We could view it as a waste of time. It gave us experience. Definitely it will be useful in the future. I wish GlobalMan would have become a WN; I really liked that guy.

    How does a man truly feel about being white? That’s what I’m interested in. Not what he thinks, or what he believes that he thinks. The only way to really get the truth about some things is to somehow remove the self control. In anger and in wine, there is truth.

    The source of a man’s power is his emotions and his libido. Know that, you know everything. Especially with the PUAs. It is certainly not the conscious mind. Getting to see it and teasing it out, so we have to use some trickery.

    [I’ve transcended most stages of learning, having long ago arrived at the Man I strove to be. I have attained a higher state: What once seemed complex – is now simple. My concern is to pass this knowledge on to worthy others, for I have written dissertations on what I envision the future will hold. If I can do so by obviating struggle among the worthy, then it is a double victory, but it is not up to me alone – it is also the responsibility of the unlearned, hence, Spearhead was indeed a waste of time.]

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