Gun Confiscation After Katrina

by Ryu


I just found this video.  Pretty eye-opening, even if you’ve known about these things:


5 Comments to “Gun Confiscation After Katrina”

  1. Shouldn’ ryu be writing about 9/11?
    As Katrina was a false flag as well, but by way of HAARP.
    Counter Currents on 9/11:

    • If you think it takes some Big Conspiracy
      to off generations of coloreds living in Federal Subsidy Welfare Shacks
      20 ft. below sea level in Nawlins…
      you’re overcomplicating
      what is simple

      I admire Sean Penn for his banging Madonna when she was still bangable
      His Deep Rich Bronze Tan
      Effective use of ‘roids & HGH
      Pumping Scarlett on the rebound
      His fabulously wealthy social sphere
      And his getting Government Permission
      to Openly Carry a 12 gauge

  2. I found a Firepower worthy catchphrase:
    O’er the Laaaaand of the Feeeeeee, and the Hoooooome of the Slaaaaaaave.
    [ed note: 100% Firepower Approved]

    • Drink up!
      Wel ooooooooooooooooh
      I feel like this land is morphing into sth not ever outsourced
      into chink chess factories, bishop beaten by king and then sacrificed by a queen
      castling into a fort knox empty, reinforcements coming from all directions
      come you’ll profit from independence from your own statt canibals
      as the usa is not protected by seans pen, and even less by his
      quarter sawed offs, am i losing ryu america, have we not reprimended
      the statt long enuff?
      books are cool. what is this b000ksz you have on ur drought/right?
      mb rite some rites of passage for them
      and the decision, now that’s the thing that intrigues me the most.

  3. It consisted basically of a bunch of rusty guns in crates with hand-written tags on them, which according to NRA Attorney Dan Holliday were added long after the time of confiscation. Holliday viewed the guns and hired a private investigator to attempt to contact the people listed on the tags, but some did not want to talk, while others stated that they actually had their guns confiscated from their homes while they were not even at the residence at the time. In addition, many people had moved.

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