Old School MILFs & Wussy Gen-Ritalin Bois

by Firepower

I’ll let you in here – if you don’t make me work with some tool actually named “zac”

Never thought Nicole Kidman was hot. She never did it for me. Used to fuck a chick that looked exactly like her. Bigger tits, shorter and dumber. She was annoying.  Kidman reminded me of her – red hair and all – but add that horrendous Aussie accent, coupled with the unfortunate resemblance-baggage well, – it’s dry ice on my balls.

But a lot must be said for her old school stoicism in which she retains composure while A Teen Boy cries in public – in front of peers and hoped-for future bigshot employers. Kidman is proven old school (just look at them re-re-botoxed wrinkles).

Kidman dry-eyed at Cannes ovation as co-star cries – Yahoo! News.

Young Brandon’s histrionic display of tears is over… what?

Being peed on.

Today’s Brandons are utterly convinced they….….. are Palahniuk’s Special Snowflake – even when told by Their Idol: Do not be that Special Snowflake.  Today’s Brandons are pussies. Delicate Flowers prone to fanciful outbursts while older females actually possess the stoicism to remain unfazed.  It’s bad when a woman has more balls than you.

Talentless pretty boys gots fame – they don’t need Game.  Zac (even that shortened nickname is way gay) still gets more pussy than IRL Brandons. Brandons who emulate Dear Zac-Sac. So much for “Game” revolutionizing the world, eh?  So much for online movements spreading the gospel of Manliness. Real life starfuckers like Nicole, hoist guys like Keith Urban.  That guy’s no John Wayne – but even that’s a step-up from a Zac.

We hear all sorts of Online Tough Talk about “usin’ women like condoms, man!”

But, out here, in non-on-line-world, it’s the MILFs who use Brandons as dildos. Dildos they don’t have to wash the pussyjuice off afterwards.  Disposable Dildos.  It’s why MILFs have the perception of being “easy” targets when in actuality, it is they who use The Brandon:  You don’t see any Brandon getting the keys to the Jag, do ya?  If you think the biological/anthropological drive to bang a woman well-past her prime of producing viable genetic offspring qualifies as success in Mother Nature – well, you’re just stupid.  Today’s Brandons can’t even tolerate enlightenment to the obvious when it contain a grain of threatening truth.  Hell, anything unflattering– that dares not praise – gets attacked with Girl-Like Shrieks from Gen 21st T-Ball Trophy.  The reality is: Today’s Brandons get pissed on.  Humiliating targets of mockery.  Can you imagine John Wayne or Bruce Willis even being requested to do such an act – in a movie?  Better shape up. Grow some balls. Go back and read the 103,596,674,045,901 Trillion online forum posts composting in the dark over the last two decades.

Made in God’s Image: Woman – and Girl

Long ago, Tom Leykis called the disposable females “urinals.” Even he, doing it on a huge radio show – better, longer and more successfully than blog scribblers – failed to get the message across.  It’s not Tom who’s the problem – it’s the recipient.  Nicole now looks good enough for a re-fuck.

9 Comments to “Old School MILFs & Wussy Gen-Ritalin Bois”

  1. Sadly, it appears to be a use or be used world. I don’t advocate use in any form: man to woman or woman to man. The only reason to be together is because you both want to.

    [it also takes more than ritalin rangers were equipped with by their parent(s]

    • When I put myself in the shoes of another, it makes me truly, truly sad. Its not your fault, I want to say. Its not fair. You didn’t deserve that. I wish I could love the whole world.

      On a more on-topic thought, I haven’t seen this movie, but I do actually find Zac Effron to be a moving actor. He makes the dumbest movies worth watching.

  2. Kidman never did it for me, either, although I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed for eating crackers.

    Don’t even get me started on cougars. I’ve fucked my share, and, I can report, they’re generally a miserable lot. Useful, though, I suppose, for increasing one’s notch count.

  3. I liked Kidman when she was young, in Far and Away. I read something disturbing though – she used to date Lenny Kravitz. I hope she doesn’t have one of those African trendy babies.
    [damn. what oldtime c/w singer would tolerate that. not even an old time starfucker. but, a MODERN sf – there’s your trouble]

  4. I’m sorry whilst Nicole looks fresh out of the Botox Box good. I just can’t get away from the fact that she spent some of her life being humped by Tom Cruise.

  5. There’s not much to praise in today’s kids. They ARE lazy AND….stupid. It’s the truth. Their moms mave more balls than they do.

  6. THIS IS what they grow up into! huffpo is terrible. I can’t see how they get so many readers. this faggot is the kind of douche that teaches these kids – to GROW UP JUST LIKE HIM


  7. great piece, lol firepower schools again

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