Pull A Zimmy, Understand COPS

by Firepower

Rough Draft Photo from NYT, & MSM, Inc

Cops have relatively less rights than citizens.  Generally speaking, they have more in some areas, less in others:  use your fucking brain.  I have a brain, a lawyer, and an opinion – and it’s my Constitutionally protected right to Free Speech to state that opinion.

A cop on the street, just as you, can ask ANY citizen “Hey!  What are you doing?”  A cop can’t swoop in and ask “Hey, what the FUCK are you doing!”  The first question is reasonable, the second, kinda douchey.

A citizen can use profanity.  Profanity can inflame.  In their neighborhood, especially, a citizen can walk up to any other citizen and a ask “What are you doing here?” without the expectation being that the questioner deserves a physical assault (by the trayvon) for merely using words.  The question is “reasonable.” The trayvon can ignore you, or even reply “none of your fucking business!”  But what they CAN’T do is beat you for asking.  If they do, you amp-up your zimmy.

Lawyer up.  Don’t be a moron like Zimmy and get your naturally expected fumbling statements Fisked by the Jew York Times (hat tip: Rev. Jesse Jackson!) and MSNBC:  You think liberal lamestream media wants to help you?  Do they even write about one blackflashmob?  Grow a fucking brain.  Shooting people is not the automatic, weepy swpl conscience-drag Steven Spielboig uses to tug at your heartstrings, especially when they’re trying to bash your brains into the sidewalk.  It’s all in degrees – like everything in life.  Besides, do you think Comanche Warriors ran home to the teepee all teary-eyed because they scalped a US Cavalry Scout who tried to shoot them?  Comanches celebrated killing their enemies even when they were old white people, hispanic people, glorious indigenous indian peoples – women – and even cute little kiddies.  Hey, and today – the New York Times lurvs them injuns!  Just think:  in 200 years, YOU TOO can own casinos – and not even be Jewish-Italian!

Actual LA Times MSM Editorial

Letalvis Cobbins and his wacky gang of struggling black kids used a broken, splintery coffee-table leg to repeatedly gang rape a white girl (and boy) in front of each other – for hours.  His main concern was “do I gets EBT if I goes to prison.”  He was also grateful the NYT didn’t utter a word about it.

Use a public defender immediately during the interim delay period before you call your lawyer and he’s forced to push himself away from his lobster dinner to put on his all-important suit and tie.  If you start talking and say even one word to the cops – you are an idiot who’s just given himself an expanded, worsened, self-inflicted three-year extension in Our Lovely Court System.

If you’re going to carry concealed, talk to a lawyer beforehand.  But be aware they are (really really) scum because they will only act like they’re on your side when you pay them.  If OJ didn’t have The Money, Johnnie Cochran wouldn’t be a famous dead guy today from Da Itis.  Think of lawyers as a tool – like a toilet plunger or turd-scraper.

Until you retain a lawyer, expect little Happy Cuddly Truth from them besides: “Don’t bother anybody… unless you’re rich and …you’re payin’ me.”  Oh, if only the world were so nicey!  Once you pay these vile creatures, now they will help you get off murdering two people – even in cold blood.  You: be The OJ.  Buy the toilet plunger, but only dirty your hands when the shit clogs up – or you’re expecting it to plug.

How msm white-Italians WILL Portray You

You’ll, or course, get The Treatment by the cops.  They’ll glare at you and intimidate you for 48 hours or so, depending on your State law.  BFD.  Sounds like my High School.  Cops are not heroes like in the movies.  They are jackbooted lackeys for The Establishment looking to imprison you to score points with their bosses, who in turn, score points with theirs alllll the way up the Liberal Ladder.  Cops are paper-pushing Government Union Workers and have the same mentality as an arrogant school teacher, road crew slob and DMV nazi, but cops think you must obey and make their job easier by incriminating yourself.

That Establishment, in case you’re blind, deaf and stupid, is pro-colored and in a Big City that ladder ends with the uppity colored Political Boss in charge of it all.  The trayvonned police chief just lost his job.  What a shame…

The cops fear for their jobs.  Their jobs get them the young pussy that stupidly think cops are macho protectors of Good.  Most are beta.  Cops fear for that sweet, sweeeet, sweeeeeeet Government Pension that means they can retire at 40, collect $103,203 a year in retirement, then hire in as a 20-year veteran at another copshop for an $85,324 a year salary.  Cops are not Champions of Justice like they say they are on TV; police are champions of their wallets via doing what their Evil Masters Decree.  If Evil Master says “roast Davidians, shoot up Weaver kids and give FREE Los Guns to friggin’ mexican Drug Lords!” well of course these Champions of Justice immediately hop right to it.  Try getting them to show interest when you 911 a trayvon creeping about your subdivision…

If cops are so tough…how come they don’t live in the bad neighborhoods they police?  If you’ve got trayvons hooding up your sidestreets, odds are:  No chickenshit cop lives in YOUR neighborhood.  They bravely live in the suburbs.  Their upper-middle class disdain for those they police in lower-class cities shows by their don’t-give-a-shit ‘tude.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what happens to Zimmy, so don’t despair little buckos:  He’s a colored who’d just as eagerly check that hispanic-american checkbox on his FBI Government Job App.  And, toss you in prison with the rest of the coloreds if you blabbed like a moron to a detective.

BEST Idea in Decades! SIGN UP, Now!

Published Jun 22, 2012


9 Comments to “Pull A Zimmy, Understand COPS”

  1. Great post piggy, i mean firepower.

    [yes, this is distinctly piggy’s style – promoting ideas that endear him to mainstreammedia’s corner offices at NR. no doubt, he will reclaim This, His Style – and somehow come up with an article exactly like this of his own – maybe without even mentioning Charles Murray. that song you picked? it’s faggy. give me that article, put down the handlotion and your collection of Shia Lebouf videos.]

  2. I’ve mostly found I have more rights on public property than on my own private property. Because I live in a nice spot, people are always trying to get in. Lane marked private? Ooh, let’s drive up and look around. And keep your dog away from me! Private beach? No, this is just like a sidewalk…except I don’t walk by your house and stare at you while you sunbathe. And I’m pretty sure I don’t pull up your grass to take home as souvenirs. If my beach is your sidewalk, why am I paying all these taxes to live here? Maybe I should set up an archery range down there. Always wanted to learn. Private club? Actual quote from a black woman to her child meant for me to overhear: “We can’t go there be because we’re black.” No, you can’t go there because you haven’t paid the ridiculously low $100 membership fee. Grape vineyards? Oh, they won’t miss a few bunches. Of course not! Especially not when everyone else is doing the same thing! In short, I’d rather join the public than be some sort of zoo animal. Actually, I’d rather move to an enclave. There’s a beautiful one a perfect two hour drive from me. Unbelievable school system. Just a wee bit out of my price range 🙂
    [It is indeed a shame. One of the MANY examples today why “evil” rich folks actually DO keep the owsers away; it’s not all about class, it’s about classless behavior. In the 90’s, America wondered what GenOWS would be after being raised by Nickelodeon and Beavis & Butthead. Now, you can add entitled coloreds in with them.]

    • Classless behavior is the crux of it. Take tonight, for instance. Went down to the nearby public playground. Every weekend its invaded by people of various ethnicities. So, my daughter likes to make friends with everybody. So, pretty soon she’s pals with a little black boy and hispanic boy. Fine. I’m monitoring like I always am. As long as everybody’s getting along and having fun, everything’s fine. Well perhaps because of the m/f ratio, things weren’t going to work our anyway and the boys naturally were playing more agressively. I decided playtime was over when the hispanic boy riased his stick and asked who wanted to play warlord. lol Apparently this game consisted of him punching people in the nuts. Adios!!! Naturally, no parents for these other children were in sight, which is probably why they gravitated to us in the first place. Oh well. It was a good time to have another talk with my daughter about appropriate behavior with boys. Suddenly the boy she knows pretty well who she held hands with at picnic in the park is looking a LOT better 🙂

      • @Geisha,

        I lived for a while in a part of New York that was near a very “diverse” area, for about a year, when my first daughter was a toddler (2 yo). We went go to a playground that would get swamped by these diversity kids. One time, after 20 minutes of sitting, waiting for a nearby swing to comes available, and as I get up to put my daughter in the swing, I head a Black woman scream at her child, “Quick, get that swing, don’t let that Cracker get it first!”. As I was putting my daughter in the swing, the Black kid runs up and grabs the swing and pulls it away, saying “That’s my swing, I got it first”. So I calmly said, “No it’s not..”, and pulled it from him and put my daughter in. His mother comes on the scene and starts screaming and shouting, “F*uck you Cracker!”, and stood beside me for 10 minutes, screaming continuously, while I swung my daughter.

        Another time an 8-10 yo kid with a Super-Soaker water gun started spraying random kids, including my daughter. I went up to him immediately and told him to not do that, and asked where his mother/parent was. He stated he was there alone. 15 minutes later, as I’m putting my daughter on the slide, he approaches from a elevated walkway – part of the Jungle Gym – and unleashes a blast of water at her. I scream at him, “Didn’t I just tell you NOT to do that?” He just starts laughing and goes to fill up his Super-Soaker again. So I ran up to him, grabbed the gun, threw it on the ground and stomped it to bits, saying, “That’s the end of that!”. He had this astonished look on his face, like I shouldn’t have done that. Next thing you know, this woman – who had been sitting about 20 feet away from the slide, the whole time – approaches and said, “Come on son, let’s get outta here”…

  3. Tom Metzger summed it up best. It’s the “5 Words” mantra: “Never utter more than the 5 Words to any agent or representative of ZOG: ‘I Have Nothing To Say.’ There are no exceptions. Anyone who does talk must be shunned from the movement forever.”

    This Trayvon thing could start an awful feedback loop cycle. Zimmerman walks, blacks riot and escalate their violence. Whites react by shooting to defend themselves, ending up in the same bind as Zimmerman. Wash, rinse, repeat…

    • Deplorably, yesterday’s Tom Metzgers were replaced by under-educated, tattooed fantasists fixated on Norse nomenclature.

      Whites v trayvons could serve as the modern equivalent of Comanches v settlers. “The Cycle of Violence” has been deliberately propagandized into a negative weeper to be avoided, when in fact, sometimes violence IS the answer, as in a Guadalcanal response. Each opponent’s justified retaliation in the cycle can serve as a benefit.

  4. “Whites v trayvons could serve as the modern equivalent of Comanches v settlers.”

    Yeah, except out west Justice was real (and extra-judicial). Here it depends on a jury, and can more easily be subverted.

  5. The challenges are not insurmountable.

    Eventually the cost to legal system staff of prosecuting Whites must be made so critical, both to themselves and to their families and associates, that they back off.

    A deteriorating System would probably offer such an opportunity.

  6. For both H and LBF, as coloreds take over more of america, that obviously means also the courts. Coloreds have already taken over entire police departments. All of america’s cities WILL become LA and Detroit then spread to the burbs. That subversion – in a deteriorating system – will instead benefit the colored.

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