Are We in Revolutionary Times? – Victor Davis Hanson

by Firepower
Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are We in Revolutionary Times? – By Victor Davis Hanson – The Corner – National Review Online.

No doubt free green cards will quickly lead to citizenship and a million new voters.

VDH is one of the preeminent thinkers and scholars of our day.  His site is a bit deep, but there is much to learn for all.  As deep as Overcoming Bias (…but without the bias), it focuses on pragmatic politics based on martial history – Hanson’s area of expertise.  He pulls his punches too much because of the intrinsic academician’s fault of being too inclusive or whether by tether to the execrable Rich Lowry‘s Short Leash.  His site is listed in my blogroll – check it out.  Rather than gripe and whine about issues, he explains why they are issues, in the first place.

Once, during a speech, Hanson was asked why the Civil War happened, and could it happen again.  He answered (I paraphrase) that the prelude to the Civil War was because “all avenues of compromise had been taken.  Everything that could be compromised – was, and all it took was the gelling of both sides to make up their minds for war.”

He said that not only was another Civil War possible, he was surprised it hadn’t already, and that he’d never seen America so close to doing it again.  It all hinges upon the implacable differences spanning a wide gulf between Liberal & Conservative.

The time will come.  You, will probably be 65, old, worn-out and beat down.  You will remember one day about the warning – but your children and grandchildren will be the ones to pay the larger debt.  You, will be fortunate that your age grants you a quick exit in a refugee train.

33 Responses to “Are We in Revolutionary Times? – Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. Firepower, r u up for an interview on my radio show? I need to do a demo to be selected and I want you up first.
    [just so long as we don’t talk about music, i don’t have teh time to teach you what it is]

  2. First subject:

    Are you the archetypical >Merrican?

    You read VDH, and shitbag other bloggers, so what makes you so special?

    Why haven’t you taken out the nearest hive of nigger drug dealing scum instead of blogging about how fucked up other bloggers are?

    You have several whores commenting at your blog, none of them with anything worthwhile to say, yet you feign to be preeminent, what gives?

    Is blogging about how shit blogging is a long term venture? Or are you just in it for the petulance?
    [ed note: now, I know I’VE MADE IT! THESE are the same hard-hittin’ questions nobly asked o’ ferdie – whilst he sat you at His Table of Linkage is Good For You. Truth To Power – it really was amazing. Special :)]

  3. Oh cmon FP, you woke up, had a boner for your latest thoughts, splatted it out on your latest post and – now you want to wait for commenters?

    Just respond, this is live blogging. Let’s do that interview now.

    Why is your blog such the special snowflake as Piggy put it, and no others are? Whate exactly do you have against Mangan? Why were you so hurt by Ferdinand and why do you bear that grudge in such a lame forum with such an intense passion?

    Your readers want to know.
    [I am JEALOUS: in my core,i want to be Like Piggy. put it on autopilot. tap out a few sentences. get 14 comments by my Fans responding with gems like: “hell yeah – that’s right!” I WANT to put up five ‘grecycled links (like my idol Drudge) when I feel uninspired and have teh Crowd Go Wild – like your blog once did with 1982’s MTV YouTube clips. unlike ferd, i don’t have 50 extra pounds to lose to feel smug. i am naturally smug. nor, do i wish to quit ‘jaculating. nor, do i have unrequited love for Teh Sofi]

  4. Oh, feigning disinterest or better yet, preoccupation, are we?

    Your regularity and your wide reaching blog reading gives you away mein Fp.

    Now that your alter ego and better in Ferdinand has passed away online is this all you have to offer? Where Ferds expressed his original thoughts on a vast array of subjects we have you, his self asserted interloper writing abject posts prostrating himself at the feet of a know groveller.

    Ffs Ferdinand wannabe, you need me to interview you, just to wake you out of your stupor.
    [unlike ferd, i don’t have 50 extra pounds to lose to feel smug. i am naturally smug. nor, do i wish to quit ‘jaculating. nor, do i have unrequited love for Teh Sofi]

  5. A known groveller. My typos let me down.

  6. Just say yes. So, are we up for an interview?
    [ed note: this is a plot to fondle Firepower – then assassinate him since pattycake found out F secretly likes the Temptations & Simon & Garfunkel as Muzak in the Oi fuehrerbunker ..send me a pm. do try to intersperse a months worth of comments throughout the month, instead of one hour.



  7. Ambiguity is the last refuge of the fuckwit. I’m going to bed now but, in the morning I want to see a yes or no.
    [send me a pm. do try to intersperse a months worth of comments throughout the month, instead of one hour]

  8. Well, it does feel good to be seated at His Table of Linkage is Good For You. After awhile though, the pats on the back lose their effect.

    For my dollar, commenters must become bloggers and bloggers need to work toward training, networking IRL, and real education/progression. That’s worthwhile. Most of what I read is fairly useless and falls out the other ear.

    BTW, you had an idea somewhere I liked: PUA exposes how bad women are. But men are just as bad. That’s something worth writing about.
    [i recall it was basically “everybody today is an equal jerk” – i like your compliment, but chafe at explaining the obvious as if it’s great revelation. if i have to continuously re-invent the wheel for Today’s Brandons …it’s poolside for firepower, brother]

  9. Which ‘civil war’ Hanson speech are you referring to? Curious that he said that.
    [ed note: was at his latest – “An Autumn of War” book sales promo in dc during a q&a afterwards]
    You’re probably right. Though I wouldn’t be too sure.

    If it sets off when I’m 65, I hope to get a shot or two off, at least.
    [still good, but i wonder with trepidation, what we do if 75 – or 85…]
    ‘Murricans live in a fantasy land, I’ve noticed, and, I predict, won’t snap out of it until the last moment when the impending unpleasantness is unavoidable..

    • Okay, thanks.

      I wonder who it was that asked Hanson the Civil War question…?
      [’twasn’t me. some gent next to me with muttonchops named Beauregeaurde. you WILL be happy to know he was dressed in grey summer linens with a cavalry sabre]

  10. I see you have deleted some of my excellent comments. Shame FP, shame.

    Anyway, is that a yes or no? And no, I will not PM you.

    And remember, as I said, and you deleted, ambiguity is the last refuge of the fuckwit.
    [ed note: NOT deleted. rewarded – splashing around in The Brown Jacuzzi with my Kids]

  11. UPDATE 2 HOURS LATER STILL NO EMAIL I said I was going to bed, which I did.

    Anyway, when you are held to the blowtorch of my laser like questioning we can discuss this civil war thing. #1, who would be fighting whom?[ed note: liberals v conservatives duooih]

  12. Pat,

    Your problem is that you aren’t a “white Supremacist,” but you do spill a lot of electronic ink convincing us white men of the reality of Jewish supremacy (Jews, whether orthodox or liberal, are anti-Supremacists to the core). I’ve noticed this about a lot of “white boys” trying to outright out-right those on their outer right. There is no more “right” than the white Supremacist. You’re battling here and there with fellow liberals.

  13. Geez, a straight answer seems to be beyond your capabilities FP. Anyway, doesn’t matter.
    [liberals v conservatives – that concept’s beyond you?]
    Thordaddy,we’ve done this supremacy dance before. That term is not useful for the majority of White people since they don’t even acknowledge that they even belong to a kin group with common interests. Talking supremacy to them would be the equivalent of a crucifix to a vampire. Best to just get the racial awareness going first before venturi9ng down that track.

  14. On the contrary, Pat… It is a very useful term for those that speak and write a lot on the internet about Jewish “supremacy.”

    And as crazy as it seems, it is always those “white boys” that are supposedly real hard right.

    Something is fishy.

    • What are you trying to say Thordaddy? Just spit it out man.

      I seemed to have stumbled into the gibberish section of the internet. What “white boys” are you on about, who are you directing this vagueness towards, and what is your point?

  15. liberals v conservatives – that concept’s beyond you?] No, the interview man, the interview. Are you up for it? Crikey!
    [if the questions are good. it is curious, why you just don’t ask them. what is this ‘radio show’ are you going Hollywood on us]

    [update: *sigh* so much fer me Raddioo ‘Wiyaless’ Careeyah (i think that’s how ozzies say it)
    OK, answers, to make it as painless as poss for me:
    #1. Whiskey
    #2. Bourbon,specifically
    #3. Beer chaser, natch
    #4. Well, NEVER as drunk as YOU get}

    • I’ve gotta do a demo show and see if it gets approved first. Part of it is interviews with bloggers, probably half hour of a full hour show. I am hoping to interview you.

      Examples of questions would be those above, but obviously many more. The purpose is merely White people talking to White people about things that are of concern to us.

    • Yes, you can do all that while I interview you.
      [so I can understand ya, be sure to take your lips off the bottle once in a while]

  16. My point is that you spend an inordinate amount of time convincing others of Jewish “supremacy.”

    It’s me that doesn’t get you?

    Brother, YOU CAN CREATE your own “kinship” and then be a sterling example of what that means and beholds.

    You’re just sniping like the rest of them when you aren’t giving credence to Jewish “supremacy.”

    • You’ve lost me again Thordaddy.

      I liked that poem you did once at Ryu’s blog explaining your “supremacy” theory. You should post that at your blog and reference it to others when you start in with this supremacy chatter.

  17. Yeah, I have “lost” you, Pat. I hope it’s not forever?

  18. “liberals v conservatives”

    You honestly believe conservatives will be fighting anyone, anytime soon? [no] Those milquetoast pussies are a major part of the problem and a lot of that comes from them having cut off those of us on the far-right post-WWII, while the left uses their extremists as head kickers.
    [ed note: you ask good questions and present them in a clear, fundamental way – the reason I liked your stuff @m4. to the point: this will be in the far future. most of what we have today will be lost. If lucky, we’ll be celebrated for our wisdom and urged to lead, if not, we’ll be older, doddering resthome residents too senile to care. haven’t figured out their name, but its not socon, neocon, tradcon, concon or con – i’ll use futurcon in the interim. instead of a bunch of balding 40 & 50 year olds plowing thru the woods in camo, BETTER to train 15 year olds to do that, then, GIVE THEM the guns – we take up the pen and scepter.]

    Hence why Fascism is the answer. Fascism is the only ideology which, if being completely honest, has as it’s primary aim the extermination (ERADICA!!!) of the Left*. The conservatives are interested in debate club wanking and ‘preserving democracy’. Don’t listen to neoconservative retards who like to whine “bbbbut the liberals are fascists, wha, wha, wha, wha”. The modern Left are liberals who have embraced a soft form of communism (Cultural Marxism) which is growing increasingly authoritarian and will end up cannibalising even itself if not stopped in the coming decades. The irony of course is that some liberal policies (mass turd world immigration, ‘gay marriage’) are actually further to the Left than the Marxists could have imagined.

    If the whole thing blows in The West the conservatives with balls (cojones as you Spanish speakers prefer) will become fascists, most will attempt to melt into the masses and stfu while it plays out (that’s why we take names) and some will join their left-wing scum brothers. Fascists vs. The Rest (anarchists, socialists, communists, conservatives, trade unionists, hyper-capitalists, homosexuals, non-whites, jews, judeo-christians et al) would be a better description.

    Really nothing has changed since WWII, it’s still unfinished business, just that the Marxists have snuck into and come to dominate our Western institutions (see: the Frankfurt School). It’s just a crying shame that OUR lot picked the wrong horse in WWII as we could have wiped this anti-human menace from the face of the earth once and for all.

    *This is why the Nazi’s attempt to eliminate European Jewry was completely rational (possibly even moral, that’s if your into morals) given Jewish sympathies to communism and the prevalence of Jews in the Bolshevik movement (50% of the vanguard elite, so perhaps Judeo-Bolshevism is the correct term).

  19. VDH is a bloke smoker. The easiest path to victory is targeted assassination of journalists and media owners.
    [for real? i didn’t know that. it is true, that *sigh* all those lovely msm propagandists who’ve cause so much destruction DON’T HAVE SECRET SERVICE protection. most can be found in fancy NYC restaurants]

    No need for a mass uprising, no need to urge on the troops, all that would happen once the gate keepers have their feet put to the fire. A Breivik crossed with a serial killer targeting media players would have the leftist system come to a grinding halt within months. [brevvie didn’t cause a lasting single seafart in what, norgway? you’d have to off 2000000 in the usa, mate]

    • I’ve been following Mr Hannagan’s blog for some time and have endured weeks of writers’ block since its untimely demise. In all honesty, and dire circumstances have provoked this outburst of honesty, I have been plagiarising M4 Monologue for the last decade, through each and every one of its incarnations.

      An apology is owed to Mr Hannagan by both of us Mr Firepower.

      And, yes, I am a bloke smoker.

      • Dear Sir Hanson,

        me real name, it’s Robin.



      • Pat did this wonderful post, something like: ‘revelation – i’m a fascist’ a couple of years ago. I guarantee you all the wn’s and assorted tools will be turning back to fascism shortly. It’s the only philosophy which can oppose communism which is what cultural-marxism I predict will morph (back) into.

      • My Lord and liege Sir Hanson, Knight of the Realm, has asked me to offer up this tune in homo-agge to a sweet garrull who reminds me o’ me Abor-i-jine mum. To Firepower and illeism!

      • Is Pat hiding from us, Cam? Why would he do that?

        Come back, Pat, you are amongst friends!
        [pat is swatting at huggs, from 10,000 Lightning Bugs! twee!]

  20. Pat,

    That’s certainly a possible path with a plausible outcome. The question is whether “act” would be a solution to Pat’s problems?

  21. ^^^[this] “act” would be…


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