heartiste, roissy & SLUTS

by Firepower

My Last Territorial Demand

There’s an interesting article up at Counter-Currents Publishing on PUAs Vs: Girls.  It is one of the few (if only) pieces rationally explaining the girl’s view refreshingly free from hysteria and Hate.

[Hat Tip: Laguna Beach Fogey/Admiral Cod]

Most of what she says is correct, but I want to help her clarify that The Sisterhood she wishes to defend is no different than wn’s defending a Pareene or Maher.  Just because you share a gender/color doesn’t mean appearance warrants loyalty based on similar characteristics alone.  Ava Morrettis must abandon the Snookis & LiLos to their deserved fate.

The only women puas treat as “disposable blow up dolls”
Are the actual real-life disposable blow up dolls.

The barsluts and bimbos.  The inveterate Jersey Housewives fan.  The JWOWW’s of the world.   Not female author types: The barslut dolls *should* be….… (and once were) the obvious natural enemy of good females.  Barsluts = BAD females.  Bad females are a Fuck & Chuck.

Good Females = Bring Home To Meet Mom.

I don’t know if it was roisshy heartiste who said: “Feminism has been very, very good indeed for men…”

(lol is he mad at me, btw?)

Feminism was the worst Western Decline Symptom to happen to males vis-à-vis male courtship roles; it created entitled tattooed sluts with foul mouths, with so many sex-partners, any decent man cringes at the number. What True Man would marry a girl with a 300+ penis score – a proud whore who’s actually LOUD about it? It’s why roosh fled america.  Good women are low notch women.

Feminism is only beneficial in the now facile, guilt-free, post-sex disengagement ritual freeing males from traditional chivalry via the implicit easy-exit Feminism unwittingly unleashed.

Today, males are free to naturally spread their seed and – as a true bonus – get a guilt-free conscience and total pass from a Feminist Society.  Who feels guilty about dumping a drunken Sloppopotamus with a foul mouth – who bragged to you at the bar she slept with fifty other males?

Abuse the bad ones; treat them like condoms.  Cherish the good ones.

70 Responses to “heartiste, roissy & SLUTS”

  1. PUAs fuck and chuck all women. Their goal is not marriage, but notches. It’s “muh dick” game. Their highest goal is sex.

    That’s why Roosh is guilty. He claims to like white women in Poland. That is a lie. He understand that as he goes though woman after woman, they are the worse off. This is why he does not pull that stunt with his own women, the Arabs. He does not want a PUA to find his sister.

    Ava has done her homework. Many of the founders of PU were jews and had the typical fascination with blond aryan types.

    It is a degradation. It’s not proper for men to spend so much attention on pleasure. I agree with that. I don’t know how to eliminate the feminism spectre from WN yet.

    My best effort says to become the best we can be, become rich and successful, form all white communities. The only way in is agreeing with our ideology. No compromises. If someone wants to be a feminist or multiculturalist, they can do it on the outside. PU is largely a dead end because sex does not offer a profit. I know of no famous PUAs who are accomplished in outside areas. Sex consumes all of their attention.

    [ed note; “I know of no famous PUAs who are accomplished in outside areas.” This is 100% true. A weakness of pua is its attraction of (and to) un-educated hucksters looking to make a buck. You see it in the never-ending circle of ‘new’ puas (yareally, listening?) repackaging Mystery’s work to n0obs who haven’t read it yet. It’s GAMING the seminar-taker. PUA is DEAD]

    • @FP,

      BTW, speaking of “YaReally” – did you notice his habit of using the phrase “Seriously tho…”? That’s just like the clown of a few months ago with the whole, “Seriously tho, your pussy rocks!”

      Sounds like the same noob to me. All YaReally does is shill for other guys…
      [the whole modern puaVibeNet (my term) reeks of fail. all one needs is to read Mystery Method, maybe Magic Bullets and watch a few DD or Style vids.
      (I recommend Style’s “Annihilation Method” btw) and that’s it – finito. YaReally is a douchebag. Lame TRYHARD phony act to get today’s puabucks from guys who were 10 when MM came out. I love tooling him, he’s fucking clueless]

      • I saw that guy there – there’s NOWAY some aspy nerd like that gets girls to talk to him unless he’s hot and has got madcash.

    • PUA was indeed a venue for unremarkable non-Aryan men to try to snag White Aryan women with very little effort. You can find black men among the community as well, even given their relative privileged status with White women hyped by the liberal media that you don’t find with non-black men. Other members include an over-representation of Asian men, who are by far the least desired male specimen on the planet with a personal vendetta, as their female counterparts similar to black men, have been falsely advertised as a hot commodity to unsuspecting White men.

      • pua was not intended specifically for coloreds to bone white poon.
        Aryanity also has little to do with it.

        Asian males (gookers) have the ace up their sleeve: they are the most desired by Asian women who are the most desired of all groups and generally refuse coupling with even white males unless twice as rich as the nearest gooker.

        GookGals are also the most vile, gold digging credentialists Murka has ever spawned in its infinite, abysmal greed culture.

      • However, studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that gookers would prefer an Aryan lady for status boosting, and no doubt the prettiest Aryan women are 100X more attractive than any Asian woman. PUA inadvertently became this venue for many of them during its heyday, as I have seen this with my very own eyes here in multicult NYC. The real coloreds or blackies no doubt had always lusted after White women, as they know down to their hearts that being black means unattractive, and black women no doubt are not appealing to any sane man.

      • Yes, the ultimate female trophy womb is still a white female, even for gookers, though they are likely to accept a member of their race due to family expectations.

        Often, their first marriage is to another gook to produce pure gookkids. Asian crones, when old, are pretty nasty so a divorce ensues where the 50-ish Chinee Potentate of Finance exercises his western money to purchases the requisite young white status womb to plow.

      • Most Asians, especially their men, are physically unattractive to be measured by Western Beauty Standards. Asian women are not highly desired, and only the lowest totem pole White men date them. Surprisingly, images coming from the Jewish owned media depicts an Alpha White Male with a rare and reasonably attractive Asian actress, is what you call delusional Hollywood filth with no basis in reality, as usual.

        [ed note: you are stating that “only lowest status white zetas date asian females”?]

  2. “The only women puas treat as “disposable blow up dolls”
    Are the actual real-life disposable blow up dolls.”

    If this were true, I’d be remarried 😉

    ” Ava Morrettis must abandon the Snookis & LiLos to their deserved fate.”

    This is very hard because women are naturally empathetic.
    [ed note: fine, but expect retribution when you shout for Barabbas freedom]
    But, like in all instances, lay down with dogs…I’m sensing the legalization of prostitution would help to more fully demarcate “good” and “bad” girls. Or, it could mean, “good” girls still get the short end of the stick because now they’re no longer getting marriage OR sex. Women will be totally disposable.

    “I don’t know if heartiste indeed said, “Feminism has been very, very good indeed for men…””

    I believe he did, in fact, say that. Not everyone seems to understand what he’s saying. Basically, feminism has let men off the hook on sexual responsibilty. Why, when they are so inured against the existence of “good” girls, would they willing return to the “repression” of committment? Overall, feminism has been bad, but for those using the system to their advantage, it has been good.

    “Cherish the good ones.”

    Finally, we agree 🙂 But, my point from the other post still comes up again and again when I read things like this: there are no “good” ones left because they are despoiled by those who misuse and misapply the learning they have gleaned. Many of the people at Heartiste’s (including him) that I think know what the heck they are talking about say three sexual partners or LESS to be considered a “good” girl. More than three and you lose your ability to bond. IF IF IF, men really wanted good girls, they would marry them as it is the only way to protect them: by taking them out of the sexual marketplace altogether. If they do not have marriage on their minds, well, they do not deserve your sympathy and you (men) must leave them to their “deserved fate.”
    [i dont know…heartsy runs GAME on his readers. esp the young naive new to pua ones. he games them boykidz like bitches. it’s one of his secrets. look: wimmin like to fuck, if they do too much of it, no man simply will tolerate it. its why god made twinks for MILFs to deflower]

    Since my induction into this society almost a year and a half ago, this has been a glaring hypocrisy I have never been able to completely understand despite the fact that some of my dearest friends are involved in it. The only logical conclusion is that men don’t actually like “good” girls. Just like women say they want “nice” guys, but they aren’t attracted to them.

    NB: This is all in the spirit of discussion and not intended to be offensive.
    [i rarely take offense. I do, however, seem to give it. seems i can’t poist at ch now…piggy, strikes again. let’s just say men like hot girls.
    pussified boys + hot girls = bitchy (+ PUA $’s) x Oprah Dollars = Never ending income stream from dumbshits of both sexes]

    • Barabbas freedom? I’m not familiar with the allusion.

      Game does seem to become a lifestyle. Twinks? Oh my. I don’t know what those are, but it doesn’t sound like a good idea.

      No poisting at CH? Say it isn’t so.

  3. Love the blog bro, this is J aat the spearhead article. I hope you don’t mind me using that photo. LOL

    [ha: only if you give it the proper treatment it deserves]

  4. “Feminism” is that thing that ensures that young females never reach womanhood by stripping them of any sense of femininity. In other words, “feminism,” without a scintilla of femininity, is the political expression of the devout dyke “nature.” “Feminism” turns young females, dyke-like. That PUAs, gamers, HBDers and MRMers continue to associate “feminism” with “woman” and her “hypergamy/supremacism” only goes to show how liberated they really are and that their goal mirrors that of devout dyke. Both seek a radical autonomy and start by calling their causes “feminism” and the “men’s right movement.” But in reality, these are the movements of the devout dyke and de facto homo, i.e., “men” going their own way.

  5. You white creeps are full of bullshit. Your going to lose, so you should skip listenting to firepower’s bullshit and get with the real deal at chuck rudd’s, gucci little piggy. firepower doesn’t know wtf he blabs about – he’s a nothing compared to piggy who is really smart. heartiste, sure he writes a lotof the same stuff, about negs and betas but that guy you worship so much doesnt even have the balls to write about blacks and what does it matter anyway?? politics is for idiots just like firepower.[ed note: firepower posts on piggys makes rational specific points (and doesn’t even use the “poo” word) while his minions hurl cursing balls wrapped in vagaries…ah, justice]

  6. Roissy and the Spearhead should be required reading for White Nationalists. Most of them are uttlerly clueless about the tremendous damage caused by Feminisim. Their answer to everything is to pump out more White babies. What good will that do when half of them won’t be raised by their biological fathers? They are only creating more wiggers to be subsidized by the taxpayers.

    • Most WNs away from SF seem to know about the MRM, PU and game. Dealing with feminism is a huge issue. Someone was very clever when they drove the wedge between white men and white women by giving the women AA.
      [ed note: if white men permit others to shit on them, i mean, if you’re the Enemy, why NOT shit? even with The Mighty Internet!~ to now awaken, slumber prevails]

  7. I’m not certain Ava’s is a “girl’s view”, as you put it. Something about it struck me as off. My Fogey Sense tells me something’s up. The piece was written by a male. An experiment? A test? Joke? Who knows.

    Game and PUA are two different things. One can support the one, whilst rejecting the other.

    “Cherish the good ones”. Yes. Well said. We do.

    • The counter-currents ‘boys’ are a pack of fucking flamers. My guess is one of them volunteered to drag up for a bit of research.

    • For what its worth, I didn’t question that it was written by a woman.

      “Game and PUA are two different things.” To me, the difference is that pick up is a set of skills while game includes an understanding of the theory. Its like pick up’s older brother.

      • It’s all rather tedious Geisher whatever thew fuckya.

        You Yanks have major psychological issues that, in another time and age, you could sort out amongst yourselves and none of us would be the wiser, save a few good travel books.

        As it is, you Seppos are a truly perverted bunch of munchkins traveling on down the shit brown road and taking us all down with ya.

        I don’t understand why you people don;t just kill all your Jews or at least just shit the fuck up.

        No one wants to hear from your greasy shit stained mouth, no one wants another blog, no one wants yet more and more bitching Yanks whinging about how fucked up your evil minimum wage is, or how puerile your lives are, nor how petty your circumstances are.

        Dear America: shut the fuck up, and go home.

        PS. I waNT to have sex with you.*

        *A line I am working on.

  8. I’m not certain Ava’s is a “girl’s view”, as you put it. Something about it struck me as off. My Fogey Sense tells me something’s up. The piece was written by a male. An experiment? A test? Joke? Who knows.

    Exactly what I thought.

    Rear Brigadier Greg Johnson has various nom de plumes for his movie reviews eg, Michael Lynch, so it wouldn’t suprise me if many other “guest” posters are similar. Note how Rimadonna Johnson is working over time in that comment thread.

  9. All niggers need to die. But I will not cause it or do it. That is all.

  10. I dream about throwing hand grenades into dens of niggers and white whores.

    Is this good?

    Vote now.

  11. Ryu,

    You know… There is no White Nationalism without the white Supremacist TO LEAD IT. Period. And because there are no genuine white Supremacists to be found, there is no White Nationalism to be found at this stage of the game. The WN that stands now merely seeks a seat at the table, i.e., seeks “equality.” Seekers of “equality” are fundamentally, anti-Supremacists. And the anti-Supremacist doesn’t lead anyone unless it’s over the cliff.

    Secondly, there is no war between white man and white woman. This is an invention of the radical liberationist. What the reacto-sphere calls “feminism” does not contain one ounce of femininity. What “feminism” does contain is a real distaste and aversion for man and child AND the women who dig man and child. Ergo, “feminism” is the deceptive euphemism used by the dyke and homosexual class to achieve their radical autonomy. “Liberalism” and “feminism” are the dual political expressions of the homosexual and devout dyke “natures,” respectively. That an additional by-product of this “feminism” and “liberalism” is the female that never reaches womanhood and becomes dyke-like coupled with the “men” who go their own way (de facto homo-ism) is just further evidence for the “truth” of the radically autonomous “nature.”

  12. I can’t stop musing on the reaction of women (and Africans, and non-landowners) when Provisional Government of National Restoration (PGNR) overturns universal suffrage.

    • I don’t see why ANYBODY, regardless of race or sex , who is not part of the solution should have the right to vote. If you can overcome your offense, Fogey, what about female landowners, such as myself? I am perfectly willing to hand over my right to vote at the exact moment men become willing to look out for women’s best interests. What must be understood is that women wanted the right to vote for a reason: their voices were being ignored. Women don’t need to be men’s equals, but we do need to be able to exercise some influence over you. We don’t want to be controlled, but we want you to be in control. Sublte difference.

  13. I ‘dont’t know’ if YOU seen it, but your beloved heartiste is a recylcer like you yourelf claim. HOW many times can he turn the trick of wriing about ‘betas -ooooooh- ain’t they nasty?” If you ban me fine, but in addition to your excellent statments on the difference between sluts and keepers, don’t forget THAT or great one.

  14. I must agree. roissy has gotten sloppy and lazy.

  15. There’s no need for a woman to own land, as an individual. The very notion is ridiculous.

    A woman’s best interests are in sync with her man’s ,in the family unit. We’re on the same side here.

    Take the long view. The current priviliged position of women in the West, like that of non-Whites, is temporary; it is an aberration.

    They challenge us to restore Patriarchy–and this is exactly what we will do. And they’ll love us for it.

    • @Fogey,

      Right – they will love us for it! We’re doing this for their own good and ours…

    • In that case, you have just gained a cheerleader.

      • @Geisha,

        I believe in “Tough Love”, and will even say to a girl:

        Me: “This is how it has to be… you’ll thank me later for doing X”

        Surprisingly – or not – this line seems to work very well – for me at least

        BTW, what is this blog you speak of? Will it feature you in cheerleading outfits? 😉

      • Perhaps. Once Firepower starts his clothing line.

      • So I guess we can hope for “wardrobe malfunctions” then…

  16. Can all the man-hating feminist btiches here do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short bridge? Thanks

  17. You sure do sound like a fucking retard. Not only are you a self-righteous, double standards hypocrite, but also you shouldn’t treat anyone like a disposable blow up doll even if they act like one cause they’re not fucking disposable blow up dolls, are they fucking people. What a dumbass. However, there are some people who genuinely want to be treated like that during sex, and I think you should respect such wishes.

    “Abuse the bad ones; treat them like condoms. Cherish the good ones.”
    So by your very own words, we should treat you like a condom cause you are a shameless harlot. Grow the fuck up child.

    • You write, with a cock up your ass.

      • But is it a radically autonomous cock, or a radically liberationist cock?

        [ed note: i’d say i can never ever tell wtf that means, then td would call me a “structural faggot”, wtf ever that means]

      • Radical liberationist: one who seeks ABSOLUTE autonomy in a FINITE WORLD; a self-annihilator….

        Radical autonomist: one who knows that seeking absolute freedom in a finite world is self-annihilating BUT PRETENDS TO BELIEVE IT isn’t so so as to convince ALL HIS proximate rivals to self-annihilate in their mad dash for absolute “freedom.”

        The First Law of Radical Autonomy is slay a lesser liberationist WITHOUT getting “blood on your hands.”

      • Did you see this story, FP? The blacks are more radical than the whites.

      • Yes: The Black Begins The Final Revolution http://wp.me/p2kmGE-473

        The black may take action because it is more degenerated and animalistic, or perhaps in reality (no matter if some won’t admit it) more oppressed and thus motivated for revenge. It cannot risk what it does based purely on Rev. Sharpton’s propaganda or what “Denzel say”; it must be one of the two, or a combination therein.

        White Brandons are oppressed by being denied jobs and careers, but do not feel it wrapped in the free food, heat, A/C and limitless basement clubhouse videogaming provided by Helicopter Parents.

        Thus, the best hope for revolution resides in their continued, atavistic degradation into apes.

      • You write with a cock in your mouth buddy. You can’t even come up with an intelligent response. Just some moronic HERPA DERP childish insult.

    • haboringma’am pouted:
      You sure do sound like a fucking retard. Not only are you a self-righteous, double standards hypocrite, but also you shouldn’t treat anyone like a disposable blow up doll even if they act like one cause they’re not fucking disposable blow up dolls, are they fucking people.

      So by your very own words, we should treat your favey faves – Bin Laden, roisshy & Hitler – with auto-respect because… they are “people”.

      You’ve made the world a crotchier place since you stopped manstruating. 😆

      • That my dear is called a strawman fallacy. Come back when you’re capable of debating like a mature and rational adult k? 😉

      • And when you actually, y’know, understand what a strawman fallacy even is.

      • Yeah, I’m sorry; I’m just playing with ya. I do know you are a straw man. I also know (from your inaugural comment on another thread at Eradica) that you’re trolling, bc you change the subject then switch over here.

        You’re the kind of self-loathing, pussified white that sticks black vibrators up your butt to JayZ’s monkey grunting. A beta orbiter whiteknighting the scum of modern females.

        Feminism was the worst symptom of Western Decline; it created entitled tattooed sluts with foul mouths and so many sex-partners that any decent man would cringe at the number.
        Except you.
        You hold doors for bitches with multi-loads dripping from their stretched-out snatches – who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

        What thing would marry a girl with a 300+ penis score – a proud whore who’s actually LOUD about it?
        You would.

        …if these sluts liked lesbians

  18. I got you some structural faggotry raht here.

  19. Aw, boo hoo, are the whiny little babbies incapable of handling a little criticism? Cry some moar faggots.

  20. You lot sound extremely misogynistic. I bet you all have serious mommy issues.

    [ednote: YOU sound like a crabby old cunt. I bet YOU have fuckflaps that hang like Wizard Sleeve]

    • This might come as a shock to you, but I don’t even *have* “fuckflaps”. I kinda used to be like you people. When I was like, a teenager.

      • I imagine you are STILL an anti-white Supremacist though? You certainly wouldn’t call yourself a white Supremacist. So of course, you can’t conceive the weakness of your ultimate orientation.

        Female… Girl… Woman… Lady… Lesbian… Dyke…

        These ARE NOT interchangeable words, YET in the land of radical autonomy these words are readily substituted for each other. The difficulty for you is in discerning when these terms are erroneously substituted for each other…

        The females referenced here at Eradica are of the girl/female liberationist/female autonomist/dyke/lesbian variety AND not the usually woman/lady variety. In other words, the “women” in your head that are savaged here ARE NOT WOMAN at all. The question then revolves around the erroneous substitutions? I say it stinks like homo. What say you? Why are you unable to discern the false equivalencies? You don’t want to, I gather?

      • Sounds to me like you’ve very successfully deluded yourself.

      • So you ^^^ are a genuine white Supremacist?

      • Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe what a nutjob he is.

  21. Hm, after talking to my friend a bit, it seems maybe I am misunderstanding the lot of you well, a lot. I did start this argument, but the fact that you lot sunk to the same level shows you are just as immature. I don’t agree with most of what you are saying but I realize I am approaching this entirely in the wrong way. I don’t have the time or the patience to have a rational discussion on this subject matter at this time so I will elect to just respectfully depart.

    • Libtard Hee-ro
      To de-balled

      in 50 seconds!

      A new Eradica record for skinning a MINO!!

    • IF you friend were an honest one then he would tell you that, as anti-white Supremacists, making discernment and discriminations concerning the maturity or immaturity of the “other” is verboten. NOT ONLY THAT, but the whole IDEA of there existing a mature individual versus an immature individual is verboten as bigoted and prejudicial. So in short, your friend should tell you, if he is truly honest, that you argue in bad faith and simply are not conscious of it. You KNOW you aren’t a white Supremacist AND you DON’T KNOW that you ARE an anti-white Supremacist…

      But now that you do, you MUST raise your “game” or lose credibilty, i.e., intangible Capital.

      • I find it hilariously ironic that you lot hate on “sluts” yet are sluts too, lol. What is self awareness.

      • You guys are openly bigoted and prejudiced so you’re one to talk, lol. You guys are such a fucking joke that if you tried to do this in the real world you’d get laughed out the front door cause no one would take you seriously. You guys are such fragile snowflakes that you willfully exist in an echo chamber circlejerking each other off like a bunch of huge intellectual faggots cause your frail egos can’t handle even the tiniest bit of criticism or dissenting opinions of any kind. You guys are a bunch of pathetic manchildren who never left high school and still exist in a state of primary integration and always will.

        But w/e. Have fun with that. Maybe someday you guys’ll actually grow up and manage to get girlfriends and stop being such a bunch of incel twats.

  22. @ sthaborym; run along now, retard. Men are talking here.
    Anyways, update to the state of PUA; 2016 Yes Means Yes laws effectively killed it.
    2017, #metoo was the final nail in the coffin of any hope of normal relations between the sexes. At this point in time, what needs to happen is all things feminism needs to die. All the feminist laws on the books need to be repealed; Affirmative Action, Title IX, The Duluth Model of justice, Child support and Alimony, all the bullshit sexual harrassment and consent laws, all that shit needs to go. No women in college or the labor force unless it is family business related. That’s how we fix this, is just take women’s rights away, eliminate the welfare state and everything else falls into line.

    The catch is, the only way this can happen is through some sort of “reset event.” Otherwise, we’re already a demographic minority in our own country. You look at South Africa now, that will be USA and Canada in five years or less the way things are going.

    • And almost forgot, most importantly, women will no longer be able to vote… on anything. 100 years from now, scientists and historians will record all the shit that befell the 19th and 20th centuries stemmed from giving females the right to suffrage. No more, and the future will be bright. In the meantime, think globally and act locally. Start just by telling women, “No!”


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