Murdering Muslims

by Firepower

Not For Hunting Deer

During the lull in our 12-hour News Cycle, in which everything gets forgotten when The Latest Outrage!© wipes the slate clean, wise-wiseguys earn their rep to take a parting shot before the next newsy wave of collapse.  Lemmings and Herd Animals aren’t known for their memory prowess.

While mocking the ‘hairy rabble spouting gibberish’ (it’s called foreign language, btw) just remember:  That “rabble” fights for what it believes in – against the ostensibly mightiest nation in history.  They’re not so intimidated…

When citizen and government have a closer arms parity, freedom ensues.  When Minutemen had similar muskets and cannon to George W’s, everybody was respectful to each other.  By the time the Civil War came around, arrogant Fed Gov flexed its muscles.  When machine guns, tanks, helicopters and night-vision spy satellites finally arrived, the State determined itself as ruler over subjects that once were citizens.  When citizens have arms parity against evil government – they have parity of freedom.  They have rights of The Elite who rule them.   The Muslim Brotherhood didn’t dare even disperse the rioters, much less gas them.

We pride ourselves on our 2nd Amendment – our ability to stockpile arms that cake with dust.

We mock the Embassy protesters, yet they are armed with fully automatic AK-47‘s – not an NRA/BATF-approved semi-auto SA-93 version of The “Free” American.  The “rabble” gets Maobama to bend, while He flaunts his brisk Golf schedule to unemployed US workers.

There were even protesters strolling inside the embassy compounds brandishing rocket launchers.  You don’t have rocket launchers.

You, have TV…

Gun Rights Activists: impoverished Muslim protesters are armed better than you.

9 Comments to “Murdering Muslims”

  1. You know, I wrote almost the same thing you did to one of those dangerous guys – the patriotic, ex military, Amurican survivalists.

    He did not understand. He bought the ZOG line that they are just stupid animals. He said that we are winning over there. They do this at our pleasure. Ugh.

    • A small handful of “raghead savages,” barely functional with English, did more to change the course of modern American history than an entire battalion of disgruntled Iraqi War vets who belatedly discovered they died for Saudi Oil, yet sit on their asses playing CoD to relive “the good old days.”

  2. Hey so the towel heads hate Americans because of their ultra zionist position. If you are going to kick a wasp nest expect to get stung, What has the violent anarchy implicit in your post above got to do with anything?

    [not so, me lil’ oirish paddie: You former UKers are more advanced than us yankees and are the Ultimate Evolution of White Mankind: Disarmed, neutered and eager for Brown Mobs to emigrate and eradicate your entire history. Coloreds murder and rape whites daily yet no hornet nest-retribution follows. the muzz should instead attack an irish embassy – maybe that’s where all those dusty IRA weapons are stored. Along with a lonely EU Spank Sock.
    Besides, you britties burn more american flags IN LONDON than you do Paki flags.
    and to think, all the Brown Muzz did For England – was burn London last year]

    • The muzz, as you so colourfully put it tend to leave us alone. Maybe it’s because we say that it is a wrong for the Israelis to be constantly killing them with weapons supplied by the American taxpayer.

      [ed note; they leave you lads alone because Ire-Land doesn’t buy enough oil to fill a Mini Cooper. As I told Ye: Yanks don’t hypnotically fight for Israel – we do so for Saudi Arabia. There’s not enough Jewish votes and money (even in Modern Amerexica 2.0) to outweigh one year’s worth of Oil, that is – Arab Gold, Saudi Tea…]

      • Hey Like Peace Firepower Baby. You want to kill the camel jockeys – that’s fine – do your thing. I don’t mind you whining when every now and again they get a bit uppity.

        [ed note; it is foolish to screech at arabs 5,000 miles away in cairo. i care about coloreds looting, burning and killing – HERE.
        let The Farm Boys & SeAL Team 6
        for Old King Tut]

  3. “A small handful of “raghead savages,” barely functional with English, did more to change the course of modern American history …”

    Rent-a-mobs, directed from high places. Maybe even from ones close to us.

    Men take collective violent action only when one or more of these conditions is present:

    – leadership and coordination from a high place

    – doing it is a fun, low risk way to earn cred and maybe get laid

    – when they are literally hungry.

    White Americans are east germanized. Muslims and NAMs are incited and guided.

  4. Hey Firepowers!
    Nice piece!
    Hope it won’t jam!
    What’s your take on US military?
    Here in Poland we have this theory that after the hyperinflation kicks in the army will take over.
    Do you think it’s too ambitious a thought to trust that femas were build for socialists and traitors?

    [ed note: Your “Polish Theory” grants excessive generosity to the competency of the US military: They can’t even conquer a ragtag band of goatherding Afghani ragheads, keep cocaine out of Miami – or illegal mexicans flooding over the border armed only with used milk jugs full of tapwater. Even when they know the exact GPS location of well-worn border crossing paths.

    No. The only people who fear the US Military are WN’s and whites.]

  5. It’s not just that the jihadist fights for what he believes in, but that he fights for what the radical “Western” liberal believes in. This is why the jihadist and radical “Western” liberal can both ally and cut each others’ throat. Both seek radical liberation and only the jihadist seems to enjoy its application for he is not even implicitly or explicitly held to account for his mass-murdering ways.

  6. Similar action replicated in Britain, Europe, or North America would necessarily have to be executed by individuals or small gangs, not disorderly mobs.

    Don’t underestimate the propaganda value of high-profile performance art, to be broadcast in global mass media.

    Britain, in particular, is ripe for a campaign, IRA-style. Bring the MultiKult to its knees.

    My local cadre is in touch with former and serving White military officers, including individuals at Camp Pendleton and Miramar, who are fully on board with us.

    At the same time, I occasionally see truckloads of fat, dead-eyed Africans and Hispanics in military garb rumbling through the streets.**

    I’m not concerned.

    **[tell us more about this]

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