Blog Gold! 6-22-12

by jenibear

Lifting The Lid – Showing YOU The Nifty NetNuggets!

  • A Bravo! Show about female advisors – guezz what – haha it’s really really stoopid!  Watch all 40 episodes – you’ll see.
  • roissy (can’t. say. heartiste. gyagg.) now even has Indian ‘Grecyclers – Offshore Customer Service”ghee-sahib-cloors?”
    gx Gem: “pinch her ass!” & ‘don’t supplicate!”
  • DID you know?  girls – they actually have something called… “daddy” issues!  Ooh! Provocative!
  • writing about louis ck talking about Christopher Hitchens talkin’ bout men are -GET THIS- funnier than gurlz – BUILDS YOUR PORTFOLIO!
    Gem: “A sense of humor is the human way to deal with the random shittyness of life.” – WOW!
    Oh, and black crime stats – The Government ACTUALLY covers them up!

This is the invaluable stuff – like that sticker on my $400 Henckels butcher knife that safely warned me not to grab it by the blade.  Whew!  What a CLOSE ONE.


64 Comments to “Blog Gold! 6-22-12”

  1. Count yourself very lucky Jen that a great blogger such as myself is working on a master piece of a blog post that will pull us out of this dross. working title: Racialism and World War III (the cold war not a future war), I’ve got 400 hundred words down, just waiting for the 8th beer to set the muse final 2/3rds, or maybe some nudy pics might help :)).

  2. Hey Cam, who’s up for a good old session of pissed-up M4 Monolgue comments-fest.

    I am. Let’s fucking go it son where’s Pat.

  3. Let my comments through Firepower you big fuckin Yank poof.

  4. Quite good thanks, busy week, bought a 30 pack to unwind. Intellectually I’ve been dipping into a lot of Soviet history, which inspired the post.

    Complete sick fucks. You have to read it agani and again to remind yourself what WE’RE up against. Stalin went after the Orthodox priests first, beheading them, burying them alive, just sick shit. I wonder how long it will take for the cultural marxists to revert back to form?

  5. I hear ya mate, I’ve just had a few down at the club, just winding down the night with a quick cruise of the blogosphere. I do miss our triumvirate; makes me maudlin, sharing thoughts with three blokes of your own heritage who have the same worldview. Good times.

    Yeah, it’s understandable why Stalin went after the Orthodox priests. They are and were tough fucks, didn’t give no, nor expected any, quarter from the atheist scumfucks who wanted to wipe them out. Exactly the same thoughts I want in my own head.

    Haven’t been doing much reading myself; just been existing. Any titles worth recommending?

  6. From an Australian* perspective, historically stick with Blainey’s work. I’ve read ‘A Short History of the World’ and thoroughly recommend it. He’s only recently released ‘A Short History of Christianity’ which will interest you and i’ve heard is very good. He’s the greatest historian in the world, imho as the wankers say.

    *no democracy, freedom, shining city on a hill bs, lol.

  7. Norwegein Wood, wow, nice catch mate, would never have spotted that in a million years.

    Just read Blainey’s wiki page, sounds like a man after my own heart. Will have to find his book somewhere.

    To be consistently solipsistic, I have to admit not reading Oz MSM is a great lifestyle change and has resulted in a far lower blood pressure and quality of life.

    • Just noticed that one, funny how you can hear a song tens of times and then you’ll click.

      I can’t recommend Blainey enough to ALL who are interested in history.

      I’ve gone the complete opposite of you and thrust myself into the cultural marxist whirlwind. I’m a fucking mad man!

      • how dont these faggotts just go joe pesci and stab their ‘enemies’ to death at work with a ballpoin? i guess they dont wake up with an erection in the morning like us fascists do!!!

      • They are faggots, Cam, which is why we will win.

        Howcome you’re taking on the C-Ms? Got a plan ahead?

      • My basic principles are:

        1) The Left needs to be defeated and to do this we must eliminate them.
        2) We must eliminate them because their aim is to eliminate us.
        3) Fascism is the natural ideology of European man because it is the only ideology which has as it primary tenent (if we’re to be completely honest) the ERADICAtion of Communism (liberalism, femisnism, gay rights. socialists etc). We must eliminate them!

        Points of interest:

        -Simon I think this fits in entirely with your traditionalists Christian views (even Augustine’s Just War theory). Those on the ultra-nationalist Right who deliberately alienate (traditionalist as oppose to Judeo) Christians should be regarded as suspect.

        -The Nazis were completely rational with their policy towards European Jewry given the Jews attitude and massive involvement in Communism.

        -The way forward from here is really just to keep these ideas alive. Which we will because they are eternal philosophies which really can’t be extinguished.

        -Military coup’s are the most likely vehicle for ultra-nationalist Fascists to take power in the West.

      • Fascism is the natural ideology of European man because it is the only ideology which has as it primary tenent (if we’re to be completely honest) the ERADICAtion of Communism (liberalism, femisnism, gay rights. socialists etc). We must eliminate them!

        Agreed. Questions arise regarding wn wholly as a means to exterminate the enemy, yet observe coloreds: they took over all The West (what Imperial Japan & WW2 Germany couldn’t do) without exterminating whites. This could be useful…if it worked for them…

      • I can’t disagree with anything you’ve written.

        As you say, fascism IS the natural ideology of European man, and Christianity and fascism go hand in hand.

        This is an interesting article:

        Make sure you finish that article, I want to read it!

      • I appreciate yours and Firepowers anticipation more than you could both could imagine.

        It’s funny isn’t it? I think we’re on the verge of something here with ultra-nationalist philosophy and deeds. Not many has represented us intellectually over the past 60 years (in the angloshere) so it’s been very frustrating time. We seize on anything to back our viewpoint up but I think we’re just seeing now the advent of new western thinkers who don’t fear the cultural marxists (lbf being a writer who i believe could reach great heights).

        Our movement is of course beautifully enhanced by our friends on the ground who reassure the ‘invited’ immigrants and treacherous politicians that we don’t appreciate there actions.

      • I hope so, Cam. A few more years of the fisting we’ve copped as a society lately, and there’ll be nothing to salvage.

        LBF is a superb prose stylist, but concerns me with his paganistic worldview. Paganism is simply not enough, what we need now is the Truth, and the power of the Turht backing up our every word and action.

        Have you read Mark Hackard’s latest at AltRight? It is superb, and shows the depths we could plumb if we embraced our Christian heritage.

      • Oh I wouldn’t pay to much attention to LBF’s pagan flirtations. We must remember that he’s an aristocrat (highly upper English class boarding school education) and they’re prone to these occasional flights of fancy. The old boy seems truly rooted rooted in Roman Catholic Fascism but perhaps in the aristocratic, Evolian ,dualist sense. Duality of course being a key, but in modernity’s simpleton approach unnecessary, component of the faith.

  8. Thanks for throwing my article up in the mix Eradica.

    Peace out MOFO!

  9. Instant Karma is one of my very favourite JL songs…always brings a tear to my eye, memories of childhood.*sobs*.

  10. In the valley of gibberish, the semi coherent is king.

  11. I agree – that’s all!

  12. Someone should do a blog post on sartorial tips for Game practitioners and PUAs.

    What should a chap wear, in other words, while he’s out attracting da wimminz and getting pussy?

    This is my own experience:

    Although I wear nice suits for my day job, I’ve found toning it down with denim and a form-fitting s/s shirt in the evening makes me ‘sexy’, according to the bitchez. This has been my standard uniform for when I’m pulling.

    And yet, others tell me they think a guy in a suit is a real turn-on.

    Some style advice would be appreciated.

    • I’ve always found that women find a man in spats resistible.

    • I like guys to be neat and have fashionable clothes and be groomed nice.

    • I’m a sucker for the shirt and tie look.

      • Oh, and I especially like it if its hot and he doesn’t roll up the sleeves.

      • @Geisha,

        But if a guy doesn’t roll up his sleeves, how can you see his bulging forearms?

      • I’m sure I can see those another time. Its a matter of couth. “You always look so cool.”- Daisy

        Just like a woman who doesn’t have her bust spilling out of her shirt might make you wonder what’s under there. I think showing off shape, not assets, is more alluring.

      • I come from the school of thought that states:

        “If you’ve got it flaunt it”

        In terms of girls and bras, I’m reminded of the old joke…

        A customer tips a barmaid $10 and she stuffs it into her bra, so he says:

        Customer: “That would be better off in the bank you know”
        Barmaid: “But it earns me more interest here!”

      • @Geisha,

        BTW, I’m not one to be gruntled by couth couture – that’s more the realm of the metrosexual…

        … where metrosexual = gay

      • Someone I knew did this and it left a powerful impression on me. Arms are probably my favorite feature and I do like rugged, but this totally set him apart.

      • @Geisha,

        Duh… I see where you’re going with this…

        Reminds me of another chic who “loved” me wearing pinstripe suits – she used to tell me I had the “GQ Look”, whatever that means. Anyway to indulge her, we would have sex, where I would be fully dressed in a suit and tie, and she’s be totally naked…

        Quite an expensive dry cleaning bill with that one!

      • yes i am too, when it belongs with ‘the look’

    • @Fogey,

      I usually wear a shirt, opened at the collar – displaying luxurious hair growth – sleeves rolled to the elbows, casual dockers/chino slim cut trousers, and great shoes.

      Shoes that I like are brands like Church (English), Florsheim (Dutch) or especially Bally (Swiss) – preferably “shell cordovan” (horse leather) and stitched – something like this:

      Oh, and I never wear jewelry – but somehow a lots of US guys do, which I find strange…

  13. I don’t know, this thread just seems to tingle me baloonknot in strange places i aint felt since me stepdaddy played horsey with me. hey, firepower – you wouldnt be…older than me, would ya? If you don’t want to answer, fine I don’t mind. anything you do is allright with me. Stay beutufiul!
    [Sofia would get jealous. i’m married to Philosophy and stuff]

  14. Just like In Mala Fide my traditional enemires the Juden-Yanks have rallied against me, bring it faggots, it 1:40am here and I’ve got a firdge full of Heineken…i’m farily right throbbin’ fer some Firepower’s Buns of Steel oi!

  15. LMAO! jenibear you lord and master faggypower couldn’t EVEN COME CLOSE to piggy you dumbslut! Ferdinand Bardamu was the best,and Dalrock is way better!! danny504 and rm have to tell stupid men about stuff like bravo and womens issues caus’ they HAVE the mental capabilities to do it. Ferdinand was the best his words of true wisdom were the inspiratin for millions of young people and MRAS too

  16. scameron and scrat hanginballs, 2 ozziesots who couldn’t make it at Mangans or Gucci Little Piggy’s or In Mala Fide. Now they bring their sploogebarge here. It’s fitting.

    [ed note: YOU are tiresome. While The Two Lads are quite shy, I will do their work for them: Mangan’s is boring and PRETENTIOUS. I don’t think either ‘ozziesots’ (good one, btw – the only thing of value in your several posts) could tolerate glp’s childish forum recycl-0-Babble even if they ever posted there. IMF, they do miss it so – terribly – because both grew most accustomed to the taste of ferdi’s linkage-cock. they miss the Sweet Nectar]

  17. Yep, that is some bloggggg gold. Real informative stuff, but, you are definitely bangin’ I might add.

  18. I don’t know WHY people blog now. I did see where people now tweet. Do you have a twitter I surely don’t see it posted.

  19. This is pretty smart stuff jeni. Are you a conservative? You don’t need such a sexy picture to show your smarts!

  20. Jenibear are you single Thanks!

  21. Blogs are dead. It’s all the same garbage as before. VERY FEW are worth reading any more.

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