Liberals Are the Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

LOVE Youtube for publicizing Muslim Brotherhood Jihadis’ Arab Spring revolution!

HATE Youtube –

for publishing The Innocence of Muslims!

6 Comments to “Liberals Are the Kind of People That…”

  1. From what i can tell from wiiki libya under gaddafy had no debt, and highest gdp (hdi or whatever socialists count in sleep) amongst all muslin countires. And he was a king.
    “Gaddafi seized power in a bloodless military coup” Bravo!
    “he acquired chemical weapons” Well done!
    “xporting as much oil per capita as Saudi Arabia and through various welfare programs” socialism hwaiting!
    “Gaddafi (…) welcomed international inspections on (…) [WMDs]., just ike Iran.”
    Fk i hate muslims!

  2. Hey! you know about that trick, the ass stabbing. I didn’t know Qaddafi experienced that. It’s a trick that is sometimes used in rough neighborhoods – something more than a beating but less than a shot to the head.

  3. How is sodomizing a person with a knife and then executing him better than anything?
    There are rules in a civilised world. No torture. No execution wthout a trial.

  4. Is this normal in your hood?
    (from american history x)

    If so I simply can’t relate, but i get it.

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