Feminists’ Total Victory Over The MRM

by Firepower

Melodramatic Pout

Circumstances prevented me from following the news and the mrm (small letters) was certainly last on my list of must-reads.  Why read things that provide no help?

I’ve not read The Spearhead in a month and thus, haven’t posted there either.  No matter: I’m sure whatever observations Price made were wept into impotent grievance-whining (how very girl-like) by the frustrated coterie of commenters.  (No offense, I haven’t read roissy/heartiste/citi-renegade either.)

When the Daily Outragers!® assemble to piss and moan, they stupidly overlook the fact that Their Enemy Women… don’t march anymore.

They no longer display powers of protestation.  There are no more loudmouthed Bella Abzugs or showy bra-burnings – or even Great Political Causes for them to fight.  They…don’t have to.

The one small issue of that idiot Republican Senatorial wannabe in Missouri is the only current item on the political table and it’s scant pickin’s.  Still, the fact that Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and John Conyers maintain effortless control of their corrupt seats while women force a white Republican male to resign by Grrl Power! before the election even begins, proves women have won.  Won it all.

Women don’t march because anybody under 30 expects women in power.  Madeleine Albright and Hilary Clinton were bossing men around since today’s Kiddeez were in cribs.  Leona Helmsley and Madonna helped.  Toss in The Oprah and Hanoi Jane.  Now, little boys expect Powerful Women to wield power and rule them – and are quite incensed when they do not, because that’s “sexist” and evidence of Male Patriarchy.

Nope. Not A Girl – A Toddler in Drag

Fat white feminists took over schools and propagandize your little boys from Kindergarten to Ph.D.

They are the teachers, administrators and Principals now.  They control all education and are grossly overpaid to do it – with full benefits and 35 weeks of paid vacation.  Look at the public access channel for your local school and see for yourself the vile filth they teach.  Women don’t have to march anymore because they control all the minds.

That I have to point this out, shows how even the previous generation of those mra (small letters) dads were successfully brainwashed.  So, little realistic hope remains for boychildren.

14 Comments to “Feminists’ Total Victory Over The MRM”

  1. True enough. Seems as if who controls the media reveals who is in control. We are dominated by the feminists. The multiculturalists also achieved total victory, we know this.

    • The problem is the moron-masses crazy ignorance of the new “game-changing preeminence” of the freer blogger/internet news-providing model. A hundred-million cooing, vote-casting hands cream over Hussein Obama’s latest $40,000 a plate fund-raiser at black racist Jay-Z’s 200,000 sq. ft. summer mansion in the Hamptons.

      If blogging and the internet cannot awaken – what remains before His Majesty’s Imperial SS knock on the door with the Waco Tanks.

  2. Since the “feminist” contains not one scintilla of femininity and has in fact based his/her entire identity around obliterating all notions of femininity, “feminism” is actually the political expression of the devout dyke “nature.” A radically autonomous “nature.”

    MRAs are not ruled by “feminism” and thus femininity. When has an MRA every penned an article lamenting the loss of femininity and the ways and means to bring it back? MRAs are de facto homos facilitating in the rule of the devout dyke. What we see in the MRM is a mimicking of the inverse relations between hetero and homosexuals. In the homosexual world, dykes rule and the homosexuals are submissive and soft. We get “Butch” and The Fairy. This is the MRA way of doing and seeing things. Within the MRA are a woeful wad of de facto homos desirous of an alliance with immature and jaded YOUNG heterosexual males in their quest for creating a TOTAL aversion for “woman.” MGTOW, anyone? Of course, this process when successful, i.e., when it stunts a male’s sexual maturation and creates a de facto homo, in turn manifests a “default elite” with many devout dykes at the helm.

    • mras NEVER pen articles on HOW to fix “The Problem”

      Nor, will they EVER –

      BECAUSE: They cannot lucidly state (or even comprehend) the depths necessary to actually fix The Problem.
      Thus, they blubber on in endless shame cycles of clusterfuck philosophy devoted to pure impotent venting.

  3. NATALT:) Its not paid vacation. Its a salary that is distributed evenly throughout the year. I’d be the first to sign up for year-round schooling. Our current system is outdated.

  4. You’re projecting Thor,your pretty pink panties are showing.

    • JoMama,

      Are you trying to insult me?

      I agree that being labeled a homosexual is quite insulting.

      Could YOU possibly tell me why, though?

  5. Mens rights activists will never be anything but punching bags. they don’t do anything.

  6. It’s not about fighting pitched battles with lines of control. Attempting that would just make us a weaker version of our enemies. The MRA cause is more like an insurgency. So long as form of resistance exists all is not lost. The feminists, leftists, horticulturalists, are too strong. They can’t be beaten head on. If and when they go down it’ll be by a thousand cuts.

  7. * multiculturalists *

  8. This video does a better job of conveying my point.

  9. He uploaded more stuff but the original video is here.

  10. Also youtube “Is the Men’s Rights Movement Dead?”.

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