More Security Theater

by Ryu

Well dear readers, what more is there to say?  Story out of NYC here.  A man goes through a 100 million dollar airport security system undetected.–abc-news-topstories.html

Remember – this is the best the ZOG can do.  The best that money can buy, in our crown city.  There is no substitute for superior men with superior training!  You have a 100 million dollar system observed by a security guard making 8 bucks an hour.

The entire United States is like this.  Please remember this in your dealings with ZOG.  What is the substance of the thing?  When something is both corrupt and totalitarian, it’s ready to break.

3 Comments to “More Security Theater”

  1. My question is who is building these breeched security systems? Are they AA gifts?

  2. hey guys! have u seen this site?
    all caps wn raps rants nat patsy faps

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