Blog Review: Anti-White

by Firepower

Anti-White Media is chock-full of meaty goodness.  Evidence you can use in emails to easily, efficiently pound even the densest of liberals and self-loathing SWPL apologists with simplistic facility.

The owner simply must be one of those distracted nutty types because while the content is A+, the social graces are F-.

I’ve been trying to comment for over a year and give encouragement – but the dimbo doesn’t even check his fucking spambox.  Real great for Building Social Networks.  A site about media, ON media, should do a better job.  I’ve tried to promote the site, but it’s like promoting a dead retarded sloth.

Imagine going through all the trouble to broadcast a program (blogging) then blindfolding your audience.  Hell, I even had to contact jewamongyou (ht: thanks!) to contact the doofus – and doofus STILL didn’t get the message, even though JAY POSTED IT ON A fucking THREAD.  (JAY, if you’re reading this, get in touch and send me an email.)

It’s like helping a drowning cow that fell through and got stuck in a frozen pond.

The good part of AWM is the stellar research provides ready-made links to all the popular, current propaganda you see/hear in equally popular mediums.  Just whip out the links and bash liberals/pre-converts with their very favorite thing: TV

I’m sure Mr. AWM is depressed because “whatsamatta wit me, nobody reads my site, man!” when in actuality, if he got his shit together and fucking read his spam folder he’d see MOST people are stfu by HIS own doing – or undoing.

Read it before it commits suicide. If he gets his act together, fine.  Posts now are sporadic, phoned-in and anemic.  AWM must be a piggyfan…if this post gets his attention and he redeems himself, all might be forgiven.

Until then, I am planning on bypassing awm and its unprofessionalism by doing my own version and posting the media evidence here, but writing and editing and blablahblah takes too much work:
Editorial APPLICANTS SEND me a CONTACT email
so we can get this moving.  If not, nbd.  Keep on reading about TDO!™, then writing about how you feel about TDO…

11 Comments to “Blog Review: Anti-White”

  1. blog review – firepowers
    + pics
    come to think about it what’s your biggest work in here firepowers? and whats your opening/closing statement? as the one in “about” is kinda vague…
    {by design, less vague-er than His Parables. I learned Slick Marketing 101 from Him…and Him]
    that guy has it right there:
    “Plain and simple: Document all Anti-White, pro-miscegenation propaganda. Draw attention to the Anti-White double standards of media conglomerates and governments who insist “Africa for the Africans; Asia for the Asians; White countries for everybody!”
    [not bad… for one post every 14 Weeks. not needing to mod or respond to comments by typing in these shitty little brackets must be a breeze]
    The end result: Reverse the genocidal social engineering schemes of Cultural Marxists, The Frankfurt School, The Tavistock Centre, and all their witting and unwitting accomplices and enablers.

    We stand against all who would deny Whites their own self-interests and self-determination. We promote the sanctity and security of White families, the will and wisdom of White men, the beauty and gentility of White women, the innate morality of the West, and the future of White children.”

    and now onto the meat part
    catcopter (sic)
    for teh bible
    the undertaker is coming lzozolzoz

  2. Is he depressed? I’ve looked at his place and figured it was a News and Jews (NAJ) outlet.

    Documenting ALL of the anti white media? Boy that’s a task. Must have a few hundred guys on staff. I bet I can get his attention for you. I will troll him until he’s seeing red, then send him to you.
    [ha – who woulda thought blogging was SOOOO depressing. must be all that typing – for NOOOO pay]

  3. hey firepowers, since you’re just splitting the matches
    to light the fire
    [wrong: there is no fire, will be NO fire]
    i’ve gotta question forya.
    assuming that tptb (not to be confused with tpb, the pirate bay) lie about everything
    can it be that
    demons, gods, aliens (e.ts), magicks really exist

    or is it just psyops?

    “News and Jews ” now that’s a meme
    as it rhymes
    [why would a God – or plain God – be interested in torturing a cage of captive mice for millenia-Is god a retarded 5-year-old autistic sadist?]

  4. i wrote a new piece!
    “what i learned today”
    elites do communicate with the masses. the occult, the hidden is how they perform that miraculous deed. bibles (yes there were/are many), the media (medium), the one eye, cmon so obvious, open your eye! the process is accelerating lately, and for all to see
    back to the topic – the word is the sword, the symbol the cannon, and what else do they have in the arsenal i do not dare say.
    some food for thought:
    how come nuclear global war never happened? given our history it’s just unthinkable.
    how come jews propagate hate, yet love their people love their families, their thoras, their god (ya their god alright)? this makes no sense at all to the white man.
    [is God – or plain God – White God, Jew God, or Mohammed god? don’t 4get buddhagod]

  5. jew vs man, man vs man, man vs white man
    from house’s finale:
    house (jew) – no more tricks. no more manipulations
    wilson (white) – said machiavelli
    house – just 2 friends enjoying the time they have left
    [you must not be old to have such a view. when the Socialists put olds in a nursing home it’s not to write their last volume of poetry]

  6. “is God – or plain God – White God, Jew God, or Mohammed god? don’t 4get buddhagod ” zloloLolOloL
    since you can’t comprehend the idea of godly godlessness:

    Y H W H is all jokes and you know his story
    and my favourite

    they are all based on deities past worshipped presently forgodden

  7. “why would a God – or plain God – be interested in torturing a cage of captive mice for millenia-Is god a retarded 5-year-old autistic sadist?” lozlzolzolzol

    imagine this scenario
    man evolves
    man researches
    man creates
    man creates a new man
    multiplies new men
    puts him into a cage
    and then makes notes

    science fiction – exactlyław_Lem

  8. The guy [or girl] from awm is kind of slow. they mean well, but they really arent that bright, like you said its all videos and commentary but why go check it even once a week when they dont post nothing new. fuck em

  9. The antiwhitemedia guy is kind of slow so not much you can do about it. BUT, M is a fucking idiot and you CAN ban his giggly dumbass ANYTIME.

  10. I such as this site but m and gbfm are idiots. go post on awm and wake the dead.

  11. hah, that awm guy STILL HASNT done a thing. Fucking useless.

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