The Stroller Game

by hirschibold


You’re driving through a transitional neighborhood: either it’s in the process of gentrification/urban reclamation and on the way up, or those apartment complexes are now accepting HUD vouchers and the area is facing an inevitable decline. In either event, it’s changing, and the people are changing with it. You’re driving along and you see a white female pushing a stroller. The hair on the back of your neck bristles, you squeeze the steering wheel tighter, and you make a bet with yourself:

When you pass her, and get a glimpse at the little swaddled bundle in his/her seat, will it be a white baby, a commitment to her bloodline in the face of hostility and propaganda, or will she be pushing a little paean to capitulation, a tot whose very existence screams to the world, I surrender to the multicultural, polyglot muddy miasma?

You look in the stroller and see a white baby, and you heave a sigh of relief; or, conversely you see the orange curls, the scrunched together features of the Halfling who (despite his youth) senses in a way that neither of his parents do that he shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

Those who play “The Stroller Game” and wish to bet on the outcome should heed my handicapping advice, since I am an old hand at picking winners and losers. Here are a few factors to consider: If the white female has any visible tattoos (especially lower body), add +1 to the odds; if she is somewhat overweight, add +2 to the odds; if she is morbidly obese, it’s an automatic +5. If the woman has sallow hair that seems unkempt/unwashed, add a +2 (+ 3 if she’s blond ((+4 if her roots are showing)) ). If her pace is especially dejected, either a slow plodding gait or a manic waddle (almost like she’s Sisyphus pushing his boulder) add another +2 to her overall score.

Putting my handicapping advice to use, if you see a morbidly-overweight white woman, with a Tasmanian devil tattooed in faded India ink on the back of her left calf, and her stringy hair hangs down to the spaghetti straps of the bra beneath her wife-beater like the bristles of a course mop, I’ll give odds of 8:1 to all comers. We both know, after all, what’s in that stroller, as assuredly as we know that Hester wore a Scarlet Letter.

“The Stroller Game” of course is not a game at all, really, but is rather a sad daily reality of our age. I suppose, however, that these offspring serve some purpose. College-educated white males and Asian females do after all need someone to serve fries to their Eurasian offspring, and these mulatto undermenschen fit the bill very well.


28 Responses to “The Stroller Game”

  1. That’s been one of the biggest changes I’ve seen in myself since becoming a WN – a visceral reaction to white women with men of other races. I believe that this “disgust” is one of best tells for checking if a man is a WN or not. It’s like a giant middle finger in the face of the white man.

    Even when the child is white, the satisfaction is a thin gruel. Today in all probability mommy is a feminist and is full of career dreams. It has often been noted that WN is made up of older, Christian women and angry young men. It takes a divorce or two and the loss of sexual lust for women to wake up.

  2. Hirsh,

    BTW, what WN solution are you working towards, in brief? We all seem to have a bit different methods.

    • Here is the basic strategy I use.

      1) Monthly donations to a small group of non-profits working toward our ends.
      2) Supporting independent, local, white stores.

      This last one is crucial. If my local, white-owned hardware store is closed, I will not opt for the big chain. I will wait until they are open to purchase what I want. If they do not have the desired item, I will order it through their store and wait for it to arrive, rather than opting for convenience. Ditto with my food, my haircuts, my auto needs, etc. I will not proselytize or feel these people out for their sentiments regarding white nationalism, but I make a concerted effort to call the men “brother” and the women “sister,” and I occasionally “accidentally” drop a WN flyer here and there. I purchase books from Lighthouse and New Century Foundation, and ‘leave’ them in conspicuous places throughout libraries and bookstores where the undecided and lost can be reached.

      When you get past diagnosis and philosophy, and you ask “What can be done,” the best answer for that question I have encountered thus far is found in a man by the Name of Frank Borzelierri. Google him if you’re not familiar with him. He single-handedly managed to defund and sabotage the most hostile and radical political forces working in his direct sphere of influence. Local politics is the route for some. No matter how stacked the deck is against you, in terms of aldermen, city council/board members, all you have to do is connect with the voters and you can throw a wrench in their plans.

  3. Interesting post, Hirschibold — yours are like a jolt of electricity. It seems like a premium is put on white women of a certain look and size but think about it like this: seeing that the United States is steadily becoming a nation of fatties, and we know women put on weight quicker than men, it might actually be a good idea for white men to expand their horizons, pardon the pun. This way, although the offspring might not be the ideal, there is a re-population rate of white people that can come close to that of other minorities.

    After all, we have to remember that good looks or higher economic status does NOT ensure a high-quality white person.

    Also, I’m curious about this white man/Asian woman thing. Is the reverse permissible? What about white men with college-educated black women or Latino women or Jewish women? Or is the reverse of these okay, too (ie. college-educated black men, Latino men, and Jewish men with white women)? Is your goal actual maintenance of a strong white blood line or a population of acceptable mixed race people alongside whites but who happen to be sympathetic?

    • Two things: The whole Eloi-Morlock analogy can be specious, as you basically hinted in your post. People who have money many times have dissolute stock, while those who come from nothing can be men of substance. That’s why Charles’ Murray’s idea of “super zip” versus “fish-town” whites is more than a little specious.

      As for your main question, everyone’s definition of WN is different. I tend to think of it as Venn diagrams, with some overlap between Eurasians and Asians (remember John Derbyshire’s wife is Chinese). Some groups, however, will not be able to see eye to eye, ever, though (see: Muslims and anybody else, or blacks and anybody else). Some people will solve the problem of Muslim incursions by capitulation, since Islam is violent but is ultimately a universal doctrine. You cannot obviously “become black” in order to appease blacks, but some people do the next best thing figuratively, if they are morally weak.

      Men of all races have a two-pronged visceral reaction to interracial relationships. Seeing a woman of your race with a man outside your race causes an automatic (and healthy) feeling of anger, as if you yourself are being violated. This is generally cross-cultural truism. Seeing a white male with a non-white female is not something I condone as a WN, but I have to admit (and most men will) that it does not raise the same ire as seeing a white female gone astray. This is just the way we are hardwired.

      • Hirschibold, you started an interesting discussion; good on you.

        I have to say, however, I’m in somewhat a disagreement with you. I understand the use of Venn diagrams and accepting some minorities but not others but I can’t help but wonder that that is some death wish at the end of it. Sure, you can permit a white man to play around outside of his own race and even father a few mixed race children, marry the mother (as you mentioned with the Derb). After all, race never stopped people from screwing–I’ve had more than a fair share of black and mulatto women when I was a looser, younger man because I found them sexy (never fathered kids, I don’t think). Individually, it seems fine to play around but I think of the large numbers of the mixed race progeny: can you really ensure a sympathy towards the white race? It seems unlikely but how do we know that Derb’s son or daughter will not deflect from his instruction when they enter diversity? It would be inaccurate to think that Asians aren’t nationalistic themselves. What if they go to that side which has its left-wing sympathies?

        To me, it’s a difficult situation to navigate as a man with perfectly human attractions. There is virtually no way to totally ensure that a mixed kid will not take up the “other” race.

        Whenever a white mingles relationship-wise with a minority, there will be an obvious agreement with that minority that you will have to respect them/their people, maybe at the expense of your own. Perhaps we think Asians are more agreeable or we allow the occasional Latino or even mulatto/black… I just think it’s not wise. I’m not a supremacist and I don’t generally dislike minorities but I definitely think that they have a purpose that is more proper in their own racial spheres and not in ours. A population of mixed race people in our midst, well, when they realize there is a difference between them and us they might start in on it like minorities always seem to do.

      • We need to work on ensuring loyalty (not sympathy) from members of our own race, right now, before we worry about the identity issues of mixed race offspring

  4. The mixing of races must be understood as an evolutionary game. One race wins. The other race loses. How we define winning and losing is another matter. If we are to use the strict definition of IQ as an indicator, a white and black couple increases the ability of a black child. The white parent has a loss in the transaction, but the black parent has seen a gain.

    Again, in IQ terms, a white and asian couple face the same scenario. The asian loses in IQ, but the white gains in IQ.

    It is important to remember that IQ is not the only measurement we look for in progeny. We are more than IQ, and HBD enforces this. Aggressiveness, timidness, charity, selfishness, etc… these are life defining traits that are determined by our genetic make-up. We are individuals, but all individuals have a history. We are defined by that history. Your life is not independent of your past. The choices your ancestors made affect you. The choices you make affect your posterity. No man is an island. You are the culmination of choices made by your ancestors. You exist because history deemed you to exist.

  5. I would introduce another angle here:

    An out of control stroller lands in the middle of a busy street. Are you looking at the race of the baby before you attempt to save the life?

    I would expect most of us to say, “No.” The current world attempts to tell us that races do not exist. We know better. The world tells us that race is a social construct, and then the world demands affirmative action, racial preferences in hiring and contract work, and limits what we can say. We are strangers in our own country. We respect life. We protect life. And yet, our government demeans us every chance it gets. The same government our ancestors created. The same government our ancestors fought and died for. Our government no longer protects the people who made this country. We are bastards in our own homeland, no longer worthy of protection or sanction. We save every stroller in every street, but we are the bad guys.

    As the saying goes, good guys finish last.

  6. Hirish is on fire today!

    It is less offensive to see a man mixing that a woman mixing. It’s almost as if women are the guardians and measure of virtue. Thus you can see how offensive this whole feminism thing is and how it has affected our women.

    There is such a thing as Y haplotype WN. The idea is that women determine the race. Thus, a black sleeping with a white defiles the white race. In this ideology, men are free to mix but women are not. Columnist pushes something like this POV, though I also do not condone it. Just saying that its out there and something to be aware of.

    Do you know Kiesky, Hirsch? He practices many of the same ideas IRL as you. He is linked at eradica under mindweapons.

  7. I’m riled up tonight.

    We accept this easy life. We work jobs, enjoy our families, enjoy our weekends, and spend some time reading blogs. We individualize our future, with little regard for our nation. Meanwhile, the colored people are taking the country from you. We laugh and make jokes. The colored people take more. We make more jokes.

    While we laugh, these degenerates have influenced our society. Marriage – a sacred religious institution between a man and woman and God – is now open to fags. Our military is now sponsoring fag celebrations.

    How did we lose so bad, and so quickly? We’ve lost the recent youth. They may be a lost generation.
    [ed note: I believe they are indeed, lost. Perhaps THEIR children will be worth saving – or, likely not. Either way, the reality sinks in daily that the change “may” then take so long as to come about in 100 years. Too late.]
    I do not know if we can survive them. Everything we held sacred a decade ago is now considered old fashioned. How did we lose this generation so quickly? The long standing tenets of society have been abandoned for a false sense of liberty. When I talk to college girls they tell me race does not exist, gay marriage is equality, men and women are the same, and war is unnecessary. How do you respond to that level of ineptitude? They are being taught this garbage.

    A few will escape this war against reason and tradition. Hopefully many others will discover the truth as they age, but that is not guaranteed. We live in a dying world that demands our youth decay to animalism. The progressive agenda does not make us better. It does not lead to evolution of our people. It relegates us to animals and then demands we celebrate that devolution. It demands we give up thousands of years of civilization in order to meet the selfish demands of a small group.

    The irony in all of this is that they think they are creating a better world. There is nothing new under the sun. HBD survives. It is an eternal truth, but the masses seek destruction. The masses want to be animals. They reject civilization. In this context, you can understand the thought and actions of our ancestors. They limited voting. They accepted slavery. Everything we have been told is wrong may in fact be right.

    Man is an evil creature. We rise above our nature through civilization. We need to be controlled. We need to be subjects. We pretend every man is equal. We know that is not true, but we continue that false ideology.

    • I feel, in almost equal parts, revulsion and pity for the masses. I think saying they are being ‘taught’ is too soft a term. They have been ‘brainwashed’. Brainwashed by the media, universities, government and corporations. But the the masses are not our enemy, our enemy is the same one Nationalists have been fighting since the early 1900’s: Marxist/Communists who form this broad modern day Cultural Marxist Alliance (involving the institutions I stated above).

      And today’s Cultural Marxist true believers are Marxists, make no bones about that. They aim to radically reshape western civilisation, even to the point of it’s utter annihilation. What is, for example, ‘Gay Marriage’ but a weapon they thought up to smash the institution of traditional marriage? The faggots and lezers are their new ‘willing executioners’. The Cultural Marxists have adopted Marx’s theories and turned it from an economic revolution into a cultural one spread through the institutions. They have been wildly successful.

      All over the alt-right you see bloggers in their little cliques, hbders, gamers, mra and whatever other acronyms the Judeo-American mass brain has thought up. All battlefronts in the same war against the Marxists. The Germans did our dirty work for us Europeans for decades but unfortunately we backed the wrong horse in WWII. Then the US and it’s western allies fought the Reds in the great game but unfortunately (albeit somewhat understandably) we weren’t as vigilante at home and allowed the Cultural Marxists to take over our institutions.

      We’re in a war, don’t doubt this. It’s now turning into hundred years war. Names, nations, theaters, methods may all change but it’s the same war. We must think broadly and name the enemy. This is why I am a Fascists. It’s the only ideology which has as it’s primary intent the eradication of Marxism and it’s adherents.

      • Cam,

        I understand your frustration. How many billions of dollars did we spend to fight wars against marxism? And now we invite it into our own country. I’m not a Nazi. I recognize what Hitler was trying to accomplish. He failed miserably. He did more than that. He made any attempt to protect your people, race, or nation forbidden. Hitler ruined any chance for European people to unite against the rest of the world. That’s our history. Europeans fight – sometimes for no reason – but, we fight. Hitler ruined it for us. Get that through your mind. He is no hero. He destroyed any chance of Europeans uniting against the rest of the world. We live in his failed shadow. We slowly die in his failed shadow.

        We are in a war. The problem is most people don’t understand or accept that. But, times are changing. As whites become less important in a country that their ancestors created, they will begin to realize they have a responsibility to their heritage. Not just for themselves, but for their ancestors and children. Those are two major motivators. The war is not over yet. We are still here. More will fight as the situation becomes more troubled.

      • Cam,

        After reading my comment, I realized I may have implied you follow Hitler. That was not my intention. I apologize.
        [ed note: cam, does not follow Hitler, only the reruns]

      • Hitler and the Nazi’s pushed things too far, too soon. However they ARE NOT to blame for our current predicament. To blame them is to blame ourselves and thus bring yet more guilt onto the White race. Our Western powers backed the wrong horse in WWII, perhaps they should have seen the evils of Communism and sided with the Nazis, yet I don’t blame them the way some do either. The Judeo inspired Cultural Marxists are the ones who ‘…made any attempt to protect your people, race, or nation forbidden.’ Not Hitler, but keep blaming him if you want to, the Cultural Marxists wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep throwing us far-Right ‘extremists’ under the bus and YOU will continue to lose.

  8. When white females mix it is almost never with imperial intent. And when white males mix the same lack of imperial-mindedness prevails. So in effect, the visceral disgust that the white male feels when he sees a white female being enveloped by an imperial-mindedness only really serves as a smokescreen for his total lack of imperial-mindedness.

    In the demographic game, it takes generations of effort. Those half white/half non white children will go on to procreate with white or non white and shift the game one direction or other.

    • The mixing of races is never natural. Whether male or female, the desire to mate with another race is a psychological condition. That is acceptable to a certain extent under some circumstances. In biological and evolutionary terms, it creates opportunities for genetic transfers that may be beneficial. However, there is a cost. One race loses. One race wins.

      The visceral disgust is natural as well. That is not a race based disgust. A wealthy family does not want their progeny to mate with a lower class person.

      We are segregated as people. A Supreme Court decision does not change human nature. We are products of our ancestry.

      The question arises if we want to protect our ancestry? Is that a goal worth protecting? I think it is inherent in all human beings. We all want to protect our race – our extended family. There is very little to tie us to this world. A bloodline is an anchor.

  9. In one of Hirschibold’s older pieces he gave a quote about how embarrassing it is to realize that you’ve been complicit in your own destruction. It’s apt here, too, that sentiment.

    I have to be honest and admit that I don’t know where to stand on seeing white women with minority men; I feel an odd sort of self-resentment partly because I know that we’ve started the whole mess. Think about it: this whole time since we’ve lived beside minorities, we’ve constantly emphasized the superiority of our women to theirs, extolled her virtues and her beauty. Therefore, should it be any surprise that men who are black, Latino, Indian, Chinese — you name it! — want her? If you’re honest, you’ll say, “No,” it’s no surprise at all.

    And what extends from this is dangerously simple: if you have only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat, and you like them, you’ll be happy to eat them. But if you’re given the opportunity of turkey or some lettuce wrap, you’ll experiment and change it up; you may even never return to peanut butter again. That’s what happened with white women. All of the panting over them by minority men (and you have to be honest with yourselves and admit that much more than just a few our women find these guys physically attractive) and they go astray from the flattery.

    Truth be told: race has NEVER stopped anyone from having sex with each other. I profoundly disagree with any suggestion otherwise. BUT the tide of mixed race children could have been lessened if we did not, haughtily and carelessly, dangle her like a carrot on a string in front of their noses.

    Unfortunately, you can’t go back and try to convince these people that she’s ugly or that their women are perfectly suitable for them. Not only is it just too damned late, it’ll offend our women. I can imagine the droves running into the arms of some swarthy exotic… I guess the only thing to do is grin and bear it and HOPE that the ones deflecting are below average tubby throwaways. But even that is risky, in my opinion.

    • That feeling of self-resentment – that is natural. We made it legal. We made it acceptable. There used to be laws against it. People used to actually care. They cared about their families, their communities, their States, and the Country. Decades of propaganda has changed that natural feeling in the future generations. We lost the cultural war. We lost the family.

      But sin comes with a price. As the populations realize they have been sold false goods, they will return to the standards we know as HBD and tradition. Man is not a complex creature. We are creatures of whim, but HBD is inherent and natural. We are not done yet. There is a revival coming. We need to prepare the road.
      [ed note: we cannot presume we will retake lost territory in a lost war, no more than the Romans took back ruins from the Lombards ‘Barbarian-ing’ it up in Italy in 700 AD. Nor more than the Etruscans could presume wresting their lost culture from the Romans tho surpassed their own previous society…once it’s lost – it IS lost.]

  10. Cam.

    There is a delicate balance to consider when we approach race versus nationality. Hitler affected this world. He is not the only one to blame for our current troubles. However, he had a significant impact. We still feel it in every white nation. We live in his shadow, because every colored race uses him as a weapon against us.

    How do we escape that? We can’t. I agree with Buchanan, we shouldn’t have gotten involved with WW2. FDR invited it. He invited Pearl Harbor. Then we had to get involved. Japan was allied with Germany. We had to fight them after they declared war on the United States. It should never have happened, but it did. We fought and we won. It was a good ending for the United States, but it may not have been the best outcome for the white race. History is history. We live in this world, not the past.

    • ‘…because every colored race uses him as a weapon against us.’

      True, but Jewish and White Cultural Marxist elites let him be used as a weapon against us. Non-Whites (excluding jews) are a sideshow anyway, ‘willing executioners’. Their future will hopefully be grim, that’s if they have one.

      We must keep in mind that the Nazi’s were fighting the most hideous state the world has ever seen (USSR not USA, lol). Reagan got it correct when he called it the ‘Evil Empire’. The Nazi’s committed atrocities but look at what the United States did in it’s finest hour, the state victory over communism. It was all ‘democracy and capitalism with a smiley face’ by day and ‘death squads and genocide’ by night. Yes, the United States got their fingernails very dirty indeed, the techniques they used were almost Fascist, heck some of the states they propped up were Fascist! Good for them/us. The War Against Marxism was never going to be bloodless, not when the enemy has as it’s goal the annihilation of our civilisation.

      Hitler as ‘most evil man in history’ and the cause of the White mans ill’s? I think a certain people have a vested interest in propagating that line and I’m not buying what they’re selling.

      The masses will of course believe what ever pc bs they are fed. They don’t concern me. We must protect and polish Our Narrative for Our Elites.

      (ps-I agree with you how you describe WWII playing out at nation state level).

      • Cam, every nation, every tribe, every race has committed atrocities. I do not question the morality of it. A nation has to do certain things to survive. Most people are not as forgiving as I am. I’m not a fascist, but I understand the appeal. Some people call me fascist anyway. What I find interesting is how judgmental people are to any system besides “democracy.” Fascism is not an evil idea. Neither is a monarchy. They are just different systems of governing. It depends on the population, traditions, religions, etc… if it works, it works.

      • It also depends on who you a fighting. Fascism is the greatest Marxist killing ideology the word has ever seen. Mainly because it sprung up as a reaction to Marxism. Democracy has it’s pluses and minuses but it seems completely unsuited to combating (internal) Marxism and excellent at enhancing it. Even in fighting Communism the democracies often thought it prudent to contract it out to the Fascists.

  11. Democracy is weak. At least how the US provides it now. The idea that everyone has a right to vote is retarded. Democracy works when voting is controlled and limited.

    I agree that democracy is inefficient in combating marxism, it leaves too many open doors. I do think fascism, or a monarchy, is preferable to a democracy that has no written Constitution. A written Constitution is supposed to be a bulwark against tyranny. Unfortunately, we have witnessed how that has progressed. And when I refer to democracy, I mean a republic. Pure democracy is abhorrent. Most people should not vote. They are not equipped with the knowledge to make a proper decision. Nor do they care. No one in power cares to make that distinction anymore. Rock the Vote! Really? Stay home.

    Now, requiring an ID is considered racist. We did this to ourselves. We gave these miscreants the power to control our political structure. We gave them the power to destroy our cultural structure. We did it in the name of diversity. No bigger joke has been pulled in history. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We gave it away, so dark people would like us. They still don’t like us. But, now they get to control us through their irrational and vindictive decisions. And we succumb, because we are pussies now. We used to be cowboys. Now we whore ourselves to the world.

    It is depressing.

  12. “We need to work on ensuring loyalty (not sympathy) from members of our own race, right now, before we worry about the identity issues of mixed race offspring”

    Well, true, absolutely, Hirschibold… But you damned bloody well worry about it sometime; it should be something to remember before you think that coupling with an Asian woman or whatever minority woman gets your juices flowing at the moment (and she then gets a honorary white pass) is the right thing to do in the long run.

    It’s called a “slippery slope,” brother — it seems like so many want a rainbow coalition as long as the rainbow doesn’t have the darkest hues. That’s desperation; that’s suicide. What’s the point of trying to ensure loyalty from male members of the race when they are shacking up with some non-white woman? That’s the problem: too many young white males are thinking with the wrong part of their anatomy — perhaps exercising a little self-control or excising themselves from the movement would do if they cannot get it together and couple with our women. It’s why I have this visceral reaction to decrying white women’s colored conquests when so many white males feel they can play around with colored broads.

    What kind of message does that send to white women? Ah, yes: that two can play at that game. And obviously they’re doing it, my friend. The scorn for white males going astray needs to be equal to, if not greater than, the scorn given to women; after all, we are the leaders.

    I enjoying your postings, Hirschibold, but I have to admit that you dumbfounded me suggesting that mulattos will serve fast food to allegedly preferable “Eurasian” half-breeds, not white offspring. It’s like an out to mess around on white women, sir, and there shouldn’t be one. I want white offspring, not half-breeds, in our sphere. I should add, since it’s the subject of this post, the problem with mulattoes is that they side with blacks or, I should say, they’ve found that they have not been accepted by whites. A minority always accepts the half-breed with its blood because there is a camaraderie in being colored. Not every white is going to accept a mixed breed in place of a white, regardless of its variety; and since race is real, tangible, and biological, the black or Latino or Asian coursing in these kids’ veins is not just going to be dormant for the white blood. There is no way to predict anything.

    It’s something to definitely think about. Letting minorities move from their spheres to muddy our own defeats the purpose of race nationalism. I’m sure you understand that.

  13. Had a “little trouble”
    posting my reply to you on your site:

    Hating whites
    because they may object to your fondness
    for AZN pin-ups is scant logic for vitriol.

    If you have the chops to snag “Hot Asian Girlfriend”
    Move from your white neighborhood
    into a colored neighborhood full o’ Wonder Diversity
    where you (and she) can celebrate the welcome

    You fail to see that even the cornerstone of your philosophical world
    entitled “attack the system”
    is made ridiculous by attacking “white nationalists”
    who obviously control nothing
    in comparison to the vast hordes of fascist liberals
    who control EVERYTHING and ARE THE SYSTEM


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