Call Them Colored – They Hate It

by Firepower

Wait Until My Mexican Minions Outbreed You – Bleah!

Part II

As I wrote in Don’t Call Them Niggers: Call them colored – they hate it.

White is a term used to stereotypically describe a color of a diverse people – most whom have nothing in common.

What does a Greek have in common with a Brit, a Czech?  What does a brown-eyed Greek Orthodox have in common with a blue-eyed Polish Catholic or a red-haired Irish Protestant?  Make up your own combinations – they’re equally diverse.  You want to see some true diversity – that is some wide variety in hue, eyes, hair and religion. Still, they call us white because that’s the accepted terminology for skin color.  Why is labeling a human White on the basis of their skin-color appearance NOT “racist” yet colored is?  Because they say so.  It is my Constitutionally protected right to Free Speech in stating ……my opinion on this issue – just as I suppose it is A-OK Snookie Huggums Wunnerfull Tee-Hee for Al Sharpton and his colored minions to demand WHITE BLOOD FLOWING in the streets.

Colored is also a term used to stereotypically describe a color of a diverse people.  They don’t even have different eye colors.  Or hair colors – yet it’s been decided by the Politically Correct that these races that look the same cannot be lumped in to one group.

Call them colored.  They’re all brown.  They’re “not white.”  Besides, using any “anti” term is stupid.  It means you’re too afraid to say what you ARE for and do stand for.

Call them colored because #1: it pisses them off

The ONLY reason this term fell out of fashion is because PC groups said so.  Why the hell do you routinely obey these evil race fascists – even over the use of a puny word?  No wonder they shit on you.  You don’t even have the balls to utter a few syllables, why would they fear your actions.  If the word angers them – USE THAT WORD.  Use their blueprint of what not to do – then do it.  In everything, not just the word.  “Colored” isn’t cause for Zimming like “nigger” is.  Colored is just a plain innocent little word – that somehow causes fits.  Who cares why – just use it. It works. Use the excuse that the NAACP named itself the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People if you’re bashful.  Don’t pussyfoot around like a sissy blogger recommends and call them “people of color” – hit ’em with the shorter version.  It stings and saves typing, to boot.

A Grand, Safer Future Awaits

Call them colored because #2: It gives a name to a common enemy

It applies to every race-fascist group that has destroyed America with their unchecked Crime, unchecked Breeding, unchecked infestations and pillaging our money.  NASA shut down and highways rot because Welfare coloreds are increasing.  You can lump in every group that plagues America with its filth:  Blacks, browns, mexicans, el salvadoreans, injuns, arabs – etc*.  What do they have in common?  They’re colored.  Brown eyes, skin and black hair.  Toss in the miscegenating mulattoes and halfbreeds, too.   This degenerate group of barbarians are the sole cause of all the urban destruction of cities.  ALL crime.  Like my post on the united five-fingered fist of liberalism, coloreds have one main enemy:  Whites.  White males.  Your women, well – they look good naked.  Notice I don’t capitalize any of their races.  I want to diminish them.  I started using the term when I realized how angry it make coloreds.  *It also saved time writing all those descriptive terms above.  Always capitalize White.

Want more fun?  Call them negroes.  Or, “you people.”  They get upset over the stupidest things, just like females and childrens.  Use that to your advantage.  Do not call them niggers or spicks.  Pull a Zimmy – wave the red flag in front of the animal to get it to attack, then…

All the links to Wiki and google for “colored” are completely sanitized by these PC pussy liberal computer NetNerds.  A Rule of thumb is:  Whatever they censor and sanitize – USE.  They want it hidden for a reason.  Would you call the convict who raped and murdered you mother “Mister” because he demanded so and calling him “Jorge-Donzell” enraged him?  You’ll figure it out.

I Want To Suck Your Blood – And Your Welfare TAX $$$!

I have to bang this out fast.  Chickenshit writers who’ve lost all spark feed off me like swarming ticks and fleas.  One of my primary hesitations in blogging was others would steal my ideas.  I’ve been using this term (on blacks especially) for over a year and a half on roissy, amren, Taki and The Spearhead.  I think, I started using it on Obsidian waaaay back when.  Old School, no-whut-umsayin?  Never did I imagine the level of parasitism would be highest from writers I respected most.  I should have learned when The AltRight Idol of Words stole my Daily Outrage!© meme.  I expect this to get stolen by Sailer any moment – talk about somebody who’s run out of ideas and is hamstrung by his reputation, name – and desire to be a published author…(HT, LBF)  These reticent recreants have shot their full wad – expended their full barrage.  Now, they need that last puuuuuush up the ladder of Publishing Success!  On the backs of the likes of me.

They are Career Politicians.  They mistakenly fantasize they deserve to sit on the Gravy Train forever without going back to real work – back to the sword.  They are empty, craven husks. 

As I’ve stated, they are Vampires sucking off the new blood to do anything to keep their audience.  Blogging is deteriorating daily into a grade school English class – without a teacher to maintain discipline.  Have fun while you can vampires, because all that matters is money, right?  Fine: If any one of you (and I Certainly KNOW NOW for SURE you read me daily) ever steal from me an make one bookbuck – you’re lawyer meat, cunts.


3 Comments to “Call Them Colored – They Hate It”

  1. Hey, you can repackage your old posts into “ebooks” for .99 cents on Kindle. Get it while its hot! It seems like everyone is trying to monetize their blog these days, from Frost to Rooshy.
    [i never thought about making money on writing; it’s not my motivator. why bother, when 5000000000 do it? I’m hoping an arrogantly deluded Mega-Blogger will plagiarize my stuff in a book – then I await payday. silk sheets, instead of 800ct. egyptian cotton. speaking of Egyptians, I’d put sufi up in a doghouse outback and use her as combination pre-coital fluff gal for the 1st stringers, and post-coital cockwipe. problem is, she’d like it]

  2. Colored “Boy” for more points. Good stuff. Anything + Monkey before a fight gives you the advantage. Nigger will never go out of style but Niggres has that throwback Southern flavor to it like a good BBQ on Sunday after church.
    [welcome to Eradica – I wondered when you’d arrive. I plan to write a post on the word, “nigger” and it’s appropriate usage]

  3. I use ‘non-Whites’ at the moment–interspersed with an occasional ‘thug’ and ‘savage’–and it seems to do the trick.

    Progress, not perfection (yet).

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