Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism

by Firepower

Disenfranchised groups currently upset and disturbed by the state of America are also that favorite liberal buzzword: Dis-empowered.

But not being liberal special interest groups they are they are targeted as separate, fragmented “clans” of neutered Men’s Rights Activists, fake conservatives and anti-Illegal Immigrationists, etc.  This has all been seen before in “The Advent of The Isms” – GIFY.

The crucial point these varied groups fail to realize is

they fight a common enemy: Liberalism.  If they have a revelation, they might unite as clans did under Hollywood’s Braveheart or Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan  Until then, liberals will always continue to divide and conquer, keeping power from groups stumbling in circles of frustrated repetition, howling “what’s the matter – can’t anybody SEE what’s going on?”

The five fingers form a hand – a fist – bashing and strangling the life out of its fragmented, split enemies. Call it today’s “Advent of the Ists.”

In order of threat, The Five-Fingered Fist (FFF) is composed of:

  1. Media Propagandists
  2. Black Fascists
  3. Open Border supporters – Hispanics
  4. Government Unionists & Academics
  5. Feminists
  6. Homosexual Activists

Yeah there’s six – no shit sherlock.  There’s more if you have the brains to identify them.  FFOL is merely a tool to get you to focus.   Don’t you be one, too.   The scheming of Mainstream Liberal media is very clear: From Network “News” to Hollywood to the New York Times and all other Lapdog Propagandists.  You know who runs them.  Just LIUFY who heads these propaganda media groups. Case closed.  Compare the ethnicity between screenwriters to body-bagged Jordies fresh from The Latest (non-declared) War.  The tens of thousands of Manhattan Jew War Dead who died avenging the Holy World Trade Center Buildings is quite notable.

Supporters of black fascism are also composed of many whites. There are also Jews, but all these “diverse races, colors & creeds” are liberals.  Black fascists seek not only the destruction of the power structure of Whites – but also of all Whites themselves.  Observe and learn how their rabid political philosophy totally reveals itself and its membership whenever a Trayvon or OJ emerges.  WNs (White Nationalists) are wise to almost the entire list, but ignore #3 and often lean in favor of #4 when it comes to “white knighting” to preserve the sanctity of their race via White females. This is a natural reflex that liberals exploit: MRAs (men’s rights activists) are frequently opponents of wn and fight each other, delighting Liberals wielding The Fist.

Illegal Immigration supporters have much in common with black fascism in their combined goal of eradicating Whites. They set aside their ghetto-barrio animosities for the Big Picture and unite when practical – such as electing a Barack Obama.  Opponents of Illegal Immigration usually fixate solely on Their Cause and thus, are totally oblivious to 3 through 5.  They view blacks as “Americans” and any criticism of blacks as deplorable racism which gives plausible deniability and credibility to a cause easily targeted and dismissed as racist by mainstream liberal media.

Opponents of Government Union Oligarchy care only for #3 and ignore the rest of the fingers closing around their throat.  These groups are made up of suburban white parents with school-age kids; when lil’ Brandon & Britnee graduate with a 58 IQ, Concerned Mom & Dad no longer give a squirt of shit.  Any critical discussion on race is rapidly accused of being racism and censored, thus alienating potential allies. Today’s entire American Federal Government is staffed and run by Affirmative Action minorities: blacks, black females, hispanics, hispanic females and white females.  So, are each 50 State governments. Take a walk through your local federal or state office complex. Don’t be scared: Open your eyes.

Chief opponents of Feminism are MRAs, who also ignore all but their primary opponent.  They fail to realize when they attack feminism, #3 & #5 – a homosexual/lesbian Manboobz coalition and Friend of The Court government entities – form a structured, rapid response team quickly united against them.  Many of these fem-enemies also, are white males. A fatal flaw of mrm is failure to see Feminism actually conquered Government long ago and now holds all powers.  The fight is no longer with the ex over alimony & custody, but with her sister-in-law who is the State’s Attorney General.  Kathleen Sebelius’ former Assistant Deputy Undersecretary to HRH Hilary Rodham~Clinton

When sufficiently beaten down, blacks and hispanics pile on enemies- if they choose the easy entertainment of shooting fish in a barrel.  A Trayvon-Level Event gets their blood up and when they smell BiGGov Reparations CA$H they hop on the bandwagon. Mainly, they do not because they have no reason to get off of the couch.  When WNs seek allies among the totally white mrm, they are rapidly censored.  Blacks and Illegals have no cause to fight WNs at mra sites because, white mras do it for them.  The legal power of Socialist Government creating and enforcing a VAWA does the dirty muscle work, while mras are oblivious, choosing to fight only women – not government, the Power that backs women. In other words, while they wrestle with one finger and fail, the entire fist knocks mras out.  They foolishly believe once their fantasies of “Ending Alimony and getting back full custody of Junior” arrive, America goes back to The Brady Bunch Era. Instead of reactionary white knighting for women, mras white knight for the black.

Homosexuals and Lesbians with their new, fortified coalition of additional reserves – the LGBTQ – are mostly silent now because like the feminists, they also achieved total victory.  Here’s a pamphlet/link from the formerly staid, moral Texas Tech University showing how you (and your son, too) can also be a “Q” – the newest addition to the sexual degenerate family. LGBTQ’s run government. They are Barney Frank and Janet Napolitano. They sought, fought and won power to marry, inherit – and be your merciless, slave-driving boss.  They run Policy, law, courts, colleges and Hollywood.  Fagbashing is now unheard of in America.  Now it’s mainly blackflashmobs  bashing whites. You see no formidable groups opposing homosexuals today; such groups are all but extinct.  If you already control government there is no need to protest; it’s time to have a glass of wine and put your feet up on a slave.

Hollywood, is another matter. It supports all Five Fingers of The Fist and serves as their Public Relations firm and Ministry of Propaganda.  The only value Hollywood has, is giving you a clear picture of what your enemy looks like – in totality.

White people – white men – can dangerously, also be Bill Maher.  Liberals have a curious unity that conservatives do not. (Better to dispose of that inadequate “conservative” moniker to create a unifying label like “anti-liberal.”)

What opponents of The Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism fail to grasp is their common enemy.  All supporters of the FFF are liberals but its opponents, not all conservative.

How to describe that curious unity in order to reveal the enemy? Blacks hate whites. hispanics hate whites – as do Government Types – but government also hates males as verified by mras.  Feminists and Manboobz homosexuals hate the same specific target.  Blacks and hispanics mainly hate white males for the potential threat of the anthropological counterattack of male warrior violence.  Together, their Secret of Unity – their power – is their common enemy: White Males.

Opponents of the FFF must realize their real enemy is not only black, a feminist, professors or MSM operatives – but all of these groups combined and often operating independent of one another.  They are in fact, interdependent.

The enemy is detected by who they hate, not their political philosophy.  There is your real enemy. To achieve success and be empowered, all liberalism must be eradicated. To ignore this revelation would be as foolish as the USA only fighting the Japanese in World War Two and leaving Germany free to bomb New York and develop nuclear weapons.

Here is your real “Axis of Evil.” Destroy liberalism then watch all five of your dreams come true.

61 Responses to “Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism”

  1. Destroy liberalism then watch all five of your dreams come true

    I dont recall if Moldbug said it’s even possible. Forget him, how do you propose to destroy liberalism?
    [first: never listen to someone who picks a name like that for themself. Secondly, why do you not pay attention to all those books I’ve put up at the very top of the page.
    If you think it’s impossible, you’ve sentenced yourself to commenting on grecycled crap like “blackflashmobs is bad, mmm’kay.”]

  2. Yockey had the essence of all this figured out way back in 1949:
    “Liberalism can only be defined negatively. It is a mere critique, not a living idea. Its great word “freedom” is a negative — it means in fact, freedom from authority, i.e., disintegration of the organism. In its last stages it produces social atomism in which not only the authority of the State is combated, but even the authority of society and the family. Divorce takes equal rank with marriage, children with parents.”
    “Thus Liberalism in action was just as political as any State ever was. It obeyed organic necessity by its political alliances with non-Liberal groups and ideas. Despite its theory of individualism, which of course would preclude the possibility that one man or group could call upon another man or group for the sacrifice or risk of life, it supported “unfree” ideas like Democracy, Socialism, Bolshevism, Anarchism, all of which demand life- sacrifice.”
    “Liberalism is an escape from hardness into softness, from masculinity into femininity, from History into herd-grazing, from reality into herbivorous dreams, from Destiny into Happiness. Nietzsche, in his last and greatest work, designated the 18th century as the century of feminism, and immediately mentioned Rousseau, the leader of the mass-escape from Reality. Feminism itself — what is it but a means of feminizing man? If it makes women man-like, it does so only by transforming man first into a creature whose only concern is with his personal economics and his relation to “society,” ie. a woman. “Society” is the element of woman, it is static and formal, its contests are purely personal, and are free from the possibility of heroism and violence. Conversation, not action; formality, not deeds. How different is the idea of rank used in connection with a social affair, from when it is applied on a battlefield! In the field, it is fate-laden; in the salon it is vain and pompous. A war is fought for control; social contests are inspired by feminine vanity and jealousy to show that one is “better” than someone else.

    And yet what does Liberalism do ultimately to woman: it puts a uniform on her and calls her a “soldier.”‘ This ridiculous performance but illustrates the eternal fact that History is masculine, that its stern demands cannot be evaded, that the fundamental realities cannot be renounced, even, by the most elaborate make-believe. Liberalistic tampering with sexual polarity only wreaks havoc on the souls of individuals, confusing and distorting them, but the man-woman and the woman-man it creates are both subject to the higher Destiny of History.”

    • The Problem we face in the 21st Century is not a lack of new ideas – or resurrecting a million old ones – but in clearly describing warnings for a dimmed population that has at its internet fingetips, a billion entries such as your Yockey.

  3. A good essay Firepower – Doesn’t Attila make Kitchen Units nowadays?

  4. Come to think of it I’ve received unsolicited aggression from all five of the social categories you mention above, for having the affront to have an opinion which didn’t match theirs. In Ireland the gays can be a right pain in the arse, (scuse the pun) – you can attract their wrath by “being straight”.
    [it keeps Socialist Leftism in power by dividing its enemies. no better example of advanced discord that the collapsed brit empire]

  5. “all liberalism must be eradicated”

    Yes, you’re right.

    We’re going to have to bring the whole thing down.

    Just as soon as I finish this bottle of gin.
    [you are the F.Scott Fitzgerald of Your Gen, but without all that writing stuff]

  6. Secondly, why do you not pay attention to all those books I’ve put up at the very top of the page.

    The Cromwell books turned me right off. Have you read them, and, why?
    [ed note: do you stop going to a library on account of one book you dislike? you’re emulating the very all-or-nothing philosophy i warn about in my article]

    • No, I don’t. Not sure what you’ve read into my comment, but it was pretty straigh forward and not emulating anything other than a genuine enquiry and comment on first impressions.

      I did check out your book list a while ago and you had 2 x Cromwell and 1 x Mao which turned me right off. The 2 x Orwell I have read many years ago. Just checking again now and you have 2 x Mao, 1 x Ho Chi Minh, 1 x Lenin and 1 x Robespierre. I detect a theme.

      The Alinsky one I’d be interested in reading.

      So, anyway, as I said, have you read them and why are these your recommendations?
      [remember Jefferson, Robespierre & Orwell there, also. there is no theme of communism but rather a theme of success based on pragmatic thinking followed by decisive action; two lost values in the west.]

    • Spot on, Phalluster. In my offline readings I’ve been going through Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”. I highly recommend it. Strikingly, for a so called anti-semite Ford is rather admiring of the jews and holds out ferevent desire and hope that they can be tamed and put to good work for all mankind.

      FP, maybe you should include Ford’s work in your book list?

      On that front, I think I would like to read those Cromwell books in order to understand the founding father of America and thus America herself. Fraser touched on Puritanism in his book The WASP Question and I believe KMac’s next work will be solely dedicated to the Puritans. It does strike me as true that it is the Puritan foundational element of US society that has set you apart from the Anglosphere and the West in general. Understanding the Puritan foundation seems elemental to understanding why it is that the US has set about destruction of the White world and unleashing the jews upon themselves and the rest of us.

      As Cromwell liked to say of himself and his own, more Jewish than the Jews. And so it is, up to a point. Because no one can out do the Jews at their own game.

      Unless you’re Scottish. Which reminds me:

      “A Scotsmen and a Jewish man were having a magnificent meal at one of the finest restaurants in New York .At the end of the evening the waiter came over to present the check and a Scottish voice said “that’s all right laddie just gae the check to me”.

      The headlines in the local newspaper next day proclaimed “Jewish ventriloquist found beaten to death”.”

      • On that subject, here’s a short excerpt from “A People That Shall Dwell Alone”:

        This is a good point Chechar would do well to note:

        The high percentage of intact families in the Puritan migration to America meant that they engaged in a much lower incidence of exogamy with the native Amerindian population (as was the case in the Spanish and especially the Portuguese colonies in the Americas), or with Black slaves (as in the Southern states), or even other European ethnic and religious groups (as in the Mid-Atlantic states). The leading Puritan families of East Anglia “intermarried with such frequency” that one historian dubbed them “a prosopograher’s dream” (Fischer 1989, 39). . . .

        Also, this interview:

        Puritan religiosity aimed at creating a morally perfect society. This ethic continued with the Congregationalists who were against slavery — not so much because they cared about the welfare of slaves — but because of their desire to set up a millennial kingdom as a precondition for the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.

        I use this understanding of the Puritan ethic to plumb the depths of WASP pathology.

        You see, all of the Jewish intellectual movements of the 20th Century involved in areas such as Freudian Psychoanalysis, Marxism, and Jurisprudence — spheres through which Jewry took control of our universities — were aimed at some kind of “moral perfection.”

        The Jews knew their target well. For moral idealism is the weak spot of WASP America.

        The best strategy for a collectivist group like the Jews for destroying European Whites is to convince the Europeans of their own moral bankruptcy.

        Judaism is presented as morally superior to European Christianity and European civilization as morally bankrupt. The consequence is that once Europeans are convinced of their own moral depravity, they will destroy their own people in a fit of altruistic punishment.

        Thus the intense effort among Jewish intellectuals to continue the ideology of the moral superiority of Judaism and its role as an undeserving historical victim while at the same time continuing the onslaught on the moral legitimacy of the West.

        A very good analysis. The USA rose to world prominence as exceptional in her isolation. A light unto other nations for her success combined with not interfering with the affairs of other nations. But, her religion was used against her as KMac states, and with the collapse of her religion, the Protestants went on a hunt after themselves and sought outward to correct the perceived sins of others.

        Here is another thing about the fringe alt-righters, Year Zero types I would call them. People like Chechar and Baaltanit. Rather than understand what has gone wrong in order to correct mistakes, see causes for success, and make a new path, the Year Zeroes (YZs) want to smash everything instead. So, the Stalinist Baal and the formerly Catholic Chechar both seek to destroy Christianity (Xtianity in Baalspeak), and thus do the jews bidding in their attempts to help US! yes *us*.

        There’s a moral confusion emanating out of the USA, born of this fusion of Puritan American self loathing and Jew directed hatred of Whites and Christianity. All lubed up with hubris at the trappings of success, burgers, eternal-porn, new cars, commodities and liberation! freedom! the pursuit of happiness and sodomy! Unable to see clearly, too hungover and dripping with the fatty oils of yesterday’s feast, simultaneously hating themselves and wanting to punish everyone else for their own sins of maximum indulgence.

        What to do?

      • ‘Year Zero types’ why that’s my saying!!!

        btw pat, how did Jews fare under the White Australia Policy?

        My guess is quite good, thus we don’t hear jack shit about it.

      • They did very well. Isaac Isaacs for instance. This is interesting, from Wikipedia: “Isaacs opposed Zionism partly because he disliked nationalism of all kinds and saw Zionism as a form of Jewish national chauvinism—and partly because he saw the Zionist agitation in Palestine as disloyalty to the British Empire to which he was devoted.”

        Sir John Monash is another famous Ozzie of Jewish ancestry.

        Year Zero types is one of yours? Seriously?

      • Yeah, I called them Yer Zero White Nationalist, Ryu asked me what I meant by it that’s how I remember. Not that I care…(what, an arsehole).

      • Ah yes, I do remember you saying that. It’s a very apt description of the type.

        Isn’t that the thing about thinking others ripped one off, Pol Pot Year Zero being applied to people has been around for a while. Lefties use it from time to time. But, simply using it in a better context, as you and I have done, doesn’t mean we own the term. There is a valuable moral lesson here for Firepower.

        And I’m glad that it was I got the opportunity to sermonise on the subject.

        Similar, last night listening to Dan Ginnane’s excellent call of the brilliant Parra win, he had Paul Langmack tweeting what a great show it was, Ben Barba emailed that he was listening and it apeared that Ginnane was at last getting the recognition that I/ I/ I * had given him at M4. I started to think, “All these people must have been reading M4 and saw what I wrote about Ginnane and now they are listening.”

        The I thought “Shut the fuck up you wanker. What a load of nonsense. It is more probable that Ginnane’s fame is spreading by the very fact that he has a radio show every Monday Night Footy and has nothing to do with you or M4.”

        Moral lesson here for Steve Sailer.

        *I / I / I / stolen from Big Ramifications.

      • Sailer is THE fucking worst. Every fucking film he reviews is obviously influenced by him. Of course he steals all his stuff from FP so the jokes on him.

        You want to know who else is a dumb cunt Hannagan? Baaltanit. The guy bags ‘niger inspired’ rock music then posts a video of Led Zeps Immigrant Song. Of course Led Zep were the biigest rip off merchants of negroe bluesman around! Is that funny or what? if only Banaltanit had a sense of humour he might get it.

      • Stealing from a recent comment by Sailer, the whole ‘Led Zep negro music ripoff’ is overdone. They were influenced but there is little evidence for what one could call a rip off as such.

        But I reckon Sailer has stolen that from me, as I pointed this out long ago.

        As for Baal, there is something decidedly demented about that fella.

        What do you make of Ferds quitting Cambro? Hope he comes to Oz so we can all get together and have a beer and laughs. As the story goes, a whole lot of fighting, a whole lot of drinking and some slamming sex.

        Who’s invited? Just you two.

      • I’ll greet him at the airport with a lynch mob. Then i’ll sought you out boy.

        Go read mick walls bio, they admit to completely ripping off blues songs on the first album (titled Led Zeppelin I, even a stupid, alzheimer riddled, fuck like you should be able to remember that)

      • The Mick Wall bio is a tainted source. He was a rejected lover and groupie and bears too much animus as a result.

        Sort, not sought.

        Sad to see Ferds go as he was one of the best, if not the best. He really was the creator of the alt-right with many spin-off shows. Bit like early Happy Days with so many other blogs now merely “Chachi loves Joanie” sub IMF outpourings.

        M4 Monologue was the forerunner of IMF and the like. The blog owner really never got enough credit for his ground breaking work. But, I hear he’s a humble sort of chap, an artist more than anything. Very much in the Patrick White ( mould, with none of the homosexuality.
        [ed note: untrue. when one has nothing to say – except for collating a similar echo chamber of teenage screamers – the well runs dry; the charlatan fears discovery. your cheerful boy was cheery – so long as you kissed the ring
        fyi; Happy Days was where the term JUMPED THE SHARK orignated]

      • I heard the M4 blog owner was a seething drunkard who got jealous when his co-bloggers posts got more attention than his did, so he shut the blog down. Of course the Marrano coward blamed it all on ‘work and family issues’. Just the word on the street.

      • Oh fuck, calling those you have a disagreement with Jews is TM’ed by Hannagan.

        “Marrano coward™” that’s better

      • Just the word on the street.

        You really should steer clear of Oxford Street, you’ll hear all sorts of guff, which leads to a beer at the Exchange Hotel, someone says “Hey let’s sit on the saddles and have a cocktail!” and next thing you know it’s next morning and you’re lying in a park, grass stains on your elbows and knees, dacks around your ankles, with a used condom hanging out your arse.*

        *Very old joke, re-deployed.

      • Always with the ‘alternative lifestyle’ comments.

      • See Dave Gallops quit Hannagan. Time for a real man to run the game, time for a QLDer. No more ‘alternative lifestyle’ Welshfags (eg Hannagan and batty boy Gallop).

      • Just a question, as I don’t definitively know the answer, is the style of comment “Always with the…” a stereotypically Jewish style?

        We’ve become so jewified via Yank TV that it’s hard to say for sure much about anything anymore, but I recognise that pattern as a distinctly Jewish syntax.


      • No I didn’t see that. Bout time though. Not sure if the game is ready to be run by QLD as they are too parochial to expand the game nationally and internationally.

        Should they realise that the last 6 series have been deliberately reffed to ensure QLDers inflated sense of themselves so as to equally ensure they’ll not swap over to Ozzie Rules, it would blow their minds. Literally.

        We need to bring WA on board, let them win a few NRL premierships and even lend them some QLDers and NSWelshman to win a few SoOs. Just to expand the game. But I don’t think QLD is ready for the hard cold reality just yet.

      • Always with Yid insinuations innit goyishe kop.

      • Always with Yid insinuations innit goyishe kop.

        I thought the Goy had a kopf and the Yid a kop, but you’d know better than me 🙂

        (I think you need a smiley face)

        And not always. See your comments @ June 5, 2012 at 1:14 am and 1:17 for first insinuation.

  7. What about Franco, Salazaar and Pinochet?

    There’s your examples FP.

  8. It does make sense that each would isolate itself, but it makes no sense why they would ignore their enemies. What a shame Price is such a wussy and blind. He writes all the time about the same shit. WN’s are just plain creepy.

  9. Liberalism IS the homosexual “nature,” i.e., the self-annihilating “nature.”

    The masses desire to pleasure themselves to death and this desire cannot be defeated.

    Homo = same = exact same = self…

    Homo-sexual = sex with self = absolute sexual autonomy.

    Absolute sexual autonomy is now “America’s highest value” and critical to the establishment of a “default elite.”

    PS “Feminism” is dyke “nature,” a man-hating, man-envious “nature.” The label of Butch’s movement is simply a diabolical euphemism and anyone that continues to use it is to some degree in collusion with Butch.

    • Marines on Guadalcanal who called Japs
      “japs” weren’t in collusion with them.
      Nor are coloreds who call whites “honkies” – while PolarBearing them – in collusion.

      I value your participation; still, most of your philosophy is unnecessarily obtuse.
      It’s simpler to say (thus influencing more minds)
      sex is a continuum on the scale of Bread & Circus

      • It is critical to see Liberalism as the homosexual “nature” and “feminism” as dyke “nature.”

        First, it means Liberalism and “feminism” CANNOT be destroyed. The desire for radical sexual autonomy (I can f$&k whomever I please… Homosexual’s most primitive declaration of war against Man) can only be rejected, suppressed and subordinated.

        Secondly, the very “nature” justifies and rationalizes “by any means necessary.” Meaning, the self-annihilator is justified in using any means necessary in order to self-annihilate.

        Just because “white” male has an enemy doesn’t mean he is being genocided. Actually, it just means he is providing smokescreen for those who facilitate in his self- annihilation.

  10. This seems more detailed. You have expanded it? This is your manifesto, FP.

    Have we made any progress? Perhaps. One does seem them fighting each other to a degree. That will increase as the money decreases.

    • I do a few tweaks.

      It pays to post on other websites and LINK to Eradica
      The HITZ on Eradica EXPLOADED yesterday.
      So, I gave The People
      …What they wanted

      That’s Me: A Man of The People
      Progress comes only from the quality of people we lead.
      …There is no progress
      The One True Enemy fights more
      Because: It’s over a
      Dwindling pile
      of gold

      • The FFOL looks like this to me…

        Palm: “white” male/de facto homo/homosexual

        Thumb: Orthodox and secular Jewish liberationist

        Index finger: South American liberationist/migger

        Middle finger: “Black” liberationist

        Ring finger: devout dyke/female liberationIst

        Pinky finger: Jihadist

        I will break this down later and why each represents what they represent.

        [ednote: sounds good. i wanted you to do such things when i sent u the invite]

  11. The conservative Mr.Goldwasser failed to beat Kennedy assassin LBJ in ’64. This was a major turning point in modern US history. Imagine the Vietnam war won. Jewish conservatives have felt let-down ever since.

  12. Thanks for the article FP.Just dropping by to say “hi”.

    • I read this with new eyes today.
      To hate the White man is the same “sin” if you will, of Satan for God. It is akin to the foolish envy and pride of a lesser to his better. What all the libs have in common is ingratitude and foolish shortsighted-ness. I could almost feel sorry for them if I didn’t hate them so much.

      Fp if those books you have listed actually do present a workable method of eradicating liberalism, they will be on my reading list. I know as a woman I can’t do much but at least I can be supportive.

      • I’m hoping you understand more of the bigger picture now – more of the deeper meaning and reasons for the current struggle and decay of Murka.

        It is a historic commonality that inferior peoples are jealous and seek to destroy what they cannot create themselves: Huns, Visigoths – today’s black, Migger and filthy mid-east muzz.

        Seek and consume those books that answer your long-held, innermost questions, then propel you further to discovering your capacity to impact the outcome.

      • There is evidence to suggest that this Kill Whitey scenario has played out many times throughout history.

        I am only interested in reading these books if they share the HOW to change things. I have understood the why for a few years now.

        The part where I speak of having new eyes is that I realize I that even though you assume I’m stupid, I still mustnt debate with you on your blog. There are people that need to hear your message and I don’t want to get in the way of that. We need to have a United front and stop squabbling amongst ourselves and it starts with me.

      • The books provide many answers you seek.

        Some will have fewer, others I’ve not mentioned, may provide more answers for you.

        Problems arise today because nobody reads them. Read and discover for yourself and you will have greater understanding.

  13. we need to fight back and hit harder than “they” do. its the only way to keep the thugs in their shit holes

    when will the whites get organized and “protest” when a black kills, rapes or robs a white?

    • It starts with you. Everyone wants to know when “someone” is going to do something. As long as we are waiting for someone else to do something nothing will get done. We Whites think too much.

      • I understand that but where are our groups? where are all the fed-up, angry people coalitions? … and why don’t we know how to join them? where are all the state militias? yes, we need leaders.

      • Destitute countries shed blood out of anger.

        A people contented by Fun N’ Games historically do not rebel. They continue to game, sext and watch NFL. IOW, a people too stupid to see they are distracted by frivolous trash are also too stupid to act.

        Only by demonstrating new, provocative ideas to these dimmed morons do you stand the slightest change of spurring them to action.

      • Yet, there will be no revolution in any African nation, or Mexico or Central America either. The blood shed is often of the poor class, which is the wrong target. The intelligence has decreased to such a degree that they cannot make out where to direct the anger.

        Revolution is a low probability, high risk strategy. It only works under certain conditions.

        It may be too late for America. Real changes could have been made by the students in the 60s, and the SPs in the early 90s. They lost momentum and people stopped paying attention; much like Golden Dawn today.

        The Muzz at least understand this aspect. They devise new atrocities to keep themselves in the headlines. A beheading or two is good for a quick shot of PR. When they win, they will truly have earned it.

      • The Peeeple support the Status Quo. It is the perfect nexus of fantasy sports/gaming and Beyonce/Kardashianism nourished by 24-hour pizza delivery.

    • I don’t think protests work today. The American police use a much heavier hand when dealing with whites than with minos.

      I am curious why a racist would drive a dirtbike down Baja. I can see that it’d be fun to rip around in the desert, no people or pigs around. No encounters with la policia?

      • im not a racist. I hate everyone equally

        [ed note: what proof do you have]

      • Perhaps you will be one day. I have read your South American field reports.

        You ride bikes in foreign countries. Perhaps you are tired of Murka? You remind me of the PUAs who leave Murka to find women and adventure elsewhere. But they usually go to Eastern Europe or SEA. But most of the women in the countries you explore are not desireable.

        You might enjoy RooshV’s travel forums. There are many like you there.

  14. Can WE Finally UNITE&FIGHT #1 American Problem. Not O. MSM Lying 6+ Yrs. TY

    • Silence Dogood II queried: Can WE Finally UNITE&FIGHT

      No. All politics is…local?
      The Sleeple in my very town vote to raise their property taxes to “fund HEROCops & HEROFiremen!” – the biggest tax-sucking BIGov employees there are. Voters approve of yet more higher taxes to “fix roads” that Gubmin never gets around to ever fixing – for the 34th time.

      Sleeple are fools and deserve slavery, no matter how much they think tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeting is revolution. Sadly…it ain’t. So, “fighting Murka’s #1 problem” has been talked about for decades but never actually done.
      Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. LOOK at who’s in the White House.

      tweeeeeting is NOT Revolution
      WHY You’ll NEVER SEE Manpower of The Revolution

      Fantastical talk is bullshit.


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