Why YOU Should Convert to WN

by Ryu

ryu’s MOM – Wants YOU!

You asked, we deliver!  There was a request – sell me on WN.  Here we go….1st prize is you get to live.  2nd prize is, you die.  3rd prize is, you die.  For whites who truly want a future on this Earth, there is no alternative.

HBD says humans are different.  The Japs have such and such an IQ, the negro has a lower IQ, the white man between the two.  Sexual maturity, lifespan, penis size, etc etc etc.  Wonderful.

So what can you do with HBD?  You’ve got this tool in the….….. toolbox.  Essentially, you can have some awesome conversations and prove how educated you are.  Whoopie!!!!!!

HBD is but a step leading to WN.  HBD does nothing to stop immigration, interracial violence, feminism, jewry or racial mixing.  It does nothing!  There is a hierarchy in our world.  Conservative, racially aware, HBD, WN, racial revolutionary.  As one ascends, one becomes more committed and fanatical.

I will be the first to admit I have many limitations.  I have not written here or at other sites lately because I am diversifying WN into other areas, taking their best practices and adding them to the collective.  But I am not lukewarm and I am not “moderately” for the white race.  There is no middle ground when whites make up 7% of the world’s population and falling.  I am not a WN to satisfy my ego or to entertain.  The only reason I do this is to win a white homeland.  You’ll have to decide what you want and choose your ideology accordingly.


23 Responses to “Why YOU Should Convert to WN”

  1. Perhaps I was not clear, or perhaps you misunderstood. I want you to explain the specifics of WN, and sell me on those arguments. This post is completely reactionary with no deeper thought then HBD is wrong.

    You claim that HBD does “nothing to stop immigration, interracial violence, feminism, jewry or racial mixing.” That is fundamentally untrue. And what has WN done to stop this rising tide? Nothing. Just like HBD. We are still practicing in ideal and theoretical modes, instead of inserting our movements into the world.

    We are both attempting to find answers to the same problems. We are on the same team, but the HBD and WN communities continue to bicker and play games. Meanwhile, the civilized world descends.

    You have the right motives. I have the right motives. We both have the same type of goal.

    I have not studied WN. I have studied HBD. I want a WN person to explain WN, and why it is preferable to HBD. But, I don’t want it in reactionary statements that are only rhetoric.

    We have to win people over, and we need a better argument than “You’re gonna die.”

  2. By discussing our differences all we do is highlight and eventually exaggerate these differences.

    Even though it is our wish – and done with the Best Intentions – exposing differences does not create converts no matter how eloquently we elaborate our philosophies.

    Differences aggravate elements that are actually very close in alignment.

    Be like the Liberals and focus only on The Enemy’s vast differences – to destroy them.

    • Ugh. Arguments and conversations, I’m back at Piggy’s. We’ll have a dialog. I’ll put it on my action item list. Maybe we can have a weekend seminar on it with yoga and coffee enemas.

      [my friend, i have a deep foreboding that in 30 years – even that shall seem like progress]

      • The biggest difference between a WN and a non-WN is this passion, this love of the white race. I don’t know if it can be taught. How can I train another man to have faith? Do you know what it is to be in love?

        Passion is power!

        I can always identify another WN by this rage/anger/hatred towards the enemies of whites and the love of everything white. You can see it sometimes in movies like Braveheart or Lord of the Rings. It comes out of a man involunarily.

        It is this feeling that I value most in other men. The mind can be trained. The body can be trained. I can’t train someone to care.

        Once you’ve seen it, you won’t accept any substitute. Most SEALs, SWAT, Mossad and the so called elite do not have it. The man in video has IT.

  3. Ryu nails it, as usual.

    HBD is all about the facts, ma’am, and nothing but. A cold wind blows…

    Nationalism is all about the Love. Or, as he puts it, the Passion.

    Our Love keeps us warm at night.

    And Joy is our Strength.

    Like Faith, either you have it–or you don’t. I would concede, however, that it can be encouraged and cultivated, I suppose, over time.

    Now please excuse me while I get back to my Kshatriya Yoga seminar with black tea and anti-personnel device instruction afterwards. We’re training a new generation of warriors.

  4. Ryu, indeed. Without love, one is like a clanging cymbal. Let me know your thoughts about this piece as a hymn for our times. Look up translatred lyrics from Greek.

    • I have to find a translation for that, PA. I don’t speak Greek. At my first view, alot went over my head. Others really like it though. I’ll be back.

  5. Bring it in, bitches.

    :::group hug:::

  6. ‘The timing is nothing if not ironic. On the day the EU has been awarded the Nobel peace prize, we watch as Europe sits idly by and lets fascism brew once again…’


    Democracy brews fascism.

  7. Ryu, here are the lyrics: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/song-unification-europe-julie039s-version-song-unification-europe.html-0

    They’re from Corynthinas. The music was composed around 1990 by Zbigniew Preisner for Krzysztof Kieslowski’s “Three Colors” trilogy. The movie (and the song) was essentially a post-communist contemplation of Europe. The clip I posted earleir is from teh closing segment of the movie.

    Whatever the original intent of the movie or the musical composition, it can be well appropriated by European man today. Its themes of spiritual death and rebirth are very relevant.

    I especially like the part at 2:00 which alludes to a young man’s spiritual awakening and at 4:00 when a woman is fulfilled in having created life.

    When you wrote about passion and faith for the WN cause, you made me think of this video.

  8. Sheer insanity is inviting in immigrants who will predictably demand that the rest of the population walk on eggshells. I have to acknowledge the wisdom of the old-school ‘bigots’, who moderately hazed each new group of immigrants. Only through fairly thorough hazing can you guarantee that a group isn’t going to go Muslim on you once it gets its demographic or political critical mass. What’s more, groups that are actually hazed tend to develop more loyalty to the polity. Go figure, it’s the nature of the neurotypical. Fraternities and secret societies have always known this, if only at a gut level. The banning of such societal hazing is one of the many reasons why the assimilating power of the US is at an all time low. Sanity would be an immediate time-out on net immigration and an Operation Wetback II that is more grandiose, in the style of all good sequels. The timeout would last at least 2 generations, 3 if it doesn’t include a WWII-sized war in the middle. But to accomplish this ordinary white people need to get over themselves and accept that THEY HAVE INTERESTS as such. Drop the universalist crap and stop hiding behind the skirts of your minority totems and simply pursue your interests as a group. Yes, this means acting politically EXACTLY like your opponents. News flash: There is no prize for being the last group to still follow the rules. PS: God never ordained the rules you were following. Any argument from Christianity that has an obvious consequence that nobody but post 1950 Christians are really Christians is ridiculous on its face. Treat it as such. PPS: Civility is overrated and won’t be returned and is furthermore absolutely inappropriate in existential conflicts. You’re in one, start acting like it. Oh, and one more thing: White privilege doesn’t exist, but it should. Start fighting to make your world look like the fevered imaginations of the ‘anti-racist’ (i.e., anti-white) sanctimonious scolds.

  9. You guys seem to also forget that there are white people of European descent not living in Europe. A fairly decent percentage of those that are culturally Hispanic are racially/genetically Caucasian. Part of the reason it’s so hard for a lot of White Hispanics to identify with any racial group is you get American whites of Anglo descent treating them like shit and you get nonwhite Hispanics giving them shit for being white (and most likely rich/educated, because of the racial/socioeconomic hierarchy that occurs in so many Hispanic countries). The result are a group of people that don’t have much of a national identity, despite having European ancestors (my great grandparents are European and I burn in the sun and glow in the dark, but I’ve had spheretards give me shit for being “brown.” Because you can tell someone’s skin color over the internet. Idiots). If you’re going to “recruit whites” for whatever you want to do, you’re going to have to get them from everywhere you can. Because you guys are doing a GREAT job at alienating the shit out of white immigrants from third world countries.

    • Good point. I’ve been making the same argument for years. When I arrived in California I noticed all these Euro-Mexicans and Euro-South Americans around.

      I recall there was some kind of survey of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles in the last 10-12 years [2000 Census? I can’t recall exactly…] in which approx. 50% of them identified as ‘White’. Whether most of them were being honest with themselves (and the survey-takers), who knows.

      Now, I’m not saying this should be a cause of hope for us, but I think it’s wrong to write these people off completely.

      But of course, you might say, my comments may be entirely self-serving, as I’d dearly want to fuck every pretty White Hispanic chica I can get my claws on. 😉

    • Ugh. Okay we will change everything to accomodate the white hispanics, who live in 3rd world dumps because they mixed themselves into oblivion. Hey, there are whites in Iran too. Hey, and Chechnya too. Anyone else want in?

      ARE YOU WHITE OR HISPANIC? CHOOSE ONE. It’s like these jews that say “well I am a jew and I’m white.” Okay, where does the allegiance lie? Clearly not with the whites because they felt the burning need to include jew in there. You make it an issue.

      I am Ryu and I am white. White! Not German white or English white, white. I didn’t write the damn hyphen.

      I am not some affirmative action inclusion officer. Stop bitching like a woman. If you want in, get in, grow some balls, toughen your skin and drop the heritage crap. You are not a special snowflake.

      Get tough. You are supposed to be a WN. You will eat shit, like it and ask for seconds. You will do what it takes to win including swallowing your damned Spanish peacock pride.

    • kitty, you make many good points.

      There are also many good blacks, jews, etc. The problem is, a 99% majority are the primary causes of most American problems. You can’t keep such a problem around.

      You must make a decision with whom you stand with. You must disavow all Federal Box-Checking Affirmative Action Freebies and the special edge that race gives.

      For example: How many white-hispanics actively disavow and repudiate hispanic gang crime? Or, go on TV to condemn illegal mexicans crossing the border for free hospital care? None, if at all. It’s what I call “The Good Muslim” Theory. We hear about them a lot – but never see them.

      If you want to state your case, it’s better to leave your race out of it and just condemn the corrosive behaviors I listed instead of attacking whites like a typical La Raza Racist/Al Sharpton huckster would. As the founder of Eradica, I guarantee you will not be censored or silenced.

      What I need to know is: How do you, as a white-hispanic, plan on eliminating divisive, destructive behavior patterns of a race you closely align with?

  10. I think it’s funny that you call your blog eradica. Mostly because people like you should be eradicated.


    • Then, you declare whom you stand with.
      That makes you The Enemy – no matter your color.
      There is no way the large majority of Whites will sleep forever – not on that mountain of guns.

      So, one day, it will all turn, like nations and societies always do. Then it shall surely be The Left’s turn to be oppressed; if I’m still around, I’d honestly approach such eradication as a messy job – like making hamburger. I’d be undisturbed and eat a big Fish n’ Chips dinner after a long day of population reduction.

      Your stance evokes no sympathy. The “mout” was a sulky touch. I give you the promise to list your reasons, and you have none.
      If it were a debate – I’d win hands down.

      • Most white people want nothing to do with people like you because YOU SOUND CRAZY.

        And you’re assholes.

      • Coming from you, that’s a grudgingly ironic compliment, ferdinandski.

        I alert you to read The Narcissism of Small Differences

      • Yes! I am crazy. I am an asshole. I’d shout it from the rooftops if it would help. I keep telling people that I’m a crazy asshole but no one believes me….

        Normal people do not become WNs. Joe Normal watches the NFL and he believes that the elections will make a difference. WN is not going for the democratic approach right now. All we really need from Joe Sixpack is for him to stay out of the way.

        I am crazy, and I am an asshole. But there is one thing I am not – I’m not weak. That is the greatest sin any man could commit today. Things are going to be uncertain for the public in the future. No one in the MSM has anything useful or predicitve to say to them. They will want strength and leadership from people who look like they do – that’s where we come in. WN have cornered the market in that area. And when the time comes, we will name our price and people will pay gladly for what we have to offer.

  11. Don’t be a faggot

    [ed note: Derek Jeter is the faggot]


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