Reader Poll: Is Firepower JEWISH???

by Firepower

Gentle Gentile:  Firepower Was Perky Once

Readers want to know…

Readers – deserve to know!

Does He wear a Yarmulke?  Have an autographed photo of Fyvush Finkel in His prayer box?
After polling closes, the absolute truth will be revealed on Eradica for the Entire World (and future generations) to see.  It is a promise.

Correct answers qualify you for entering a contest worth $1 Million Dollars – or writing Your Very First (Guest) Eradica Post!  Oh, the things you’ll see!

Wrong answers result in merciless berating & unrelenting mockery.

It’s Time:  So vote, with extreme care.

Mein Gott, Bubbie – You’re Schmecken Mit Da Genechktigisoinkt Already!


33 Responses to “Reader Poll: Is Firepower JEWISH???”

  1. Voted A&B because you should have made it single choice, YKW.

  2. I think FP is an asshole but that is a good thing today. Seems like a man today is either a drone or a thug.

  3. If FP is a jew, he is certainly a self-loathing one!

    [ed note: i know jewish girls can be “colored by injection” but – can a GoyBoy get jewy from Girl Jewjuice?]

  4. Probably BS but someone said you were a corrections officer or something like that. Not a very Jewish occupation but you do possess a high IQ and a job like that would put you in contact with “people of color”.

  5. You forgot to add a choice E: Awesome.

    My answers choices always include that.

    • You are correct, but that choice would taint the jew/not jew result…thus leading to Wild Wallaby Jew Hunt 2.0

      Next time, I will modify your advice and put in choice E “not jew & awesome” but that will undoubtedly cause mass confusion to stubborn southern hemisphere types with additional XXY chromosomal malformation.

  6. I have changed my mind, FP.

    This is an important issue. For WNs who are going forward, they need to be able to tell who their friends are and who are their enemies. I myself have been accused of being a jew and a fed on several occasions.

    We need to trust other WNs and more importantly, trust our own judgement in others.

    If this were IRL, I would wager 100 US that FP is not a jew. He has not screamed or yelled when I write kike, oven-dodger or challenged their over the top holyhoax fable with skin lampshades. . Every jew I know online or in real life has certain tells. FP isn’t afraid to write wop, dago, nigger or slant. I don’t see it.

    I wish to go on record vouching that FP is not a jew. If I’m right I’ll collect the profit, and if wrong anyone can mock me.

    • You have a natural quality of discernment. That gives you the qualification of being a major or Lt. Colonel in a martial organization; you do not require minutiae be spelled-out completely for you in order to think, decide, then act.

      Even with the Internet Information Bonanza Age, far too many militant twits (around here) still need to have the theory of internal combustion explained by a See Dick Run Coloring Book before they can figure out how to start the engine then drive the tank up the hill to conquer The Objective.

  7. I myself have been accused of being a Russian gangster, a ‘nazeee skinhead’, a CIA/FBI agent, and a gay pool cleaner in Beverly Hills.

    Keep the bastards guessing.

  8. @ Ryu

    Or he could just support free speech. In any case your commentary is good. Whenever I’d read your stuff at IMF or Spearhead I’d either laugh or pause for self reflection. I’d suggest you stick to expressing yourself in word though. Your VoR interview with Robert Stark fell far short of expectation.

    • That makes two of us, Conquistador. I was also disappointed.

      It was my first time. No one is ever good their first time. I wasn’t aware that interviewers don’t read their interviewee’s material. I don’t think that its really effective, at least for “my way.” It’s a huge breach of opsec and I have heard of new efforts of implementing a voice recognition system from Russia.

  9. It hardly matters if firepower is a Jew or not, what matters is if he does the Jews bidding and/or runs interference for them (as many white traitors do). Indeed calling someone a Jew isn’t necessarily an accusation of racial or religious identity, it can merely mean that the accused is working against White interests. On the flip side some dumb Jews, and their white enablers, do the bidding of Nationalists, i refer to the anti-Jihadists, we should let them keep doing our work for us then if they’re successful take care of other issues then.

    [ed note: it sure as fuck matters – to the fellow being accused. That “well, jew don’t havta b ethnic – jew can be a state o’ mind!” bullshit switcheroo-ruse MUST be eradicated to prevent witchunt-y demonizin’ of those whose level revolt of you merely disagree with.]

    When Firepower compares Jewish media and political control to the influence of Saudi oil money or the 100 Muslims rioting in Australia to the 3 peaceful Jews, the suspicions of a White Nationalist are naturally raised. Perhaps Firepower is a quantitative retard, perhaps he has a poor understanding of the Jewish Question or maybe he is a Jew. These are all natural assumptions to ponder.

    Of course if someone is a Nationalist and they have a poor understanding of the JQ it is the job of other Nationalists to educate on this eternal threat and why the this threat is such a prominent one to our people. When Firepower lists his Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism (Black Fascists, Open Border supporters – Hispanics, Government Unionists & Academics, Feminists, Homosexual Activists) we should note that he conveniently left jews out and point out who the man behind the curtain is, the one funding these anti-White groups. When Firepower uses the term ‘Liberal Fascist’ we should pull him aside and note that there is nothing wrong with Fascism, tell him it’s a fine European ideology, and what this group really is is Left-Wing Totalitarians.

    [it is/was not a fine ideology: they lost. They lost because of rigid, reactionary responses to practical matters – like fighting a war on two fronts between the soviet union and america. I suppose I could have named it “six-fingered” fist, but It’d taken seven years to find a six-fingered jpg. Plus, a fist with six fingers sounds inelegant – and fucking stupid]

    Firepower had said to me before that I focus to much on the JQ, he professes to believe that the JQ is but a small front in the larger war against The Left. I say to him that he can line up his Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism as domino’s, put a domino marked JQ at the front of the line, push the JQ domino over and watch the others fall down! That’s basically how I view the existential threats facing us. As Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov said:

    Of course depending on how the whims of fate play out we may not be able to deal with the JQ until a final victory is achieved. This, as Ryu notes, raises the question of how to deal with Nationalists who downplay the JQ? Ryu said something interesting to me recently (which I hope he doesn’t mind me making public) that he is prepared to suffer a little ideological looseness in the aim of expanding White Nationalist numbers. This is an interesting thought which I will leave Eradica readers with.

    As for Firepower I’m not entirely sure he is a Nationalist (I don’t mean this as accusation but an observation). I would label him as more of a anti-Statist, maybe with even a touch of Anarchism thrown in. Firepower’s relegating of the JQ is perhaps a reaction to the nutty approach many American WN’s take to it, with the whole issue seeming to unfortunately revolve around Holocaust Denial. Is Firepower a Jew? I’d doubt it. Is he running inteference for them? If he is he isn’t doing a very good job! I think Firepower has developed his own interesting anti-Statist ideology. His relegating of the JQ is deliberate but I think he is incorrect to do so. In the meantime he runs a blog which has plenty of nationalists commenters so who really gives a shit, if you disagree with him just say something, you may even get your own blog post.

    My bank acct is number is:


    Just chuck the $1M in by the end of the week.

    [i checked the account # and it is indeed valid. still, the 2:34 am sydney-time atm withdrawal for Vegemite, hand lotion and Kleenex is disturbing. But, who am I to judge. Think of powerful jewies as uncle adolph’s main nemesis runnin’ the opposition: Stalin. In order for dear, sweet uncle adolph to get to Evil Joe in THE seat of power – he has to fight his way through minions of foot soldiers. It’s like chess: you don’t capture a king before you suppress the pawns, etc. forgetting to neutralize those outer defenses gets you a charred pit in Berlin. My suspicion is Big Talk about combatin’ Spielbergian Mansion Puppeteers is fap-fantasy avoidance of pulling the trigger on the colored immediately in front of you pillaging your home.]

    • I like anger and hatred in other men, Cameron. But as long as all WNs can do is write articles, comment and be pissed off, the movment is stagnant.

      I AM willing to sacrifice ideological purity for actual ability. If WNs want to fight, where are the articles on shooting a gun, self defence and military tactics? There are very few. Either they aren’t serious, or they don’t know any better.

      That is why I have taken it upon myself to promote survivalism among WN. The two are nearly the same. The survivalists emphasize preperation but do not understand the why.

      That’s also why WN is going to shift emphasis, at least for those who want to move forward. Many of us are becoming very good at ferreting out jews and infiltrators. But I cannot cure laziness in WNs. All it takes is a group to form an intel organization that specializes in personnel.

      I have too trouble categorzing FP myself but if he is not a WN, he is at least friendly to us. Many people do not like the name WN. It’s OK. He has the right stuff. And I will make a further prediction – in one year’s time, Pig will almost be a WN.

      • The SSmen have a long history of infiltrating organisations and staging provocations.

        [ed note: those SS guys – they really did a number on the Bloods, Crips and Zeta Cartel – wiped ’em all out]

        It’s correctly assumed, that revival will come from within an already exisiting military or intel agency.

        [our SpecOp Boys can’t even defeat Afghani goatfarmers. How do they even control 2 million US goaatfarmers…]

        All is left to do is to verbally support an overthrow of current corrupt governent institutions and then to back the clique that stages it it and is clearly planning break up from the left, which dominated white political thought since the end of WW2.
        There’s way too much socialist indoctrination in minds of grassroots revolutionists for them to distinguish themselves form jacobins or bolsheviks.

      • Assuming that wars are waged in order to bankrupt the both the US and the delinquent in order to facilitate a CIA/Jewish takeover of

        […erm…then when the jew-luvvin’, Issraeli-defendin’ USA falls – who protects The Hymie?]

        businesses, infarastructure, government and media, ad digitum is irrelevant.
        The system is running out of useful idiots to pay the taxes, so a major rehaul is due.

    • If FP is indeed guilty of being touched by the invisible hand of the market, anti-statism, and even anarchism, then perhaps he’s a crypto nazi as well?
      The following completely changed my perspective of nazi defeat:
      This one, of it’s ascendance:

  10. When does the poll expire? I’m still undecided.

    • Just ask him to show you his cock. For research purposes, of course.

      We know you want to.

      • Doesn’t prove anything one way or the other LBF, excepting a sense of style and taste.

        I myself am circumcised. And a fine looking specimen it is too.

      • More disturbing than Firepower’s yidishness or Hannagan’s 3-incher is the fact that my googling reveals Ryu and Firepower are named after comic book characters, as is this blog fwiw.

        I’m sure you Proto-Nerden-Yankees will be in full revolt some time soon!!!

        Please don’t hurt us comic book guys!

        Fucking tossers, you’re a waste of time.

        ed note: constant googling ryu and and ballotstuffing firepower
        reveals one has
        no life

        whilst ONE googling of camerone reveals
        hot skinny actress with acne
        and Liberal Brit PM…
        conspiracy is

      • Three inches of raw fury.

      • Ryu is a character from street fighter, an arcade. Ryu is into boxing.
        Firepower is “heavily armed”.
        Eradica means to destroy in latin; as presented in Soylent Series.

        Ricardo, Mises, Rothbard, founders of Austrian School of Economics were all Jews and yet resisted the state’s desire to keep largely Jewish-owned (currency, oil, coal etc) monopolies in place.

      • NOT gonna happen…
        If I show pat n’cam my cock
        – they’ll demand to see yours

        …WHERE does it end?

      • Deep inside their girlfriends’ womb, of course.

        But I suppose I’m assuming too much here.

      • Oh, you winsome internet lads are the stuff revolutions are made of!

        Think I might do a post on how I sired each one of my children, in order to do hand-to-internet-hand-combat with LBF and his shagging STD infested beach slut stories.

        As for you FP…clock’s ticking. I want to hear why I shouldn’t tick the “A: Kike” option. Writing posts about how much you hate Ferdinand for banning you just makes you sound like a petulant hebe.

        [*sigh* I know I should be happy about ferdi’s censorship policy: he showed me i should be like him and only ban Smart Commenters – while letting sycophants, nuts and the kiddeez malinger. so far, it’s not worked out…just like His site]

  11. Before I vote FP, can you write something demonstrating your bona fides please?

    [what do you mean you haven’t voted yet??? you mean the 255 jewvotes are ALL cammi’s??]

    • Hmmm, I hadn’t read the stats yet as I have been toing and froing over which way to vote. Now that I look I see 215 people, representing 95.13% of those poll responders, believe you are a Jew.

      I find this weight of opinion persuasive.

      Still, I’m going to hold off for a while and give this some more consideration.

  12. Constant posting of blonde shiksas counts against you.

    [okay, just to quiet you, I’ll post pics of blond guys]

    As does the “Jews and News” misdirecting meme. Still, before I vote, I’m all ears.

  13. IMPORTANT!!!!

    A STUNNING Jewnouncement is soon to be announced here!!

    Keep checking for this breaking development!

    • ‘jewnouncement’ lol…

      I declare (especially for those too stupid to realize the obvious)
      I am not a Jew.
      I am pure Gentile.

      But, judging from the poll results, teh readership is either incredibly stupid or has far too much time on its hands better spent downloading Osama Bin Hitler wee-willy-whermacht wideos – or both.

      Perhaps another poll on that matter is required…
      So, for all of you ballotstuffers and bannanahammock stuffers – take a sniff of my nonjew juice.


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