Feudal America: Hunger Games For Kids & The Soylent Green Card

by Firepower

IRL: From an Elite Family

Most or your future will resemble the movie, Soylent Green.  For those not interested in things before 2000 – imagine The Hunger Games.

Not entirely the story, but the visual imagery in a few key, realized scenes.

Predictions are obviously difficult so the important lesson is in extracting the predictor’s intent and correctness; if you want to be really smart, figure out how he came to his conclusions.  Granted, the 70’s panic over the environment is dated, but factories (and government) did actually pump noxious soot into the air and dump toxic chemicals into the water, so it’s not the ……pollution’s existence that was wrong, but the assumption that pollution would increase unchecked.

Other observations are stunningly close.  With the passage of time, we can paint them clearer for our own future.  Note I didn’t say “fine tune,” for such a 70’s TV-ish phrase is itself obsolete, rendering its user Edward G. Robinson’s cinema fate.

I never viewed the movie merely because I sought an ecology lesson:  I’m a big Heston fan who stayed because my fresh young boner magically magnetized itself to Leigh Taylor-Young just long enough for my superior brain to analyze the possibilities of this movie’s bleak futurescape.

• UPDATE: yahoo! thinks this article is so great, they copy the idea of Brown Mob Growth for a Sept 19, 2012 article on how – Humans Will Eventually All Look Like Brazilians]

I strongly suggest you get a DVD on ebay for $3 then, sandwich it in as Volume II of the Heston True Future Trilogy between volume I, Omega Man, and volume III, Planet of The Apes.

Vast swarming masses of poor will choke urban areas.  Hot nubiles will service only The Elite, who’ll luxuriate far above the stinking crowds.  That, means you.  How do I know?  I’m a genius – and besides, The Elite don’t write (or even read) blogs.  Especially about bleak futures; they don’t have to.

The Soylent Scene

The State will supply free government-subsidized food like Soylent to colored masses to keep them in check, but withhold food from poor whites to keep them working, plowing the fields.  Coloreds get Autowelfare for every new baby simply because they’re minorities. Whites can’t afford a family of four because of the taxes – the taxes that go to fund The Welfare State.  Funny, ain’t it?  Justin n’ Kendra have to get second jobs to pay for that second kid – or ADD meds for the first.

The Elite aren’t stupid – they know all about the preventative safety valve of Bread & Sports.  The Elite are smart – smarter than you. They keep the Free Partyfeast of cheap Flour and Corn Syrup going, pumping out peace (for their safety) in the meantime.  Your actual Soylent Green is Twinkies.  Soylent Orange is Cheet-Os.  Grape sodapop, corn syrup or any combination of TV sports-watching finger-food, flour-coated corn syrup fried in fat, is the cheap and easy foodstuff ready to mollify the mass. Soylent Green isn’t people – it’s SoylenTwinkies and SoylenTostitos.

Don’t be so stupid as to think I’m flippant: The next time you see Struggling African-Americans bleating about “injustice” or Katrina 2.0 to an MSNBC TV camera,  take a look at those 200-pounders – ghetto sows with six kids in tow.  As long as they gots their EBT card and SNAP bennies to clean out 7-11’s supply of Fritos, there’s no need to loot it unless a nine-time parolee gets slapped around by cops on worldstarhiphop.com.   The Real Soylent is (like the movie) any cheap food that dumb masses shove down their throats to stave off hunger pangs instead of really rioting for bread – as in the French Revolution.  The Elite learned their lesson.  That’s why they’re smarter than you.  It’s why you don’t see food riots but instead, see frivolity riots.  Just wait until China wants its money back and Big Gov has to cut Welfare.  Even after Big Gov has eliminated the mortgage deduction for responsible suburban homeowners in order to fund SNAP bennies – and its own GSA junkets to Vegas.

The poor won’t be skinny – they’ll be grossly fat.  Hungry people riot but fat poor reactively breed those baby Future-Democrat Voters.

The Poor Mass

It will be easy for The Elite to buy murder from the poor such as in the movie.  By then, they will be reduced to using a club like the movie assassin because not only will guns be semi-illegal, they’ll be impossible to afford:  The Perfect Solution for Liberal Democrats too squeamish to pull the trigger on outright confiscation.  Liberal fascists’ best tool EVER was taxing out of existence, items that “offend” them.

In actuality, Chardonnay Socialists never sully themselves by actually venturing to a Poor Zone …unless running for re-election:  These zones are much too dangerous.  Contracting hunky “blue-eyed ghetto” types for murder is pure fiction.   Liberal Elite Scandals are no problem, requiring no murder no matter how messy – so long as ABC and MSNBC is on your side to skew the spin with The Clintonian Method of Protection Via Veneration.  Veni, Vidi, Veneration-Venereal.

There will be swarms of dim poor – umm… they already exist; they certainly won’t be White as in the movie, they’ll be brownish.  Most Whites will have fled to their traditional Overground Railroad to the North to escape violent colored mobs.  Whatever your city’s traditional White Escape Route to the country – East, Southwest or wherever – they’ll wind up in the countryside as poor farm employees, working and supplying The State’s Welfare Machine with Free Gubmin Cheese and Bread.

UPDATE 12/8/2012: USDA chief: Rural America becoming less relevant (Associated Press)

The only thing you see less than colored engineers is colored farmers.  Coloreds in africa and South america don’t farm.  They chop down an entire 500 acre apple orchard to stuff themselves on fruit, burn the trees for heat then shit in the stumpholes – then so on to the next free plantation meal “owed” them.   The Elite are aware of this: It’s Rhodesia, Guatemala and South Africa redone – Modern Mongols.  That is, dangerous nomadic Mongols until they get that Free Federal Welfare Check to settle down in temporary docility on The Gov’t HUD Plantation.

Already, commute time (for actual, real-live workers putting in 50 hours weekly) is at record levels for white yuppies slaving in the cities – then retreating to their safe ‘burbs and proudly voting for Maobama.  There is no angering commute time for colored welfare recipients living in The Barrioghetto.  Coloreds will destroy any remaining housing structures then – as like historic, pillaging nomads – move on to greener pastures to shit in.  Those pastures will be DHS, EEOC and HUD Government-paid-for mortgages where they’ll seek fresh, new houses  – those free, future suburban litter boxes freshly evacuated by whites defaulting on mortgages.  The ghetto is a moveable feast.  It won’t stay happily, safely, forever 10 miles away from you so…

It also won’t take long for Brandon & Britnee to pack up their one child and euphemistically flee eternally decaying suburbiana to “get back to nature.”

The next parts will include: Soylent Sex with The Elite – your required Early Elderly Exit & Future Feudal America…


13 Responses to “Feudal America: Hunger Games For Kids & The Soylent Green Card”

  1. LOL I think I’ll jew Hollywood with the Internetz rather than paying the 3 bucks.

    Euthanasia seems likely in the future. They used to predict “resource wars”, when the poor would flood the West. It seems to have happened, but in a different way – we allowed them in.

  2. Alright, you silver tongued devil – I’m going to watch Solylent Green.

  3. “The Real Soylent is (like the movie) any cheap food that dumb masses shove down their throats to stave off hunger pangs instead of really rioting for bread – as in the French Revolution.”

    I thought about these kinds of things a lot while raising Cornish Rocks. They don’t forage like other chickens do because they were bred not to. At most 20% of their diet will be forage. Granted, I never actually experimented. Cornish Rocks are normally docile, but when the food runs out they can be… difficult.

    The elites are going to keep
    shaking the food
    as long as they can however they can. If some breeds are more docile than others then those are the ones that will be shortchanged.

    Speaking of euthanasia, it’s most amusing how one party champions both abortion and immigration…

  4. Dire. What’s your timeline for this?
    [ed note; it’s already here. rich elites living in protected luxo-bunkers FAR from the dirt and the poor beasties thriving on white flour and corn syrup.
    i presume, the ultimate decay is within varying stages, 30 years from now when true deprivation crushes the Fantasy Welfare State. ONLY with such conditions do such scenarios play out. America is currently too fat to change.]

    Recycling people made me think of Waterworld. There is a great scene in The Time Machine (Wells) that shows the main character stuck in his time machine flashing through the years as civilization rises, falls, rises, falls again.
    [i could write a 20-parter on TTM. we already have eloi: swpl Pareene Obama-ites — the morlocks are ghetto parolees.]

    The fact that we’ve been born into a time of ease and prosperity makes it unfathomable to the average unthinking person that things could ever be different.
    [that complacency IS what makes collapse inevitably repeated]

    Looking forward to the rest of the series, especially if its a three parter 🙂

  5. I just came onto your post and found it quite interesting. Australians should be the only whites sterilized – they are a cancer of criminal genes tainting the genepool.

  6. “Veni, Vidi, Veneration-Venereal”
    Epic post Firepowers has outdone himself
    The Future Is Now lolz science fiction
    ” That’s why they’re smarter than you” – so true, they even have a VERY old religion
    mongols did win trophys (scalps?) in horseback riding @ paraolympics transmitted via TV
    Hey firepowers, it’s a satire straight from the heights of the shelves in Idiocracy.Inc
    Who would you cite as your literary influence?

    [my influence is no one. I know history. So, it’s easy to predict. Writing ability is as obsolete as Tap Dancing or playing French Horn]

  7. Really Cool radical stuff. pat and cameron are fucking nutters

  8. I just came onto your post and found it quite interesting. I am also associated with Green Card, Green Card Lotter, GreenCard Online and enjoy to read the stuff on the same as its rarely found on internet. Thanks again for writing such a good post.

  9. Many thanks to you for sharing these types of wonderful predictions. It’s a LOT MORE than that tdo stuff you named, holy fuck dude Thanks a lot for this stuff!!

  10. I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. I am assured. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

    [ed note: I do NOT write a 3 part series to conduct private argument. You: post, or die]

  11. not quite sure what to take of the comment you left. more of a reference back to your site? but thanx for stopping by! 🙂
    awesome write-up on the article. damn the elites..!


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