A Different Take on the Colorado Shootings

by Ryu

Serving Warrants for NOT Voting Democrat

Katie has asked for some commentary on the Colorado event.  No doubt you have heard the basic facts about 20 times by now.  I will not waste your time with outrage or false sympathies. If you want that, you may lookup your local politician or movie-star.

My comment is this: mission accomplished.  In performing this op, he showed foresight and cunning.  If he worked for the United States Military and had killed 12 hadjjis while injuring 50, medals would be involved.  In fact we do the same thing during Afghani/Iraqi wedding parties and then afterward declare all the attendees to be insurgents.
He did a good job of booby-trapping his apartment.  No doubt he knew that SWAT would be kicking down his door soon after he turned himself in.  The Afghans and Iraqis also booby-trap everything to great effect.  It’s kind of interesting actually.  After a few casualties, they get careful.   No longer are they “the most dynamic, proactive, aggressive unit in the field.”  Looks like they didn’t want to…

… charge in, screaming their heads off.  But this is the nature of things – jubilant when they kill the enemy, depressed when they are on the defensive.
Now America is the violent country in the history of this Earth.  By the time he turns 18 the average American male has probably seen 100,000 murders, executions, and beatings on TV, movies, and videogames.  He is programmed to kill and to fight.  There is no finer programme for desensitizing a man to violence.  And I don’t say this as a condemnation, but as a praise of high virtue.  Martial excellence and strength are the first virtues that all others rely upon.
I don’t know his motive for the action.  Doesn’t matter really.  He has proven how ineffective the ZOG police state really is.  It’s security theater really, the appearance of safety without the substance.  No doubt there are plans to use this to “improve security” by posting TSA and other mercs at key public venues.  We saw some resistance to this from the owners, who perhaps suspect that these inconveniences will keep people away.  They are afraid of losing both money and reputation, the only two things which concern their class.
That’s that.  National security cannot be outsourced on this scale.  Either the citizens of a nation may police themselves or they may hire police/miliary to do the job for them.  One road leads to liberty, the other to tyranny.  Your security depends on you – always!  Money doesn’t make a man willing to die for you.  Mercenaries/police/military personal give the appearance of security, but at the end of the day they too are selfish and only want to go home to the old lady.
You are the best security apparatus out there.  There is no need for magical, razzle-dazzle technology or to spend millions of dollars.  The best super-duper intelligence agent is the old woman in her apartment, on the phone, gossiping and peeking out her window.  The best sniper in the world is the American hunter.  Do not be taken in by reputation of “elite special forces” or any such flim flam – being able to do pushups, run and stay up for days on end has nothing to do with the ability to kill.  Your life depends upon your own efforts, not the efforts of others.  Be aware of your surroundings, train, get a little better everyday, and rely on yourself.  That’s the key to personal security.

31 Responses to “A Different Take on the Colorado Shootings”

  1. That was my point about the very young chidren who were taken to the viewing. While the parents of these infants say, “We can’t believe this happened,” they are voicing the same sentiment the shooter’s parents will most likely express. I know we’re trying to stay away from the traditional outrage, but one fact that just jumps out at me is that this movie theater was a mere fifteen miles from Columbine High School.

    As you say, all it takes is one or two people very focused and determined to inflict damage to actually do it. I once watched a very interesting documentary on the JFK assassination which was told from the single shooter point of view. The narration explained that in our times we are much more accepting of the notion that what happened really could be the work of one person versus all the ideas of a conspiracy that surfaced at the time.

    Did the audience get what they paid for? They went to see violence and they surely saw it. Having made that horrible statement, I will put it on record that I prayed for that entire community. Knowing how the death of one person can have a ripple effect on an area from my experience of as a teacher going through my first killed student, this attack will affect all involved for a long time.

    My student loved guns and was often seen wearing a t-shirt of Al Pacino with the words: “Say hello to my little friend.” He was killed while he and his brother were having target practice in their backyard and his brother accidentally let off an extra shot that struck him.

    • I thought I would have offended your sensibilities by now, Kate. How did you end up at this site? I haven’t seen you before.

      One death can certainly have an effect. That effect is decreasing though; our planet has 7 billion people on it and the country has 300 million. Every year we add 90 million new people across the world. Human dignity can’t survive those numbers. The value of each person decreases as our supply increases.

      Another interesting story today.

      • “I thought I would have offended your sensibilities by now, Kate. How did you end up at this site? I haven’t seen you before.”

        Is that a neg, Roo-Roo? I’ve been here for months! Albeit with varying headshots. I met Firepower over at CH and find him to be one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. And that’s saying something. He’s intelligent and a master in the art of pick up. I once saw him AMOG a guy to an entire other post after subtly getting this other dewd to reneg on his compliment to me. You don’t get more sauve than that. As far as being offended, well, it does happen, but its quite rare as I’ve spent over a decade with an alcoholic and coralling mangy teenagers. You actually come across as very gentle, which is nice.

      • Imagine smashing your wine glass over firepowers head, then using the stem to repeatedly stab him in the neck, lol, blood squirting from everywhere, he’d be bleeding out squealing….’piggy wiggy ferdy derdy poofy woofy puuffy wuffy NOOOO BLOOGYnonsese’…then you’d could just give the cunt a decent kick in the guts and he’d die out.

      • “Human dignity can’t survive those numbers. The value of each person decreases as our supply increases.”

        That would be a sad truth. Do we have an expendable population pocket?

      • What’s your fucking point?

        Yu don’t have one.

        American me have small penises.

      • Women have a different method of communicating, Cameron. We often find our point in the discussion rather than having one outright and stating it.

      • You’re a fucking intellectual.

        We’ve had enough of them.

        The time is for…

      • H-Hour Hotel:

      • Awesome beat. Okay, time to unplug for the afternoon.

      • No idea what you yanks are on about.

      • Please don’t go whatseyourname, I’m drunk and need attention.

      • Get some sleep, hon.

      • Whay do people like you, ostensibly Irish, but really Yank cunts, keep telling US to ‘get sober’?

      • Gay blog, kate do ya think they’ll let me wear my SS dagger on my belt?

      • Wish Hannagan and Bardamu were here:

        [ed note: I’m gonna say this one time mate: Your Ferd merely had unspoken (oy, how brave) disagreement with my profanity-free views and INSTANTANEOUSLY banned me. He had the courage and mentality of a child – hence my nickname “IMFants”. And hence, the outcome of that, and your, nostalgic Paradise there on Memory Lane]

      • wha?? pat you ARE crazy as hell, nice abs!

  2. And thanks for taking this on, Ryu. Still waiting on that history lesson on the Goths from the Doctor.

  3. NOTICE:
    I do not want this comment “edited” by some yank faggot putting bold ‘REMARKS’ between my comment. If this request can not be met please delete my comment.

    Furthermore, I’f my comment is edited in anyway, as is repatedly the case on this blog, I will regard it as a hostile act of aggression. I act in good faith knowing I or Pat Hannagan have ever edited any of the comments of this blogs owner or contributors on our blogs.


    ‘he did a good job of booby-trapping his apartment.’

    so why did he tell the authorities he booby trapped it?

    ‘He is programmed to kill and to fight.’

    Fucking bullshit. If this was true you faggots could have colonised a bunch of Arabs armed with garage door remote controls.

    ‘He has proven how ineffective the ZOG police state really is.’

    No he hasn’t shit for brains. To do that he’d have to destroy a high value target (HVT).


    A pile of shit from a blog which promised much but has turned into a pale reflection of those it criticizss. And yes firepower you detroit ball licker, I’m drunk and yet you still can’t out argue me.

    • I suspect that he told the 5-0 that he rigged his apartment has either a burst of conscience or part of a plan. Perhaps he was like Brevik.

      I believe in the American fighting man. He is held back by politics and poor leadership. We are the most competitive country on Earth. We love violence and fighting. It’s just a matter of eliminating the feminine element which has taken over.

      • ‘I believe in the American fighting man. He is held back by politics and poor leadership. We are the most competitive country on Earth. We love violence and fighting.’

        I agree, your just like the British. Except none of the colonial nuance or infantry fighting power but all of the buggery.

  4. Sometimes the best comment is no comment.

  5. Ryu is totally right, all this stuff and crap has been everywhere on tv way too much and its just stupid

  6. “You are the best security apparatus out there.”

    Ryu… ^^^^^^^^This is the substance of your post, but it is ultimately grounded in some kind of faith. So there is cognitive dissonance in your writings even if you are not conscious of it until now. Atheists are, by definition, faith-less. To have faith is to absolutely suggest that you are not an atheist in any meaningful sense. To draw your conclusion above, you MUST have faith of one sort or the other. In the least, you must have faith in yourself to believe in the conclusion you have drawn. To think that one man, so infinitely miniscule, can take his “life in hand” and successfully confront the nearly incomprehensible awesomeness of the universe takes undeniable faith. A true atheist simply can’t do it. Won’t do it. Must not do it. And should not do it for if he does it then he is not a true atheist.

    As long as you’re sitting on the fence, your above conclusion will come up short. You stand on shifting “ground” and that’s a tough spot to engage the battle. See that, your radical liberal foundation has you sitting on the fence while simultaneously standing on a pile of sand. You can’t lead from “there.”

    PS Tell me in a paragraph the keys assertion(s) of the chemical sciences (for example, the theoretical physicist asserts that at “universe-wide” view, he sees “nothing” while at the “singularity” he sees “nothing” then “something”). Do the chemists have a “unified formula,” so to speak? What kind of key “chemical reactions” does your ally need to invoke on a daily basis to “get better?” What ultimately is the daily practical value of learning “chemistry?”

    • I’m not an atheist. I suppose you might say my god is the exercise of will. I believe in human will or “the human spirit.” I do not pray to my god, and I may have said one sincere prayer in my life.

      Well TD, I could give you the traditional explaination, but that would not work. It’s not about atoms or molecules. Chemistry is built atop of physics. Since physics can’t explain the beginning, chemistry cannot. Science is just a particular form of training. I could mow laws, or sell drugs but science seems to have a higher profit. Baal has a “knowledge pyramid” which seems to describe things quite well. The practical value of chemistry is effort.

      I’m not mocking you. I just don’t know how this affects how I live on a day to day basis. Every human has a certain amount of will. Some things improve it, others deplete it. At the moment of death. you can see a person give it up.

  7. What’s a good elementary chemistry book that you might recommend to connect with the fundamentals?

    Do you have any knowledge in the area of PEDs such as nootropics and anabolics or the like?

    It’s weird that we are in such collective decline while we tout our technological prowess and uniformly rail against the use of Performance Enhancement “drugs.”

    • The fundamentals are exactly the same in every chemistry book. I don’t really see any difference between books there. I covered a basic chemistry series a few months ago. Just devote a certain amount of time to it everyday.

      What they do is, describe protons, neutrons and electrons. Using these parts, they build atoms. Then describing how atoms interact, we make molecules. Then describe molecular properties. That’s all of chemistry really.

      I know something about nootropics and a great deal about anabolics. In fact, I just this article on a nootropic that seems to work quite well.

      If you wish to understand anabolics, you’ll have to find bodybuilders who know a thing or two. Same with other drugs like marijuana, coke, MDMA, nootrpics, and so on. Doctors have very little to tell us, but users know alot. The best users are often chemists themselves.


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