Obamacare Judicial ELITES

by Firepower

You Deserve It

You don’t comprehend it, but you should.  You’re not stupid, are you?
Supreme Court “justices” ARE elites.  Look at where they were raised, educated and live, today.
Harvard Elites.

Poor white trash and the coloreds flood Big Medicine’s hospital emergency rooms to get free healthcare for every ingrown diabetic toenail and every gunshot from a meth drive-by shooting.  The government wants them to pay for the damage they’ve done to their fellow Harvard sorority/Frathouse brothers RUNNING the insurance companies and Big Medicine.  Insurance companies and the AMA make the NRA‘s political contributions look like…….. spare change in a Salvation Army pot.

As I said BEFORE: The last time I looked, supreme court justices’ PAYCHECKS ALL said “US Government” on them.

To look to Harvard Elites as your champion and savior is the height of foolishness.

Lots of comments on allegedly smart blogs/forums like “wtf justice roberts!”  and True Gems like: “roberts YOU SUCK!”  I’m sure that really eats Justice Roberts up inside.  Maybe…you really are stupid…

Read these short articles (here) about elites and your future feudalism, then the lesser ones, below.

It’ll cost “poor” people (according to our competent government) $95 a year in fines for non-compliance.  That means it will actually cost $150 for all the non-complying colored scofflaws.  Whites will get stuck paying all the bill – per usual – because Obamas & Pelosis & Kennedy’s WILL grant WAIVERS to the coloreds.

Now, to Wall Street, that means the fine-payers have less to spend on Chee-tos, Butter Knives, KOOLS, gasoline and flip-flops:  In short, less money to spend on stuff – stuff we make, or import.  The money won’t be spent here.

Now, Big Government GETS that money from fines taxes …and do as it always does wisely:  give it to Libyans, Muslim Brotherhoods, Mexican Drug Cartel Gunners, Israelis or Starving Africans! 😦

Your pretty New Uniforms await.

12 Comments to “Obamacare Judicial ELITES”

  1. But Harves Claflin Mansfield, Jr. is the inspiration to so many recyclers he MUST be a force of good in the world!
    [ed note: gee, what a great article topic that would be… maybe if nobody writes it in a few days I’ll steal it and show The Mega-Opolis World Publishing Co. Lmtd.,Inc. what a great lil’ writer I am.]

    • I’m working on a (beer hall) plot which will see Cultural Marxist western female journalists kidnapped from their cozy offices, put on a plane, flown to Egypt, kicked out the door and parachuted into Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo where their ‘diversity is strength’ subjects await.

      I’ll keep you posted.

      [ed note: holy christfuck are you and your 70 year-old Wideos of Losers fucking stupid. go fuck a monkey]

      • By now we all know what the answer is, fucking academics.
        [ed note: what’s with all the Volksturrm Wideos? Hey: those guys lost. Put up pix of Saddam, Bill Clinton or the Saudi Royal Family – they held on to real power, longer]

      • “Put up pix of Saddam, Bill Clinton or the Saudi Royal Family – they held on to real power, longer”

        I’m sick of the alt-Right bagging the Nazis. Did any of the groups/individuals you mention start their own movement from scratch? Perhaps they did but fucked if I care, their inheritors. Political and recources inheritors. Hitler took the NSDAP from a middling Bavarian party to being the rulers of Europe. You know nothing of true conquest.

        You American bitches only understand money, bbb…. the Clintons were rooly kool dewd, bbbut the sudi hhhhave lllots of money man!!!

        Fuck you! Judeo-Yanks. Into the chamber and a mouthful of Z-b for you degenerates.

  2. Alright, the main reason for stomaching a vote for Romney ( a sane SCOTUS appointment) is looking like a losing horse after Roberts just sold us out (whatever the reason, bribery, fear, or stupidity). I wish we’d imported Italians at the rate we import Mexicans. We need some Giulianis and Scalias, and Borzallieris floating around.
    [ed note: the conservative ‘agenda’ has been reduced to ONLY the SCOTUS appointments. all else, is circling the wagons. waiting for the deguello to sound at The Alamo. even that pick, when it’s the Chief Justice, is now little more than Thermopylae waiting for betrayal. pick any military analogy you want…]

  3. It won’t cost poor people anything. Roughly 50% of Americans pay zero in way of federal income tax. It’s that 50% that, most likely, do not have health care and, thus, will be penalized and have to pay…nothing.

    It’s you and I my friend and government’s massive debt that will pay for their healthcare.
    [Obama (and every democrat powerbroker) WILL find ways to grant coloreds FREEBIES. JUST LIKE HE DID when giving waivers to union cronies and connections. it’ll be no different than Colorado giving reduced tuition to ILLEGAL college students]

  4. I was very surprised at Roberts on this, and I really wanted to see the individual mandate ruled unconstitutional (which I still think it is). However I’ve read some interesting takes on what Roberts did and it at least is giving me a reason to think more about what his decision. John Steele Gordon summarized three implications of what is contained in the ruling: 1) Federal Power under the Commerce clause has been limited, meaning they can’t force us into the act of commerce; 2) Federal Taxing power has been greatly expanded, this isn’t a good thing if you ask me but by declaring the individual mandate a tax it becomes possible to repeal without threat of a filibuster in the Senate (does Roberts think Romney and a Republican Senate could be in power in January?); 3) Federal power over the states has been greatly limited, that is the federal gov’t can’t coerce the states by threatening to take away existing funding but could only do so with new funding.

    A couple of other points:

    – Obama was forced to praise the court on a decision that was very oriented towards state’s rights
    – The court is now somewhat insulated against accusations of hyper-partisanship in upcoming terms where issues like affirmative action, campaign finance, and the Voting Rights Act will come before it

    The last two were pointed out by Sean Trende. I’m not a legal scholar by any means so I’m looking for silver linings anywhere I can at this point. Oh and maybe the biggest benefit: how pissed off are all the voters who don’t like the ACA and Obama in general? With four months to go…
    [ed note; you make many persuasive points. Yet, I’m suspicious when the court’s judgement (once again) falls along the traditional lines. If scalia and thomas disapproved…odds are, it’s bad for america]

    • I wonder if Roberts was also interested in protecting the power of the court, which is supposed to be a coequal branch of government. If he thinks that Obama and the D’s are most likely going to be out of office next year then maybe he saw a way to preserve the prestige and influence of the court while also ruling on some important limits to federal power, and then leaving the fate of Obamacare up to the voters (which is where it is now). Maybe that’s a good thing? At the same time five justices just signaled to the lower courts that they were willing to rule that a major act of Congress regarding economic activity exceeded its powers. I wonder if Scalia and Thomas may have got what Roberts was thinking, in a “nod and wink” type of fashion. I’m still not happy about it, but I don’t think Roberts is a stupid guy either. At least I hope not, time will tell

      • I think you are giving far too much credibility to CJ Roberts’ decision today. Within the past few weeks, the term ‘judicial activism’ has changed. Judicial activism used to mean that the Court legislated from the bench. Now, it is argued, judicial activism is overturning laws. The latter is the point of the judiciary, if the laws are unconstitutional. That is not activism. That is the judiciary performing its due diligence and duty as a coequal branch of government.

        CJ Roberts did not do that today. He took an unconstitutional law and redefined it – to make it constitutional. He re-legislated it. He turned the individual mandate into a tax, when it was never meant to be a tax. It was a penalty under the commerce clause. The three other liberal justices went along because they do not care about the process, they wanted the end result. That is hardly rule of law. It is rule of whim.

        The arguments that CJ Roberts has a long term plan is unfounded. He could have just as easily struck down the law and limited the power of the federal government under the commerce clause. He did not. He found a way to make it acceptably constitutional to himself, and the three other liberal justices eagerly agreed – not in process, but in result. He did that alone.

        There is no happy ending here. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Unlike incentives in the tax code that are used to influence actions (i.e. mortgage deductions, charity deductions), this decision penalizes taxpayers for not purchasing a product. It is a complete reversal of tax incentive history. There is no limit now. If you don’t buy an electric car, well there’s a tax penalty. It is endless.

        Even if Obamacare is repealed, this ruling still stands. It allows the federal government to penalize you for not purchasing products or services.

      • All very good points. As I said I’m looking for silver linings, and there are at least some of those from what I’m seeing. Roberts could very well have made a totally f*cked decision with no long term plan in mind. But there were some real lines drawn on federal power. And if in the future the crooks in DC want to “tax” us into a certain behavior, like the ACA now does, then they’ll have to declare it is a tax. New taxes are a harder sell for politicians. And they’re easier to repeal since they can’t be filibustered. There’s only one party that would filibuster a tax repeal.

        It’s up to voters now anyway. And I hope the voters are pissed

  5. The extent of Conservitard© shock and anger at this decision tells me, among other things, that too many Conservitards© still have faith in the System.

  6. There are no silver linings. Several different conservative commentators are telling us this was a good ruling. It is nothing but spin. CJ Roberts limited the commerce clause, only as it is relevant to Obamacare. In the same breath, he opened the unlimited taxing ability of the federal government.

    New taxes are hard to sell? I’d believe that if taxes did not go up every year. What you are forgetting is that the majority of people who do not pay taxes don’t care if taxes go up. They vote for benefits, not on tax measures. They don’t pay for it.

    Don’t kid yourself about the parties. When they can filibuster, it is a political action for more power – more power to control you. We celebrate the unusual occasion when Republicans thwart the Democrats. We lose continually. The Republicans throw us a bone to keep us happy, and then they submit to the demands of the progressive movement. What position have the Republicans had in the past 40 years that they did not “move to the center” on? The Republican establishment is not conservative. They are not holding on to anything. There simply is no backbone.

    HBD provides a backbone. It will not be found in the Republican elites. This backbone is in middle, white America. We need to get them to understand the situation. Their Country has been stolen from them and given to brown people from all over the world that depended on government support for survival. They don’t give a shit about our ancestry, our lineage, our mores, our traditions. Why should they? We give them everything. That costs us. Both parties are complicit in this, even more, they encourage it.

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