A Review of “Solyent Green”

by Ryu

still from "soylent green" (1973)

What a great movie.  It starts kind of slow but it grows on you.  Soylent Green is a dystopian movie set in 2022.  NYC has 40 million people.  Most public areas are swamped with people.  The people with even modest apartments have to climb over the people sleeping in the halls to leave the building.  Most live on processed rations.  Very few are rich and still have real food, women, space, and some quiet.

There is a very interesting POV on women.  In SG, the women come with the apartment.  They wear nice get-ups, do the cooking and are regarded as part of the furniture.  Only the rich may afford apartments and they live something like our current middle classes do.  The women are all very attractive except for…… a single butch negress.  They may not “like” the arrangement but as all gamers know, they like status and comfort so it works.  The problems of feminism were solved very nicely – either live on the streets with the public or be portion of an alpha’s harem.

The movie is below here.  Just click “close ad and watch as free user.”   Wait a second, a stupid ad pops up; close it.  Click start video now.  That should do it.


The whole movie centers on Charleton Heston (Chuckie) and his jew roommate, Saul.  Chuck is a detective; since 150 murders occur everyday, the job is rather hopeless.  Everyone with a job is afraid of screwing up and being fired.  Saul is very curious about the ration soylent green which is reputed to be made of plankton.   On an investigation, Chuck gets an angle on a rich guy and is able to live it up for a while.  He eats good food and enough to fill him, he takes a woman, hot water, and so on.

The last 30 minutes of this movies is rather dark; darker than I remember.  We see Chuck’s jew friend Saul go to a death center. I should note that all the orderlies at the center are attractive and courteous. He’s shown a presentation of nature as it used to be – cliffs, meadows, frolicking deer, while music of his choosing is played.  A drug is administered and he dies peacefully.  Chucky then follows him as the body is transported to the soylent plant where it is processed to make soylent green.

Great movie and I highly recommend it.  I’ll probably “watch” it again before moving on.  My trick is to have multiple windows open and watch the movie out of the corner of my eye, paying particular attention to interesting parts.   Give it a try if you wish.

10 Responses to “A Review of “Solyent Green””

  1. Counter Currents, Vigilant Citizen et al have noticed that movie reviews are the fastest lane to the collective consciousness. I gust/am disgusted/consume with gusto Holywood. Thanks! Have you seen “They Live!?

  2. I’ve seen They Live. Rowdy Roddy Piper and that filthy ape, Virgil.

  3. lolz, ive written ein artikel, i want to submit to a just review by peers. it’s more in the geist of da gbfm, but it reeks of ‘novelty’ can’t fing the previous adress!

  4. I’ll probably need some assistance inserting pictures properly in my post. I’ll try to have it done on Saturday. Tentative title: Learn, Dream, Plan, Act. It will present two powerful arguments for learning to become self-sufficient (sneak peak at one of the arguments), important resources beginners will want to consult so that they can dream and plan, and most importantly, things people can do now in order to become more self-sufficient.

    • No problem, Dr Doom.

      You can email me or probably anyone on staff with problems and such.

      [ed note: I’ll have his status increased; this should allow photo links]

    • It’s best to get a free photo account like flickr and link to them there.
      WordPress understandably limits free upload space.

      When Eradica gets even close to the photo limit – I must delete the photos.

      linking is totally free and lasts as long as the link does – possibly forever.

  5. linking is totally free and lasts as long as the link does – possibly forever.

    If we could only have this fever
    Worrying only about what treasure of our beloved thoughts stays here
    to illuminate, to entighten our broads, to teach our god-loving sons
    how to supress sobs, how to grow crops, how to hunt deers, how
    to scare evil with a spear, how to obey the oaths, run from the roads
    leading to the downfall, how to lead a life leading to one not giving up
    to the orcs, were the wererbearers clawing through rough imprisonment
    thats all that is, as free as they want you to believe, and is as eternal
    as an ass, who assasinates every inch of moving farce and than complains
    well i was not there


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