Why US Cities Fell & New York Thrives Pt. I

by Firepower

Hate it or not, NYC must hold a special place of note in Americana; it’s the largest city, duh.

What intrigues perpetually arrogant newyorkcentric punditry is The Holy City’s Magic Transformation! from nig-infested tenements to bejeweled crown.  I wanted to hold off on this post, but I’ve been writing too much in forums – so some ‘grecycler’s gonna steal my idea…

Soon even tremendously significant events like World War Two will be forgotten as quickly as World War One or the Mexican-American War.  It won’t have any meaning.  The problem of deciphering this NYC Riddle of The Ages!© is dimwitted, lazy and speculative punditry…not paying attention to history.  Not having lived it, they stupidly eschew what they do not see.  Most archival knowledge of the microfiche variety is conveniently deliberately withheld by the Government School Statists to control access.  If it isn’t found on the internetz with great rapid facility, why hell – it just don’t exist, Brandon.  Government Ministries don’t want you to see how the black destroyed a thriving city even after LBJ handed-out massive free welfare cash to lazy blacks for rioting and burning major US cities.  New York never seemed to have any of those destructive riots, did it?

There are these things called “libraries” full of non-electronicized information the Liberal Elite want limited only to paper to retain their clawing grasp on power.  The control of information is the control of power.

For instance: The same sweet folks who rail about

“until Madonna, women were persecuted out of the music Industry! Shame on you Evil Mens!!!”

…without telling you Joni Mitchel, Joan Baez and Grace Slick were Liberal Darlings in the 60’s.  There was never never ever no such person as Judy Garland or Doris Day either.  Who was that Barbra Streisand person, again? (Gee-whilikers, whoever she was, she musta been important enuff to get her name in my firefox spellchecker!)  Information Statists control opinion by accentuating the Liberal Policy.  It works: Most fall for it even in the freedom of the Internet Age – but this is another story.  New York City is the major power/money/propaganda academy base of liberalism and they want its operation clouded.  The Establishment wants you to believe that they pulled themselves up by their liberal bootstraps and successfully used the policies of tender, equitable liberalism to resurrect a dead city – not the admission of failure in cop-out Big Government Subsidies.

The black-infested NYC with its (surprise) crime, violence, drugs, promiscuity and uncontrolled breeding fostered unendurable welfare state-treasury drainage.  Watch movies such as Hell Up In Harlem, Black Caesar, Fort Apache, The Bronx and Superfly to get the picture of what the vile location looked and felt like when the black infested the nest.  Of course, liberal icon-activists Ed Asner & Paul Newman (who’d never deign to risk their skin living amongst them in reality) propagandized the movie as the white hats of justice standing in the way of bloodthirsty waves of gangs; color, conveniently not mentioned in PR releases.  Let’s just say, they weren’t Swiss.

Still, wherever the black bred, Harlem and tenement slums were pigstys of bedstuy.  The Irish kept them cleaner in 1850 before electric vacuums and Windex.  All colored cities, today, look like NYC once did – both before in The Glory and after the vermin fled the sinking-stinking ship.  All colored cities will look like NYC once did and eventually fall, but today, no Big Brother will come to the rescue.

Before the Fall, NY was the largest port in America.  It was also the largest manufacturing center.  Today, it’s only an ethnically-cleansed office park and playground for the wealthy.  It once was full of factories that made stuff; now it’s a useless financial mortgage scam paper-churning Democrat incubator.  It’s no exaggeration:  During the 70’s the city was truly bankrupt – no more money to pay its gigantic, useless bureaucracy.  Even garbage piled-up.  No money for cops, teachers or paper-pushing Social Workers.  Sound familiar?  Now, Stockton, CA is bankrupt.  So, is Detroit.  Philladelphia…soon.

While the black (and all coloreds) despoiled, desecrated and destroyed the infrastructure back into the Stone Age of vacant grassland, liberal elites like Jimmy Carter saw colored votes – not colored animals.  His ready-made liberal political allies of NY bosses Mayors Koch, Beame, Dinkins and their henchmen would deliver votes, if Carter delivered life-sustaining money.  The coalescing factor in this scam was the NY-centric National Media Machine – the fat, stupid and rich msm of its day:  All the major news networks were (and still are) based there.  Same with printed publications.  TIME, Newsweek and the New York Times were “kind of a big deal” back then.  Actually, their influence was all-powerful and evil, even getting the entire nation to believe that if NYC farted the whole country should suck up a headfull of the rosy aroma, then applaud the Great City for its accomplishment.  These vile media manipulators howled, screamed and demanded MONEY from “Federal Government” and got all they demanded – and more.

Next up: How they did it


28 Comments to “Why US Cities Fell & New York Thrives Pt. I”

  1. NYC has a special place in my heart, not only because I spent much of my youth in and around the city from a young age and started my banking career on Wall Street, but also because it was the crucible of my own personal awakening on certain matters.

    Still, I never fell in love with the place as so many starry-eyed kids do. I’m so over it.

  2. I think Mr. Deconstructing Leftism hit on why New York is a special case in his J.P. Morgan/ Tombstone rant. It’s the center of the world’s financial power. Most of the power brokers are generally left, but they refuse to take their liberalism straight. They ain’t walking past Lennox into Harlem, and they ain’t sending their kids to any PS with more than 10% diversity, and they ain’t letting the diversity curse anywhere near the trading floor. There is no AA in Gordon Gecko’s world.

    Also Rudy was a good egg who ruled the moolies with an iron fist.

  3. Ha. We get alot of white refuges from Jersey and NYC. For some reason, the working class white population there is beating feet. I don’t know about the place. DC, LA and NYC seem like they’re on another planet or somethiing.

    I just watched Jason Takes Manhattan. What a great movie that was.

  4. The classic book on the fall on NYC, centered on the play-by-play of specific liberal policies , personalities, and delusions of that era, is “The Cost of Good Intentions” by Charles Morris.. Might be out of print now but worth a read if you are interested in the details of that period.

  5. This is certainly the type of person/mentality you will expect to find in the city. Everybody is just damn glad to be there paying 4,000 a month for a tiny walkup so long as its close to a deli. insane.

  6. FP: I found this comment on the Alt-Right Blog regarding NYC:

    Did you know that NYC is 30% Jewish? Did you realize that almost no white nationalist leader considers Jews to be white, as the Jewish national interest inevitably fights to exterminate whites, with the help of whichever whites are stupid enough to go along with it. Subtract them out from your calculation of the number of Whites in NYC; you’ll find that there are basically none of us there. NYC is not an American city.

    I would agree with his assessment. Who cares about NYC? New Yid City, New Jack City (as in the nigga film) or New Cesspool Babylon, it doesn’t matter, NYC is not important in the grander scheme of things. The same with the immense wealth and materialism that goes along with it, which pretty much defines the Jewish parasitism/phenomenon in America, and also the old world of Eurot from yesteryear.

    Expensive liberal centers like LA, SF, DC, and Chicago are also of the same category.

    • FP: I found this comment on the Alt-Right Blog regarding NYC:

      Beware the cheapening taint of wn/amren-ite PeterPanzers & trailerparknazis.
      If nyc be 30% jew, it by necessity means others inhabit the piss-stained air – correct?

      Beware: A colored’s IQ averages 85, a trailerparknazi’s is around 88.
      Coloreds abandoned Manhattan tenements to Jentrifyin’ Jews. Coloreds live in the Bronx & Brooklyn now.
      Whining Whermacters fail to see: Hate Manhattan to pieces, but the fact still is, it remains the financial capital of Murka and along with London, the entire world.

      Many WASP Elites live there also and hate us NRA Whites. Lots of whops. Lots of micks.
      (btw, if you havent bought shitloads of ARs & AKs & ammo, you’d better do so)
      All it takes is ONE power outage long enough to light the fuse and you’ll find yourself knee-deep in MINOs looting your $8,000 a month closet-sized studio…

      • Spoken to a few Eurot friends who’ve visited NYC and Murka in general, and they came to the conclusion that it’s a strange and unhealthy place to live. Yes, wait, the old country is becoming affected with the same disease.

        Ryu might want to check this out:


        Migga kids in the Netherlands are now seeing a shutdown of their schools, because the White Dutch majority decided to remove their children, due to racial tensions and an overall dislike of these 3rd world troublemakers. It’s too bad, these miscreants aren’t attending our public schools here in NYC. Liberal, Dumbfucko Mayorio, would love to integrate these rowdy North African, Turkish and African blackies with our Afro and Hispanic losers.

        Now Moroccans, some of them are Berbers, North African Whites, reminiscent of the Great Hannibal, but no sympathy for them. And some of their women are quite stunning, as with Turkish women. Still, these 3rd world garbage need to stay out.

      • because the White Dutch majority decided to remove their children, due to racial tensions and

        This is but the most recent manifestation of established human nature.
        This happened prior in the Busing 70’s where even RepubliHERO Nixon!© fostered rapid colorization of Murka by allowing the black bused into fresh white burbs and un-vandalized facilities.

        Whites then removed their tender pink mice babies from BIGov public skoolz to plant them in private/parochial schools, sucking the money right out of BIGov’s skool lunch-munny pocket.

        In response, Whites also self-segregated by moving far away from Black Mold and abandoned thriving suburbs that became darker as the stranded, poor white survivors swiftly became infected with black sperm to create the nation of MINO Halfricans you see now.

        This simple vignette proves the only thing it takes to be a liberal is:
        Money enough to move safely away from coloreds

      • Good for the white Dutch. But pacifism is not enough.

        Miggers must be FORCED out of Holland. “Please” will not work. Have you ever noticed how most direct action people are American?

        What I look for is the public either directly or indirectly supporting real WN. It means if Brevik shows up and mows down 100 muzz, they aren’t outraged.

      • Ryu: I would disagree with you that Murkans are about direct action. We are not, if we were, Eradica would not bring up repeated discussions about the problems we’re facing now.

      • Murka is a nation of disparate and diverse ideologies, and the Liberal Nazis have capitalized on this, and they will use this to their full advantage. This alone is the problem. At the moment, we just need the country to run its course, like addicts who can no longer sustain their destructive tendencies, either they become incapacitated or die off.

        [ed note: this – and your previous statement – is quickly becoming the quintessential reasoning behind Eradica]

      • JS…

        It’s pointlessly perverted to set a bar so high as to not enable a single man to clear it. In fact, it is simply an abitrary decision with no discernible effect outside of evidencing a common misanthropist.

      • JS…

        The unequivocal battle is amongst perpetuating parasites over a rapidly dwindling “host.” The crossover battle is disassociating from that dwindling “host.” BUT, the internal battle is whether given the above understood factors one is motivated to strive towards Supremacy? VERY FEW WILL and this is NO REASON to lament as it could be no other way.

      • TD: We don’t have a high bar set upon on those who want to eradicate the current problems in the good ol’ Murka, is the gist of the problem. Societal changes doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and certainly not from being nice and laid back, but from unrelenting hard work. Liberal Nazis didn’t speak softly and got what they wanted, it was a process of being forceful and unmitigated, much of it through their own devious propaganda of the masses, which took several decades of hardcore brainwashing and reinforcement.

      • You don’t have to be a warrior-philosopher or white supremacist to know that to do. The bar is low – like Nike! Just do it.

        America’s like a sick and howling dog. Someone just shoot it in the head and put it out of its misery already. Those raider minos who loot and kill do more for this than idiot whites who just want to work.

        I’m surprised you don’t have more admiration for those groids, JS. You should chat them up. They could show you how to get some free stuff.

  7. This reminds me of those ESPN “thirty/thirty” shows. Everytime they highlight one of those against all odds, out of this world black athlete, one will notice how all the actual historic photos are conspicuously missing overt signs of abject poverty and alienation only to be assaulted by modern day videography of some run down and busted out nigelville, usa.

  8. All it takes is ONE power outage long enough to light the fuse and you’ll find yourself knee-deep in MINOs looting your $8,000 a month closet-sized studio…

    You’re agreeing with me that the nigga floaters in NYC are a danger to the White pansies, who over-inflate the cost of living in Manhattan.
    {ed note: not really. jews on Manhattan outnumber minos 10: 1. still, i’ve not seen a group of 40 whites who stand up to 3 angry coloreds – except for me and a few associates who scare the ChristFuck out of most ppl and especially the black. whites are so broken as a people, they won’t even glare at a colored.}

    I’d say they should be more worry about this than their valuables: The apeshits will be more interested in raping their sisters and lovers, if a power outage ever happens.

    I don’t own anything of substantial value so they can loot my stuff all they want. I’m crossing my finger that no chaos ensues between now and the end of the year, when I will be zipping far away from this place, and I could care less if the MINOs storm the floodgates afterwards. They could knock down on RAOs and take his refrigerator full of valuable pasta where it doesn’t concern me.

    • Niggas from the outer boroughs float around like trash in Manhattan. It’s not like the other segregated cities where the White majority push these miscreants as far they can, and never see them again. Manhattan is an exception.

      [ed note: of course it’s an exception: it’s an island. thats unlike most places in the usa. just bc there are bridges ready 2b shutdown bc of nigras doesnt mean uc such barriers now. thats why u have StopNFriskANig…]

      • Besides the hammer nigga who was shot, for trying to nail on White biatches, we’ve been seeing a string of robberies from niggas in Central Park. Now imagine if a power outage happens and the entire city goes blackout, which means it’s knockout time.

        […and you have NO arms bc u obey the LN ordinances…]

      • And also don’t forget, the White majority in Manhattan doesn’t work in occupations that are beneath them, and proletariat Whites could never get subsidizied housing on the island, afforded to lumprenprole coloreds who take up employment at the local Starbucks serving these wealthy White ignoramuses.

        FP: Murka is a very sick place!

      • …and you have NO arms bc u obey the LN ordinances…

        And no exit or survival strategy. Manhattan folks are so used to walking across the street for food, now imagine you’d take that away.

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