Soylent Solution: Kill Old Whites

by Firepower

[ed note: in all my articles at WordPress, I have never experienced the amount of censorship of pictures and links as I have in this following article]

Previously, we’ve examined the Soylent Seniors and the real, much darker face of the Soylent Poor.  Now we will see how these two groups fit in among The Elite.  After all, there are always winners and losers in every political scheme dependent upon passing out freebies.  That fact is based solely on a cost-benefit analysis by those working the cash register.  Hmm…Maybe I will watch The Hunger Games after all.  You just ensure you read The Camp of The Saints, first.  You’re gonna need it…

Part III
The Soylent Sendoff

The specter of being poor – but old and helpless – in Brown World looms over the fate of the old animal limping around the jungle. Even if you were a ……devoted Obama Voter and messianic disciple of His Gospel and prove to The Party you were a loyal Obama-ite obeying His every whim – you’ll still cost too much to keep around; those future colored vote-sprouts are irresistible and simply put, worth politically more than you. You’ll be tormented toys for the ultra-violence of A Clockwork Orange, but that is another movie. The droogs won’t be white. Hey, isn’t that happening right now?

Those born in 1916 who curiously avoided that little thing called WW2 have the luxury of “Environmental Focus.” Gentrified son of The Hollywood Elite, Yalie and liberal Brown University kid, Soylent Green (SG) director Richard Fleischer never could have predicted (while sitting safe in his gated mansion) that his liberal big government pals could actually find a way to make tremendous operating (and growth) profit out of regulatory fining. Oy. The Hollywood concoction of poor eating the poor is today, deservedly ironic in its wildly mistaken falsity. His call girl humping, luxury-sucking dross is straight from Hollywood central casting (and his same home zip code) and right out of the future Charlie Sheen biographical movie. Such Elites have the added luxury of getting paid millions to spread their propaganda via Hollywood and Main Stream Media, while living safely in gated SG Fort Mansions. Common people are now too stupid and educationally deteriorated to even notice.

google Bob Strait & Tyrone Woodfork

Screaming Socialist Liberals control Hollywood, so Screaming Socialist Liberals re-write and direct movies. They only make the kind where the Innocent Victims are their pets, and the villains are only rich Republicans. Rich Republicans are villains, but no more so than Screaming Socialist Liberals.

The lesson is:

Republicans want to pay you $200 a week to polish their platinum toilets, while Liberals want to give you $200 a week to sit on your ass and breed more thug spawn – but only if they’re colored. Both these disparate political teams have different winners – but each has the identical loser: White males.

In reality, Leigh Taylor-Young was born in the wealthiest suburb of now ghastly Detroit. So, naturally, she threw The Fuck of A Lifetime to a then-hot then-famous actor. It was in actuality, an IRL meeting of elites. Even after tossing in his version of the Forever Fuck of Holy Matrimony, a has-been Ryan O’Neal, today, can do nothing more save wish in vain for a mere charity fuck from Amanda. LiLo would be too expensive even if when Tatum talks her into it.

If old and poor – you really will be better off dead in a Socialist Amerexiqa.  Your medical bills exceed what Big Gov is willing to pay.  Your one vote against The Establishment cannot compare to the 100 pro-establishment votes it buys with Food Stamps:  99% of the black automaton voted for Obama.

Your retirement will be taken and given to colored mobs in exchange for votes; it’s a win-win for Big Government. Until whites can unflinchingly eradicate coloreds the way coloreds celebrate the eradication of even elderly, helpless whites around the scalping party campfire – america will continue its downward trend. Future america will be small “a” america.

Next up: Privileged Living in the Soylent Suites

30 Responses to “Soylent Solution: Kill Old Whites”

  1. What do you mean? They wouldn’t link? They were taken down?

    Strange. I’ve writen articles with nigger in the title, kike, beaner. I’ve post holohoax comics and nigger comics too and I’ve never had a problem. This is the land of the free!

    • The pics of Bob & Nancy Strait – and that racist black pic of Woodfork with the crown kept “disappearing” in the post. No less than 15 times. The woodfork pic is from a Blogspot site. Here is the addy in case it ever “disappears” again:

      I had two more. I hesitate to restore them and start all over again a 16th time. There really, truly is no free speech here anymore; not since the early Clinton Era.

      I titled this pic “Bob & Nancy Strait” and it belongs at the beginning of para “Those born in 1916”. Both pics – and especially the Woodfork pic – were meant to be 1/3 the size you see.

      Bob & Nancy Strait

      I do not want the picture censorship to be the focus.

      Then, what is lost is the text’s focus on the fate awaiting old whites in 2050 who will have no Social Security or MediCare – or the money to flee homeland neighborhoods perpetually ravaged by colored migration and encroachment. Obamacare guts MediCare. Grandkids will be forced to bear that added expense of geriatric care as their wages are simultaneously eaten by HIGH TAXES to pay for colored welfare babies.

  2. If you are linking to pictures on another person’s site the owner may remove/change the picture.

  3. Do you imagine no scenarios other than the continued decay of the old 50-state USA?

    • zlozlzolzozlzo i do hey PA where’s ur U at?
      1. Firepowers reads my next post “on monarchy, freedom and fails”
      2. Firepowers puts hit name on the line and writes an official and flowing letter adressed “to da amry and cya”
      3. In said letter firepowers, instead of dissing little people, paints the picture of futur with shit mixed with cum and blood
      4. Firepowers presents do “da amry & cya” da solution – martial law, all socialists to da fema, install Ron Paul as a king.
      5. The letter ends with
      ur honest and concerned firend
      Firepowers, who had his way with the words, and finally found the way
      6. we explore cosmos and intestines of atom
      stop playing monopoly start playing with guns, lazers and starcraft, don’t be a cannibal, let’s kill some aliens for a change lolozlozloz

    • No. The four parts of this series illustrate the future:
      Generally, a cancer does not heal in its own.
      There is no magical reversal of a trend.
      That trend IS an increasing colored population.
      That population is increasingly violent and stupid.

      Whites’ numbers are at the same time dwindling.
      Social Security WILL fail and abandon grampa.

      Corporate profits for the wealthy are at record levels.
      Yet, the gap between the Middle Class
      and the Madoff/Trump class is the widest ever.

      • People can LEAVE or dissolve and reconstitute. is there still an Ottoman Empire?

      • Once, when refugees left a struggling homeland – the main place they went to was America. But, now Americans themselves have no “america” to emigrate to.

        The Ottomans fell due to the internal corruption of their decadent political system and the softness of their effete-elite rulers. That same future eerily awaits the usa.

        The only ones who were “saved” enough to be reconstituted were the Ottoman wealthy merchant class – equipped with that best/real-est Savior ever: Money.

        For the final end, another powerful nation (the UK) targeted Turkey for eradication to create a power vacuum that Britain graspingly desired to fill itself – in order to control newly discovered oil.

  4. it will be the total end – you can see it now in black crimes on whites in cities. The media wont report it of course.

  5. Seriously now – I thought it was one of your best posts to date. I’m sorry your censors didn’t see it that way.

  6. You’re right, FP. Alot of pictures are disappearing. Who’d you piss off?

    [writing unflatteringly of The Media is the PUREST FORM of heresy today]

  7. firepower you and all your scum are NOTHING BUT RACISTS and should ALL DIE LIKE the scum you are. piggty and price are the true genius!

    [ed note: then go ahead and read them. not only you will the next 30 years of topics pre-ordained for you, you’ll be able to predict and thus memorize them far, far in advance]

    • LOL! What’s matter? Pig and Welmer can’t get out of the echo chamber and show up themselves? They’re too busy WINNING!

      Go tell that kosher conservative Pig and Welmer and his merry band of jews, niggers, spics and dinks to join us, or get out of the way.

  8. “Screaming Socialist Liberals control Hollywood”
    lol not sure what goes on on the disney channel but even though
    I see pyramids, and eyes every second movie these days,
    off the top of my head on Haywire, Bourne’s trilogy, Shooter, rogue agents start thinking for themselves and beat the crap of the corrupt power structure. not to even mention Salt about manchurian candidates

    [ed note: this will likely be the primer and the blasting cap that strikes a blow for freedom. if Maj. Hassan Nidal can do it for his cause…]

    From Shooter:
    “Nothing, no matter how horrible happens without the approval of the government. Here and there.”

  9. Anecdote Alert (AA):

    Recently meeting more wealthy Whites moving (or considering moving) to Costa Rica, Chile, or Australia, who’ve sent (or married off) offspring there or purchased property there.

    Sign o’ the fuckin’ times.

    • There will be a problem when the money runs out and the indigent, insipid heirs remain; they’ll typically be devoured by the Hispanic Junta Gang, thus eradicating their genes forever. Mengele survived, but he must have had some skill an Argentine Jefe admired.

  10. LBF,

    I’ve heard about that. Northwest or north Costa Rica, Chile is somewhat white, Australia has issues with muzzies. Pat and Cammie could talk about that.

    I know about whites retireees setting up colonies in Mexico, Guatamala and such, but I don’t think its a great solution. Then again, maybe a few of them will flourish if they are strong enough.

  11. ryu, chuck and price are tru geniuses like Bardamu ...and i blow them

    [ed note: i’m done with you – moron]

  12. FP, what’s the difference between your writing and that anti-racist troll?

    [the main diff? I am 100% correct: I believed ferdi the typical empty 20-something,
    piggi the copycat whiner and pricey the ineffectual slogger]

  13. The logical end of your writing: that every one of the half-a-billion whites alive today off ourselves. But first snuff out any white still child alive.

    • Whites – the vast majority – won’t need to arouse their slackitude and wimperingly off themselves: Coloreds will gladly off them for the sheer orgiastic violent joy of The Kill – the way any normal enemy should feel about vanquishing a foe.

      Then, answer me this: Do whites look like they’re taking over ANY major US urban cities – except Manhattan?

  14. Come now, PA. Probably the best proof that FP is a WN is that I haven’t been kicked off yet.

    I believe FP is trying to motivate whites, showing them a probable future so that they get off their butts and do something productive. It takes dramatic and extremism to make the passive care.

    [ed note: A+
    What PA does not (yet) grasp is when a rabblerouser tells blacks – “They wanna put y’all back in chains!” the black replies: “Kill them whitey muthufuckas!!!” And, goes out and DOES so.

    When whites are told via 18,000,000,000 deeply detailed and explanatory blogs that whites get Woodforked and Channon gets Letalvissed…whites scream “racist!” then polish their teeny-pareenie eyeglasses – and go out and build a Habitat Fo’ Humanity Home for a single black welfare mom of nine.]

  15. Firepower, I grasp the situation fully. Yet, several decades ago whites killed black punks who whistled at married white women, while adult blacks tipped their hats to white teenagers. WHAT caused that change?

    My answer: a top-down institutional change. My solution includes the appeal to the ruling class, who get old, retire, die, and are replaced by their younger heirs. A reverse march through the institutions. It is not the only solution, but it is an important one. Commenters influence bloggers, bloggers influence journalists, journalists influence scientists and politicians. The red pill dispensing also awakens whites.

    End game of this particular stratagem: like with Communism, people who matter will stop believing lies, and then they will stop pretending to believe the lies.

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