The Greatest Enemy to the Future of White Nationalism

by Ryu

Miss Bella Thorne

I’m very unhappy about writing this post.  I just don’t see any way around it.  Most of you know that the United States is center of ZOG.  If the US falls, ZOG falls.  The greatest enemy to WN is white, ex-military, Amuricans (WEA).  They are Americans first, whites second.  They have very antiquated ideas about America but they are very dogmatic.  Many are survivalists.

I take alot of flak for my attempts to rate and score WNs, and that’s alright.  I don’t ask for pity and it’s my little project. Internal inconsistencies always manifest themselves.  I have probed and searched many of these WEAs.  These people do not really love the white race.  At best, they are often weak racial realists – they recognize interracial violence and third world immigration but go no further.  They lack the love of the white race to really take it up a level.

They’ve infiltrated several WN sites.  Again, the profile is….…. white, male, survivalist, usually ex-military.  They will not use words like nigger, kike, beaner, spic or dink.  They never seem to comment or show up on stories that real WNs do like jewry, the holocaust fable, the holodomor, racial mixing, skinheads and so on.  You will find them on the typical stories of negros beating up whites and general PC trivia.  Alot of times the patriotism only manifests itself on their own sites, not when on ours.  They don’t seem to do that on purpose.

The big issue here is if anything gets in the way of racial loyalty.  America or the white race, chose one?  They chose America.  They may not say it; they’ll deny it but they cling to the flag.

I’ve read some mind boggling stories of what white American soldiers did to German POWs post WW2.  They too were serving their country and just following orders.  How much more they would do today if given the word.  I can almost picture soldiers/cops in their ninja costumes, given the choice between saving white America or saving the new Meximerica.  The Amuricans would choose the flag, the constitution and the past over their racial brothers in Europe and Oceania.

This is the time of THE GATHERING.

Various factions are coming together.  More WN sites are popping up all the time, meeting new WNs quicker.  It’s a symptom of ZOG pushing the AA line and doubling down.  People with questions look around for allies and sometimes they find us.  We passed peak negro but the beast is going down hard, gonna start up new wars in Syria, Iran or Libya while throwing around some more quantitative easing.

I don’t promote paranoia, and I know that people are capable of growth.  Probably no one starts out as a WN.  But some people have limits.  Putting America or love of country before race is a big problem.  Be on the lookout.

30 Comments to “The Greatest Enemy to the Future of White Nationalism”

  1. Lolz this train of thought is NATIONAL SOCIALIST
    It’d be fine if you understood that doctrine, but judging from firepowers metaphors, you don’t. That means there’s no dialogue (borrowing from the jews) possible.
    Nationalism is fine and dandy, unless it conflicts with the existence of the state and free market.
    Is an american soldier a racist national white socialist when he orders a drone via WoW interface the bombing of arab kids? Is he a hero then? Is he a hero when he tazers a reactionary civilian who disrespected his lofty ideals?
    Mb those who “infiltrate” the WNs, has been to a war?
    It’s bad, but give some modern lenin benefit of dobt, and it’ll get much worse.

  2. I question the sincerity of patriotards. People say one thing when trashtalking online, do something else when Katrina hits the fan.

    Spetnaz sang glories of Lenin. Then after 1991, they all went freelance in the private sector.

  3. Besides, I was a patriotard when I was in the Army too. A young man wants to live something, and what better to love than your country. Of course, there was still a lot of real America left to love in the early 90s. Driving through rural Illinois or Nebraska meant you see Americans. No Mestizo helots anywhere in those places then.

    My heart still quicken when I hear that Lee Greenwood song.

  4. PA,

    Alot of these guys seem to hang on to the affliction after they did their time. I just can’t get through the patriotism haze. Some even reject the MSM but then believe that we won in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe I need to wait 10 years

    My heart quickened at a few scenes during the Amerika series I covered; I’m not totally immune yet. What a great story we had – that’s all over now, nothing but myth. I get the impression today that even if martial law was declared, we’ll be the land of the fee and home of the slave.

  5. “What a great story we had –that’s all over now, nothing but myth”

    It’s completely dead. Dissolution and reconstitution is the name of the game.

    I got through TSA screening last week to remind me of that fact that old America is dead. To keep my dignity, I look the gropers hard in the eye and passive-aggressively say “what” in cold monotone, pretending repeatedly to not hear or understand their questions. Meanwhile, sheep to my right and left in line raise their arms high in the air and smile apologetically as they’re irradiated.

    I don’t know the SF guys you wrote about. Ive known them when I was in, and they all impressed me as very immune to the mindless hooah shit. That’s for dumbass Airborne privates and junior enlisted Marines. Special Forces guys I knew were professionals.

  6. PA,

    I don’t want to blow my cover. They don’t know I’m a WN yet.

    I know what you’re saying, but you’re wrong. This guy is SF; teaches classes. Knows his stuff but when we talk about pushing the limits, using our brains and reading between the lines, nothing is there. He thinks he is proud to be white but goes on about the American melting pot.

    I don’t care about the “professional” label. They work for money, so they are professional whores. What the master says, they do. A major priority for us has to be destroying this worship of the ZOG military. I see it and it makes the worship and fanboyism of the MRM look like nothing.

    Learning how to shoot a gun, jog, pushups, COIN, jumping is easy. Easy! You can find it all online in a heartbeat. Question the holocaust, question multiculturalism and there is no manual, no backup, no medivac, no million dollar budget. Takes guts. I believe that real WNs are the strongest in the world, the very best of our race.

  7. Most of this alleged patriotism is merely people defending their comfort. They’re afraid if there is too strenuous a political and cultural confrontation it will cause economic disruption and have a negative effect on their comfort level, and the system is very good about stoking these fears and painting itself and its policies as the source of their prosperity (“if we cut down immigration the economy will collapse!” “The Navy, defending trade lanes all over the world!”). You might make a little headway by pointing out the long term economic effects of third-worlding America, the reality that the vast majority of these new migrants are incapable of sustaining or contributing much to an advanced society, and that their votes will be economically disastrous, but I doubt it. It will take an economic collapse to make them abandon support for the present social system (which they are fully aware is bullshit) and when and if that collapse comes you’ll see this fake “patriotism” disappear overnight. My sense is that this flag-waving nonsense is stronger among the conservative middle and upper middle class, the ones who live in decent neighborhoods, than it is among poorer whites. The system still works for them.

    • Yes. Bread & Sports carry the day. It is NOT only a lesson for the hypnotized – but the hypnotists.

      R. said: Most of this alleged patriotism is merely people defending their comfort.

      When Bread & Circuses hypnotize the populace, easy governing – for five decades – is assured.

      They’re afraid if there is too strenuous a political and cultural confrontation it will cause economic disruption and have a negative effect on their comfort level,

      …and, when you get the military to worship Bread & Sports on its off-duty days, easy governing is assured – until the final collapse.

      the system is very good about stoking these fears and painting itself and its policies as the source of their prosperity

      Communist totalitarian autocracies were highly successful with this policy. Imagine how long the USSA will last with equally stupid subjects – and all those Reality Shows & McDonald’s.

  8. Am curious. How do you square your WN policing efforts with appearing on the same blog as Firepower, who some months ago wrote a silly, laughably subjective piece apologizing for Israelis Jews and pretending American Jews don’t support Israel?

    I note your one comment therein was limited to the taboo of even saying the word “Jew”. You’re a smart guy, I know that, and I could not readily believe you accept his borderline republicunt delusions about Jews and Israel. You’ve simply read too much Linder et al. to be so selectively stupid. I have no doubt that Kievsky would agree with me, for one.

    For my part, shit like the above means I can follow one less blog everyday. There are too many forthrightly yid-critical blogs today to waste time on one hosting an apologist.

    • stfu – You don’t understand the bigger picture and the bigger enemy (nor read what I wrote):
      – Ultra-liberal usa jews hate israel.
      – Spielbergs & Sulzburger types hate Israel because it is conservative.

      Does Obama look like a friend to Israel even after all the Hollywood/Wall Street campaign cash he sucked-up?

      All leftists hate nationalism and conservatism. Yes, most Hollywood and financial jews (and coloreds) are leftists. The real enemy of wn, mrm and other such movements is Left-Liberalism – the five-fingered fist. If you would choose a place for Chris Matthews and Tom Hanks simply because of their “whiteness” over David Horowitz & Charles Krauthammer you relegate wn to its perpetually untenable position of SS tats and combat boots at a weekend Kuntry Kompound. Not much Storm Troopin’ goin’ on there – or need for “combat” anything.

      It’s just venting at ONE enemy, while others like feminism and Union Educrats, etc. sneak up behind you, surround you, wipe you out and march you off to re-education camp.

      wn’s harken back to the “good old days” of Hitler’s style of Nazism. That strategy will NOT work in America. That worked in 1930’s Germany only because they were ALL German; there weren’t any coloreds. Adolf’s biggest strategic threat were Communists and he eradicated them (pure Aryans as they were) before anyone else. Chris Matthews and Joe Biden would’ve marched in Berlin Bolshevik Parades.

  9. ryu said: If the US falls, ZOG falls. The greatest enemy to WN is white, ex-military, Amuricans (WEA). They are Americans first, whites second.

    It’s not only wea that’s the problem. It’s white media, educators and law, etc. All of these groups indicate a structural problem within white culture, greater than only the military group.

    To die for Iraqi Voters is violently foolish in its inception, so expecting vets to suddenly awaken seems futile when what they should do is form a secret society (as other betrayed warriors historically did) and cleanse both political parties.

    Jefferson said the Tree of Liberty required renewal with the blood of patriots – and tyrants.

    There’s a seemingly endless supply of Farm Boy Jordies eager to return home in a wheelie and shit in a bag for Obama; that is a structural problem originating in Government School Propaganda fostered by Fat White Feminazi Educrats.

    Until such Totalitarian Liberalism is eradicated – fresh crops will bloom for the harvest yearly.

  10. Most post-WWII and pre-millenial combat vets that I know are pretty hard-core race realist. WW-II vets have always been fucked in the head because they were built up so that their entire self-worth rested on the victory that came from fighting a militant white nationalism. That moral compromise ultimately allowed cultural Marxism entry into the traditional social systems. There are the hard-core deracinated individualist types, but they tend to be moderate Republicans with no post WWII war experience from what I have seen. Most prole Republicans over a certain age, and hence most white vets, would prefer a racial nation over a prop nation.

    • That’s interesting.
      White ww2 vets who fought Germans usually are the ones with regrets, who fall prey to the PC filmaker getting them to squirt a few on camera.
      A British vet told me:

      “I’ll never go to war against a White Man again.”

      No “greatest generation” vet shoots TV-Tears over killing Japs.

      It’s the other side of the coin that is always suspiciously neglected by “filmakers”; vets who fought the Japs were encouraged by BIGov to Race Kill with glee. And they did.

      • Yes, I’m sure there are a significant contingent of those who woke up. Anyone with a respectable IQ and eyes would have, and anyone with a higher IQ would have been emotionally devastated at the prospect of shooting what amounted to family members, but unfortunately most vets have an average IQ and are thus more susceptible to sophisticated programming.

        I have a feeling that the WWII vet realist to proto-dildo ratio has precisely to do with how much any particular vets life improved as a result of being a war hero or otherwise associated with “the greatest generation”. It’s similar to Al Bundy fetishizing his time as a high school football champion. It it’s all that you have, then you are less likely to be open to contrarian views. The television and film culture has done everything in their power, for 75-ish years, to make even the lowly supply line personnel, who were behind any real fighting by 1-2 days, almost mythological heroes. Hence, we had a generation whose parents had a proper worldview for the most part, but who were torn between that and the psychological programming that they received, en masse, that informed them that racism was wrong. The message was reinforced by making them the primary beneficiaries, of that time, of upholding the narrative. They essentially made them partners with Jews and minorities, all for the price of a half-million deaths or so plus the slaying of their brothers and cousins by the millions.

      • I’m often reminded of ww2 USMC General “Chesty” Puller.
        His dutiful (only) sonny-boy went off to ‘nam “to save Murka from Commie-nism” and got his legs & coinpurse blown off.

        You can read of the fun-final results in his autobiography.

        Most flag-waving howlers, like the stereotypical Archie Bunker Hardhat Set, got a swift kick to the nuts when Vietnam happened; it chewed-up and spat out their sons – all for the odd combo of LBJ & Tricky Dick – so they got a kicking from both sides.

        Nam made them all look like fools. Sadly, today all they do is whine for the TVCam dressed up in their pin-spangled camo vests at the DC Nam Wailing Wall and push boys to die for Israel; misery loves company…

      • Good comment, FP. I found this by Chesty:
        “Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any America—because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.”

        So basically, Pulley’s son got blown up. He got a law degree and was a writer. He turned to drink and blew his own head off. A common story, even today. Thanks Uncle Sam!

        I do have a hard time believing that a Jordie could like “Fortunate Son.”

      • Ryu, All I see is White women with black men, in terms of “foreign men” being discussed. Miscegenation with a lower form of human.

        [do you even glare at them? voice your disapproval? do the SS really scoop you up
        on Federal Treason “charges of vocal anti-MINOism?”]

      • Okay. You don’t like miscogenation. Do you approve of Joe Paul Franklin?

  11. Matterhorn, a Vietnam novel, is race realist.

  12. It’s true. Modern military programming in the USA is a strange mix of nationalism wrapped in liberalism. You almost have to be stupid or severely traumatized to not let the cognitive dissonance bother you. The thanks that vets get, when they get out, is not having a place either with the Brahmins or the real nationalists. Lucky for them, their brand of conservatism is most mainstream but it still doesn’t help them prosper outside of prole professions even though they are the military arm of Brahmin liberalism. The WWII vet that I know most well lost his son to Vietnam and still holds the narrative and general support for any and all of our wars.

    • Modern military programming in the USA is a strange mix of nationalism wrapped in liberalism

      Soldiers are stupid. It is the explanation for why US boys die for Iraqi boys who won’t fight for their own skins. It’s why they follow Bush & Obama’s executive orders protecting Syrian borders 10,000 miles away, yet sputter impotently when Miggers invade Texas borders ten feet away.

      SEE: Vets As Renewable Meatbag:

      Soldiers are nationalists – but just liberal nationalists. Liberal nazis use white Janissaries to foster the nationalism of their Brown Man as the ideal race.

  13. So there’s this news coming from South Carolina, where a nigga shot up a wheatie slut who was a news reporter.

    It appears he was a disgruntled employee calling wheatie as racists, but it’s probably he couldn’t get any wheatie poon to nullify his feelings. He probably wasn’t trying hard enough, since this incident will probably spark more miscegenation between wheatie sluts and Tyrones in the world.

    • * I meant Virginia!

    • And TD’s nigel-self annihilating theory becomes a hardcore reality.

    • Where’s the actual video where he caps her? I want to see it.

      Americans are such rats. They love violence when it is fictional. But when it happens in real life, they shrink.

      I liked this one. He must have forgotten the rule: if you’re going into the kill zone of a sniper, be first. Afterward he just sights in.

  14. So Ryu: To answer your question about Joe Paul Franklin.

    Yes, but we really need normal looking guys to target coloreds.

  15. Don’t be too hard on these guys, most are disillusioned and haven’t seen the problem clearly yet. They got them young, and they were Gung Ho to be part of a team. Then their coaches were niggers and their officers were lesbos and that’s when they decided not to go career. This is a good thing. Only White men can win against White men. These guys are tired both physically and emotionally. Spiritually they’re drained from the fake Murka they saw when they left Whitopia to join the brown hordes. They’re coming around. We’ll need em.

    • @Joshua Sinistar

      Don’t be too hard on these guys, most are disillusioned and haven’t seen the problem clearly yet.

      That’s the same line as a witey who “can’t he problem clearly yet” with coloreds moving on his street. It’s not innocence, it is ignoring and denial. Those are childish responses fit for the GENBrandon ManBabies hatched from BIGov Skools.

      It is not we who must prove ourselves to such cattle but rather they who must prove themselves to US after serving so many successive evil regimes from LBJ-ReaganBush to Obamao.

    • What more will it take, Joshie? Could it be more obvious who rules the US?

      The problem IS that the USG gets them young. The enemy gets their best years. WN gets then 20 years after retirement, when they are busted and broken down. Then they can’t do anything.

      They are servants, and I regard them as such. They’ll obey any order as long as the money’s good.

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