HATE Mail: Who DOES Firepower THINK He Is?

by Firepower

Harry Suit writes:

API Picture Credit: CRUDD-Co. A Subsidiary of Mangan Enterprises

Women are sociopathic aliens who steal our hard-earned money, boo hoo. Just another lame omega blog. Write about something interesting that will advance the cause, like lecture notes to an online chemistry class.

Suddenly…you’re pretty sensitive to “What Rilly Matters!” – for someone who perpetually wallows around in ‘grecycled Pig Slop.  Go take a look at the books I recommend to get you up off your knees.

But you didn’t say anything worth responding to.

You’re still blind, like a baby mouse: you’ve just conditioned yourself to reading ‘grecyclers – like piggy n’ siggy – writing about what sailer wrote about whut mangan wrote about whuut billo riley wrote about (*gasp!*) Obammy-Pappy being an illegal!  Or, gee-whiz Obama’s NEW liberal policy Executive Order Outrage!® Hey!  How about those black gangs beating up whites!? OUTrageous, right???

 And your “book recommendations” are just generic Amazon links to every book written by or even just about person X.

Nope. there’s plenty of individual books listed in the GoodReads widget in the Right Column. → But…is someone in so dire a need of ……constant direction and spoonfeeding – down to the level of pointing out page directions → capable of learning?  →ARE you educable?

Gee, what a fount of wisdom you are. Hey, I think Nietzsche was cool – go read everything that mentions him, you’ll become enlightened.

I am enlightened – for ten years. Before jesus invented blogs, even.  Try Thomas Jefferson Quotes:

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Do you think Ho Chi Minh‘s books on guerrilla warfare exist as mild Transformers/The Avengers fantasy entertainment?

It’s not that you are a cancer on the internet, it’s that you write about the same inane shit as the people you bash, and do not do it nearly as well (hence your lack of a fan base). Why can’t you be happy being mediocre instead of lashing out at your blogging betters?

Geez, you sound like piggy – or a piggyite.  If you’re happy reading piggy ‘grecyclers et al – fine – it’s all been done before.  Better – by all our betters.  I wrote about it in depth in Blog Hierarchies and ‘Grecycling AND The Gilded Cage of Blogging.

I present explanations on how things work. they complain about how things ARE.  I explain why things are bad. they complain (perpetually) about how bad things are.  It’s showing you naked girls, instead of teaching you Game.  I see no books on their sites explaining how successful structural political changes occurred or how to form resistances, or articles about liberalism’s five alliances, future elite structures, Why the MRM Will Fail and the gilded cage of blogging.

The Others regurgitate phoned-in 3 sentence articles and a handful of links to the latest News Of The Zimmerman Outrage!®  Guess what:  Matt Drudge ALREADY DID IT – better.

As for my “fan” base (really?) who the Hell wants “fans.”  What sort of twisted moron blogs for fans, like some 46th Place T-ball Trophy kid shouting “look at me!  Lookitmee MOMMY!  Lookit MEEE!”  It’s Stuart from that old MadTV skit.

I’m actually pleasantly amazed by the sheer number of HITS I’ve had and continue to get.  The number of followers surpassed my expectations, but probably because I didn’t know there was such a category extant in blogging.  I assumed readership would be small because complaining, griping and BITCHING on other blogs is FUNNZ-O-RAMA.  Practical Truth with ugly solutions takes thought.  Still, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

In ten years, a million bloggerz in piggy, INC. will be fighting over a $30k gig at National Review to suck Rich Lowry‘s cock – sending in their blogg-mungous bloggantic “portfolios” of 2023’s Worst Black FlashMOB Attackz™ !

As for the audience: It’s why books on your beloved Fred Nietzsche collect dust in libraries …while 50 Shades of Gray fly off mall shelves.  I am The Quality, others – The Quantity.

Pick your Side.

4 Responses to “HATE Mail: Who DOES Firepower THINK He Is?”

  1. I see some of your fans have mistaken you for me. I’m burned out on piglet’s for awhile, unless he writes something interesting.

  2. Scene: Two monkeys come across a stalled car.

    Monkey #1: It is awful that the car doesn’t work! Now we cannot drive to the banana store!
    Monkey #2: Stop complaining. Do you think you are the first monkey to notice the car doesn’t start? The car is broken because it is out of gas.
    Monkey #1: Ok…do you have any gas?
    Monkey #2: No, but just knowing it is out of gas makes me infinitely better than you.
    Monkey #1: Well, if you say so, but neither of us is getting a banana tonight.
    Monkey #2: You fool!

    The end.
    [not quite. you forget monkey #3: you, who slavishly read ‘grecyclers and applaud with tin cymbals – yet never seem to see or act upon the directions I leave in most posts -ooggabooga]

  3. Scene: Two Negroes come across a stolen car.

    Negro #1: Dis mutha fuckin’ car be broke and shee-it.
    Negro #2: Wat u talkin’ ’bout? Mutha fucka ain’t gots no gas.
    Negro #1: U gots any gas?
    Negro #2: No, but I beez smartah than yo black ass cuz I know what be wrong wif it.
    Negro #1: Mutha fuckin’ shee-it. Ain’t neither of us raping no white bitch tonight.
    Negro #2: Dumbass nigger.

    The end.


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