TOSH.0: If You Have To Ask…

by Firepower
Oh Those Foreigners…muy sophisticado!

I was one of the first to watch Tosh.0 and also thought the host was some sort of “groundbreaker” but QUICKLY realized he is not. He’s just the typical Hollywood Liberal Pukepot running Game on his liberal pukepot audience, titillating them with oh-so tres provocative gimmicks: Porn for liberals.

The skits are  simply given a pass because they ask A QUESTION: “Is it racist?

This gives the audience the power to decide if its answer is “racist.”

Without The Question – the skits fail.  Why?  Because the audience is stupid.  More to the point: they’re indoctrinated.  The stupidity comes about from not realizing they are, and denying their systemic indoctrination if they ever do realize it.

So, the answer to “is it racist” is always no – for what good, decent, white person wants to dare judge themselves racist – especially after……. being government-media trained to avoid being branded as one no matter what.  Because like the picture, the victim is a colored or Migger and the rapist is a white male; the complete reverse of actual stats. That is the perfect example and usage of Goebbels Big Lie: LIUFY.

Face it, watermelon-eating contests are funny no matter what race competes. Blacks mainly associate only with other blacks (durrr) – especially at large outdoor events with alcohol…  Who else would dare be there – Paris Hilton or Bella Thorn?

Thus, the watermelon-eating contest and its variants are used because it is a real occurrence. How can it be “racist” if blacks are the ones recording an actual event they see as innocuous.

  1. Blacks are present.
  2. They are speaking Ebonics.
  3. They are eating watermelon and getting loose in a celebratory, picnic atmosphere.
  4. They are filming.

Such videos have a humorous element – that is why they’re ALL ON YOUTUBE.  “Is it racist” to watch Whites engage in a cheese sandwich eating competition – even on Wonder Bread?

Ergo, again the answer to “is it racist” is ALWAYS “NO.”  That decision leaves the audience free to chuckle, unburdened by suspicions they are actually seeing TNB. The problem arises when actual TNB is rendered funny because it’s been humorized – defusing the image as what it really is: The dangerous manifestation of an animalistic population.

PROOF: If it were otherwise, Spike Lee‘s own movies depicting black ghetto behavior could be interpreted as REALLY racist – and he’s been doing his gimmick for decades. Same with rap videos. So, you’ll not see Tosh examining World Star Hip Hop crime clips any time soon. Could Mel Gibson resurrect HIS career with a viral video show about whether black antics are “racist?”

I also suspect Tosh is a homosexual – so he gets the Ultimate FREE no-questions-asked PC Pass.  But only if he avoids the paper-rock-scissors category that trumps his own protected minority status.

Much like a female Lisa Lampanelli gets, and whose previous “innovations” we ALL appear to have quickly forgotten.

There is NO revelation or progress in a homosexual TV host making millions from blacks filming what other blacks actually say and do.  The guy trips my Gaydar and if you have to ask…odds are the target is one…

Dave Chappelle QUIT his show and fled to Africa because he himself didn’t “approve” of how his audience “perceived” coloreds were portrayed.

In other words: he quit because White People laughed too hard at his colored jokes.

So, there are “no points that need to will be said” that would be approved by a PC Comedy Central management team that censor even subtle nuance for its sheeple audience ACCUSTOMED to getting its news from The Daily Show!

Tosh is an experienced standup comic.  These are the males most likely to counterattack public hecklers.  He’s made millions acting like a smarmy fag mocking mainly *drumroll* …White Males.

However, tosh is a white guy, even though he MAINLY mocks white guys,  that is obviously NOT enough cred to appease liberal Hollywood media types. Even though he is self-deprecating to the loathsome point of self-degradation.

Proof: Lisa Lampanelli says far worse about blacks AND women, yet she washes away her “sins” by first being female, then running Game on how she loves colored men.

3 Responses to “TOSH.0: If You Have To Ask…”

  1. Hello Firepower!
    I’ve just sin Tosh.0
    Now I come to wonder
    “how come aren’t the entire muslim word fighting Jihad
    against your “colorfoul” cuntry”? (they’re not, they love peace)
    If I were Muslim
    I’d swear to god to bring this abomination to it’s knees
    Alas I’m not
    [ed note: muzz blew up the pentagon and that other place, in case ya fergot. nooyawkas – they have a hole in the ground. muzz already won, why waste assets. we send fleets to protect saudi oil in hormuz]

  2. This is one of those little dramas with which the fucked-up dysfunctional American fambly loves to distract itself.

    I don’t always watch tv, but when I do I occasionally watch Tosh 2.0. My ex found him hilarious, as does my current gf.

    The irritating thing about this episode is that he apologised. WTF?!

    Tosh [any relation to Peter?] and the “outraged female audience member” deserve each other.
    [ed note: yep, tosh is funny, as is lisa lampanelli. i use them only for entertainment then flush them when they get political. ANYthing on tv is suspect and subject to immediate disapproval. problem is, so few of us have the brains to discern.]


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