Stuff I learned on blogs: MRM Wins 7.12.12

by jenibear

Stuff hot girls learn on blogs

Fake Obama-ite Injun Grlz – STILL rake in campaign cash. Get Outraged mrm. Feeeel the outrage…

Chicks? They like money!  and whenever you show it off!!  holy crap!

MRM WINS: women are so scared of mras, they are going to implement PREGLIMONY!  firepower says Scary things!

blacks actually have THE NERVE to destroy white peoples stuff in NEW YORK city of all places!  How dare they.  THAT’s only supposed to happen in other neighborhoods.  So, when it happens in nyc, somebody better do something!

robot ethics are important, especially now, when US cities go bankrupt

blacks are dumb and dangerous. It was said so, back in 1902! so naturally, let’s discuss this online.  They might have missed SOMETHING in 110 years that we can figger out!  what this chick thinks this famous blogger has to think about what 1902 guy thinks will FINALLY FIX the usa.

stuffy jewish smartybroads like Senstive Man!  Hate laying each other’s uglies.

women, destroying the us army since 1980.  we will fix this SOON, but we need to talk juss a leeeeeeeel bit more about it!

7 Responses to “Stuff I learned on blogs: MRM Wins 7.12.12”

  1. Winning! Why are hawt girlz reading these blogs anyway? Shouldn’t they be cooking and cleaning? Fire your beaner servent, get a winninz.

  2. I am taking a cleaning break right now to read, okay, Ryu? In an hour or so I’ll be making some ummy yummy taco salad. Everyone welcome 🙂

    • Good! This is summertime. There is much yardwork, gardening and such to be done. Unless of course you would rather be a cubicle drone. I can’t stand seeing women wasting their time going to the gym. It is not becoming. The gym is a place for men and it corrupts women into competing in our arena.

      Once I really start practicing WN, I doubt I will be posting much. All of this writing is just a prelude to the real work. I will be very glad to stop reading all but a few blogs.

      • I started out reading one and now I read about five. Its hard to keep up! I do the gym two or three times a week, but I’ve been neglecting it in favor of my outdoor walks. My visits to the gym are in and out- thirty minutes tops. Weeding and scrubbing are two of my least favorite activities. That’s why I have a staff. I give back to my community. I’m very benevolent that way 🙂

  3. Damn you are hot you look like my first girlfriend

    • That compliment is threefold: hot, young, and girlfriend material! Now, just who was it directed to, cause I don’t think Ryu’s new avatar is all that hot 😉


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