10 Hottest Dirty-Named Teachers Caught Sleeping w/ Students

by Firepower

Teaching: The World’s Most Honorable Oldest Profession

Daily Outrage©!?  No.  If it were, maybe women having sexual relations with their minor students would’ve stopped.  But, then again, the daily outrage is where it always ends.

10 Hottest Dirty-Named Teachers Caught Sleeping w/ Students.

Hoo-boy!  This stuff was suuuuuure funnee ten years ago to that era’s 20-year-olds and their parents.  Yucking it up to jokes about “day-ummm boy-ee, wish I HAD me a teacher like that yuk yuk!”

But today, those  *Wise* 20-year-olds from 2002 are 30…and have kids of their own in school.  It’s not so goddamn funny, now, is it Brndon.

You have to look into the story. If you can’t see it, I might help you:

How bad must it be, to have a Top Ten of sex-criminal teachers?  And those, only the females?  And of those – only ones with “dirty” names.  Have fun, raising your kids – and grandkids.

They’re going to repay you when you’re in a folding bed in a Nursing Home.

7 Responses to “10 Hottest Dirty-Named Teachers Caught Sleeping w/ Students”

  1. Its very strange, but a lot of teachers take on the mentality of the age of students they teach. This is my partial explanation for how stories like this come about. It seems a lot of them are morally questionable to begin with, lonely, there could be overlap in their “maternal” feelings for their students, and we all know how women’s sexual bonding works.
    [i have noticed. do you want to know why – the REAL answer?]

  2. Of course!

  3. That is some hot pussy for a teacher lmfao

  4. If I could I would fuck all of you


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