Soylent Super Sex

by Firepower

Part V: The Elite – The Wealthy & Furniture Girls

working hard


Update: October 03, 2012; Real Housewives Of Miami star Joanna Krupa on hooker allegations

The list of starlets who were big big big (even as recently in the ancient 00’s) is too voluminous to list.  In the category of “whatever happened to?” think of your own Ex-It Girls like Elisha Cuthbert and Heather Graham who’ll find steady employment in the Furniture Industry once they tire of making Old Spice commercials and want to return to sleeping in fancy beds.  If you were an oil sheik and you eternally make $40 Million per week off idiotic, selfish Americans – wouldn’t you blow ……a miniscule million on one night with Lindsay Lohan – just to see how freaky you’re own command performance of Freaky Friday can be?  Just to see what the fuss is about?  Prince Ahmadd-Al-Hakeem al Wazzaddi’s longtime festering teen fantasy of a Lindsay Lohan Rusty Trombone performed expertly on command would be a delight – if she doesn’t have too long a dance card in Saudiville.  Both Lilo and Amanda Bynes have curiously been spending lots of free time at the Chateau Marmont, a notorious Hollywood trickpad for the well-heeled.  Odd, disconcerting sex-fetish books like Room 23 really do look like a catalog of prostitute services in an old Pompeii brothel fresco.   (I discovered this book oddity long after I formulated the thesis for this article and it only supports my belief.)

Expensive Modern Furniture are Liz Hurley and Salma Hayek – who each made a lucrative career boning billionaires for bread after they aged.   Ellen Barkin is worn-out furniture.  Super-wealthy elites like Jerry Buss and George Lucas are well-known furniture clients:  They never sued for libel, either.  Look at those pics.  C’mon, admit it:  If $100,000 was the equivalent of ten bucks out of your weekly paycheck and all you had to do was make an easy phone call to a fellow connected elite – you’d stick it in.  Especially if you’re a greasy Arab or colored pro sports star.  Scads of broken home/broken kids clog up the country with their fucked-up therapy, fame-fixation, insatiable materialism – and no way to pay for it.

Lilo Love For Sale

Annoying, entitled and cunty former stars are a diversionary fame-trophy for the Elite harkening back to the Kennedy double-team on Marilyn.  Any common hb8 would suffice as the plain old resident Furniture Girl slash utilitarian generic cumdumpster.   Call girls are not concubines or vice-versa.  Masturbation is made obsolete, for the future Elite.  That’s not even bringing into the argument today’s (and still counting) One Billion Former American Porn Industry Queens looking for a fancy address to glom on to.  Worn-out 90’s stuff like Jill Kelly and Chasey Lain come to mind.

Update: December 20, 2012: Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Reveals She is Las Vegas Escort

Trophy furniture is reserved for The Elite, while rental furniture gets layed-on and passed around.  There is no aging Prince who would merely settle for only Leigh Taylor-Young when he could have Farrah, and when tired of her – a (young) Jenna Jameson.

Variety will be the driving employment agent; Equal Opportunity is already well-established (for Women of The Elite) with Oprah, Rosie and Ellen employing their favorite variant on Furniture Girls.  So, if you have a hot daughter, she’ll find gainful employment the same as she does today.

Marie Antoinette was indeed a visionary. In our future SG World, The Elite will gladly pay taxes to keep The Brown Mob at bay, just as they did to keep the USSR and Osama away.  Tomorrow’s taxes keep the coloreds outside the plush castle walls, pacified on sugary soylent-corn syrup and cheap cake.

A Thousand a Day
Keeps Lilo in play!
(And Them Awful Droogies
Out of Sight and Away)

Brazil Today – America, Tomorrow

The browning cities will naturally elect brown demagogues, so White workers will be forced ever further away into the suburbs/countryside where they’ll naturally degenerate and morph into corn farmers subserviently toiling away to keep up with Government demands to keep those brown bellies full and at bay.  There are no black or mexican farmers. 

[UPDATE: yahoo! likes to copy me on The Browning of America and compares it to…BRAZIL in Humans Will Eventually All Look Like Brazilians]

There will be guilds, like in the Dark Ages, where weavers, jewelers and their class make toys for the rich and their furniture.  Old people will be a medical drain on a system that values facelifts instead of dialysis; the only grayheads you’ll see will be old Kennedys – Bushes and the like.   The Elite will live in a luxury penthouse castle and you will live outside the walls – just as in Soylent Green.  If you want another intriguing Heston movie – check out The War Lord.

While your America dies and is reborn a Frankenstein Monster – reconstituted into an “amerexiqua” variant – you, your children and all your descendants will be slaves to the luxuriating rich in their lavish playpens.  A thousand years spent crawling out of the mud and the blood of Medieval sloughs will be imminently erased – to start the long repeat climb once again – but this time with no guarantee of success.


16 Responses to “Soylent Super Sex”

  1. Who knows?
    Genetic engineeering may become at long last a reality (or if it already exists, released to the masses), and we won’t all look like Brazilians.

    You paint a dismal picture of the future – a 1000 year long slow painful decline with at best – little pockets of nationalists here and there waiting and preparing for the fall of the elite. Sad.

    • Hey, you read that story today. Interesting how Yahoo is stealing some WN topics now, huh? They are just beginning to cover the demographic change, predictably they cheerlead white decline.

      [ed note; you must expect the Leftist Media to fight like animals to preserve their power]

  2. It’s a pity. Women’s beauty only lasts for such a short time. They waste the gold of their years on amusements. I saw a picture of that chick from Top Gun and from Adventures in Babysitting – ugh! If only they had been content to be in the home.

    There have been a few women who did this. You remember that girl from Cool Hand Luke, the one in the dress? She got married, had kids, and opened a bakery.

  3. I just finished Guillaume Faye’s “Convergence of Catastrophes’. Recommended. The last few pages are priceless.

    Don’t fear the future. And don’t succumb to despair (it’s inhuman).

    From shadows comes the light. The future is going to be glorious.

    [ed note: I see the inherent value of promoting positive thinking. it has been touted as motivating people better, yet happy talk is all we’ve done in america and look at us now. When Romney says “the economy stinks and we’re in trouble” the Obama-ites respond tactically with “we don’t need that downer stuff! We wanna inspire the american people with…(get ready for The BS) good jobs, free healthcare, energy independence – oh, and jobs jobs jobs in Clean Energy.” Children need happy thoughts to keep the boogeyman away.]

    • Sometimes a good scare or a serious deadline is necessary for people to kick into high gear and find solutions/get down to business. Perhaps we will pull through at the eleventh hour: a procrastiNation.

    • WNs have been engaged in heavy social criticism for over two decades, the last ten generating most of it. Leftists and more or less neutral academics are at it too.

      There is nothing in any of it to suggest “the future is going to be glorious” for whiteskins. Everything points conclusively in the opposite direction.

      Wishful thinking is not valid social prognostication.

  4. fp, you dont say anything about cops like Heston or intellectuals like Sol.

    • Five thousand words is enough. Unlike the regular readers here, most people don’t let reading interfere with their CoD-Duties or Teen Mom Time.

      What SG got wrong was the most cops’ time is spent doing paperwork… paperwork showing how much Crime Fightin’™! they do. The Streets of Chicago say otherwise.

      Cops are more powerful against the law abiding than the law breaker. Criminals are still a tiny minority and cops purpose is to give that large, lawful majority the impression of safety to prevent them from taking charge. Note, they do more of that than preventing actual crime. They’re increasingly ex-low level military (privates and corporals) just tickled to unquestioningly follow policy from those that grant them Big Government Union jobs allowing them to retire on FAT pensions at 50.

      Smarties, like Robinson’s elderly character, are left the impossible task of relaying information of a once-better world to a mentally diminished herd. The dumbasses can’t understand the past – and the Elite don’t want them to. So…goodbye to deeper thought.

  5. firepower you are a genius LOL

  6. Useful info. Fortunate did you get mey email on the olympic chick? Dude you were right just like like useual!

    [ed note: thanks for the link, stick around – it’s going to get interesting-er]

  7. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Do you want revenge? Convert to my religion, convert to patrilinearity…

    • I am aware of Asatrú, Odinism and ancestor worship; I accept the inherent religiosity of mankind and respect the drive of others to practice a faith. However, I have uncoupled the dependence upon a Super Being requiring His permission to defend myself and eradicate my enemies.

      • Then you should understand evolutionary biology. Women want a chance to breed, fathered by enemies if necessary. This explains female behavior very well, and this of course applies to enemy females as well.

      • Feudal Soylent sex is about the Elite purchasing another expanding entertainment service – just one from nubile female commoners. Wealthy elite females won’t ever be Furniture Girls. Commoner girl sextoys will avoid pregnancy as career suicide, as Elite male customers will view it as child-support blackmail.

        It is simply another economic win for Elites and another loss for their servants.

  8. Do you think SSS will grow, or decline as non-elites increase? BTW I actually went out and watched SG again and I never thought about that until I read your piece.

    [ed note: SSS will be much like it was in Rome or Babylon. Hot chicks weren’t oppressed like in Da Moovees and torn from mom n’ pop: they were likely boning some rich camel merchant and welcomed the chance to up their game and play Bang The King in a hareem. Hunger Games has some of the effect of SG, but lacks the sex component.]


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