Top 10 Reasons Why America Dies

by Firepower

I hate when Top Bloggers!© routinely hit the Daily ConservaSphere e-Gazettes to reactionarily rehash the same crap in their words so it won’t cross the line of plagiarism –  so I wrote about it here.

I want to help you think in different ways. That way, you think for yourself instead of reading re-worded ‘grecycling and replying to The Gods of Blog with “yeah!” and “youdaman!!!! – dayummm..we gotta do sumthin’ braoaoaaoh”  And I get to go back to my SuperPlasma, Cigars, Babes and Poolside.

Often, well-thought out articles stimulate “critical thinking skills” if you simply juxtapose a few ingredients to see what…… works.  btw – That’s called just plain old-fashioned “thinking.”

Top 10 reasons President Obama won’t be reelected – HUMAN EVENTS

I recommend the Human Events newspaper; it’s in my blogroll of “non-mainstream media.” This list is damn good.  The problem is, these are also the same reasons…Robomney won’t be a success either.

These list entries refer to Obama’s current state of potentially losing his reelection – but look closer and imagine what Romney will do – To Save America!

10. Scandal-plagued administration

The American political circus always guarantees Presidential scandal after time elapses.  Bush had scandal. Romney will too. His appointees will be silver-spoon Ivy Leaguers with the same contempt for you Obama’s Ivy Leaguers have.

9. Foreign policy misadventures

Obama did make grave mistakes. Not really as bad as Bush did, however and O’s are generally patching/repair mistakes on true Bush idiocy and duplicity. Romney may be better – but if even Bush erred with his dad’s golden elite running things – Romney will likely use the same fools, just as Obama did in resurrecting Clinton’s Cabinet Crew.

8. Misguided energy policy

If you think Romney is going to get America off of oil, dream on. Remember Bush’s Ethanol Debacle.  This time, will it be Cow Farts? SNL will be reborn, too…

7. GOP on fire

The GOP is only “on fire” because they hate Obama.  Subsequently If Romney wins, it will be Democrats’ turn to be on fire in 2016 – like they were for 2008 Obamagod.  In 2008, remember, the GOP was “on fire” for McCain the way they were for…Gerald Ford. GIFY

6. Base depressed

Switch it up again: McSame got clobbered because Bush depressed the base. Obama depresses his now. Romney will follow the pattern of #7 above.

5. Big government run amok

You really think Romney will “clean-house — New Sheriff in town!” forty years of Affirmative Action Dregs clogging government?  Black females RUN YOUR government. They stamp each new, daily 20,000 page government regulation passed by any President so he can buy votes from whatever special interest ethnic group gives him an edge. Any Executive Order will be met with a ghetto-clawed “talktodahand, baybay -mmh-hmmmh -ohnohedint” response.  If you think me wrong, look at how Affirmative Action, when struck down buy even SCOTUS is blatantly ignored.  If they can’t enforce Laws, no 4-year Oval Office Jockey can.

4. Dismal economy

Is Romney going to have GM “make more cars” or fire up Boeing to make more jets? Export more of those world-renowned US Plasma TV‘s. No.  America doesn’t make a goddamned thing any more that the Chinese can’t make cheaper. Or the Indians. Or the Singaporeans. Or the mex. Take your pick. Romney’s Conserva-Cheering Section papers only care about eliminating Obama.

3. Immigration showdown

Looka dem lazy black folk only workin 60 hours a week in 1938

Bush kissed hispanic ass for votes. He even dutifully did it for McLame to prop his election chances up. When (if any) second terms arises, out come the mexican kneeling-pads. I’d hate to live in America 2062.  Romney will “make bold plans” and hand the Hot Potato Tamale over to either the Senate of House… to die.  Hispanics will continue to flood into and destroy what remains. No showdown will ever occur – unless it’s with guns held by non-military folks who can also lend plausible deniability to an Ivy League Prez.

2. Health care showdown

This one’s a toss-up.  How Romney differs in his approach to appeasing Mighty Insurance Companies’ wrath at being Federally required to give FREE $4 Million care to 80-year-old black twelve-time parolees with cigarette emphysema, 17-year-old black single mommas poppin’ out they sixth baby – or every mexican harboring twenty nieces pregnant with Anchor Babies is beyond me.  Actually, no it’s not: Eradicate Them.

1. Jobs, jobs, jobs

See #4. Romney’s not going to demand 18-year-olds of any ethnicity “get jobs jobs jobs.” Because there aren’t any. GM uses robots to build cars. Steel mills are dead. The joke above is, America doesn’t even make TV’s anymore.  Look at your nearest big city.  Look at the factories – they’re boarded-up.  Walmart Stockboy & Greeter jobs are no substitute. Besides, suburban white 22-year-old “kids” can’t even operate their parents’ lawnmowers.

Sure, American Conserv-A-Sphere bloggers will get a “victory” if Obama is defeated.

But they’re sure gonna miss getting paid to write about Evil Obama! Even if they have to pay less, now, to intern minions to scour the net and steal lil’ bloggers ideas. Now, they’ll just be forced on the defensive shouting how “rly rly GEWWD Romney IS!” from the e-rooftop while the Liberal Fascists pick Romney apart in preparation for Presidential Follies 2016.

20 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why America Dies”

  1. Lol great stuff and observations here Firepower.

    It’s nice to see bloggers with pick-up skills who can be versatile enough to air their views in the political arena.

    Good shit.

    And if Rom does win,I really wonder what would be the selling ticket for Conservative bloggers who make a killing off killing Obama(proverbially).

    What will the blog about?

    • What the conservocrats WILL blog about: Why the msm is wrong wrong wrong for criticizing Robomney. Same old defensive posture shit as they did Bushie. Defending an elite, gold-plated turd.

      Or, they’ll write about raymi’s tits – like I do. HUS n’ “auntie giggles tee-hee” get more hits than roissy, rollo, RM and ME combined. gay-run-teed raymi and her lil’ Rotisse le petite Quiche en Samblage Polle Tendrees $42-a-plate sammiches get MORE THAN US and HUS combined.

      [hooking up smart blog btw for you losers]

      ’tis raymi is YOUR future
      not I

  2. I blame Nixon first and Raygun second. But Hey – look on the bright side it will be another couple of years before you are as decadent and as comprehensively blind and stupid as Europe.

    • Get more original – think: Everybody “blames Nixon.”

      Remember, LBJ and the Vietnam disaster. His massive SOCIALIST failure – The War on Poverty. The two BIGGEST disasters in American history after the Civil War.

      Then factor in Nixon’s successor – Jimmy Carter. Failure.

  3. You tosser Firepower – I’m talking about the big Yank Wank here – Nixon he devalued your currency and started the degenerate binge on credit that fucked the US. Jimmy Carter was a nobody from nowhere – what the hell has he to do with anything at all?

    [ed note: lbj is an accomplice to america’s death – as was nixon, carter, bush, clinton, obama…and even a romney – if he’s elected. That, you dear soul, is the point of the article. Besides, Nix is actually the least detrimental of the lot, if you look beyond your rabid beeb propaganda dock-queus.]

    • Bollocks – the Beeb probably think he’s great. For the record I don’t do any of their leftie propaganda crap. Stop tryting to wind me up and just accept that I am right.
      What’s your problem with this?
      [beeb hates him. hatey hate…angela rippon still thinks he’s Satan. all leaders have – and will – put the west into a grave. Our last decent leader was Eisenhower. Yours, Maggie.]

      • Thatcher was an absolute dead loss. She did more damage to British Industry in six months than the Luftwaffe did in 6 years. She let a bunch of daygos walk into the Falkland Islands. And then had to retake it at vast costs. She took up the notion of Orwells 1984 and ran with it. The only decent thing she did was smashing the miners union.
        Who the fuck is Angela Rippon? – Basically you are ranting – chill its Friday.
        [like i said: St. Mags was the best – she limited herself to “6 months” as you say. all your other libbie PM’s did more damage to British Industry in six DAYS than an army of Unstoppable Zombie Mecha-Luftwaffe DeathStar Aliens. like in Battleship. chill. have a pint an’ some crisps]

  4. No leader will be able to reverse the country’s aging process. We’ve all been dying since we were born. But perhaps we could attempt to age gracefully.

    [ed note: We fall, then, like england. but, for us, there is no big daddy usa to protect our country – as we protected england. our generation can sit on its guns and still go shopping – but the kids are meat on the hoof]

  5. Perhaps America should have had children instead of living as a swinging bachelor 😉 Even when the children rebel, they still protect their mother. Maybe its not too late. Maybe we’re still virile. Is Canada really using all that land?

    [children are not the answer; we have them now. most grew up stupid. parenting was the answer. now, we’ll have The Stupid having even dumber kids]

    • No, no. I mean, America needs a country to be its child. I’m not sure Iraq is it.

      • To expand, if we want a better or different life, as those who left England did, we will have to find another place to go where a new country can be created. The trouble is, in our times, there isn’t much land left. Reinvention from within proves much more difficult than the ability to separate and start anew. To get back to the analogy, America either has to be its own parent or be defended by those who leave it who retain sentimental attachment or duty. A Civil War buff might have an interesting perspective on this as our current state might have more in common with what was going on then than the Revolutionary War.

        [ed note: i agree – check out Victor Davis Hanson in my “Aces” blogroll. he said some interesting things at a class once that I will write about later]

  6. If Obama is reelected, well, we know what happens. But, don’t you think Romnney is better, what do you think happens if he gets the presidency?
    [ed note: for 4 years he gets crucified by the media, thus paralyzing his actions because he wants re-election. democrats in congress are emboldened by the media whipping, and block his every legislative plan to shouts of joy from american liberals, thus coaxing a liberal icon like hilary to run in 2016. but, i dont think MR wins]

  7. I love THIS!! this is exactly what I told my frieds – that romney really can’t do any better than O. sure, he’ll be ‘better’ but how much does that mean??

  8. I know you all are racists who just can’t believe white women love black dick – well YOU all can suck on it fp, ryu, lbf,cameron and conqistador and all the rest of you fucks.

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