MRAs Are Lost Pareenes Declare Win

by Firepower

Photo (Photo credit: davidrdesign)

It’s better to view an accident diagram or lost battle schematic from afar.

mra = men’s rights activist (light on the ‘activist’ part, in fact – it doesn’t exist)

A Persian Proverb:

“He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool—shun him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child—teach him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep—wake him.
He who knows and knows that he knows is wise—follow him.”

This, of course, leads us to Casting Pearls Before the Swine that are Spearhead Posters

AfOR tries to talks sense into the troops, to rally them before Thermopylae.  But, alas Leonidas is speaking to the whiny, grown-up spawn of ……Single Momdom who only care about venting about their FAT ex-wives and alimony payments.

AfOR July 11, 2012 at 03:09

Y’all anti gamer crowd remind me of fucking alcoholics and addicts who are being shown a general path that leads to an individual cure.

The divorced mra does NOT want a cure. Most drunks don’t want to quit – they like it, just like mras like bitching about women. mras are more interested in revenge than seduction.  It really is that simple.

    But y’all are scared shitless at what lies at the end of the path, so you start whining about how the path is a cock of shit and lined by bars and opium dens.

They think not of the attractive young woman in a miniskirt sucking their cock; they think only of That Fat Ex counting their money and laughing, while turning their sons against them within the cushion of custody.  While we’re at it:  Why the fuck should their sons respect them?  For being Great Posters?  Respect is earned, Jordy.  Take your 1998 57th Place T-Ball Trophy back with you into the Iron John Sweatlodge and rub your Steam Partner’s cock with it.

mras… are lost.

…Krruptin Yur Katz

Old guy writes from his memory, like it’s 1972 again, and there is hope in the air that all we need to do is think our way out of It and we can and will fix It; we’re Americans, Goddamnit!  Poor Guy. It makes Firepower Sad 😦 to tell him the best thing is: He’ll be dead before he has to live to see the humiliation of the American Finality.  The grinding into dust of the Grand Ideas by a pack of jabbering coloreds urged on with pseudo-intellectual excuses provided by whiny Pareenes

Old Guy July 11, 2012 at 10:03

I don’t get why PUAs are such a boogie man for MRAs.

The BS spouted about them here is worthy of a Dr. Phil/Oprah segment on the subject.

Your not dealing with men – you’re trying to teach stunted, neotenous Gollums. REMEMBER in the 80s & 90s, when TV News warned you what would happen when all those kids with the “time outs” Ritalin and single parents grew up into adults?  What kid of America is it going to be?

Today, you have your answer.  It smirks smugly back at you in the above picture.

THIS IS your modern mra posting there at The Spearhead. Look at their attitudes – look at the fantasy they embrace, and the ugly stuff they totally avoid. They’re mentally, 11 years old.

As with anything, when men put their heads together, they can figure out how stuff works. PUAs got together on the Internet and figured out how to get easy, meaningless sex from women and have them be happy about it.

You’re not dealing with Men as YOU remember them (or my father would). The KEY part is “they got together for meaningless entertainment”

When it’s time to unite to do the dirty work – hell, THAT concept doesn’t even exist to them anymore today. Their single ma’s never taught it to them, nor did their Government School Teacha.  For now, The Pareenes have won – you can tell by the Pareene-like mentality of even those that allegedly combat Liberalism.  The response is no longer man-like but whiny and purely emotional responses.  The past, is lost.

They ARE the perfect drone. All talk, no action and who think they know it all. The Government couldn’t be more pleased with their mental neutering…

I know that seems impossible*, but men have always been able to do what looks impossible with some know-how and practice

*You have no idea how impossible it actually is – instead of it just seeming that way.  You’re dealing with boys. There is no more know-how. The quickest contrast in learning the difference is by comparing WW2 soldiers to today’s air-conditioned squad that can’t live without their Ipod and calls home to ma and the gf.

Price beats his head against the wall trying to teach those who know not they know not.  Shunning Time is fast approaching.


9 Comments to “MRAs Are Lost Pareenes Declare Win”

  1. Hey Firepower!
    I just realised that the sheep (ye ima sheep 2!) are waiting for the guard dog!
    So no amount of rallying cries or pulling the sheets or stuffing with pills is gonna make a difference.
    Let’s hope he comes!
    [the pussy whiner mras can do it alone. I have guns. I don’t want those crybabies anywhere NEAR me in a foxhole when tshtf]

  2. “What I thought was a game of finesse turns out to be one endless ass-to-mouth human centipede of government and business that’s going to suck this country back to the Stone Age,” Doug (jew obv) says on last Weeds episode

  3. Hey herr Doktorr!
    Why do you think that Hitlmanler is the most banned man, wanted: pricelessmann in the history?

  4. Hey firepowers!
    You seem to be good with word
    do you think that phallic worship is more dangerous to civilisation (defined as incearing GDI and inceased fertility within the same race) than christianity?
    [ed note: those hot ukranian babes that show their tits and protest Putin are mocked by mras. those girls have more balls than mras. it takes GUTS to go out and protest a dictator like putin. MRA PUSSYS won’t even DARE fail to smile at a Lady FOTC Bailiff]

  5. It seems – (parelur for it’s true that, aka (a.k.a.) it’s) that the one who crys wolf is wither a wolf is iether a wolf or a wolf executive.
    got it?
    Logic 1.02
    “o conquerors”

  6. There is no such thing as a “men’s movement.” There is a male liberationist movement that seeks to persuade other males to be psychotically averse to woman, i.e., deform our sons into de facto homos. It is the mirror movement to “feminism,” which not containing a scintilla of femininity, is actually de facto dykism and the deformation of our daughters.
    [ed note: they’re repellant sissies. wusses. my dad would spit on them. He’d say: “get the fuck up off your ass and DO something!” instead of listening to them whine incessantly about their kwute kiddeez (like on a Hallmark Card), then rapidly devolve into Ted Bundy when the ex is brought up. fags; I wouldn’t want the likes of those whiny girls in my foxhole]

    This is to say that radical liberation (cultural liberalism) in the West is the exaltation of the homosexual “nature,” i.e., the self-annihilating “nature.” In this structure, “black” liberationist, jihadists, la raza, etc. serve as facilitating functionaries. These variant liberationist movements provide the homosexual an self-annihilating mechanism. That these radical homosexuals are largely “white” simply means exhilarating collateral damage by proxy.

    [read the “5-fingered fist of liberalism” and “why mrm WILL FAIL” posts. both explain in depth exactly what you’re saying]

    The anti-racism of the MRA is really just an indication of its de facto homo foundations and its whiny, bitchy lil’ protests are evidence of the very same thing.

    At this stage of the game, there is “white Supremacy” or there is radical liberation. None of us can float in between for too much long.

  7. What are the MRAs complaining about? A glorious time can be experienced at the end of Kali Yuga. I’m practically drowning in pussy.
    [ed note: mras do not swim in the rarefied waters as do you. most are broke working men without education and utterly lost; teach them]
    OT: Have you discussed Fifty Shades of Grey* yet? Not sure. I recently had discussions with two hot women about this book.
    *[never have, never will]

  8. that’s true. I’ve never met a more motly bunch of whiny fags. they have NO balls

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