Gaming Married Women – For 20-Year-Olds

by Firepower

Your Future Awaits!

Them Sexy Years

What to do?

Honestly, all one has to do is read athol kay’s blog on a daily basis to comprehend the complicated degradations one must put themselves through to create a “natural and spontaneous” marriage.  He seems like a good guy so why do I never hear about what wifey does for him: That makes me suspicious.  If that doesn’t warn you off, nothing will.

[ed note & update: as of 27 Nov 2013, Kay announces his blog “sucks”]

You obviously need to hear Tom Leykis’ views on this subject.  Silly males (still, even today) have bought into the Past Marriage Ideal. That model is inoperable today – it’s a trap. You and athol inadvertently describe it as work – drudge work of inordinate effort for the chance that your spouse “may” stick around.

“Hey kids! Game your wife, tippy-toe around her moods, work extra hard to get that all important sex (that she wisely rations), watch everything you say, cook her dinner and rub her feetsies!  And you too, O 20-something, can join in our fun!”

Misery loves company.

We always hear of this Lifetime Channel stuff, where HE is the one to bring the roses, mow the lawn, make the money, take HER out to dindin – while she watches HBO’s GIRLS and microwaves him Spaghetti-O’s for dinner…WHY OH WHY OH WHY???

Because males are asked to make all the sacrifices, women, none.  And, men don’t question it. Female affection and companionship exists IN ABUNDANCE OUTSIDE of marriage.  Dozens of girls, as compared to one who’ll NEVER look any better than she does today. It’s what Game is for, dumbass.

You girls keep insisting that female affection and companionship is only exclusive to a man-made legal contract called “marriage” and that is pure fantasy. Your only answer is that “some men like” marriage. If so, then you therefore accept the fact that some men DON’T.  And today, that’s MOST men.

The reason the issue has not come up (nor is ever likely to do so) is the belief systems of most Western males are totally brainwashed and internalized – the dogma, melded and fully integrated into their skulls.  It’s that old adage: “there’s NO accounting for taste.”  For instance, if the Noble Knights of The West want to convince themselves they’re happily satisfied putting on a Smiley Face 🙂 and grind away on a 40-year-old with stretch marks, bingo wings, cooking-0-phobia and a Secret Plan for a quickie divorce settlement, fine.  Don’t get ambushed and predictably Vent Your Daily Outrage!® weepily on The Spearhead over a plan she concocted while looking up at the crack in the ceiling waiting for you to come.  You’ve been warned, asshole – 100 times.  Suffer. And PUH-LEEZE STFU.  Whining is unbecoming to A Man – especially THOSE that loudly self-proclaim themselves as Men…while they beat on bongos in the Sweat Lodge.

So, at 45, it may seem like a small thing to see your third 21-year-old girlfriend awarded her college diploma – compared to all the risks and pitfalls of girlfriend 2.0, but until you experience it, you just can’t know the feelings of pride, accomplishment, and sexual satisfaction this brings to your life during the celebration later that night.

The Diaper & Delinquent Years

Don’t fall for that HBD jazz either about “passing on your precious bodily fluids – GENES!” By the time your grandkids emerge, only about 25% (max) of YOUR genes exist in progeny – outnumbered by 75% of strangers’ genes.  Maybe, those strangers are even assholes.  And even that paltry contribution of yours diminishes with each successive generation until almost extinct.

Plus, you actually have absolutely NO idea how your kids will turn out despite the Lifetime Channel Fantasy. None – just like Jeffrey Dahmer’s religious father had no idea of his blue-eyed, blond-haired boy’s culinary habits. I know plenty of kids with proper upbringing that aren’t worth a good goddamn – you do, too. Can you pick the LOTTO numbers for me today? IRL, plenty of cases exist where “good kids” wind up bad. All to the shock of their deluded parents.

Or, they could just shunt you off to a Nursing Home because you interfere with their Golf Saturday.

The Golden Years

Happy He Had Four Wives & Two Kids

70-year-old couples routinely get divorced today; now, she also takes grampa’s long-saved, hard-earned PENSION to boot. Basing a Sanctimonious Marriage on which lucky partner gets the hot potato of changing the adult diaper is a poor foundation for Everlastin’ Luv.  Middle-age adult children don’t even show blood loyalty by taking care of their parents today. If inheritors of accrued wealth who shared a bloodline no longer do it, those linked by a paper contract are less dependable.

I wrote a Memorial Day tribute to an old veteran. It wasn’t applicable then – but it IS now – to include how HIS wife of 60 years suddenly announced to him one day, in their 80′s, she wanted a divorce so she could “find herself” sojourning over America in a Trans-Van…that he’d bought for them.  She thought marriage was too “restricting” and took over half his money to blow on travel. It seems just because granny has gray hair and looks sweet, does NOT mean she doesn’t fall for the Feminist Drivel Propaganda.  Now, her three daughters and umpteen grandkids hate her.  She doesn’t seem to care about that, either.  Tough old broad.

Love and Marriage MAY have been fine for the Greatest Generation where SHE stayed home, darned the socks, changed the kids, raised the kids, cooked ALL the meals, gave blowjobs without (much) complaint, nursed the ill – AND stayed faithful. OK, in that situation, I see why gramps still wanted to get frisky with granny after 40 years.

The Knights Credo: Mysrey Lovveth Companyie

The Do-Gooders have an incredible (and suspiciously sanctimonious) insistence that their self-imposed incarceration is better than grinding away on a succession of hot 24-year-olds because theirs has “love.”

[WTF is “love” anyway?  You could answer that 30 years ago (maybe) but no longer today.]

Love – with today’s females? Who the Hell are these noble knights trying to bs – and WHY?

Better to be a Man. Have investments and a pension that take care of YOURSELF and release the delusion that a senior citizen rest home marriage will fare any better than the three Loving Totally Eternal Marriages you had – at even more youthful, mutually sexually-attractive points in your life…

Bottom Line:

You’ll learn you can’t teach stupid people to be smarter.  (If you don’t learn that, you may be one of The Stupid.)  You might attenuate a tiny fraction of their stupidity in the hopes they don’t harm YOU… but the only thing you can do is:  Don’t Be Like Them

19 Responses to “Gaming Married Women – For 20-Year-Olds”

  1. She might be good for a weekend if she got rid of those nails.

  2. Oh, Firepower. *shakes head* All doom and gloom. Love is devotion. Plain and simple. And it exists independently of a marriage certificate. If a woman loves you enough, that is how you reward her:)

  3. Put a bag over her head (and a rag in her mouth) and I’d fuck her.

    Come to think of it, my older blonde neighbour across the street looks like her, although her tits are a bit smaller. (Or it could just be the settings on my binoculars).

    I’ll reserve comment on the marriage issue.

    As you know, I’m all about the Love, and romancing the ladies.

    I’ve had my share. And I still can’t get enough.

    I’m too deep in it.
    [ed note: I thought so, but can’t get over imagining the excessive ammount of dick she’s had all over her since she was twelve. I, pass]

    • Agree on the butterface quality. Reminds me of two divorced MILFs at work who compete with one another. They dress 20 years younger than they are which makes them look a bit worse, but you can see where the yoga-plastic surgery-botox has been worth it.

  4. Women are sociopathic aliens who steal our hard-earned money, boo hoo. Just another lame omega blog. Write about something interesting that will advance the cause, like lecture notes to an online chemistry class.
    [Suddenly…you’re pretty sensitive to “What Rilly Matters!” – for someone who perpetually wallows around in recycled Pig Slop. go take a look at the books I recommend to get you up off your knees, ya blind dumbass]

    • Just as I figured.
      You shut up like a fucking clam
      when you don’t have piggy protecting you.

      C’mon bigmouth: speak your peace. I won’t censor a stupid fucking thing you say.

  5. But you didn’t say anything worth responding to.
    [ed note: You’re still blind, like a baby mouse: you’ve just conditioned yourself to reading ‘grecyclers – like piggy n’ siggy – writing about what sailer wrote about whut mangan wrote about whuut billo riley wrote about (*gasp!*) Obammie’s pappy being an illegal. Or, gee-whiz Obama’s NEW liberal policy Executive Order Outrage!® How about those black gangs beating up whites? OUTrageous, right?]

    And your “book recommendations” are just generic Amazon links to every book written by or even just about person X.
    [nope. there’s plenty of individual books listed in the GoodReads widget in the Right Column. is someone in so dire a need of constant direction and spoonfeeding down to the level of pointing out such directions capable of learning? ARE you educable?]
    Gee, what a fount of wisdom you are. Hey, I think Nietzsche was cool – go read everything that mentions him, you’ll become enlightened.
    [i’ve been enlightened for ten years. before jesus invented blogs, even. try tom jefferson:
    “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    — do you think ho chi minh’s books on guerrilla warfare exist as mild Transformers/The Avengers fantasy entertainment?]

    It’s not that you are a cancer on the internet, it’s that you write about the same inane shit as the people you bash, and do not do it nearly as well (hence your lack of a fan base). Why can’t you be happy being mediocre instead of lashing out at your blogging betters? [geez, you sound like piggy – or a piggyite. if you’re happy reading piggy ‘grecyclers et al – fine – it’s been done before. I present explanations on how things work. they complain about how things ARE. I explain why things are bad. they complain (perpetually) about how bad things are. It’s like showing you naked girls, instead of teaching you Game. I see no books on their sites mapping on how to form resistances, articles about liberalism’s five alliances, future elite structures and the gilded cage of blogging. the regurgitate phoned-in 3 sentence articles and a handful of links to the latest News Of The Zimmerman Outrage!® As for my “fan” base (really?) who wants fans. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of HITS I’ve had and continue to get. the number of followers is surprising, but probably because I didn’t know there was such a category extant in blogging. still, you can lead a horse to water…in ten years, a million bloggerz in piggy INC. will be fighting over a $30k gig at Nat’l Review, sending in their blog-mungous “portfolios” of 2019’s Worst Black FlashMOB Attacks! As for the audience: It’s why books on Nietzsche collect dust in libraries while 50 Shades of Gray fly off mall shelves.]

  6. Now that is a milf I could do. Kids today are truly idiots. There’s just no hope honest and truely.
    [ed note: milfs always existed. the problem is today, dumbasses inflate the reciprocity of the relationship. milfs actually game brandons. bigger prob: finding a decent bitch to pop out kids with – after the milf is dusty and old.]

  7. marriage is lonnnnnnggone today. anybody that isnt smart enogh to avoid it, is too stupid to makeit work
    [ed note: that, is a damn fine point. too bad the future dadginas of the world will pay NO heed]

  8. With most of the women stupid as shit in America [sorry girls its the truth] the ones over 40 -the milfs- are bad. Just wait until todays 20 year old airheads turn 40 – gaaaa. So, the only ones stupid enough to tolerate the even stupider males fit right in. simple.[ed note: brandons are just dim dildos for milfs to slicken up and utilize, until their menopause ends, and they end up dying in the Sunset]

  9. Avoid marriage Pierce Brosnan’s wife is a walrus now. It happened to 007 himself it can happen to anyone.

  10. Jesus what a lot of woman hating men on here Maybe you blokes should come out of the closet And just shag blokes !!!

    • Truth hurts, brah. Deal with reality, or reality will deal with you!

      • Mate that’s life marry a girl get divorced have kids some don’t turn out ok Yes we all don’t get dealt a Evan hand but you move on Why bother writing on here that all women are bitches you just tun out a sad bitter old man !!!


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