What Brown Will Do To You

by Firepower

Looks Like Your Future Kids: One Third mex, One Third Black…

The confusing and frustrating aspect of watching (a)merica unfurl and flutter feebly to the dirt, is the infuriating incomprehensibility of just why policy rulers continually advance this agenda.  When agendas are advanced, there is always a reason.  Quite simply put:  The Elite want Brown America.

Colored people don’t care about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Revolutionary War Ideals founding America.  They certainly don’t care about World War Two or the Declaration of Independence. Most certainly care nothing of July 4th and its true, deeper meaning.  They actually go further, mocking and denigrating these achievements as “White Man’s History.”

Thus, browns are neither white nor black. They are neither nor.  What they are is: That Gray Area we hear of so much and instinctively revile.  The only history they claim is a vague allure of mexico and africa.  With no means to trace their ancestors, that portion of their past is closed to them – as is their…

…white ancestry from their voluntary rejection (and outright hatred) of whites.  Images based upon imagination and grandiose wishful-thinking are fantasies.  Fantasies are for children.  Children are easily led – and controlled.

Such a mixed people carelessly reject Second Amendment gun rights as a Constitutional protector of Freedom.  In fact, the black is the most willing to ban all guns as a means to eradicate crime in a community made up of its own people – a community made of its own members that even it cannot even control.  They want every white – who is not a member of the Elite – eradicated.   No more NRA Bubbas owning 30 rifles – just one Crip/Mexican Mafia punk with one stolen Norinco 9mm.   Bubba knows how to shoot – he practices for Armageddon.  DeVontae has no expertise, only the dim willingness to kill for Nike Jordans. The Elite appreciate a self-disarming population.

Mexicans hate the black and the black hates mexicans.  LA once was a favorite meme for Rap Filmmakers to whine to whitey about strugglin’ in da hood.  Now, it’s called the barrio because illegals actually out-murdered and eradicated blacks.  That’s called “conquering.”

So, illegal mexicans now control the agenda.  This inter-race warfare will keep the Two Browns busy after they’ve assimilated, sexed, then browned close proximity lower-class whites.  America will eventually resemble both LA and Detroit.  Either way, The Elite will reside in plush, safe suburb fortresses like San Francisco & Manhattan long after the smoke clears.

This year marks the first time more coloreds were born than Whites:  GIFY.  They will only increase while, at the same time, whites will diminish. If you want to win a game, it’s quicker if you not only have a winning hand but take away your opponent’s cards.  It’s been easy to achieve when each black gets a Government Salary for twelve welfare-supported kids; illegal mexicans also have those numbers – as well as importing more amnestied citizens arriving daily over The Open Border created by The Elite.

In time, those colored offspring multiply like roaches and further mix with whites, increasing the browns and diluting the white.

Whoever resists
be “Letalvissed”

…or, eventually commits suicide like a Pioneer in a burning wagon, surrounded by war-whooping Apaches.  White people increasingly kill themselves, and despite all the mainstream media talk of “hopeless poor Struggling-African Murkan oppression!™”the black and all coloreds are rarely frustrated into suicide.  In the end, the result is the Elite’s plan for less white, more colored – the ultimate half-caste. Obama, realized wisely that vast numbers of ever-increasing browns will always automatically vote Democrat and give them totalitarian political control.  Power now flows now, not out of Mao’s gun, but out of a WIC baby bottle.

Colored Kid’s Names – Stamped On white Ass Trampstamp

As we explored in my Soylent Series, a Brown Society is actually The Polite Society – more accurately, a Pacified Society.  They are quite satisfied with the twinkies and cheeto diet and only “revolt” when a white trooper of The Puppet Cop Caste snaps from his crushing, impotent paperwork duties to bash a nineteen-time loser on parole.  To the delight of the Elite, coloreds mainly fight among themselves with small arms.  No match for a Riot Battalion of jack-booted ex-Rangers armed with full-auto gear and MRAPs. Even if the brown ever wanted to revolt – how could they when they turned-in not only their white grandpa for daring own an AR-15, but turned in their babydaddy’s Raven .25?  Even if they wanted to buy a Saturday Night Ghetto Special – they will then be unable to afford it in (a)merica’s Future Economy based on Government Cheese or toxic Government Jobs painting Uncle Beast’s armored SWAT tanks.

Coloreds despise science, philosophy, literature and political science.  Toss in History and you have the makings of New Slaves.  To all my WN commenters:  You do realize the Elite are white – right?  Combating only coloreds is again, neglecting The Big Picture to only concentrate on the Apaches burning grandpa’s wagon – while turning your back on the Comanche who just raped your mother and now cuts your throat.  American high school seniors continually decline and now, are the stupidest in history – again.  More than half taking the SAT are colored…and even more stupid.

The Elite want a disarmed brown mass stripped of all national history and resolve.  They look upon the dim masses of China and see a plush manipulable worker drone class on which to float eternally in unparalleled luxury.  You and all your potential white children will be re-written as Browns.  The Elite demand it…and have planned it.

35 Responses to “What Brown Will Do To You”

  1. Agreed on the elites’ desired end game. There are only two questions:

    1. What can whites do to escape or avert this scenario?

    [armed resistance, insurrection, rebellion – revolt or w/e you wish to call it]

    2. What can whites hope for occurring that is beyond their control that will avert this scenario?

    [it is no different than what Noble Empowered Native-Americans faced when their country was invaded by the “Diversity” of brits, irish, germans and french. fight and WIN – or be eradicated]

  2. No one said things would be easy for WNs. We have many enemies, the greatest of which are “elite” whites.

    But I’m not a pessimist. I see the glass as half full. As America becomes Mexico and Africanized, whites will become more and more polarized. Some will kneel, others will stand.

    We regard the US as a nation to be lost already. Start there. Nothing will save the entire country. Parts of it may be saved.

    This is a glorious time to be alive. Now we will truly see who is elite, who is the strongest in the world. The red pill goes far beyond what the MRAs ans PUAs claim. It’s more than just pushups, situps, jogging and obeying orders as the “Special” Forces believe.

    I welcome the challenge and for the men who could overcome all of this, truly nothing is impossible. After WW2, it is said that generation could do anything. After our current troubles, if any white men still exist, they will be gods, unlike any men who exist today.

    • Im optimistic as well. In addition to things you say, the x-factor (things beyond our direct control) is the fact that power is fissile, and power goes through generational successions. A brown world is axiomatically ugly. An ascendant action of the elite will not wish it to happen.

    • Your wn views as usual are thoughtful, incisive and positive. Such dedication to knowledge is why I respect you.

      A new concept I urge you to assimilate is accurately placing such beliefs in the context of the future. For instance, how you will operate in the approximately 40 years it will take to reach the browning – and at the advanced age you will be then.

      • Excellent.

        That’s 40 years more of feminism, affirmative action, faggot-ization and a dropping of standards. Add in the Internetz, the ZOG media and our current education system and I see a very dumb pack of oxes.

        WNs have to become wolves. We will purify WN so that at the highest levels, all weakness is eliminated. If people want to limit themselves at some lower level by obsessing over negro crime or the jews, that is up to them. The cream will rise to the top. They will be assigned responsibility accordingly.

        We already know a few things. Cancer will not be cured by the AMA. No new miracle energy cures will be developed by grant obsessed scientists. The only growth industry will be security and surveillance on citizens. Big government will grow. Overpopulation.

  3. Fucking great essay, bro. So tell me again why you are pro-Jew?

    • uh – are you Cameron? If you are its alright, I don’t think you are banned.

      WN is going to move forward. Like any group, we will have men in the shadows who are assigned to ferret out the theives and infilitrators. Leave the garbage for the garbagemen and get to work!

  4. Armed resistance, insurrection, rebellion -revolt: all of that is going on. By “armed” of course, I’m referring to being armed with knowledge. The blog Mindweapons has good material.

    Open, unorganized, violent resistance will get you incinerated and your name made into a punchline or erased and the train will just keep on rolling. So open resistance is off the table at this time.

    [i once thought so. but knowledge of actual successes in History show otherwise. More of doing what’s already long been done since the 70’s gets you more of what you already have – more browning. It’s that old axiom of ‘the definition of insanity is expecting different results from repeating the same behavior.” If you’re colored, why not rape, pillage and murder whites – they don’t fight back – they even give you more welfare. It’s like 700 AD Vikings raiding English coastal monasteries to pluck golden treasure from the hands of fat, meek, helpless monks]

    Now: passive or indirect resistance has become an American artform, from saying “bad schools” to filtering out certain potential renters by requiring an onerous battery of paperwork. Indeed, there is a thriving black market in whiteness here.

    [this may work, but it has to be ramped-up: always be aggressively escalating. the moment it stalls in the face of Leftist Oppositions and subsequent Oppression a new tactic must be quickly implemented.]

    The WN game plan must include inducing a change of mind among the elite.

    And American Indians situation is not comparable to ours. European settlers fought their way in and sustained themselves and their birth rates. Brows/blacks on the other hand are siege equipment of the elites, and their very survival depends on that patronage. Absent white institutions, the world’s black population collapses. Black population is a complicated and unsustainable construction project.

    • The ONLY enemy to gain The World – without any expenditure and cost – was the colored VS the usa. And that’s only because their opponents were/are white leftist elites who gave it all away. Everybody else… had to bleed for territory.

      • There may actually be an upside to this fact IF whites ever decide to fight. The value of something is usually in proportion to the amount of effort required to obtain that object or goal. If something is free, it usually holds little value to people. If Whites really pushed back hard, the browns would be less willing to fight than if they had originally struggled very hard to get where they are. Not that it will be a cake walk, but it actually is a point in our favor, and we need all we can get.

      • I do not doubt whites will eventually fight.

        The problem is, their long demonstrated pattern of apathy makes that eventuality a distant proposition, decades in the future: That will likely be too late due to demographics proving coloreds will greatly outnumber future whites. Today’s meager quality of white will still be superior to future Morlocks. Today you have dim, white porn+gaming-Yorkies; the future brings white moron-monkeys.

        The issue is the different results manifest between victorious Vandals and Athenians.

        Still, the even bigger problem for us: We’ll be long dead by the time this happens. Enduring today’s sea of stupid crap is a curse to a prophet.

  5. If people refuse to make any use of their free education, perhaps they would be happier as drones. Freedom is a lot of work, and not everyone is cut out for it.

  6. “This is a glorious time to be alive. Now we will truly see who is elite, who is the strongest in the world.”

    Well said. I agree with this.

    The coming test will produce a race of heroes.

    As I’ve said for years, the real White struggle is an internal, psychological one: i.e., are you brave enough, when the opportunity arrives, to pull the trigger, time and again?

    Can you overcome the modern prohibitions against White life?

    Do you have the balls to deal with the consequences of *doing what it takes to survive*?

    In the process some of us will be killed. Others, put on trial and jailed.

    Big fucking deal.

    The genuine war occurs in each White man’s heart, before the shooting war even starts.

  7. Any color will eliminate civics and ethics for BES.

  8. Mexicans are mostly American Indian ancestry, Why don’t you supremacist just go back to your old world continent and leave the native people be. You can make your white utopia there. Oh and you can’t take corn, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, beans, cocoa, avacados or chiles or any of the new world crops with you. You’ll have to do with your white bread.

    • Sounds fair enough. And we whites will take all of our creations and inventions with us. All of the infrastructure, public schools, power plants, hospitals, medicine, roads and bridges, industry etc. we shall leave the indians as they were, living in literal Stone Age conditions, sound fair you racist turd?

    • You’re confused, Pepito: White Bread has nothing to do with the Spaniards who slaughtered you bone-nose cannibals preferring to squat in the jungle.

      Exchange those chili peppers for the spanish language you stole from the Conquistadors.

      You’ll have to get rid of the words La Raza – then you’ll have to surrender “The Land” back to the rightful owners: Indians you people killed. Give Texas back to the Comanches and New Mexico back to the Apaches.

      • And they’ll have to do it walking because the horse was imported by the Europeans as well as sheep, cattle and domesticated goats.

  9. The civilized world is falling apart. Goodbye, you will be missed

  10. It seems you were right about the ebola thing, FP. At least a few ate taking ebola blood.

  11. Beware> SOEN.

    [so ennoying?]

  12. I have come to the belief that the elite, the useless eaters that they are, don’t really grasp what will happen when the browns are the majority population. Historically, no one likes being ruled over by an outsider, even if it is benign.

    These elite Whites will really stick out and there will be efforts to remove them. Probably not by the masses directly, but by their own little little brown minions. Do you honestly think the elites will patrol the streets and keep the masses in line? They’ll use little brown minions to control the other browns. One day, El Generalissimo or El Presidente will decide he wants real power and his little brown soldiers will follow him and depose the White elites. It may not happen on the first try, but it’ll only be a matter of time. This is politics 3rd world style and it will bite the elites hard. Why take crumbs from the elite when you can just walk in, shoot him, and take the whole loaf? Even the dumbed down 3rd world masses can understand that.

    • @Adit
      You’ll have to see my reply to Ryu in another thread to expand on the answer.

      Brazil has an established history of managing its colored rabble with a white European Spaniard Elite.

      But, the potential problem for Murka becomes how the future ruling Brown Elite controls whites. This won’t be much different than colored mayors or governors controlling majority white cities and states now. The jews will find the way to use them for puppets as they do now. If jews as 2% of the US population managed to control a 75% white majority, they’ll surely figure out how to do the same to dumber colored “leaders” – I’m sure they already have a plan.

      The current model for coloreds with elected political power is to eventually displace Whites until parity is achieved with their own race; the way coloreds conquered LA & Detroit. When whites are whittled down to a 49% minority by 2045, they’ll be so much easier to dictate to and rule. Murka will be LA & Detroit writ large in macrocosm.

      Whatever Feudal Manhattan Finance and San Francisco Tech jobs need filling, well – jews are sure to be around the money.

  13. The elites are supported by the remaining masses of ultra-correct liberal hipsters. They are the real ideological enemy.

    • Yes, white liberals are as great a threat as MINOs – even more so. That is why they must be eradicated.

      The greatest difference between coloreds and whites is coloreds pick-up on most threats – and even invent their own – while whites ignore most threats.

  14. White and Jewish liberal elites in the media have been egging on the Ferguson riots. They may bring their demise on themselves.

    • I believe these elites pick what they think is a lesser of two fears and so, side with coloreds to unite against white klan-type threats. They even hate the NRA out of a strange fear.

  15. These “rulers” can’t even control themselves. They had a good thing going where they were living high on the hog and sitting pretty but they just got greedy again. They have been so lucky with passive Whites who just want to be left alone, they don’t understand the browns they believe work for them. Outside of Whites, maybe the Japanese and some Far Eastern people have honor. Everyone else, not so much. With brown its not your money or your life, its your money AND your life AND your wife. They have already lost…

    • 2Joshua Sinistar

      They have been so lucky with passive Whites

      Whites were indeed problematic revolutionaries throughout White Western History – until the Elite re-learned buying them off with ancient Roman Bread & Circus strategy is more effective than Stalinistic oppression tactics. Such dictatorships only work on coloreds.

      Degrading a White populace only buys an Elite the most time because it eventually turns to mush (like the Romans) and falls to a fitter “barbarian race” – what you see unfolding before your very eyes.

    • Josh – You are a great addition here. You make good comments. The nig is the most morally corrupt species in Murka. The biggest hypocrites, who’ll nit pik about wheatie racism, while bankrolling on his money, women and whatever. Furthermore, the most useless. Everything the nig does is make work. I see beaners in construction. The nig is at best a government worker, or he works for LNs.


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