Soylent Suites & Hunger Games Hovels

by Firepower

All That PLUS The Amanda Show – For Only $50,000 a Session

It’s my habit to make you think of concepts as applied to today’s problems. piggi, welmer and even roishy can settle for screeching about “The Latest Obama! Can you BELIEVE it? He let out embassies burn!”

No shit. So what – what are you gonna do about it – write some more?

I expect this article’s concepts will eventually wind up in books by Steve Sailer and/or Tucker Carlson, who’ll then both accuse Jonah Goldberg of stealing “their” idea – when they read it in his very own published masterpiece of yet more stunning, original thought. However, all three will be well paid. But, if I ever see my ideas stolen in a publication of any type, I’ll sue the christ-fuck out of them – courtesy of my own Finestein, Rabinowitz & Goldberg law firm.

That’s what today’s blogger does – provide grand, fresh and free ideas to burnt-out but ……well-connected husks. Well-connected husks who will live in high-security luxury residences… right next to Chris Matthews, Bill Clinton and the future Robert Kennedy XXVI.

Part IV: The Elite – Penthouse Fortresses

Nice Work – If You Can Get It

The main, prominent image that always intrigued me is the SG movie scene where the assassin scampers up the fortified luxury condo wall. The boundary between them – and future events – are as proscribed as Law.  Slum-living keeps you fit.  Imagine fleet of foot, ripped, government EBT Card-fed prison-muscle in an arrest race against fat cops who bravely skip town daily when the shift ends to retreat to their suburb houses.   They flee to slop down the daily TGIFriday’s with their Government Teacher wife; that’s what you actually have today. Fat, forty-ish mercenaries who retire on a full disability pension when they blow out a knee chasing D’avontae Rodriguez. It’s pretty bad when COPS Show tuff-guys won’t even live in the same vicinity in which they get paid to swagger on the Big Gov Payroll.

The rich and connected already live separate from even the current “middle” class. especially in the most expensive apartments in New York. Bill Clinton lives in a fortified upstate New York mansion with SG castle walls; you’ll never see America’s First Black Prez residing in crime-infested Jersey City. Sure, he has an office in Harlem, but that area is now gentrified; rent is about $2000 a square foot. Try stopping by Kompound Kennedy to merely worship. Even if you bring gold, frankincense and myrrh – or a bag full of campaign cash – you’ll be tackled to the ground.

The site for the SG’s fortified luxury condos used in the movie is today, a fancy marina compound in fancier Marina Del Rey, California. Maybe if you blow a Schwarzennegger you can get a picture taken there – of you swabbing some decks.

Lõs Angeleeez Mayõr Antõnio Villaraigosa Rõdrigo de Bivãr Hermaño El Jefe spouts liberal bullshit lies, yet he is cynical enough to protect himself from Hispanic Soylent Fans by wisely heightening his fortifications of Nuévo Castillõ Angeles el Moat. You must generously share in Diversity Love, but he…safely farts in silk sheets behind a security perimeter. He and his coloreds conquered the city so, why not be a shot-caller.  If you follow blindly such Liberal Hypocrites you deserved to be damned.

Contrary to leftist Hollywood propaganda, Manhattan is not a prison as in Escape From New York – nor even like SG’s squalid slums. Quite the opposite: NYC is instead a gentrified-fortified rich penthouse island full of $2 Million a-year-rental suites. Anything approaching luxury square-footage is pure Bernie Madoff & “The Donald” Zone. Don’t show up unannounced unless you’re a call girl giving out freebies. The Big Lie is: Manhattan is in reality already a fortified island for the rich to escape to. In a century, I imagine island playground enclaves will be the coolest status symbol for The Elite.

Brazilian Contrast: Slum & Elite

What you will instead have is the favela in Brazil. Poor corrugated steel shack cities full of coloreds at the feet of rich highrise apartments. Only a brown-eyed pua could find fun in the sun there – no Tyler Durden with Canadian features would fare so well in an environment devoid of white skin. According to the PC Liberal Fascists, it’s purely because of Racism!™ In actuality, it’s because of miscegenation and mass extermination. Here, we’ll equananimously return to calling them just plain old “slums” because ghetto and barrio are “racist.”

While Sick Willie is polishing his memoir in his upstate mahogany library, such a restless man of stature ponders bone-polishing opportunity. Gina Gershon‘s gettin’ old now – but oh man, he thinks: Wasn’t that a sweet piece when I had her back when she was 33!

All behind-the-the-scenes SG wealthy do have the opportunity for contacting an agent/pimp to realize the fantasy of watching fading star Hayden Panettiere grinding away underneath them – instead of merely being satisfied watching Heroes re-runs. 2D is for the herd – personal contact is for the Elite. Both she and Amanda Bynes were outed as call girls for rich Arabs – and anyone with the cash, so it’s revealing that these call girls did not sue for libel. There are tons of faded starlets who once were The Shit and blathered about incessantly in the media idiocracy. Those like Axl Rose’s talentless ex-starfucker Erin Everly. This type retreats to the wealthy professional Beta-Dentist archetype simply tickled at providing for a rockstars’s sloppy groupie seconds. The Big Man had her, now I have her, too!  Wealthy Betas: The Stud Farm for retired star-fucker gals put out to pasture as yesteryear’s model. See: Heather Thomas.

Next, The Conclusion: The Elite – The Wealthy & Furniture Girls

20 Comments to “Soylent Suites & Hunger Games Hovels”

  1. I bet you’re enjoying ms. bynes’ inevitable slip into trainwreck skank status as much as I am…Good thing drudge links to dailymail articles, otherwise I wouldnt even know.

    [Bynes is the future Ellen Barkin, whom I write about in the final installment.

    Amanda portrayed a devoted debauchee of PC’s “Magical Miscegenation” in Hairspray, then doubled-down as a Cartoon Christian in Easy A. Like Barkin, liberal Hollywood filth always hand picks its own Straw Men to portray the Serb and Southerner, thus controlling The Message.]

  2. You know about that huh? Hollywood girls hooking on the side? I first found about about it in this old book “You’ll Never Make Love In This Town Again.”

    I just watched Robocop. The original, not the new remake. Corporations offer to bring 1 million jobs to Detroit and rebuilding the city after cleaning up the crime. Seems pretty realistic.

    • The last chapter of this series gives plenty of google-worthy material – over the useful standard “hollywood call girls and clients.”

      CNBC has done at least two exposes on prostitutes to the Elite.

      Hollywood’s kingdom of media are staunch allies of feminism, yet is ominously silent about starlet call girls. These evil institutions now turn hypocrisy into a virtue by twisting the propaganda into “sluts control their bodies – you go, girl!”

      Liberal Hypocrisy is especially difficult to spin. Liberal Hollywood (and financial) Elite strive hard to keep their illicit sex soliciting a deep secret. That is the MAIN reason to investigate and expose it.

      Whatever The Enemy desires kept hidden – bring it forth into daylight.

  3. Perhaps its has been addressed already, but is SG an accurate portrayal of the future?

    [ed note; yes]

    In the seventies it probably was. Forty years later, women’s lib and fag liberation have changed the construct. Our society no longer demands strong, independent males. The pussification of males makes the story of SG less likely. It will likely be women in control as men grovel.

    [as stated in the article, some of the SG’s vision is wrong – most is accurate. Soylent Green will be, in fact, Soylent Syrup. Furniture Boys for Madonna will be as likely as Furniture Girls for Oprah, etc. The point to be reinforced is the Elite dictating policy – while living immune from its consequences – in decadent enclaves.]

    Look at this year’s television programming. It is more and more homosexual and strong woman. Our people are reflecting the mandated culture. Hell, I have nieces in the 7th grade who have lesbian friends. And they know some faggy guys in their class as well. Television tells us this is “The New Normal.”

    [the Elite requires stupid people, led unthinkingly and instinctively by their base primitive sensuality of taste, sex and comfort]

    We are old fashioned, or bigoted, or hateful, or any other pejorative. But, turning our progeny into freaks and deviants is good education, good parenting, good social policy, and somehow good for our Country and People. Forget thousands of years of civilization – centuries of learning from mistakes and successes. We know better know, because some fag on television said something funny, or some lezbo adopted a baby. We know better, but the current and next generations are brainwashed into accepting, promoting, and participating this death call of our People, Religion, and Civilization. SG no longer applies, because men are no longer in charge.

    [it has degenerated too far: we have since past the point of no return. no repair of that Old Ideal is now possible. Instead, complete reconstruction is needed.]

  4. So, how do we turn the tide? How do we get men in charge again? How do we eliminate the influence of women and homosexuals in society and government?

    Like that dickhead Tip O’Neil said, “All politics is local.” Your schools are controlled by your communities. Run for school boards. Run for town and city councils. Sure, in bigger cities this may not be feasible. But, most of this Country is made of small towns and small school districts. In most places I have lived, these important positions have little competition. In many cases they have open positions.

    This is a challenge for the next year. Get elected or appointed to a position in local government. In small towns it is cheap to run for an office. And towns always look for vacancies to be filled. You can get involved by simply asking to fill a position that has been unfilled for months or years.

    As FP says, writing isn’t going to stop anything. Gaining positions in local governments can change the tide.

    Most of the time, these positions do not pay money, but they also demand little of your time.

    I’ve run for office in the past. It was a competitive year. I lost. I have since moved. My old town is full of vacancies and uncontested positions. I have now become established in a new town. And now is the time to begin again.

    • hbdpolicy said: So, how do we turn the tide?

      A tide implies a limited force operating with a boundary. What you have today are two clear opposing forces – like the Civil War. It is pure Left and Right – and it is the Left that is turning the “tide” you envision.

      How do we get men in charge again?

      You are mistaken if you see this conflict solely in MRM terms. Men are indeed, still completely in charge. But that primacy actually favors females when the men are Obama, Rahm Emmanuel & Steven Spielberg. These Elite have a vested interest in neutering what remains of traditional warrior values.

      How do we eliminate the influence of women and homosexuals in society and government?

      It should be clear by now: Eliminate women and homosexuals in society and government.

      Your schools are controlled by your communities. Run for school boards. Run for town and city councils. Sure, in bigger cities this may not be feasible. But, most of this Country is made of small towns and small school districts.

      That is no longer true. For the first time ever, the last census proved that most Americans now live in cities; Liberal, Chocolate Cities with massive influence to capture an entire state’s electoral vote. You see it in statewide votes for US Senators who are Leftist Liberals – even in seemingly “conservative” states. All of NY State is controlled by the likes of US Sen. Charles Schumer because of Manhattan.

      As FP says, writing isn’t going to stop anything. Gaining positions in local governments can change the tide.

      Removing leftist-feminist teachers and their local schoolroom brainwashing is difficult when Big Fed bribes schools and unions with massive Federal Grants – for teaching such propaganda.

      • FP,

        This society rejects any type of dichotomy. This isn’t the Civil War. I wish it were that easy and explained. This society wants grey. This society does not want a black and white answer. They want degrees.

        [ed note: such noncommittal philosophy is what got us into trouble – and what will sink us further into trouble until only an ocean of blood floats the survivors away]

        I think HBD offers this flexibility in degrees. Instead of focusing on a certain race, we can focus on the individual IQ. That takes the the allegations of racism out of the equation. Focus on IQ and the individual performance.

  5. Maybe you can’t get into the Town council, or school board this year. But, government has many factions. You can fill the less desirable boards, like zoning, or environmental, or tourism, etc… Find a position that you can fill, whether you are qualified or not (because most people are not – they are just volunteers wanting to help their community). Once you are a member of a government board your name recognition builds in the community. People don’t vote for names they don’t know. They votes for names they know are involved with the community. They don’t even have to know you, they just need to recognize your name.

    This is how we build. We start small. We gain recognition. And when more important positions open up – such as State reps or senators, we have a base on which to run. We have a community that recognizes our names. At such small offices, we don’t have to address the most controversial issues. We save those opinions for when our elected or appointed positions will make an actual difference in policy change.

    I don’t know if this is FP’s idea of stop writing and start doing, but this is how I am approaching the idea. It is not violent, it is civic-minded, and it builds a base to reach future positions of influence and authority.

    There is no position too lowly to start in. Just get appointed or elected and build from there. We cannot change the system until we are involved and part of the system.

    If this idea is generally accepted here, I would encourage FP to start a status list as readers create civic careers and charts how they progress. Then we will have data to know where we are as a political force.

  6. Wow! Congratuations, HBDP.

    Many different approaches are being tried. Mindweapon has a group devoted to food localization. I belong to a group training STEM fields. Others are develeoping their own ideas. Slowly we’re getting there.

    • Ryu,

      While I appreciate those other ideas, I consider the political realm the most pressing and the most influential – as well as the most accessible for the average person in local politics. I realize in a big city this is not feasible. But, in smaller towns and smaller cities we can influence the direction. Sometimes it is as simple as asking to be appointed to a board. Other times you have to run for an office. It is usually cheap – signs and shaking hands. It is the ground level. It creates name recognition. I failed when I ran for city council (while there was an open school board seat) – and then I moved because of my career. I didn’t fail by much, though. That’s my point. This is accessible, and these are important positions to change minds and culture.

      We start local. We start responsible. We start as members of a community, and then become pillars of a community. And when the opportunity opens itself for policy change, then we act.

      As individuals, we cannot change the whole world by writing. But, as members of government boards, or as elected officials, we can change the attitudes in our communities. We can change policy locally. If enough of us change policy locally, then we change policy nationally.

  7. What’s the time and money commitment on that?

    It sounds good. Start up a site, I’ll help you promote it. I’m basically commited to science and learning, as my master put it, recreating an intellectual elite. But there are many who will like your plan and do it, like WN women.

    • Ryu,

      Time, money, and commitment really depend on the size of the town or city. An appointed position costs nothing, may pay a few dollars a month for expenses, and commitment is only a day or two a month,

      Running for an elected position costs money for signs – in a city you may have to run commercials, but I’m not suggesting that. You also have to be available for newspaper interviews, organized debates, and meeting with private interest groups within the community. It is not a fulltime commitment, but it does require some time. I’m suggesting that people find positions they can be appointed to, or be easily elected to (primarily because there is no competition). Elected positions will require more time and commitment because you represent a group of people as an elected official. You have to meet with your constituents.

      I’m not arguing this is the ONLY way to change society, but it is an important and necessary way to gain access to legislative actions, and the authority in society to determine new cultural standards.

      Perhaps you did not mean it this way, but you last post implies that only women would be interested in gaining political positions. That’s a problem. We need men to gain these positions.

    • Ryu,

      I disagree with your statement that we should be concerned with “recreating an intellectual elite.” We don’t need to recreate it. It exists on its own. We need to recognize our elite. And we need to put them in positions of power that affect public policy and public discourse.

      What is your game plan? You post MMA videos and talk about WN. That’s fine. That’s not my direction or taste, but that is your angle. From your postings, I gather that you expect a violent revolution. Maybe it will be violent.

      I think we still have time to change the public through nonviolent discourse. I don’t mean hippy shit. I mean getting elected to positions in government that can end these destructive policies. We are still free right now. We still get to elect the people we want. Let’s become those people that are elected. Let’s bite our tongue on racial issues, and just get elected. Then we can introduce policies that protect the races.

      Ultimately, it is all about policy. If we want to win, we need to be the policy makers.

    • Ryu,

      Another point – you refer to a master. If you have a master, then you are a slave. I respect and admire many people that have provided me wisdom and different ways of approaching issues. They are not my masters. I chose them. I’m not a slave to them. I respect their opinions. The only master I have is Jesus Christ, because I cannot compete with God.

      This is why I am not a fan of the WN community. You reject your individual humanity to serve some other human being. You call him master. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? How ridiculous it is? This is your only time on earth. Do you want to spend that time serving some other human being? Or do you want to live your life? If you want to be a slave, serve God, not man.

  8. Saxons were fond of meat and fish. However meat was a luxury and only the rich could eat it frequently. The ordinary people usually ate a dreary diet of bread, cheese and eggs. They ate not just chickens eggs but eggs from ducks, geese and wild birds.

  9. Well, master or superior, it is the same to me. I worship ability and there are stronger WNs than I am. I will imitate them until I can exceed them, then they must obey me. This is the nature of the world, fathers and sons, bosses and employees, Christians and Jesus, apprentice and teacher – the lust for power, obediance, attainment, the student exceeds the master. I have no embarassment calling myself a slave if the master is superior.

    We reject our individualism for the group. That’s the price. Today I see white America and there is very little group identity, thus the races with a group ID win out over us – the jews, the muslims, negros, mexicans. This trade is made everywhere in the world – families, the military, the workplace, etc etc.

    • I understand what you are saying. And I tend to agree with it. But, I still hold an allegiance to Country over race. I sympathize and empathize with whites in Europe. As whites, we have invited the mongrels. We were wrong.

      [ed note; that means, there are indeed real consequences for that transgression]

      To be completely honest, I am not ready to reject nationality for race. I think the USA can work with the high IQ immigrants from other Countries, but we don’t need to overwhelm the white majority. But, these are policy decisions made by our Government. The current policy has no control over the sources of immigration. They simply accept every immigrant.

      That is a horrible policy. It needs to be corrected. But, it won’t be corrected until we have elected people who will restrict immigration again.

      [as coloreds take over the entire country, you might as well imagine a once-white (now brown) California suddenly reversing course and electing another Governor like Reagan.]

      Unrestricted immigration is a very new idea. It was an experiment we treat as long held American values. Meanwhile, Americans hate immigration. We always have. We don’t want your tired and weary, we want your best. Perhaps that is where we diverge, Ryu. I don’t mind a minimal population of nonwhites. If I have misunderstood you, then I apologize.

      • It is depressing. We invited this as a Country. It was a terrible mistake, but it was not made by the average American. It was made by politicians who created a new immigration policy.

        I don’t see how we change it, until we create an immigration moratorium. That is a policy that neither Republicans or Democrats are willing to accept.

        If we want to change it, we need to gain positions as policy makers. My argument is that we start small. This is a far different world from 10 or 20 years ago. We need to build a base – a base that exists among the everyday population. Whites, asians, blacks, hispanics, they do not want new immigrants. I don’t think the WN angle is helpful or appropriate right now. Every legal demographic wants to stop or limit immigration. This overwhelming majority is ignored by the two major parties. We need to change it by entering the political realm as leaders and members. As I argued previously, we start this in our communities. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen if we make the effort. We are more involved, we care more, and spend more of our time on these issues. We should take this beyond message boards. We need to become the policy makers. And we do that by becoming elected or appointed members of the governing office.

        You don’t have to be a genius, or a political hack, or a business owner to enter the political realm. You just need to be willing to spend the time. You have to hold your tongue when appropriate. You have to be accessible and meet with people. You need to meet with and build your local community.

        Perhaps we can develop some thread on running for office, or getting involved with appointed positions. That is the beginning of change. That is how we begin to turn the tide.

      • Okay. I’ll see you and raise you.

        Write the article. Send it to me at I will publish it and we’ll see what happens.

  10. Ryu,

    Great. I will present an article in the next couple of days.

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